Railroad thermite welding

  • Published on Aug 7, 2011
  • Rail thermite welding in Storfors, Sweden.
    Schienenschweissen in Storfors, Schweden
    Rälssvetsning på Inlandsbanan i Storfors
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  • Steve Eyre
    Steve Eyre Day ago

    What rubbish


    Foolish foreigners

  • xoxoxo
    xoxoxo 5 days ago +3

    I believe an under ground group has a plan to destroy all our train tracks on the east coast by installing lighting attraction devices in the ground near all the tracks so ir will get hit by lighting and cause a chain reaction

    • ragnose1
      ragnose1 Day ago

      ummm.... crazy bitches say waht?

  • Sgt.StickyTits
    Sgt.StickyTits 13 days ago

    I love how they use a regular fireworks sparkler as a magnesium fuse. :D

  • Christopher Hager
    Christopher Hager 15 days ago

    Neat stuff! If I had some thermite now it would be worse than me having cherry bombs and M-80’s as a adolescent! Safety inspector might have wondered why he wasn’t wearing his safety glasses knocking the slag off, not that I blame him but I’ve only got one good eye and those things seem to stand out to me.

  • bigred2989
    bigred2989 20 days ago

    I just saw some workers doing this at the crossing right near my house. Saw this video years ago and I instantly recognized what they were doing.

    PAULO DURVALINO 21 day ago

    Good working 👍💪💪

  • icuzinxmnizdw prakoso
    icuzinxmnizdw prakoso 27 days ago

    Train city solo

  • Wilhelm Heinzerling
    Wilhelm Heinzerling 28 days ago

    How much salary?

  • Philippe Gillotin
    Philippe Gillotin Month ago


  • Apoorv Shukla
    Apoorv Shukla Month ago +1

    they are quite lucky as they r not working in shitty india . god save the labours of india .

  • Alberto Costa
    Alberto Costa Month ago

    Muito legal!!

  • cagmito76
    cagmito76 Month ago +1

    1.24 i thought it was train coming .

  • CobraKelly
    CobraKelly Month ago +2

    I'm actually a certified SMAW, TIG, MIG, etc welder and I am still going to admit: the first, like, 5 seconds or so of this video I legit thought the man had 2 arms of magical fire 😂
    Time to get off youtube for the day...

  • Rat Fink
    Rat Fink Month ago

    ....and this cant be stick welded why?

    • Simon Ross
      Simon Ross Month ago

      This is quicker, far more reliable and depending on how you do it stronger too.

  • Abishek v Abishek v

    Oh my god

  • Tom Tee
    Tom Tee Month ago

    So what about expansion in the heat? I mean the railways when there is a heat wave the lines buckle and I always thought that this was reduced by the gap left between rails? And wouldn't it be smarter to have a work station on wheels with electric lifting gear to pick up those heavy pieces of gear instead of men needing to lift them by hand? One slip on the rail or sleeper while carrying that heavy gear could mean a lifetime injury.

  • chris herrings
    chris herrings Month ago

    2;53 NO SAFTY GLASS!!

  • Dillon Tremblay
    Dillon Tremblay Month ago +2

    i do this at least 4 times everyday its awesome!!

  • Nobel Hossain
    Nobel Hossain Month ago

    Good Joan

  • Jairo Luis Hendler
    Jairo Luis Hendler Month ago

    Sou brasileiro e achei muito bacana

  • death2pc
    death2pc Month ago

    Just like WTC 1 and 2..............................

  • peter mworia
    peter mworia Month ago +1

    Technology is good making everything easy

  • peter mworia
    peter mworia Month ago

    Wow this is amazing i love it why lie

  • Perplexer1
    Perplexer1 Month ago

    Damn that's a lot of concrete. It looks to me it would work just fine if they skipped every other block.

    • Simon Ross
      Simon Ross Month ago

      Then the track would lose lateral stability and the likelihood of it buckling in high temperatures would roughly double.

  • bipedalbob
    bipedalbob 2 months ago

    Interesting rail ties, concrete? Never seen any thing other than wood used.

