• Опубликовано: 15 янв 2018
  • Guess that song challenge tried by Teens!
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    Teens play guess that song! Watch to see their reactions!
    Teens featured:
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    REACT  Год назад +706

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    • Maria Barrera
      Maria Barrera Год назад +1

      REACT can you they react to " Why Don't We " plz I don't care if it's some of there mashups or there own songs can you just react to Why Don't We

    • DjZombieAlex -
      DjZombieAlex - Год назад


    • Brandon Lewis
      Brandon Lewis Год назад

      REACT guess that music pop 80s90s00s

    • Brandon Lewis
      Brandon Lewis Год назад

      REACT guess that music 90s rock

    • melanil12
      melanil12 Год назад +1

      REACT to their

  • Nicole Kendall
    Nicole Kendall Год назад +4

    In the next one put gucci gang

  • Jova carter-luna
    Jova carter-luna Год назад +1

    Noah looks lik the guy from wizards of waverly place.. 😭😭💯

  • B C
    B C Год назад +3

    Nora low key cute 👀

  • Black&White Mambas
    Black&White Mambas Год назад +4

    Who thought the 3rd one is when I was your man by bruno mars?

    • zei nab
      zei nab Год назад

      Black&White Mambas meeee!!!

  • Twix 31
    Twix 31 Год назад +11

    How old is Noah

    And is he single

  • Makay Smith
    Makay Smith Год назад +7

    How old is Noah and is he single?

  • Manolia butterfly
    Manolia butterfly Год назад +12

    Alberto : ...... by justin T
    also Alberto : i thought it's JB

  • Brad Mahon
    Brad Mahon Год назад +2


  • Lauren Rawding
    Lauren Rawding Год назад

    Claudia reminds me of Jen from Ladylike

  • kimemia Mugambi
    kimemia Mugambi Год назад

    21 savage react

  • itsmimsy
    itsmimsy Год назад +1

    boi where are they apoligizing lmao , its a competition

  • Hafsa Rashid
    Hafsa Rashid Год назад +3

    Do teens react to
    why don’t we

  • Michael
    Michael Год назад


  • Unreliable Widow maker
    Unreliable Widow maker Год назад +6

    Any1 thought Exs and Ohs was Uprising by Muse

  • IceMetalPunk
    IceMetalPunk Год назад +1568

    Alberto confusing a Britney song for a Timberlake song has made my year XD

    • Shai Linsky
      Shai Linsky Год назад +64

      IceMetalPunk and then saying “JB”😂😂

  • david 466
    david 466 Год назад +41

    They always bring my boii Luis back even though he never gets any points😂

  • owennn vega
    owennn vega Год назад +4

    sydney is so pretty

  • I Like Turtles
    I Like Turtles Год назад

    I got one wrong but all of them right on the first second

  • Melissa
    Melissa Год назад +2

    3:47 I’m offended-

  • Prothom Playz
    Prothom Playz Год назад +1

    React to weird Russian singer

    • O.M.A.R
      O.M.A.R Год назад

      Prothom Playz His name is Weird Al

  • Sadness _Potato
    Sadness _Potato Год назад +7

    Idk why but when I look at Noah......I see Charlie Puth 😐😐😐😐😐😐 *whispers* aaawwweeesssooommmeee🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Call me the carrier
    Call me the carrier Год назад +2

    React to vitas-the highest voice in the wolrd pls!!!

  • O.M.A.R
    O.M.A.R Год назад

    1:29 How? Because it's in her element genius.😖

  • Romania Chanel
    Romania Chanel Год назад +1

    react to wired russian singer :)))

    • Romania Chanel
      Romania Chanel Год назад

      Ritesh Thapa that is what people calling him, on yt, not ne man

    • Ritesh Thapa
      Ritesh Thapa Год назад

      whats he wired to?

  • Divy Nova
    Divy Nova Год назад +13

    Alberto could murder me and i wont even be mad😍

  • jen
    jen Год назад +9

    damn claudia

  • Symone B.
    Symone B. Год назад +10

    Nia is so pretty.

