Modern Zelda

  • Published on Sep 15, 2018
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    Directed by Adrian Picardi
    How we did it ►

    Starring: Ryan Poole, Aqueela Zoll, and Micah Fitzgerald
    Created by: Adrian Picardi and Niko Pueringer
    Produced by: Jake Watson & Christian Fergerstrom
    Director of Photography: Niko Pueringer
    Production Designer / Art Direction: Jarrett Sullivan
    Sound Design: Kevin Senzaki
    VFX: John Huffnagle, Wren Weichman, and Gabe Peregrino
    Aerial footage courtesy of our friend Taylor Chien. Check out his channel!
    Cinematic aerial stock footage of LA:
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    14mm -
    24mm -
    35mm -
    50mm -
    70-200mm -
    24-70mm -
    18-250mm macro -
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Comments • 4 224

  • Astro FR
    Astro FR 44 minutes ago

    If u guys haven't made movies in movie theaters than you should

  • Adrienne Kaio
    Adrienne Kaio 2 days ago

    Zelda looks like an emo Viking.

    THESLASHFIVE 3 days ago

    How breath of the wild should've been made.

  • Нус Атман
    Нус Атман 3 days ago

    Hah, that feel when people in commentaries don't remember fraggin awesome "Mario Warfare". Lima Oscar Lima.

  • Akirex 5000
    Akirex 5000 4 days ago

    You should make a Modern Mario

  • Cheesecake
    Cheesecake 6 days ago

    BotW 2 seems a bit off

  • TheEpicNoob
    TheEpicNoob 17 days ago

    So Ganon also has a pair of Wolves

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 18 days ago

    I think Ganon just blew Epona to bits with a rocket launcher...

  • EpicBongZilla
    EpicBongZilla 19 days ago

    Pretty bad. Definitely not worthy of being called zelda

  • Hanzo Shimada
    Hanzo Shimada 19 days ago

    so....ganon was hot.

  • Rouge Zero
    Rouge Zero 19 days ago

    I thought link was a silent protagonist

  • 348joey
    348joey 19 days ago

    Personally, I would've wished for a pizza dinosaur.

  • Greg
    Greg 21 day ago

    Just put the doom logo in zelda font and its done

  • Shak Waghat
    Shak Waghat 23 days ago +1

    How's this only had 1.3M views?! Deserves 100M atleast.

  • Joseph Silva
    Joseph Silva 24 days ago

    Its not gay enough

  • General Greninja
    General Greninja 24 days ago

    What would have been cool is if it was a modern setting (guns, cars, etc.) but with magic still a thing.

  • Hello, My Name Is [REDACTED]

    inaccurate, she didn't turn him into a kid

  • sherbert_lemonhead
    sherbert_lemonhead 28 days ago

    imagine if warfare navi switched with fantasy navi
    Navi: I gave it to that kokorok over there he got hurt
    what am i doing

  • Ben John
    Ben John 29 days ago

    Are they surprised to be looking at a good sunset because all I can see is pollution in the air

  • TheKingOrso
    TheKingOrso Month ago +1

    Plz make this a tv show

  • FireFall
    FireFall Month ago

    There was a missed opportunity for Link to have a tech inspired Master Sword

  • Herocam023 _
    Herocam023 _ Month ago

    1:01 you dick

  • wind _
    wind _ Month ago

    lol. hollywood who!?!?

  • Carlos Castillo
    Carlos Castillo Month ago +1

    Master sword becomes a facking anti material rifle.

  • Rowdy pawan pandit RJ 05 bale BAMAN

    I am indian
    like this chenal

  • Ibrahīm al-Ameriki


  • Joshua-Elijah Rittenhouse

    I mean... The idea was there, but... it just doesn't feel like LOZ.

    Maybe because LINK TALKED

    Other than that, it still didn't feel like Link, Zelda, or Ganondorf

    ARMY GUY Month ago

    This like how the fuck who made the Mario movie Would do it

  • Zaroxy
    Zaroxy Month ago +1

    So Link can talk in the future, I guess.

