Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
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    Song used: Eneide - In The Chains Of Sorrow (Epidemic sounds)
  • ComedyComedy

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  • TheOdd1sOut
    TheOdd1sOut  2 days ago +58967

    Our hearts may be broken, but at least we have something to cover those hearts, a sale on Sooubway merch:

  • derek Brown
    derek Brown 59 seconds ago

    Sooubway 5

  • FancySkeleton
    FancySkeleton Minute ago +1

    Wheres the video about the new netflix Dark Crystal show?

  • Spoupy dooby
    Spoupy dooby Minute ago


  • Rawan_GamingGirl
    Rawan_GamingGirl Minute ago

    Congratulations for 13M subs James

  • Astral shadow
    Astral shadow Minute ago

    the most aniticipated sequel since endgame

  • Munirah Mujahid
    Munirah Mujahid Minute ago

    I think this s so far th ebest Sooudway video he has done, cause this was so cool!

  • Twisted_ Mind
    Twisted_ Mind Minute ago

    Where's the dark crystal james

  • Aoibhe Cusack
    Aoibhe Cusack 2 minutes ago

    What a waste of a good sandwich for some symbolisiom 😥😥 could you??

  • Adrian Shepard
    Adrian Shepard 2 minutes ago

    This is so SadWich

  • Nicholas Tusick
    Nicholas Tusick 2 minutes ago

    How many times did he unconsciously say Subway instead of Sooubway while making this video...

  • Jana Gymnastics
    Jana Gymnastics 3 minutes ago +1

    Всем привет. Если хотите узнать о гимнастике заходите на мой канал

  • Kermit of Rivia
    Kermit of Rivia 3 minutes ago

    Subway is where all the gays, blacks, and white boys with skinny jeans shop for footlongs....

    MOONDOG JR 3 minutes ago


  • Never Mind
    Never Mind 4 minutes ago

    contrasts on being #1 on trending 👏🏻

  • Shiny Misty
    Shiny Misty 4 minutes ago

    Rest in two, 6 inch pieces Sooubway.

  • Aylin Ixchel
    Aylin Ixchel 4 minutes ago

    Was it next to a Fry’s???

  • P Z
    P Z 5 minutes ago

    Wie bin ich hier gelandet

    Keine Schwäche zeigen

  • 2000brix
    2000brix 5 minutes ago

    I added this video to my playlist "important videos"

  • CORZZ gg
    CORZZ gg 5 minutes ago

    Sooubway 5 ._.

  • Every 1000 subs is one new video

    It’s been a wild ride. But here’s one last sub. From the number 1 in the world

  • Ahmed Nehad
    Ahmed Nehad 6 minutes ago

    I liked the ending

  • Muse L뮤즈엘
    Muse L뮤즈엘 6 minutes ago


  • Myth Chicken
    Myth Chicken 6 minutes ago

    your dog realy bit that guy?

    JUST_ SKITTING 7 minutes ago

    James” waaaahhh😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Gabriel Brewer
    Gabriel Brewer 7 minutes ago

    Right I listened to evey sooubway and I thought I hope he dose a part 4 and here it is!

  • Nazik Adam
    Nazik Adam 7 minutes ago


  • Seth Travis 2027
    Seth Travis 2027 7 minutes ago

    R.I.P sub-sooubwauy
    -Seth Travis 2019
    PS, you never told us what the address was on the sooubwauy you worked at, how long you worked there, all the annoying and fun people you worked with or met and the weid people and thefts that happened so you can maybe make a sooubway 5 and 6 if you are lucky.
    Ps Ps, you are a great person and you can change the world by making a big sandwich business called the one and only.....

