Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
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    Song used: Eneide - In The Chains Of Sorrow (Epidemic sounds)
  • ComedyComedy

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  • TheOdd1sOut
    TheOdd1sOut  Month ago +73473

    Our hearts may be broken, but at least we have something to cover those hearts, a sale on Sooubway merch:

  • T
    T 18 hours ago

    Try work here Browning Soobway

  • Twozie Gacha
    Twozie Gacha 19 hours ago

    4 is dead in da thumbnail

  • bLiZ ZY
    bLiZ ZY 19 hours ago +2

    When are you gonna make a new video😭

  • Lucy Hoover-Moll
    Lucy Hoover-Moll 19 hours ago

    You should do a video about the scariest thing that ever happened to you

  • Gnome_Bo1
    Gnome_Bo1 20 hours ago

    U served me one time at subway I remember ur because of your voice

  • Puddle of Ash
    Puddle of Ash 20 hours ago +1

    Letting y'all know that james's chip fursuit is one of the cutest suits I've ever seen.

  • Ashley Hylton
    Ashley Hylton 20 hours ago

    It is ok James one's my favorite story was shut down

  • Artumuse Ray
    Artumuse Ray 20 hours ago

    Ps pleas menchen this in you next video and ansure it

  • Artumuse Ray
    Artumuse Ray 20 hours ago

    Wait do you like Jayden I want to know

  • Viper Gamer
    Viper Gamer 20 hours ago

    2015 and 2016 he uploaded 31 vids in a year if this gets 2k likes he has to upload 31 a year starting 2020 all we need is 2k likes

  • zero one
    zero one 20 hours ago

    Здесь есть русский кстати Джеймс ты крут

  • Star Studioz
    Star Studioz 21 hour ago

    Me trying to watch the vid
    Ad: wAnT a SpRit cRaNbErRy

  • omar rafie
    omar rafie 21 hour ago +1

    When I grow up I want to be a pilot so I don’t die alone

  • Shadow Funtime
    Shadow Funtime 21 hour ago

    James quick question do you have tik tok if you do what’s your username if you don’t then there a person faking to be you

  • XxAmy ZanitexX
    XxAmy ZanitexX 21 hour ago

    R.I.P. Sooubway

  • UwU Island
    UwU Island 21 hour ago

    A “soubway” just closed a few hours ago

  • BombDefuser6710 Kraken
    BombDefuser6710 Kraken 22 hours ago

    Can I have 69 likes and 420 comments

  • Friend in Peru
    Friend in Peru 22 hours ago

    Noooooooo.... I could have eaten that sandwich. :D

  • Panda Lover
    Panda Lover 22 hours ago

    Ay it's the O N I O N S guy

  • Hydro Bro
    Hydro Bro 22 hours ago

    What if some finds the sandwich and eats it does it soul still live on

  • Billy Breakaho
    Billy Breakaho 22 hours ago

    This is what's called "dragging it out" 7:32

  • Call Me DuckyZ
    Call Me DuckyZ 22 hours ago

    Me:*thinking that James uploads Then Jaden Uploads 5 Or Less Days Later*
    Jaden: *Uploads 2 Videos before James*

  • Xenon 6752
    Xenon 6752 23 hours ago

    James you must do the minecraft boxing event hosted by dream

  • The Game One
    The Game One 23 hours ago


  • drloo
    drloo 23 hours ago

    When’s the next vid

  • LTR Cryptic
    LTR Cryptic 23 hours ago

    Sooubway > subway

  • Pugplayz 21
    Pugplayz 21 23 hours ago


  • Hotchip 27
    Hotchip 27 23 hours ago +1

    Someone without food could of eaten that sandwich.... I could of eaten that sandwich.... james could if eaten that sandwich... yeah but we didn't

  • zoe madness
    zoe madness 23 hours ago

    I know this is kinda personal but do you ever plan on talking about your father? I assume you probably have some memories about him?

  • Ava G
    Ava G 23 hours ago

    I’m getting your merch for Christmas!

  • Shaze Ngarangione
    Shaze Ngarangione Day ago +1


  • Cian YT
    Cian YT Day ago +1

    Mother, I would be most grateful if you let me consume a pastry with high levels of sugar and simple carbohydrates”
    -That one kid who was in Private school/James.

  • Sindygoyco Cornejo

    Remember that time you got punched by a kid 1/10 how much did it hurt you stayed down for a long time

  • Dark_Virus
    Dark_Virus Day ago

    2 years later twig is a tree that grows subway sandwiches...

  • EverydayShow Tv
    EverydayShow Tv Day ago +1


    Random 5 yr old: M O T H E R

  • Kobe Beef
    Kobe Beef Day ago

    0:00 keep pressing this over and over kinda fast

  • owen zheng
    owen zheng Day ago

    in part two you said SUBWAY

  • Warcat144
    Warcat144 Day ago

    speak slower, Brazilians need to understand what you say

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia Day ago

    Can you make a video about #teamtrees

  • I dropped my uwu sorry

    4:45 he peed uh oh

  • arya arudselvan
    arya arudselvan Day ago +1

    J- just
    A- another
    M- man
    E- eating
    S- sooubway

  • Eunice Adams
    Eunice Adams Day ago

    The outside is a paid actor...

  • Fnaflover123 Puppet

    I knew u meant subway

  • Brittany112349043124567890 Ray

    #sooubway part 4

  • Cait
    Cait Day ago

    I know I’m late on this but, I got inspired and I want to learn to draw/animate. I don’t know what site to use to animate or draw on and how to put drawing together. Does anyone have advice on where to start

    • Cait
      Cait Day ago


  • Isaac Shin
    Isaac Shin Day ago

    You can donate it instead

  • Tjskole !!
    Tjskole !! Day ago

    come on the odd one is out we need another vid

  • Smartmel14225
    Smartmel14225 Day ago

    Post more please

  • Giovanni Lezama
    Giovanni Lezama Day ago

    Juice wrld died like so oddlsout can see

  • PureBee Productions2

    iS hE dEaD beCauSe jAmEs haSenT PoStED foR lIke a MoNtH

  • Leilee Pishva
    Leilee Pishva Day ago

    James is a furry confirmed

  • Solar eclipse
    Solar eclipse Day ago +1

    Top ten most sad anime deaths

  • gameing with asreil

    Push "F" to pay respects

  • Alia Tube
    Alia Tube Day ago

    WE ARE NUMBER 1 -music plays- ;-;

  • Rose Whitefish
    Rose Whitefish Day ago

    Rip Soobway :(

  • iHampake
    iHampake Day ago +1

    TheOdd1sOut. The only RU-clip channel that can gain millions of subs without uploading a video for months

    • Cymj
      Cymj 22 hours ago

      iHampake @Ceeday

  • El Bigote Navarrete

    Like si hablas español y no entiendes nada

  • Kelly
    Kelly Day ago

    This my first time watching this channel but this guy looks so familiar, was he ever on a different channel or something?