• Published on Apr 29, 2017
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Comments • 8 749

  • Rosela Natividad
    Rosela Natividad 49 minutes ago +1

    1:56 might be switched up

  • Kylen Davis
    Kylen Davis Hour ago

    That’s either one really tall girl or one really short guy

  • cat lover
    cat lover Hour ago

    Life is better whit cat's i have four

  • Axos Kriti
    Axos Kriti 4 hours ago

    1:57 I think this is the opposite 🤨🤔

  • Rachael Garvey
    Rachael Garvey 5 hours ago +2

    I think a letter for me should be the other way around...we used to get actual paper letters now we get e-mails/texts

  • Alyza Nacion
    Alyza Nacion 12 hours ago

    I love cats

  • Pea Man
    Pea Man Day ago

    i find this section very disrespectful, no need to judge us for doing what we want to do

  • Jessie Chan
    Jessie Chan Day ago

    I used to wear glasses because I was long sighted glad I dont need them anymore

  • Jazzmine rose
    Jazzmine rose Day ago

    Why does the first girl look depressed

  • Gacha Lia
    Gacha Lia Day ago

    At 1:55 it supposed to be the opposite people now a days use gmails to recieve mails or letters.

  • Kayla Farid
    Kayla Farid Day ago

    Awww the dog doesn't want her to leave my dog jumped and layed in my suitcase

  • Liliana T
    Liliana T 4 days ago

    1:56 I think those two were meant to be switched.

  • annalise smith
    annalise smith 4 days ago +3

    who agrees life is better with cat? :)

  • Alice Yeoman
    Alice Yeoman 4 days ago +1

    I did not relate to them at all

  • annalise smith
    annalise smith 4 days ago

    i totally agree with the glasses one
    they are SUCH a pain

  • Theodore Evbuomwan
    Theodore Evbuomwan 5 days ago

    Some of us have a life you know

  • halla vs maya
    halla vs maya 5 days ago

    I wear glasses😅

  • manpreet kaur
    manpreet kaur 5 days ago

    14:37 the dogs eyes killed me (lol)

  • Gianna Colon (Student)
    Gianna Colon (Student) 6 days ago +5

    11:17 is 1 i can deal with,my cat loves the sink

    1 like=2 more cats

  • Layla Kitty
    Layla Kitty 6 days ago +1

    Being a short gurl means u can’t reach that one actually comfortable AND stylish shirt u like on the top of your closet/ in the store

  • Alyssa Hudson
    Alyssa Hudson 6 days ago

    2019 in July anyone?

  • Alyssa Hudson
    Alyssa Hudson 6 days ago

    So true about the cats

  • Carmen Marion
    Carmen Marion 7 days ago

    4 once I like they're video

  • kimberley baker
    kimberley baker 8 days ago +1

    You are not supposed to clean glasses with your shirt because it leaves oil stains on the lenses

  • guste gamer
    guste gamer 12 days ago

    1.58 i think you need to switch thei're places...we dont send letters anymore...well there are people that do it but not much or its a package


    What the dog says when he gets in the suitcase:"take meh wit u"

  • Seema Narang
    Seema Narang 18 days ago

    Hit a like

  • xXLove HeartXx
    xXLove HeartXx 18 days ago

    14:39 when dog goes into suit case.

  • Marika Risner
    Marika Risner 20 days ago

    Without cat is better

  • Jillian Suire
    Jillian Suire 20 days ago

    Does live you life and forget your age mean that if you’re a teen or something you still can act like a 3yo?yes,yes it does

  • Famille Dubeau-Gagne

    Life is better with cats🐈🐱🐾yes!

  • Tnerdo B
    Tnerdo B 25 days ago

    I love the cat ones... like if you have a black cat

  • player2boy36
    player2boy36 25 days ago

    Life is better with cats and dogs

  • Jenny Grant
    Jenny Grant 25 days ago

    Ahh I Love cats 😍

  • Nisha Encarnacion
    Nisha Encarnacion 26 days ago


  • PrincesseGabrielle1
    PrincesseGabrielle1 26 days ago

    the 'with mom,without mom' is so mean

  • Rose Gold
    Rose Gold 27 days ago

    I like how it just said “bright side” at the bottom like the first half lol

  • Craig Murray
    Craig Murray 27 days ago

    Life is better with a furry friend ☺️ 🐕 🐈 ❤️ I love my cat

  • Ayesha Zoe Cuico
    Ayesha Zoe Cuico 27 days ago

    Life is better when you have everything in life
    with kids,with cats,with husband,with wife and with dogs😄 if you had 1 of those things click here
    👇 byeeee👋👋👋

  • Shreya Thapa Magar the drawing young artist

    I don't wear any glasses

  • Happy Ball-ROBLOX and more

    Video: "People who wear glasses will relate!"
    Me: What happened to "Anyone can relate to"!?! (I don't wear glasses)

  • Emily Walters
    Emily Walters 27 days ago

    is it bad that I'm a girl a I don't want kids?


    That cat is me in another life

    ARTSY & CARFTY Month ago

    3:22 rain is my fave weather, and I wear glasses.

