The Mystery Beneath (Baltic Sea UFO Documentary) | Timeline

  • Published on Oct 2, 2017
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    The most exciting underwater story of the modern age
    On June 19th 2011 the Swedish-based diving company Ocean Explorer discovered something extraordinary. They were exploring in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland, looking for sunken treasures when a very unusual image suddenly appeared on the sonar. A 197ft diameter cylindrical object was discovered at the depth of approximately 275 feet, something they had never seen before.
    In this documentary special, we follow the treasure hunters and their crew on their expedition to reveal what could be the most extraordinary discovery in deep sea ever. We share the tension, the excitement and the nervousness that threats - both known and unknown - may be enforced. There is reason to believe that their ship is under surveillance.
    Using advanced equipment - ROW cameras, sonar pictures and human divers, we discover that the findings really are something very strange and incredibly unique.
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    Produced by Titan Television
    From the original documentary, The Mystery Beneath

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  • Duane White
    Duane White 9 hours ago

    NASA spends billions of dollars to look at rocks so why not just look at what is hear on Earth

  • Andrew Ford
    Andrew Ford 9 hours ago

    Contributors listen to reason, It is Sweden’s findings NOT FOX’s who is “Fake News” to wait then quickly form their own findings off one single dive of Volcanic rock when it could be the top of another Bosnian pyramid 3x the size of Giza and destroyed like Pompeii BEFORE the Biblical Deluge and revealing other scrolls from Jesus, or Egyptian like other “Great Library” vaults with astounding globally impactful technologies?... the possibilities are endless

  • Ginew Benton
    Ginew Benton 17 hours ago

    Wack. I thought they would have found out by the end. Too long of a doc for no answer lol

  • General Kael
    General Kael 19 hours ago

    I like some show with my gaia commercials

  • Dag
    Dag Day ago

    Underwater Floating Object

  • Lisa G
    Lisa G Day ago

    I admire your desire to find out what this is and your tenacity. Never give up your dream....for you may hold the future of mankind in your hands. I support your dream and hope you can find the answers to this very large question.

  • Voyager Jones
    Voyager Jones Day ago

    'Explorers' ? They are wreck plunderers and probably grave robbers. .

  • Anime Deco
    Anime Deco Day ago

    Looks like it could be a large piece of volcanic ejecta

  • Anime Deco
    Anime Deco Day ago

    This documentary is LIT.

  • Robert Evans
    Robert Evans 2 days ago

    Couldn't it be an ancient "kimberlite" deposit ? Containing diamonds below its surface ?

  • christina newcomb
    christina newcomb 2 days ago

    The threats are because they are closing in on a truth the powers that be don't want revealed

  • seams 666
    seams 666 2 days ago

    Way too many adverts.

  • david miller
    david miller 2 days ago

    it's the millenium falcon

  • iranian sld
    iranian sld 2 days ago

    Bravo mAN

  • TheCosplayhouse
    TheCosplayhouse 2 days ago

    thanks America for lying on the news just saying to the world "oh it was just rocks even tho we don't actually know fully" thanks for making it harder for the Swedish team of divers to tell there story....

    TCF SPOTTER 2 days ago

    From the 3D perspective all I can say is, that it is really a crashed site. The only question is, what earth technology or aircraft could crashed, sliced a mountain, and gone for several meters away from that mountain under a 90m deep in the ocean? Only an out of this planet technology can do that. And I always do remember that our space inventions and technologies when returning earth always or almost crashed to waters for a special purpose. This might be the techniques also that other planetary civilization are using. I am looking forward for the team to be successful in studying this object in the future. Watching all the way from the Philippines.

  • TurboBass
    TurboBass 2 days ago

    I think about, since I was a child, I think about ways you can get down onto the bottom of the ocean and walk around like normal. A thick metal dome, sunk to the floor and then pushing air into it and sucking water out of it to create a bubble. The issue is that the air will encourage the dome to lift, but would it be enough to cause it to lift or would it equalize and sit on the floor?
    I was also thinking of a giant tube, 200 ft long, that you could slowly pump water out of but pressures on the walls would be great, especially at lower depths. Although, can you design for that? I don't know.