  • Harper P
    Harper P Год назад +1

    It's hurting me because I knew all of them

  • Doritos
    Doritos Год назад +2

    React to MAX!!

  • * Asterisk *
    * Asterisk * Год назад +6

    Adults react to lil peep

  • * Asterisk *
    * Asterisk * Год назад +6

    Teens react to lil peep

  • 陈北宗
    陈北宗 Год назад +66

    I really love how soft spoken Nora is. She might make an awesome ASMR channel.

  • Leanna Jolie
    Leanna Jolie Год назад +5

    How do I join this show I won every one

    • JJ Abdi
      JJ Abdi Год назад

      Leanna Jolie plz don't

  • Ali Akbar
    Ali Akbar Год назад +1

    I could have sworn that the second one was sign of the times before 2 seconds

  • Springthief
    Springthief Год назад +4

    Do react to Of Monsters And Men

  • IF Entertainment
    IF Entertainment Год назад +2

    Sydney is sooo damn hot

  • Ichsan Fauzi
    Ichsan Fauzi Год назад

    fifth harmony he like that

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker Год назад +3

    I find I funny ho will and Alberto said there would be a winner but they both tied

  • Nancy Cc
    Nancy Cc Год назад +1

    I wish I could go on kids react or fbe kids😭

  • Lee Ann C.
    Lee Ann C. Год назад +6

    Poor Luis lol

  • alyssa and isabel
    alyssa and isabel Год назад +3

    They should listen to “these girls” by why dont we

  • The Better life Vlogs
    The Better life Vlogs Год назад +9

    Claudia grew up alright!

  • 7amida R.
    7amida R. Год назад +2

    Make them react to songs by youtubers

  • Avinandan Ganguly
    Avinandan Ganguly Год назад

    Bong XD XD

    THE GAME FREAK Год назад +1

    My hand was under🤫🤫🤫

  • Jun Yuan Lee
    Jun Yuan Lee Год назад +2

    Should try HAVANA,they gotta know this song

  • Aly_2
    Aly_2 Год назад +4

    Does Sydney remind anyone of Zoey Deutch

  • lilGerke
    lilGerke Год назад +1

    Sydney looks like Sabrina Carpenter

  • koimatt
    koimatt Год назад +8

    im in love with noah just sayin

  • Cadence Radabaugh
    Cadence Radabaugh Год назад +1

    react to alexander hamiltion!!!

    LIFE WITH LAI LAI Год назад

    By lil pump

    LIFE WITH LAI LAI Год назад

    Gucci gang

  • cassandra gomez
    cassandra gomez Год назад

    Listen to 18 by anarbor

  • Everything Emily
    Everything Emily Год назад +9

    Noah is nice

  • KirbyLegacy 12
    KirbyLegacy 12 Год назад +1

    Let them listen to Gucci gang

  • helena tuominen
    helena tuominen Год назад

    Tell cool identify article gray compare setting prime outside favor.

  • Sophia Rausch
    Sophia Rausch Год назад +4

    I need Alberto's insta 😊😍

    • i Spencey
      i Spencey Год назад

      Sophia Rausch albertoamaya_

  • Jackie Contreras
    Jackie Contreras Год назад +5

    Teen react to Jhene Aiko

  • kimboleeekimkim
    kimboleeekimkim Год назад +19

    "one more time by Justin Timberlake" lmao

  • Paola Rollan
    Paola Rollan Год назад +13

    I love Noah's voice 😍

  • Abigail Mae
    Abigail Mae Год назад +1

    I need Thomas's insta!!

  • honeysuckle puff
    honeysuckle puff Год назад +2

    Thomas is precious ✨

  • jolie rae
    jolie rae Год назад +3

    Teens react to God's Plan!!!

