Modern Zelda

  • Published on Sep 15, 2018
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    Directed by Adrian Picardi
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    Starring: Ryan Poole, Aqueela Zoll, and Micah Fitzgerald
    Created by: Adrian Picardi and Niko Pueringer
    Produced by: Jake Watson & Christian Fergerstrom
    Director of Photography: Niko Pueringer
    Production Designer / Art Direction: Jarrett Sullivan
    Sound Design: Kevin Senzaki
    VFX: John Huffnagle, Wren Weichman, and Gabe Peregrino
    Aerial footage courtesy of our friend Taylor Chien. Check out his channel!
    Cinematic aerial stock footage of LA:
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    14mm -
    24mm -
    35mm -
    50mm -
    70-200mm -
    24-70mm -
    18-250mm macro -
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Comments • 3 546

  • MrKeiKuro
    MrKeiKuro 8 hours ago

    master chief zelda

  • Seraphiel Von Einem
    Seraphiel Von Einem 22 hours ago

    Link isn't left handed. Link literally means LEFT in German.

  • Cmon Kazama
    Cmon Kazama Day ago

    4:23 wait,is that hojo clan???

  • Obi
    Obi Day ago

    Eponas upgraded from the 1 horse power model I remember.

  • Monkey Maniac
    Monkey Maniac Day ago

    Stays true to the fact that Link can’t do jack without his weapon.
    Would it hurt to at least try and throw a punch?

    BOI BOI Day ago

    is he using the Korok 17?

  • Francesco Paggiaro

    The cinematography of this video is too dope guys

  • Noby Cornett
    Noby Cornett 2 days ago

    6:53 wake the fuck up samurai... we have a city to burn

  • lilhoss4reals
    lilhoss4reals 2 days ago

    Sorry to day but this is probably the worst video I've seen from you guys. I love all your content and usually spot on but this concept was a big miss for me.

  • mc broz
    mc broz 3 days ago

    Honestly this would definitely be Zelda in modern times

  • TheNubWithAHat
    TheNubWithAHat 3 days ago


  • Japanese People is Edgy

    The Legend of Zelda: 2025

  • Justin Neal
    Justin Neal 4 days ago

    This was cool but.. As Zelda this just didn't work

  • Creationfied
    Creationfied 4 days ago +1

    Unaccurate the guy with the mini gun should've killed himself upon firing the weapon.

  • Rick Gabriél in RickGabéSound

    I was hoping she’d give him back his lost hat/beanie at the end.

  • Riccardo Lixi
    Riccardo Lixi 5 days ago

    Awesome work

  • Beanie Elite
    Beanie Elite 5 days ago

    Absolutely brilliant

  • Chris Felt
    Chris Felt 5 days ago +1

    Cool idea shoulda had some music with a modern feel

  • Captain Spaulding
    Captain Spaulding 6 days ago

    Michael bay would make a great call of duty film

  • Suush and friends
    Suush and friends 6 days ago

    Part 2 plz

  • Joseph
    Joseph 7 days ago

    Yup. Link is a fucking wuss in every universe. :D

  • Oct Agon
    Oct Agon 7 days ago +1

    its obvious that most people saying that they are disappointed were probably pulled in by the algorithm because they like zelda
    Ok here is some actual criticism
    The cut where it swaps from camera view of ganon to the reflection view was not very smooth in one particular split second.
    The chain's glow did not affect the environment.
    The way link's glove glowed before shooting the chain after the cut away from his face did not glow on his body, not as much as you would think after the way it glowed on his face.
    Link wouldn't discard his mastersword/gun, but maybe that was done to show the difference between the short and the games.
    More of an opinion: I understand why you didn't do this do to the styling and colors of the short, but it would have been interesting if his gun glowed like the sword did, if only faintly

    • Oct Agon
      Oct Agon 2 days ago

      @Herb Derbler fair enough

    • Herb Derbler
      Herb Derbler 2 days ago

      The Master Rifle just ran out of ammo. Wait ten minutes and it'll reappear in his hands with a full magazine.

  • Cyril Lynch
    Cyril Lynch 7 days ago

    yeah this was great...

  • Angel
    Angel 9 days ago

    We really need a part 2, this was fire

  • Nikola Pavkovic
    Nikola Pavkovic 10 days ago

    Does no one in the future ever wash their face or clothes, like god that must get uncomfortable

  • KY421 Entertainment
    KY421 Entertainment 10 days ago

    Lol i like it but the color grading is over done af i cant tell wats meant to be bright or dark lol

  • SirKingHoff
    SirKingHoff 11 days ago

    Wasn't he wished to be banished? Not killed?

