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  • Published on Aug 18, 2018
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  • Natalie Watters
    Natalie Watters Day ago

    huh teh first guy took the screenshot and sent it

  • Catherine North
    Catherine North Day ago

    7:10, that ‘hey sarah’ activated my ‘hey siri’ several times

  • Steven Goodman
    Steven Goodman 3 days ago +2

    Some of them could have answered at least once I think.

  • alfonso valera
    alfonso valera 5 days ago

    1:20 absolute madlad

  • dELTA13579111315
    dELTA13579111315 6 days ago

    Thought I clicked on fresh for a sec

    EPICJAYSON 12 7 days ago +1

    I actually laughed at these.
    Except for poor Danny who got friend zoned.

  • LaurenZside sucks
    LaurenZside sucks 7 days ago


  • Funpenguintime Roblox and more

    That 'Fifa' person was trying to use proper grammar but he failed awfully. For me, the grammar was the cringe.

  • da artsy dolphin 123
    da artsy dolphin 123 8 days ago +1

    8:19 he redid this post in a more recent vid

  • C I
    C I 9 days ago

    Hehe. I'm a girl who uses guy avatars

  • ღ ᴄʜɪᴍ ᴄʜɪᴍ ღ

    what is the intro song?

  • Ray Rez
    Ray Rez 9 days ago


  • nuts and bolts
    nuts and bolts 10 days ago

    You made fun of fresh lol

  • Adam C
    Adam C 10 days ago

    I was in that 8bit 16 bit group and I remember this post fukn hilarious to bad it's a joke would've been funnier if it was real

  • HazRo Unicorn
    HazRo Unicorn 13 days ago +1

    Omg! That zero sub special guy is from my middle school. That creepy af

  • Andreas Smed
    Andreas Smed 15 days ago

    OMG, these are so sad... And cringy :( Someone should make a subreddit for this stuff!

  • lorge bean
    lorge bean 16 days ago

    whats intro song

  • redocelot bazooka
    redocelot bazooka 17 days ago

    1 like

  • Lamar Is Not Here
    Lamar Is Not Here 18 days ago +1

    Hey Sarah!
    Hey Sarah!
    Hey Sarah!
    Hey Sarah!
    Hey Sarah!
    Hey Sarah!
    Hey Sarah!
    Hey Sarah!
    Hey Sarah!
    Hey Sarah!
    Hey Sarah!
    Hey Sarah!
    Hey Sarah!
    Hey Sarah!
    Hey Sarah!
    Hey Sarah!

  • Elisabeth Lyonheart
    Elisabeth Lyonheart 18 days ago

    Top ten anime betrayals

  • Ward Toledo
    Ward Toledo 18 days ago

    This is my new favorite subreddit.

  • MustafaTheBeast
    MustafaTheBeast 18 days ago

    I left Netflix because it didn’t have Avengers Endgame

    DEDRICK BLOOMDAHL 18 days ago

    6.04 rip

  • An Unknown person
    An Unknown person 19 days ago

    ιитяσ мυѕι¢???

  • Abby Dennison
    Abby Dennison 19 days ago

    I laughed.
    I don't feel bad...
    at all.

  • Gardian 777
    Gardian 777 21 day ago

    2:14 you might think I’m a loser in real life
    2:15 and ur absolutely correct

  • Z World Of Haneethra

    8:00 Yeah that was my channel.

  • I took a shit in Jesus's mouth. However,

    The "0 subscriber special" kid doesn't belong on this list

  • I took a shit in Jesus's mouth. However,

    Sad cringe is best cringe.

  • Neonmanic9 5
    Neonmanic9 5 25 days ago


  • Hooded Hedgehog
    Hooded Hedgehog 26 days ago +1

    what's the music, not outro, that he uses?

  • Fudgy Craft
    Fudgy Craft 26 days ago

    I just bought a diamond autism spinner

  • frozen fire
    frozen fire 26 days ago

    I lost my shit over that message because I imagined a 11 or 10 year old typing out that message😂😂😂

  • spaghetti
    spaghetti 26 days ago +1

    *hey sarah*

  • yazan arqam
    yazan arqam 26 days ago

    Danny just got friend zoned 5:57

  • Saucey Boi
    Saucey Boi 26 days ago

    7:20 Basically the beginning of Spider-Man Homecoming.