  • Shan
    Shan Month ago +1

    What’s the song at the end!? Fantastic work

  • MrRookie
    MrRookie Month ago

    dear god guys.... a red dot with a sniper or zoomed scope crossairs.... u got hollywooed

  • Matthew Sedgwick
    Matthew Sedgwick Month ago +1

    This was amazing. Sequel please

  • Rory Dean
    Rory Dean Month ago +1

    This is so cool

  • luis rizo
    luis rizo Month ago +1

    Michael bay presents: the legend of zelda

  • Scuba Dog
    Scuba Dog Month ago +1

    Now we need the game

  • Mateusz Garcera
    Mateusz Garcera Month ago

    I don't get it?

  • Joseph Figueroa
    Joseph Figueroa Month ago

    "Well excuuuuse me, princess!"

  • Reasey Pinnorak
    Reasey Pinnorak Month ago


  • Mitchell Culp
    Mitchell Culp Month ago

    I came in my pants a little

  • Snazzy-Hood
    Snazzy-Hood Month ago

    Anyone else think Zelda in this looks kinda like Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn ?

  • Lars Erik Volden
    Lars Erik Volden Month ago +1

    For all the tech and grit, this was surprisingly character-accurate. I approve!

  • Remy Grunge
    Remy Grunge Month ago +1

    Fuckin' Epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More, please?!

  • Ethan Wong
    Ethan Wong Month ago +1

    Zelda caught Ganon monologuing

  • AuthorCraft
    AuthorCraft Month ago

    Says Modern Zelda...
    No...not modern at all.

  • Juan Luis Vargas Pareja

    When I think of modern or futurist Zelda I usually think in something good or interesting, this certanly was a change

  • Krystal Myth
    Krystal Myth Month ago

    Should have had a FAIRY-tek implant regenerate him.

  • James Sun
    James Sun Month ago

    Dont like dirty zelda, but love the overall dredd style! Awesome!

  • Photon Theorist
    Photon Theorist Month ago +1

    I see the live action Link movie is good

  • The MadTahder
    The MadTahder Month ago +2

    This is F***ing AWESOME!!!! I don't think it could become a game. But, it is an AWESOME concept!!! Fantastic job on whomever was involved in making this!!!!
    Was this a conscious decision to make Link look like Doom Guy because of the Theory out there? or was it just a coincidence?
    I love the Link = Doom Guy theory! it makes for an AWESOME yet tragic twist in the story. After fighting monsters and Gannondorf / Gannon / Dark Beast Gannon etc... for centuries if not eons Link have either given up on reincarnation. Or because Gannon could never win, he cursed link to never die in an attempt to break Link's Spirit. And with Hell it is either just that hell because Gannon gave up and it is the next evil. Or Hell is actually another dimension like in Twilight Princess and it is where Gannon is now. All the "Demons" are just part of the plan to break the Hero's spirit. The plan is once the Hero's spirit is broken Gannon can lift the curse and then defeat Link and take the Triforce from him and Zelda. This is just an idea I just thought of while commenting on this video.

  • Potato Patato
    Potato Patato Month ago +1

    The Ganadorf actor... what a face! He looks so twisted at the end, so inhuman. That was one *hell* of a performance!

  • Steven Baum
    Steven Baum 2 months ago

    Don't know why but this is the video that made me subscribe. Love the Zelda game series and everything you guys do, seems like you all love making these videos. The work environment you all have created makes it look like you all don't even work, its just fun

  • Andrew Mahaffy
    Andrew Mahaffy 2 months ago +1

    It's like Bright, but good!

  • guts dragonslayer
    guts dragonslayer 2 months ago

    Well excuse me princess

  • Seraphendipity
    Seraphendipity 2 months ago +6

    No one:
    Not a single soul:

  • Dean Raja
    Dean Raja 2 months ago +1

    Woke Zelda, where Zelda is the real hero, eh? No like.

  • Avin Toussaint
    Avin Toussaint 2 months ago +2

    You forgot

  • Ramses Layachi
    Ramses Layachi 2 months ago

    good video but i hope i will never see a modern zelda

  • David Guthrie
    David Guthrie 2 months ago

    Does it bother anyone else that the harley davidson sounds like a 1000cc sport bike?...

  • Shan Ming
    Shan Ming 2 months ago

    Well there goes my hope of seeing a zelda movie 🤣

  • Samuel Ortega
    Samuel Ortega 2 months ago

    No thanks