  • bod Cole
    bod Cole 2 days ago

    jeezaz, look at these nutters!!

  • Ezekiel Davis
    Ezekiel Davis 2 days ago

    Looks like the devils face in the middle @38:52

  • jedus007
    jedus007 2 days ago

    What happened after the Navy involved ???

  • johnny curtis
    johnny curtis 3 days ago

    You never know little faith open minded be careful turning a blind eye!

  • Klinsk
    Klinsk 3 days ago

    It's definitely a hammerhead shark

  • Iulian Chirita
    Iulian Chirita 3 days ago

    Im sure alot people ask work for free. . But they was'nt so happy. .. they need €£$¥

  • Kris Carpenter
    Kris Carpenter 3 days ago

    And then?

  • arthur smith
    arthur smith 3 days ago +1

    be strong and ignore the world you do what u have to
    good luck

  • B Mac
    B Mac 3 days ago +1

    They literally found the millennium falcon

  • Anna H
    Anna H 3 days ago

    Umm. When did this happen? I'm from Finland and have never heard about this...

  • Robert Petch
    Robert Petch 3 days ago

    Just to be clear, I hope it is alien in origin because that would be the most momentous discovery in human history. As a person of science, I would be duty bound to abandon everything I once accepted as truth. However, in the history of this planet, nothing has ever been found to be of intelligent alien creation. Also, nothing has ever been found that is outside of science and natural laws. Nothing. Whenever pseudoscience people want to press their point, invariably they fall back on nonsense, hearsay, non-falsifiable notions or the old crutch, 'governments are suppressing' the info.' You promised 'snapshots' of this so called rock, I say, bring it on!

  • Linda Campbell
    Linda Campbell 3 days ago +1

    Why would anyone think they are scammers. The powers that be started the stupid rumors. I can’t believe you can’t get funding. Try Bigelow. He will give you funding!

  • Linda Campbell
    Linda Campbell 3 days ago

    It is definitely something placed there by whom we do not know. We are so inferior next to the intelligent species that are thousands or billions of year beyond us

  • cornMFbrownie
    cornMFbrownie 3 days ago

    Funny if it turns out to be a tomb from the ice age.

  • garry cornell
    garry cornell 3 days ago

    By 2025 the truth(as THEY want us to perceive it) will be knownst. The subject of UFO's will allow the branch of govn't to finally be revealed that was assembled long ago. Like area 51... It all comes out in the wash

  • Chris Delagarza
    Chris Delagarza 3 days ago


  • darth vader
    darth vader 3 days ago

    Any UFO finds from the Americans side..the whole world believes it..but just bcoz a swedish treasures hunter found what he beliefs to be a UFO crash site at the bottom of the baltic sea...there are people out there that negative feedback & some even said it's a hoax & even send him a threatening msg...perhaps they're themselves are the real bunch of clowns & jokers.🖕🖕🖕🖕.

  • Robert Petch
    Robert Petch 3 days ago +2

    If this proves to be anything but a natural phenomenon, I will prostrate myself and beg for forgiveness right here for all to see. Remember, proof is, scientifically verifiable. If you’re not sure what that means, look it up.

  • Solid 2 Gas
    Solid 2 Gas 4 days ago +3

    Something moved the mountain. The object is the top of the mountain which would allow the human carvings . The debris field is the ridge they described. Maybe that’s what is looks like when a meteorite hits the side of an under water mountain. That would explain the baked rock as well.

  • Savio Vogt
    Savio Vogt 4 days ago

    Can I have the Exploration Company's name clearly? Does anyone know its name clearly or the main people involved

  • Gaby Krisna
    Gaby Krisna 4 days ago

    Yang jelas adalah telah ditemukan sesuatu. Dan apapun itu pastinya sangat berguna bagi ilmu pengetahuan. Dan apapun itu pasti memiliki guna bagi penambahan ilmu manusia. Maka harus di ungkap sejelasnya apakah itu.