  • Emiliano Pulgarin moreno
    Emiliano Pulgarin moreno 8 minutes ago +1

    No tiene subtitulos en español
    Not have subtitule in spanish pd: i
    Dont talk english very good

  • ShadowVinnie
    ShadowVinnie 9 minutes ago

    I went to sooubway and I fricking loved it

  • The brokenFreddy
    The brokenFreddy 10 minutes ago

    Also you bared plastic

  • Yanping Wu
    Yanping Wu 10 minutes ago

    There is still sooubway aka subway in germany

  • Junpei ANIMATES
    Junpei ANIMATES 10 minutes ago

    People: *Comment Overused Joke And memes*
    Me: *Hi*

  • Pathatic cat
    Pathatic cat 10 minutes ago +1

    can't wait for furry IRL to be clogged for a week

  • Lucie Grattan
    Lucie Grattan 10 minutes ago

    I wonder where the park is cause free sub 🤣

  • The brokenFreddy
    The brokenFreddy 11 minutes ago

    Remember the teachers vid where if the teacher doesn't show up in the first 15 minutes you can leave isn't true you would only be able to leave if class is cancled you can leave but you have to stay on campus plus i'm 10 years old

  • Storm2y
    Storm2y 11 minutes ago +1


  • Kek
    Kek 11 minutes ago

    Ютуб ало

  • MrGlasses -Db Legends
    MrGlasses -Db Legends 11 minutes ago

    Did anyone noticed that the number on the paper for James is the same for the Wrong Number video?

  • Oisin
    Oisin 11 minutes ago +1

    So yeah, let's be honest that last story was a lie. No way he got lucky enough to get recognised and allowed to go into the back by a fan. It adds a legacy to the stories though so I'm not mad about it lol.

  • Bass Boosted Boi
    Bass Boosted Boi 11 minutes ago

    Pause at 1:07 you can see the answer to our most burning question on the second paper

  • XxLost CortexX
    XxLost CortexX 12 minutes ago

    👏🏾 great job on #1 on trending

  • EpicHype
    EpicHype 12 minutes ago

    In my city's sooubway, they dont even ask if you want it toasted. They just automatically assume that you do, which I do :(

  • Gaming Toast
    Gaming Toast 12 minutes ago +1

    #1 on trending BABY. Let’s go good job guys. I can see everyone was as I hyped about this vid as I was

  • Zahra Z
    Zahra Z 12 minutes ago

    F in chat

  • Bass Boosted Boi
    Bass Boosted Boi 13 minutes ago

    Where da *spwinkles* at

    STRG_HIRST 14 minutes ago

    They can’t ask for proof of ur service dog?

  • 30K Subs with no videos?
    30K Subs with no videos? 14 minutes ago +2

    Who Is Better?
    Like = Odd1Sout
    Comment = sWooZie
    (Good Luck In School This Year🙌)
    Road To 13M

    • Pathatic cat
      Pathatic cat 20 seconds ago

      and here on our right, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a like whore

  • Slax
    Slax 14 minutes ago

    Yessss I love ur souuuubways videos

  • Jeffrey Coley
    Jeffrey Coley 14 minutes ago

    Man mistakes kid for sandwich. If only...

  • Mr. Jax
    Mr. Jax 15 minutes ago

    *#1 on trending, you did it, James.*

  • Dan Doyle
    Dan Doyle 15 minutes ago

    Thanks, James I love your Sooubway videos.

  • cнerιх 1
    cнerιх 1 16 minutes ago

    I had a very tiny tear. I never went to sooubway because it isnt here in Suadi Arabia.

  • Charlieboom Back
    Charlieboom Back 17 minutes ago +1

    Sooibway 5 subscribe Charlieboom Back

  • Matt Silverwolf
    Matt Silverwolf 18 minutes ago


  • SargentandGreenLeaf
    SargentandGreenLeaf 18 minutes ago

    What is this fucking trash???????

  • Cheyenne Thornton
    Cheyenne Thornton 18 minutes ago


  • Bffs 4 ever
    Bffs 4 ever 18 minutes ago

    Me living in sweden*
    Me: wE dOnT hAvE tArGeT hErE iN sWeDeN

  • Love yellow
    Love yellow 19 minutes ago

    did he say he was going to make *one* last video about sooubway...yeah we’ll see about that buddy

  • T-Hive
    T-Hive 19 minutes ago

    Why is a face reveal on the requests? 🤣🤣🤣