  • RileyFuckingNicole Bitches
    RileyFuckingNicole Bitches Год назад +5

    Thomas is pretty darn cute like his eyes 😍

  • iDontClutch
    iDontClutch Год назад +21

    Alberto and Will seem cool asf when together

  • Grace Smith
    Grace Smith Год назад +2

    I got every won rightt!!!!!😂😂😂❤❤❤

  • shynitra lyons
    shynitra lyons Год назад +2

    I’m glad they don’t play the songs in the teaser clips anymore

  • Papa Baek
    Papa Baek Год назад +7

    Me being the diehard ARMY i am, istg I thought at 0:07 DNA was playing. Lord help me

  • / JimSins /
    / JimSins / Год назад

    Alberto 😭❤️

  • Rachel Lindberg
    Rachel Lindberg Год назад +5

    Could you do a guess that Weird Al parody song, where they have to name the original artist and song Weird Al is parodying??

    • Toxic
      Toxic Год назад

      I like that idea!

  • Syrde syrme
    Syrde syrme Год назад +1

    Can someone please list all the song

  • Manav Mohan
    Manav Mohan Год назад

    Bank account

  • Shadow Blackwing
    Shadow Blackwing Год назад +1

    The only song that i got right, was Oops I Did it Again 😂😂

  • Ghost Girl
    Ghost Girl Год назад +5

    Omg Alberto 😍😍😍

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina Год назад +52

    Noah is so cute

  • Ale ́s Mind
    Ale ́s Mind Год назад +57


  • Claudia Alessandra
    Claudia Alessandra Год назад +3


  • Anton Ramos
    Anton Ramos Год назад +11

    Claudia 😍

  • Blue jay Gamer
    Blue jay Gamer Год назад +5

    how about guess that movie and only be given a music clip from said movie ( e.i. don't go breakin' my heart from the movie chicken little) and they have to buzz in to gain a point. The last question would a bonus where if one person has more points like 4 to 1. then the person with 4 can double or the person with one can tie with 4 to 4. An example of the bonus question would be like "I don't wanna miss a thing" from Armageddon XD still love that movie

  • Tina.K
    Tina.K Год назад +5

    Cole sprouse is that you (alberto) ❤😍

    LOVE LIFE Год назад +1

    Listen to needed me by rihanna

  • Tina.K
    Tina.K Год назад +3

    Is that Big Will omg😮🙄❤

  • iHUS500
    iHUS500 Год назад +52

    claudia should play against a computer next episode

  • Beau Christie
    Beau Christie Год назад +5

    Use welcome to the black parade by my chemical romance

  • FYI.
    FYI. Год назад +4

    Do Bon Jovi livin on a prayer next

  • Static lol
    Static lol Год назад +8

    Can they ever put rap

  • Halvin Winata
    Halvin Winata Год назад +4

    this episode is so much fun than other

  • Mario Bielma
    Mario Bielma Год назад +11

    Teens react to Britney Spears most iconic performances.

  • Selenators HQ
    Selenators HQ Год назад +5

    Adults react to hits by Selena Gomez

  • Savy .J.
    Savy .J. Год назад +6

    6:53 whenever you raise your hand in class but forgot what you were going to say.

  • Gicel Ixcaco
    Gicel Ixcaco Год назад +5

    Listen to super nova ansel elgort

  • John Chiluvuri
    John Chiluvuri Год назад +4

    Dylan actually got 3 right .. I can't believe no one pointed that out yet ..

  • Brittney Trunnell
    Brittney Trunnell Год назад +50

    Noah got snagged of that one point😭😂

  • Fish Guy
    Fish Guy Год назад +28

    They were stressing me out by not knowing Oops i did it again

  • Connor Dickinson
    Connor Dickinson Год назад +6

    Why does Noah remind me of Zac Efron?!

    • Ryan Staley
      Ryan Staley Год назад +1

      Connor Dickinson bc ur blind?

  • Mons00n
    Mons00n Год назад

    I'd fail at this

  • nicole mel
    nicole mel Год назад +13


      JVNUVRY Год назад +4


  • Saint Pablo
    Saint Pablo Год назад +5

    Never seen Nia before good gawd she beautiful

  • Garesha DeAbreu
    Garesha DeAbreu Год назад +8

    Nia is Gorgeous