  • simon
    simon 4 days ago +2

    The Bosnian pyramid's are the perfect example of this behaviour.When they were discovered the American Archaeological society warned all of their scientist's&archaeologist's to stay away from them¬ to mention them or lose their funding&their job's.It's probably the American's spreading disinformation about your discovery guy's,they probably know what it is down there i reckon,they think they own the earth,well they don't.Keep believing&never give up!!

    • simon
      simon 2 days ago

      @Teeveepicksures The sun pyramid is the biggest,so far,on the planet&there are three there,google em if you doubt they exist.

    • Teeveepicksures
      Teeveepicksures 2 days ago

      people STILL believe the bosnian pyramids are real?! 😂

  • Tex MJM
    Tex MJM 4 days ago

    Looks like the Millennium Falcon

  • Rriv2014
    Rriv2014 4 days ago

    There are no aliens period.

  • JONNY_Z__ 370z NA
    JONNY_Z__ 370z NA 4 days ago

    Closest galaxy from from us is over 2 million light years away. So what this means is how far light traveles in 1 year. So you need to travel light speed for at the very least 2 million years if not longer. So let's say Aliens from the next galaxy life span is 2 million you think they are going to travel for half their life to come here to never go home? That's if they did not hit anything flying around in space going light speed. Its remarkable what the human brain can make you believe!

    • nicemutant
      nicemutant 2 days ago +1

      @JONNY_Z__ 370z NA well keepin it real is something I'm working on ... so bless bro. Peace

    • JONNY_Z__ 370z NA
      JONNY_Z__ 370z NA 3 days ago

      @nicemutant Well cool I remind you of a scientist but Iam not. Just a realist!

    • nicemutant
      nicemutant 3 days ago

      @JONNY_Z__ 370z NA you remind me of the "scientists" that said man could never fly in a machine.
      What we know to be true will continue to change and expand until what once seemed impossible won't be anymore.

    • JONNY_Z__ 370z NA
      JONNY_Z__ 370z NA 4 days ago

      @nicemutant Well light has no mass so if they had a ship made of anything and the Alien was made of anything and than you can't go faster, on top of that you need a infinit energy than yes they were limited to lightspeed.....I'll give them 1000 mph over lightspeed it still would of taken a million years to get here. So then let's say the Aliens life span is around a million years. I doubt it was able to pilot a craft that goes 1000 mph over light speed just to get here and die after it traveled for its entire life span of a million years.

  • Chad Lawrence
    Chad Lawrence 4 days ago

    so sad the persecution for these guy checking out some cool thing under the ocean.

  • Kaysha Bullock
    Kaysha Bullock 5 days ago +2

    Hi guys I'm watching you from Australia I'm really sorry I believe when you guys you had something there I know you do but it all comes down to the government that's just a way to stop you found your way they can stop you I wish I had money or funds I wish I can go down down by myself and help you guys ashamed to all this people who have to her innocence like you guys to protect themselves that's just the way the government works I hope something good comes your way guys I really do and I hope you don't give up on this but I'll personally going to be following you guys good luck and bless all of yous

  • PS. suicide
    PS. suicide 5 days ago

    Thats a 🛸 UFO

  • guilda kriletich
    guilda kriletich 5 days ago

    Wow. I cant believe these trolls turned on you guys. You found something, it could have been alien, no one knew, it was all speculation to begin with and you cop all the disappointment of others when it was their expectation that has let them down. I am sorry you fell into a slight depression and lost your spirit, you guys are onto it, dont lose faith. It is more than you think it is and who cares what other people think. It is a ;shame it affected your sponsors. That sucks.

  • Greg Colvin
    Greg Colvin 5 days ago

    save yourself the time and skip this video, it is purposely pro-longed BS. in the end it is just a aste of time

  • Greg Colvin
    Greg Colvin 5 days ago +10

    my god, ho many ads do you really need to put on a single video? Absurd!

    • Nick Smith
      Nick Smith 10 hours ago

      RU-clip red brah. Music , movies, no adds for $10 a month

    • Christopher Chuauhang
      Christopher Chuauhang 16 hours ago

      Chris Delagarza more than 10 popped up for me. I’m watching on my phone too.