    • Simon Ross
      Simon Ross Month ago

      @Dillon Tremblay sorry but I disagree, concretes are deeper and much heavier meaning they resist track movement due to temperature changes much better than woods which are relatively light and shallow.

    • Dillon Tremblay
      Dillon Tremblay Month ago

      @Simon Ross also in Canada here with the drastically different temperatures in winter and summer wood works much better

    • Simon Ross
      Simon Ross Month ago

      Concrete is far more common in Europe and the UK than wood, lasts longer and is better suited for higher line speeds.

  • Norb J
    Norb J 2 months ago

    Thermite ... World Trade Center? Ring a bell?

    • Norb J
      Norb J Month ago

      Robert .G lol ok
      U still believe the 19 terrorists....

    • Robert .G
      Robert .G Month ago

      No it doesn't. The phrase conspiracy theorist does.

  • Nix Awesome
    Nix Awesome 2 months ago +1

    Here I am again, visiting this fabulous video and to hear that twang at 0:45

  • Jayaram HN
    Jayaram HN 2 months ago

    one good old steel industry situated in bhadravathi is by great maharaja of Mysore and sir M visweswaraya saw the process of thermite welding process for over head crane rails during 1980's.

  • tuggbote1
    tuggbote1 2 months ago +1

    Molten metal...one guy with no safety glasses and the other has his on his forehead. Smart...!!!

  • deancj1
    deancj1 2 months ago

    Transcontinental railway laid record 10 miles in one day......hard to imagine

  • Alex Paulsen
    Alex Paulsen 2 months ago

    RailWAY, because this is Sweden, not America, and any translation into English should be of the British variety.

    • Simon Ross
      Simon Ross Month ago

      It should be the railway as a whole but even in Britain we think of our Railway in terms of roads, the "Up Fast Road", "Down Slow Road", etc. Even if we commonly omit the word "Road" within the industry. I can still excuse railroad/railway personally and I'm something of a pedant!

  • orasmo oliveira ipda
    orasmo oliveira ipda 2 months ago


  • orasmo oliveira ipda
    orasmo oliveira ipda 2 months ago


  • orasmo oliveira ipda
    orasmo oliveira ipda 2 months ago


  • William R
    William R 2 months ago

    not wearing safety glasses... hard hats... or hearing protection.

    • oron61
      oron61 2 months ago

      Perhaps the Swedes are fools. They should wear eye pieces, but perhaps the fear of lawyers here is part of all the safety protocol that isn't always logical.

    • William R
      William R 2 months ago

      @oron61 Well I worked on a major RR for 28yrs. Track Dept. I've helped these kind of welders a lot... helping them get out all their tools, and set up for the welds.... clean up and putting everything away. Damn hard work. IMO Railroad Welders are the hardest workers. BUT... with the ATSF and BNSF … Safety gear was always enforced. Hardhats, Safety glasses, steel toe boots, boots with metal cleats when snow is present. hearing protection. all of it. No baseball caps..with no eye protection.

    • oron61
      oron61 2 months ago

      Regarding hard hats, there's nothing above their heads to fall on them or any low ceilings to hit them, so they wouldn't be needed.
      No loud machinery that would warrant hearing protection.
      And you can go buy some new eyes at your local supermarket, so who cares if a bit of molten steel gets in 'em, huh? (I agree with you there.)

  • Mark Guy
    Mark Guy 2 months ago +1

    Wow those guys are good! Some cool science making all that work. Gg

  • Казанская Сирота

    Что они делают? Хуйнюй заниматься?

  • Robert Bryant Lock
    Robert Bryant Lock 2 months ago


  • José M Solís
    José M Solís 2 months ago

    This is a lot of hardwork!

  • Matt Pike
    Matt Pike 2 months ago

    Safety glasses??

  • Sea Scorpion
    Sea Scorpion 2 months ago +1

    I dint no termites could do this on steel. Thought they jus ate wood. Thanks for vid.

    • tedwoe
      tedwoe 2 months ago

      LOL. You thilly perthon.

    • tedwoe
      tedwoe 2 months ago

      Lol. You thilly perthon.

  • John Bush
    John Bush 2 months ago

    What country.No hard hats.