  • Michae Thompson
    Michae Thompson 11 days ago +1

    Make a sequel where Link goes into the ‘Dark World’ where Gabon was banished to and finishes him off with his gun (aptly named Master Sword).

  • Smitty Smith
    Smitty Smith 12 days ago +1

    Look I get what some people are saying but it’s supposed to be different guys that’s the whole point

  • Smitty Smith
    Smitty Smith 12 days ago

    If this was a movie I’d watch it

  • Tobias Gant
    Tobias Gant 12 days ago +1

    Talk about blood born pathogens

  • Tobias Gant
    Tobias Gant 12 days ago +1

    Link is the doom guy, look it up

  • ZeroFox75
    ZeroFox75 13 days ago

    I mean the story doesn’t make much sense in relation to Zelda but as a stand alone video this is really cool. It’s just that the Zelda relation is kinda flimsy

  • Forrest Patterson
    Forrest Patterson 14 days ago

    Doom is future Zelda

  • da Ugandan GAMER
    da Ugandan GAMER 14 days ago

    Gimme the link for the music

  • Android Racer744
    Android Racer744 17 days ago

    next one,future zelda

  • Cheyenne Schuster
    Cheyenne Schuster 18 days ago +1

    I just saw this video on TV, and thought it was an actual movie. I got super stoked, and now feeling a bit heart broken. Ya'll should make it a movie!!!!

  • Kevin Laurendi
    Kevin Laurendi 20 days ago

    I feel like this could have been so much better.

  • Bhargav Deka
    Bhargav Deka 20 days ago

    He is a noob soilder

  • Beanie boi
    Beanie boi 20 days ago

    He looks like doom guy

  • Uden One-Eye
    Uden One-Eye 22 days ago

    P.C. bullshit imho.

  • superNERDfriends
    superNERDfriends 22 days ago


  • nintendians
    nintendians 22 days ago

    this feel more of horrizon zero dawn that zelda.

  • Dillgurt
    Dillgurt 22 days ago

    I liked it if yous make more episodes I'll keep watching

  • Renzor the Red
    Renzor the Red 23 days ago +1

    When he fired several shots of .308 at the first henchman from like 60 feet away and ... Missed?? Groan.

  • Rigatoni Jacobs
    Rigatoni Jacobs 23 days ago +7

    me: I bet stopping Ganon is going to be really hard.

    Corridor: Actually it's gonna be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

  • Kenichi
    Kenichi 23 days ago

    Well that was entertaining

  • SuDBoY
    SuDBoY 23 days ago

    more of this please

  • Shadylikeatree
    Shadylikeatree 24 days ago

    This was fantastic.

  • Troy Carr
    Troy Carr 24 days ago

    The only reason they didn't do Urban Mario is that that has already been done, and the last time it was done, it convinced Nintendo that they never wanted to do another video game movie ever again ever.

  • Robdoggierob
    Robdoggierob 25 days ago

    Not enough water levels.

  • Methlokaijufan97
    Methlokaijufan97 25 days ago

    The guy in the white suit looks exactly like the guy who was riped apart by the Swamp thing .Unless that's him

  • FurryEskimo
    FurryEskimo 25 days ago

    Cool, but was this *really* Legend of Zelda? There were just a few powers used, the names, a weird version of the Triforce, and we all know Link doesn't talk..

  • The Native American
    The Native American 25 days ago

    If this was a full length movie I would totally watch this

  • DarthDumDum
    DarthDumDum 25 days ago

    Cool concept, but the acting was crap

  • Zormac
    Zormac 25 days ago

    "Modern" Zelda implies that Zelda is set in the past, which is absurd.

  • Eduardo Elric
    Eduardo Elric 26 days ago

    I see Navi is annoying and pretty much useless in this universe as well.

  • flimsyshow
    flimsyshow 26 days ago

    It's the

  • Jose Barron
    Jose Barron 26 days ago

    I do enjoy the video.
    but when I hear modern I think of well... modern warfare.

  • R2Clint 2
    R2Clint 2 26 days ago

    There is already a modern day zelda. It's called Doom. Also the zelda in this looks like Aloy from Horizon zero dawn.

  • BuzzBroz
    BuzzBroz 26 days ago

    You guys and RocketJump have taken RU-clip and gaming to a whole new level.

  • Ezekiel1508
    Ezekiel1508 26 days ago +1

    Just love how N.a.v.i is still useless!

  • Ash Rehbine
    Ash Rehbine 27 days ago

    Dredd of the Wild

  • Bernard Delos Santos
    Bernard Delos Santos 27 days ago

    is that Niko of Node?