    • Chris Delagarza
      Chris Delagarza 3 days ago

      @Greg Colvin
      I’m watching on my phone. I don’t have Adblock. No ADS (commercials) popped up..

    ERNEST AEC-RADIO 5 days ago +2

    Or simply, I DO NOT KNOW.

    • nicemutant
      nicemutant 4 days ago +1

      But what if they did know?

  • s w
    s w 5 days ago +1

    A story without an ending is sad... I hate it for the project leaders and crew.

  • Rocket T
    Rocket T 5 days ago +1

    Don't give up guys you still have people that believe!! I will tell you I saw a UFO in Port Aransas, Texas 6 years ago and I only told 3 people before this, but ONE of the strange features that I told to these 3 people is that the foundation appeared to be made of cement..I saw this in the sky half cloaked in a cloud that was not far from me and fairly low to the ground and moving at a very slow speed with the cloud..I have been plagued with questions ever since...If you don't pull it up the government/Military will and that will be the last we will ever hear of it.

  • Robert Petch
    Robert Petch 5 days ago

    It's a rock. Simple as that. Also, it seems they're dragging this out a little too long. It's only 275 feet! Give me a camera from Radio Shack, some rope and a weight and I'll solve your mystery in about an hour. The human brain has evolved to interpret shapes in such a way as to add meaning to them. That's all this is.

    • T W
      T W 4 days ago

      what's your address. i'm sending you the best damn camera on amazon (radio shack has been out of business for sometime. btw) and all the rope you want. you're head should do nicely as a weight. i'll expect some snapshots of the "rock" within the week.

  • Kevin Mills
    Kevin Mills 5 days ago

    shouldn't it be a USO an unidentified sunken object

  • Cassius 7
    Cassius 7 5 days ago +4

    So Sick involving his family.
    Good luck guys.

  • Peter Henderson
    Peter Henderson 6 days ago

    Been following from the start, find out what it is. I need to know. I understand why you went navy. Good luck boys. You are who you are treasure hunter's.

  • Anthony Townsend
    Anthony Townsend 6 days ago

    Talk about dragging a story out.

  • Mike DeVries
    Mike DeVries 6 days ago

    As a message to Dennis: This is precisely why there needs to be an alternative structure of society to allow people to pursue a different lifestyle. Our existing system has so much biased information, impeded pathways, distractions, and deviations (which are intentionally created). Ever since we entered into an "Age of Information" when almost anyone could explore & find information, there became a necessity to contaminate all the information, create increased skepticism, and allow this to maintain status quo. Literally, we have shifted the burden of proof from the explorer to the beneficiary. And what that does is for the "powers that be" it allows them to control the ball game. What we need to do is create a true alternative realm that we can invite people into to pursue their destiny & professions. Then we treat this as a "Realm of Efficiency" which cannot and does not exist in our competitive system of marketing which creates biased results to protect what is by preventing anyone else from getting their foot in the door before it is closed in their face. Sadly, this is what we have created in this world! And what we need is the ability for people like Dennis to work with people like me and create a legitimate realm of exploration and self-development once again that is based on an "Institutionalization of Truth!" And this would be my proposal for a mutually beneficial solution to a variety of problems that we currently face in the 21st Century.

  • Vasilios Bakagias
    Vasilios Bakagias 6 days ago

    It should be left alone, and not to be tampered with...

  • V J
    V J 6 days ago

    Dont give up. You only get flack when you're over the target. It's a very good sign you have gotten such serious pushback. Why would you (and your family) get creepy death threats just because of a "rock"?

    BERBAGI HOBY 6 days ago +1

    waiting for the truth

  • mika moi
    mika moi 7 days ago +1

    Bulshits.. why saying ufo? someone saw this thing flying?

  • The Main Man
    The Main Man 7 days ago

    Greed is the ultimate detriment to mankind.

  • Clarkecars
    Clarkecars 7 days ago

    Apparently, when clouds or cheese puffs take forms similar to objects we understand about that phenomena. But when it is a natural rock or geological formation underwater or even rocks piled or stacked at an angle like pyramids people lose all sense of reasoning. I am reminded of P.T. Barnum.