  • Fish Guy
    Fish Guy 28 days ago +2

    What’s the intro song name?

  • Pablo Giron III
    Pablo Giron III 28 days ago


  • Thomas McKenzie
    Thomas McKenzie 29 days ago


  • Iglus Mulmus‘ reincarnation

    7:18. because of you saying „hey sarah“ repeatedly my phone‘s Siri activated itself

  • Queen tea /Poindexter the villager

    *Dave, buddy, she’s 10*

  • Maya Samson
    Maya Samson Month ago


  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin Month ago

    What is the background music??

    • Peter Griffin
      Peter Griffin 29 days ago +1

      josh Manson Understandable have a nice day

    • josh Manson
      josh Manson 29 days ago

      Peter griffin we can't tell you the classified info

  • Purple Dragon 9
    Purple Dragon 9 Month ago

    At least Dane has 300k subscribers now

  • Explode Chicken
    Explode Chicken Month ago +2


    It sounds like Roz from Monsters Ink

  • Parka0M
    Parka0M Month ago +1

    Minecraft isn't that expensive if you spent your allowance on it instead of chocolate and explicit anime

  • C0D _ ultima
    C0D _ ultima Month ago

    I cry :'(

  • Erick Hernandez
    Erick Hernandez Month ago

    You are my Anti-depressant

  • Mr. Bob
    Mr. Bob Month ago

    Blockbuster is Pay per view?

  • The artsy guy on the internet

    What's really sad, is that I have 2 subs, and no content.

    So pls sub to whoever has a 0 subscriber special

  • galxo nusy
    galxo nusy Month ago +1

    *HEY SARAH!*

  • EpiCmuRkS
    EpiCmuRkS Month ago

    Bros I’m the 1.2M viewer and the 30k liker

  • Benji Wong
    Benji Wong Month ago

    My reason for leaving Netflix is because they took off the Clone Wars series.

  • Dan's Random Stuff YT

    5:37 You realize that's a joke because of the quotation marks...

  • TheDragonTeam Leader
    TheDragonTeam Leader Month ago +2

    0:43 more than 104 whole days om Minecraft

    I think that’s a bit too much,
    maybe, One hour?

  • TreeTheEnderHyena
    TreeTheEnderHyena Month ago

    7:05-7:18 *HEY MASKY*

  • Retron
    Retron Month ago

    I got a Reddit ad before this lol

  • FireyDeath4
    FireyDeath4 Month ago +5

    Even I think this and I don't even do cringy things like that. Everyone should know by now that they shouldn't use characters of the opposite gender for their profile pictures unless they have their normal gendered name as their username or they want to be assumed to be the opposite gender. Especially boys - for whatever reason I don't remember seeing a female user with a male character before without knowing they're female.
    There's someone on the Internet that comes around that I thought was female for using a bunch of female characters with accordant usernames until I saw a screenshot conversation about someone dodgy saying the same thing to him thinking he was a girl in the middle of private messaging and I was like "wait, you're a boy? You know what, the person has a point..."

  • Yeetmymeet
    Yeetmymeet Month ago

    That thumbnail omg

  • Haikal Satrya Utama

    I tought my neighbour's monkey just went nuts 🤣

  • hypickleNOlag
    hypickleNOlag Month ago

    intro music plox

  • LemonGamer
    LemonGamer Month ago +3

    Who else thought they entered a video from fresh?

    • Kara十Ra10
      Kara十Ra10 20 days ago

      I got wondering where's the greeting before i remember that i was watching Gio

  • alycat411
    alycat411 Month ago

    But you can see at 8:07 that the last text sent was green, sooo...

  • DeZiRe HeRcuLes
    DeZiRe HeRcuLes Month ago +1

    Song is better days by lakey inspired

  • Wes Prang
    Wes Prang Month ago

    I don't understand why people throw a birthday party for themselves.
    What are you celebrating? The fact that you managed to be born without putting any effort into it?

  • Help I’m obsessed With Smash Bros

    Ha, you fool. I’m a loser in both worlds.

  • Ultra Gaming
    Ultra Gaming Month ago +1


    WASTED PLAYZ Month ago


  • Corpus Gaming
    Corpus Gaming Month ago

    congrats on 800k


    I hope she would goku prom with him
    I just dunno if it was frieza outside


    So you dont want me using sunflower on pvz gw 2?