  • John Edwards
    John Edwards 2 months ago

    So no more ratter tat tat doesn't steel expand in these very hot countries and contract in extreme cold so how does this happen now ....some videos show tracks twisted to death as there was no expansion so these would go where ? Some de rails are a coming

    • Simon Ross
      Simon Ross 2 months ago

      No because they stress the track to take seasonal temperature variations into account

  • hntrains
    hntrains 2 months ago

    The comments section almost as funny as that for "How to Avoid Huge Ships" on Amazon (www.amazon.com/Avoid-Huge-Ships-John-Trimmer/dp/0870334336). Thank you, boys!

  • Purple Space Cow Studios

    why arent there any wamen working there?

  • Toni Al
    Toni Al 2 months ago

    is there an easier way to do this. looks way to much work for just a link and there are thousands or miles to go

    • Simon Ross
      Simon Ross 2 months ago

      There is but the equipment to do so is pretty rare and is restricted by access availability.

    • Jim Watson
      Jim Watson 2 months ago

      No, Union's came up with this method for job security.

  • Miss Take
    Miss Take 2 months ago

    Good job better than being stuck in a stuffy air-conditioned office all day I was a Postie best job outside on a bicycle keeping fit and being paid for it good combination

  • Dan Shockley
    Dan Shockley 2 months ago +3

    Nanothermite took down the WTC buildings 1, 2, and 3.

  • Rick O'shay
    Rick O'shay 2 months ago +3

    Thermite was used at 9/11...Right?

  • abu zaid
    abu zaid 2 months ago

    good job . Are these workers sweden ?

    • Miss Take
      Miss Take 2 months ago

      Real work for real men only who can lift and swing a sledgehammer

  • Michael Kovalchuk
    Michael Kovalchuk 2 months ago

    White people doing construction work... it is a strange sight for these American eyes.
    BTW - what are those idiots doing down the line, 4 guys get paid earning money not working while one guy is building a railroad.

  • shovelmastaflash
    shovelmastaflash 2 months ago +1

    Alright, I'll ask: what's up with those weird railroad ties tho?

    • ubecool454
      ubecool454 2 months ago

      @Kapten Rövsvett USA high speed train is Acela from Washington DC to Boston at 80 mph lol. USA is in the dark ages when it comes to trains.

    • shovelmastaflash
      shovelmastaflash 2 months ago

      @Kapten Rövsvett Thanks.

    • Kapten Rövsvett
      Kapten Rövsvett 2 months ago +2

      Designed for high speed trains.

  • luis muñoz pachón
    luis muñoz pachón 2 months ago


  • Ray Ottaway
    Ray Ottaway 2 months ago +2

    it`s a joke, really, isn`t it ? (!)

  • pog mo thoin
    pog mo thoin 2 months ago +1

    The guy jn the black T-shirt went off the rails

  • Jorge Mendieta
    Jorge Mendieta 2 months ago

    Puta madre asi se pegan los rieles de tren oooo siempre me pregunte eso exelente y bendiciones

  • Андрей Зубро

    классно делают работу! :)

  • Mr T
    Mr T 2 months ago

    i always thought you needed a space in the tracks for the metal to expand during hot temperatures.

    • Simon Ross
      Simon Ross 2 months ago +1

      I seem to reply to this question a lot. The track is stressed to take into account seasonal temperature variations. An extreme heat wave may still cause problems but a normal summer's day will be fine. Expansion will be nowhere near that much though under normal circumstances and 30mm is a massive gap on a fishplated joint, it should be far less, nearer the 5-10mm mark.

    • Mr T
      Mr T 2 months ago

      @bus king I wonder about extreme temperatures in UK but recently France has extreme temperatures from a Sahara desert bubble they call it . These days need to be looked at when comes to engineering. Always expect the unexpected when it comes to climate.

    • bus king
      bus king 2 months ago +1

      I asked the same question on another vid,I've seen rail joints butted tight together in summer and 30mm apart in winter(same joints) and this is in the UK(no EXTREME temps)so I'm not sure where the magic wand is but the expansion/contraction has got to be something like 1 foot per mile,obviously some clever people out there.

  • Mesh Grow Bags
    Mesh Grow Bags 2 months ago

    I could use some pants like that.