  • UngovernedReason
    UngovernedReason 7 days ago

    Right in the opening the guy points to some rocks and claims it looks like "fairy rings". LMAO well there goes watching this video.

  • richard mccann
    richard mccann 7 days ago


  • Tiger Steele
    Tiger Steele 7 days ago


  • indo nabi
    indo nabi 7 days ago


  • Loulou
    Loulou 7 days ago +8

    Why don't you start a go-fund-me page and all those that believe in you can help, even if it's just a little. Good luck and don't give up hope............

  • Veni Vidi Vici
    Veni Vidi Vici 7 days ago

    You are crazy, it looks as though a massive wave hit that lil hill and cleaved off a chunk of rock. That's all

  • david leigh
    david leigh 7 days ago

    too many adverts

  • Shubhaang Vyas
    Shubhaang Vyas 7 days ago

    There is no magic, its all Divine Science of The Existence...

  • HenriqueAlonso REDH83

    Fassam como eu e nao tenham medo de se expôr. Made in Lisboa, Portugal , Europa , REDH_EG_83.

  • HenriqueAlonso REDH83

    Pode ser uma nave espacial. Ha o outro objecto mais pequeno k poderia vir ao seu lado e ae despenhou juntamente .por algum motico como uma avaria. Nunca se sabe. A nasa tbm tem muito disso. E ainda ha a historia dos filmes star wars, de onde surgiram tantas peraonagens e tantas historias. Sera que foi inventado ou o sr lucas, é um visionario do que aconteceu ha muitos milhoes de anos atrás. No meu pensar isso pode ser uma realidade. E porque nao pensar assim, quando o sistema ridiculariza algo e as pessoas o sustentam estão a ser ainda mais ridículas, pois estao a sustrntar a sua estupidez de que algo que pode ser real nao o é. O que o sistrma gosta mais é nós nos rirmos daquilo que rles sabem bem o que é. Como a area 52 ,53 51. Egipto. Piramides na lua. Piramides em saturno. Piramides em marte. Marte tem o ceu azul e agua corrente. Etc... nao sejam infantis e olhem para este exemplo com os 3 olhos. Cumprimentos REDH_EG_83

  • HenriqueAlonso REDH83

    Com a ajuda da marinha e de um submarino sao capazes de descubrir realmente o que está no fundo do mar báltico.

  • Art Weaver
    Art Weaver 8 days ago +1

    The real truth?
    We think our civilization is the first advanced civilization to develop.
    The reality is that it's not.
    There have been many cases of evidence suggesting this for more than a hundred years.
    This is just one more.
    One interesting take is concerned with the amount of red iron oxide (Iron(II)OXIDE) found worldwide and the size and location of major deposits.
    I2O is an oxidation product of relatively pure iron like that found in steel.
    Problem is that geological science says that there should never have been enough of this iron naturally existing on Earth to account for the amount of I2O we see now.
    Then there's the concentrations of I2O and how large they are as well as where they are located.
    Hundreds of square miles in southeast Texas are covered with red sand that's mostly I2O.... And in places it's over a hundred feet thick! This is all due to its settling to the bottom of the seas when it was covered in water long ago.
    Again, geologists and Marine biologists have said that such a deposit is highly unusual and unexpected.
    Both sciences have basically stated that they have no acceptable theories on how this came about....
    But there is one.......
    An advanced civilization similar to ours would of course have used massive amounts of processed and purified iron. All that iron and steel would have oxidized (rusted) into I2O over tens of thousands of years....
    An explanation that works!
    Finding other devices in impossible places like the hammer that was found embedded in sedamentary rock or the antikythera device.
    I'm not saying it's true.
    But it's a very interesting theory...

  • Phantom 004
    Phantom 004 8 days ago +1

    The sonar image is showing the Millennium Falcon you uncultured swine. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. Star Wars is in the same universe as us, what if someone just crashed the Millennium Falcon ages ago, and we just found it?