  • Ericka Puckett
    Ericka Puckett Month ago


  • Loler 45
    Loler 45 Month ago

    GTA v problems be like 3:19

  • Cyndaquil :D
    Cyndaquil :D Month ago

    1:00 I can't get over the screm.

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash Month ago

    4:00 maybe your soulmate is a dude? You never know

  • WolfyMagix OwO
    WolfyMagix OwO Month ago +2

    I mean, you can be gay?

  • Dark_Expe l
    Dark_Expe l Month ago

    I thought it was pretty good... but then I saw it was in a trash can...

  • Jean Perez
    Jean Perez Month ago

    Hey Blockbuster, where's my 1 year subscription?

  • BakerDaGamer
    BakerDaGamer Month ago

    You know whats the saddest cringe?

    My life

  • Brainkid8
    Brainkid8 Month ago

    I like how the music in the intro and background is sad and gloomy and when you hit the outdo, it is like if you had a sugar overload.

  • shadow Ninja 72
    shadow Ninja 72 Month ago

    Sadness smells like chicken

  • Watch out and don’t die

    4:14-4:22 when god watches TLC

  • Nikesugar
    Nikesugar Month ago +2

    what is the background music?

  • Lumimancer
    Lumimancer Month ago

    whats the background music?

  • Heroic Noodle
    Heroic Noodle Month ago

    7:06 my Siri activated while this was going on

  • Alex has a hat
    Alex has a hat Month ago +2

    *_Do you care about him?_*
    *_Do you care about him?_*
    *_Do you care about him?_*
    *_Do you care about him?_*
    *_Do you care about him?_*
    *_Do you care about him?_*
    *_Do you care about him?_*
    *_Do you care about him?_*
    *_Do you care about him?_*
    *_Do you care about him?_*
    *_Do you care about him?_*
    *_Do you care about him?_*
    *_Do you care about him?_*
    *_Do you care about him?_*
    *_Do you care about him?_*
    *_Do you care about him?_*
    *_Do you care about him?_*
    *_Do you care about him?_*
    *_H i J u s t G o B a c k F r o m T h e H o s p i t a l_*

  • ty johnson
    ty johnson Month ago

    The game is probably roblox

  • Geospectre
    Geospectre Month ago

    Where’s the wii shop channel song?

  • Okami _
    Okami _ Month ago

    Netflix is boring #GoodbyeNetflix

  • FrenchEggs
    FrenchEggs Month ago

    *Press F to pay respects*

  • Darny
    Darny Month ago

    I wish you didn't make those high pitched noises

  • Motis Motis
    Motis Motis Month ago

    just saying its fake if the immediate background behind the letters is blurred, or pixelated with slightly different shades of the color the rest of the background is

  • XxGacha LesliexX
    XxGacha LesliexX Month ago +1

    Anyone one know the intro song!?
    It's driving me crazy to find it! Please let me know if you do.

    • Hooded Hedgehog
      Hooded Hedgehog 25 days ago

      @Lowryder thank you. I've been looking so much as well

    • Lowryder
      Lowryder Month ago

      XxGacha LesliexX better days by leaky inspires

  • Mr. Anihalator
    Mr. Anihalator Month ago +1

    When he makes fun of kids wanting to play Minecraft for PC, but is in 2018, and next year Minecraft actually becomes relevant:
    r/sadcringe, first entry, the link to this vid.

    • Ultra Gaming
      Ultra Gaming Month ago +1

      Mr. Anihalator I'm excited about minecraft earth

  • horrorkesh
    horrorkesh Month ago

    I had a co-worker once do this where he wouldn't leave me alone after he got my number like constantly texting me constantly calling me it's like leave me the fuck alone had to block him

  • horrorkesh
    horrorkesh Month ago

    Just the sadness of that Beanie Baby pile

  • KvAT
    KvAT Month ago +1

    A little more practice and your girl voice will right get on point.

  • FortNaz
    FortNaz Month ago +1

    when he uses fitz's intro music then uses fresh's

  • noobmaster69 Ibrahim Hamzah

    Thank you for curing my Adidas cancer

  • Nexus FX
    Nexus FX Month ago

    0:04 I have detected F R E S H