  • James Ilagan
    James Ilagan 27 days ago

    Cyberpunk 2027 looks promising

  • Wolfie Black
    Wolfie Black 27 days ago

    It was kinda cool, acting was actually decent, but the end made no sense with Link just waiting for Gannon to monologue and then stab him in the foot. You guys need to hire some writers.

  • KingOfDance
    KingOfDance 28 days ago +1

    Well excuuuuuuuuuuuse me princess

  • Daniel 357
    Daniel 357 28 days ago

    The bike was dumb. So many cooler ones. Too much talk.

  • poop sock
    poop sock 29 days ago

    Honestly not a video anyone's gonna remember

  • Cameron Brown
    Cameron Brown 29 days ago +1

    10/10 would play.

  • Today is Especially Delicious

    Only a noob put down his gun to throw a grenade

  • Westward Wanderer
    Westward Wanderer 29 days ago

    At 3:30 my immediate instinct would be to shoot him in the head.
    Can’t slit a throat if your dead.

  • Westward Wanderer
    Westward Wanderer 29 days ago +1

    But you already knew that.

  • rafael82x
    rafael82x 29 days ago +1

    that was awesome

  • Mr. Chapa
    Mr. Chapa Month ago

    Made no sense

  • Ryben Flynn
    Ryben Flynn Month ago

    Better than some of what DUST uploads.

  • Conrotechnics & me
    Conrotechnics & me Month ago

    Zelda punk 2077

  • Your Average Otaku
    Your Average Otaku Month ago

    Idk about "modern"

  • SuMaSLo
    SuMaSLo Month ago +92

    I see... the last incarnation before Link becomes Doomguy.

    • SuMaSLo
      SuMaSLo 13 days ago +4

      @Hem they didn't sent me here, if that's what you mean...
      I just like that 'theory' (it all fits together so smoothly!).

    • Hem
      Hem 13 days ago +2

      are you here from outsidextra?

  • sabriel
    sabriel Month ago +1

    the cinnamon tography, color grading, and directing in this are incredible, well done corridor boys!

  • D.DoT-Z
    D.DoT-Z Month ago +1

    *Zeldapunk 2077*

  • Phaota
    Phaota Month ago

    Wow, you actually got Micah Fitzgerald as the bad guy. Nice going. Poor guy though. You blew him apart in this short and then he gets a role in episode two of the awesome "Swamp Thing" series and literally gets torn apart by Swampy. Seems his character have a tendency to die horribly. LOL

  • Camara McCoy
    Camara McCoy Month ago

    Cool but you made my boy look kind of punkish didnt they link always saves hyrule its him zelda is always the captive 😂

  • Carter Quinn
    Carter Quinn Month ago +1

    Yo, this would be a fucking awesome movie

  • Lucas Randolph
    Lucas Randolph Month ago +1

    John wick meets zelda

  • ShadowManV3
    ShadowManV3 Month ago

    Man that would have been so cool if Link took out some Scifi plasma sword and they fought. oh well

  • Lukas 0206
    Lukas 0206 Month ago

    Really cool but way to few zelda references. If it where not because of the names and stasis i would not have know it was zelda

  • That one guy
    That one guy Month ago +1

    Would the Deku tree be a service tower or something?

  • Askerovv
    Askerovv Month ago

    The Master M14

  • Caleb Kettle
    Caleb Kettle Month ago +1

    This was awesome, really good quality, and loved the acting/actors. Great work guys.

  • Dman Gamer
    Dman Gamer Month ago +9

    Halo + The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild = this video

    Now available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One (Rated M for Mature)

  • Tiparium
    Tiparium Month ago +1

    John Link

  • Picaso Black
    Picaso Black Month ago

  • Israel Oliveira
    Israel Oliveira Month ago +1

    FF always appeared in my life more than Zelda I've just played one single game, was good... I didn't know the crucial in the history was so awesome.
    And the work of this guys are pretty awesome too🤩🤩🤩

  • Shiverskill
    Shiverskill Month ago +1

    I dont exactly understand how everyone says this isnt Zelda when just about every Zelda game is a variation of "blond hair boy saves princess/girl from big bad".
    This video had references from blond hair boy, green armor, horse-like mount, reddish hair bad guy, girl in need of saving, navi backseat partner, triforce, each important character having triforce piece, stasis, and remote bombs

  • prominentturkey
    prominentturkey Month ago

    So bsaically woke Zelda? No thanks.

  • [insert name here]
    [insert name here] Month ago

    Were did you get the amour or is it cgi

  • ElliottGEdwards
    ElliottGEdwards Month ago

    I was expecting them to break out the fishing rod when against Ganondorf 😆

  • Westley Knee
    Westley Knee Month ago +1

    This was amazing! Make this a TV show

  • Rob and the Van
    Rob and the Van Month ago +3

    So good. Love the references.