  • William Iannucci
    William Iannucci 8 days ago

    Sweden's military how to sit down with them and comforted their souls.

  • William Iannucci
    William Iannucci 8 days ago +3

    Men you found something so sure, that the entities of this relm are afraid , fear not be strong God is with you. 👍

  • Louisa
    Louisa 8 days ago

    The question is not -Are UFOs real. The question is, why are governments all over the world spending trillions on trying to cover up, something they say they don't believe in, does not exist!!

  • TheNinjaMarmot
    TheNinjaMarmot 8 days ago

    Nazis. You can bet it's them.

  • Cerberus
    Cerberus 8 days ago

    Pay no heed to fox 'news,' they're in the propaganda business, not the News business.

  • Tapan DEka
    Tapan DEka 8 days ago

    well done my hero Peter n Daniel...I believe you both..and waiting that what you are thinking is same of mine

  • Omegaclass
    Omegaclass 8 days ago

    the object is odd, so i would think an inspection is warranted.

  • lilmacc 19
    lilmacc 19 9 days ago +7

    It's the Millenial Falcon, Dan Cholo and Shewcacca's Space Ship. You can see it just as clearly as I can. 100% No doubt.

  • Jerome Goodwin
    Jerome Goodwin 9 days ago

    The Capetian does not care when the leave he is getting paid no matter what.

  • Jerome Goodwin
    Jerome Goodwin 9 days ago

    Professional treasure hunter? Are you successful?

  • DeonDea Blanco
    DeonDea Blanco 9 days ago

    i have a strong feeling that chewbacca and Han solo is inside that rock ship

  • Teresa M.
    Teresa M. 9 days ago

    I think the work you guys have done and are doing is Amazing!! Hoping for more information in the future!!

  • jason vogel
    jason vogel 9 days ago

    In my opinion/experience, what we are looking at, is a man-made structure/rubble left over from before the last ice age. It isn't the first thing like that to be found. Look around the globe and you'll see structures like the underwater pyramid, off the coast of Japan for one. If they were to look around they would certainly find more structures.

  • Chris Olson
    Chris Olson 9 days ago +7

    All those that said it was a hoax, I don't think the military would be interested if it was

  • larryrubaduka
    larryrubaduka 9 days ago

    Now how can you fake

  • Classic Designs by Romoshell

    I believe there are things we cannot explain, but what thing is for sure your team has found something phenomenal and I am looking forward to Part 2 of your journey. Guys keep up the good work.

    • Classic Designs by Romoshell
      Classic Designs by Romoshell 9 days ago +1

      Not good, especially if the military is involved. It will be a closed case.

    • Todd Nelson
      Todd Nelson 9 days ago

      Classic Designs by Romoshell it’s a rock. There will be no money for part 2

  • madyria 77
    madyria 77 10 days ago


  • New Outlook
    New Outlook 10 days ago +2

    if it came from space, it would've been extremely hot due to atmosphere, so if it indeed is a crash site that broke that "mountain" and crashed into seabed, lots of debris would likely cover it and would instantly get heated and cooled, meaning it could produce those black stones.
    so yea, big question is what is it below that first layer

  • Jason Morris
    Jason Morris 10 days ago +5

    The threats came from the Smithsonian.. they need to keep the narrative of human race on evolution and not on other truths.

    • Jason Morris
      Jason Morris 6 days ago

      @Nicholas Ovel it's best if you read about the history of the Smithsonian. Rather someone tell you about it. Start with Smithsonian cover up of large skeletons.

    • Nicholas Ovel
      Nicholas Ovel 7 days ago


  • Inocente Lopez
    Inocente Lopez 10 days ago

    Loock to me a crash site long,long time ago

  • stephen thomas
    stephen thomas 10 days ago +4

    I have a feeling this anomaly is upside down..

  • Marcus Schofield
    Marcus Schofield 10 days ago

    It's a millennium falcon

  • Aintisar 2
    Aintisar 2 10 days ago

    We aimed for this planet for so long but we could not make it. They knocked us down..

  • Bob Capps
    Bob Capps 10 days ago

    Waste of time they know nothing