  • Moonlight Jewel
    Moonlight Jewel Month ago

    At 9:30 I was like I love my dentist he’s my uncle

  • Caroline Huey
    Caroline Huey Month ago

    And the TV one is very very rude u should have no right to think that

  • Caroline Huey
    Caroline Huey Month ago

    O don’t use the internet for my birthday and I don’t use my phone at the beach anything outside I make sure to put my phone down to enjoy it

  • Madhura Palange
    Madhura Palange Month ago +1

    💓 extreme

  • Zeineb Heni
    Zeineb Heni Month ago +1

    2:02 find the mistake

  • Toffeecoconut63 Rubydaft

    Life is always great with a cat I’ve got to take care of three of them

  • Zeinab Ahmad
    Zeinab Ahmad Month ago +1

    14:12 I have the same shoes 👟 OMG 😲

  • Anna Trog
    Anna Trog Month ago +1

    9:23 is so true for me.

  • Pushyamitra Gurethia

    अब यह बेकार चैनल हो गया है।

  • Rajit Mondal
    Rajit Mondal Month ago +2

    If a girl is reading my comment... I LOVE U❤❤❤.... please reply

    QQQ QQQ Month ago

    0:10 ahh that girl is pale af

  • FNAFGacha Girl647
    FNAFGacha Girl647 Month ago

    14:26 DOOGie sssooo Cute

  • AG OG
    AG OG Month ago

    i think something is mstake in letter part

  • Nimuë Dear
    Nimuë Dear Month ago

    OMG that kitty loves you

  • Asta P.
    Asta P. Month ago

    2:00 i think its the oposite

  • Jazelle Ortega
    Jazelle Ortega Month ago

    The funny thing is you guys are behind a computer animating

  • Gacha Isabel Logic
    Gacha Isabel Logic Month ago

    I ubderstand the situations of the glasses

  • Owen Achtzener
    Owen Achtzener Month ago

    TITANIC! This is not love

  • Galaxiagamer Wofly
    Galaxiagamer Wofly Month ago

    For the without you and the with you
    Id coose without you cause i have parents

  • [ Content ] [ X ]
    [ Content ] [ X ] Month ago +1

    The "then an now" is pretty BS we still do physical activity i swim at the beach instead of sending leg pics, i celebrate my birthday in active places and i like running around fields, gyms and anywhere i can

  • Karen Pansky
    Karen Pansky Month ago

    10:45 is that......Helly from 123 GO?

    NANA GANDA Month ago +1


  • Lilly Dreher
    Lilly Dreher Month ago +2

    0:21 same with swimmers and their goggles!! Ughhh I find that rly annoying too

  • Daniel Savin
    Daniel Savin Month ago

    That guy he caught his worker sitting on Facebook the first ad after that was guess what FACEBOOK

  • Daniel Savin
    Daniel Savin Month ago +1


  • Saraphina Cota
    Saraphina Cota Month ago +1

    That happens to me all the time I have my glasses on

  • youtube channel
    youtube channel Month ago +1

    1:57 ??

  • Ryan Spreyne
    Ryan Spreyne Month ago +1

    Not all dogs are that bad my dog is really good :)

  • Team Unicorns
    Team Unicorns Month ago

    OMG thus always happens when I wear my glasses this thing don't lie

  • Its JMQL vlogs
    Its JMQL vlogs 2 months ago

    1:59 its the opposite they must put it wrong🤔

  • Jorja Russell
    Jorja Russell 2 months ago +1

    14:44 dog-*iM the onLy neCessAry tHinG herE*

  • ussling
    ussling 2 months ago

    "Live life and forget your age".
    The years are creeping up on me, but I refuse to grow up.

  • Grace kitty
    Grace kitty 2 months ago

    12:07 true true true.

  • pronoob gaming
    pronoob gaming 2 months ago +1

    2:00 well you interchanged them

  • Alani Zacharska
    Alani Zacharska 2 months ago +1

    14:31 and 14:34 theres someone behind the curtain.

    RAJENDRA VAISHNAV 2 months ago +1

    Life is better with cats , I love cats

  • Cheyenne Elia
    Cheyenne Elia 2 months ago

    Have you ever heard of blossom the short thing your channel did is amoulst the same thing blossom did

  • Elise Midgley
    Elise Midgley 2 months ago

    12:08 Unless you're allergic

  • Alex_White Foxxy
    Alex_White Foxxy 2 months ago

    All befores

  • Asenlkr 75
    Asenlkr 75 2 months ago

    I think there's something wrong with 2:00 lol

  • Purrple Kitty Girl
    Purrple Kitty Girl 2 months ago

    Instead of my dog chewing on a pillow he chews on the couch cushions. 🤣

  • Galaxy _Cat4367
    Galaxy _Cat4367 2 months ago

    Well black cats are bad luck 😂😂😂

  • puppys 4life
    puppys 4life 2 months ago +2

    Life with dogs is so much *better...*

  • •BubChan•
    •BubChan• 2 months ago

    Lol those eye glass problems are sooo relatable XD

  • Hugo Tollan
    Hugo Tollan 2 months ago +1

    When you find out that your dog is a tree

  • Desnareddychitti Aarushi vs Desna

    12:07 I hate cats

  • Kate Equestrian
    Kate Equestrian 2 months ago

    Okay seriously, YES! How do they get so dirty?!?!

  • Kate Equestrian
    Kate Equestrian 2 months ago

    I never lose my glasses. They are certainly never on my head. (I might never find them there..)

  • Tim Law
    Tim Law 2 months ago

    Your cat is so adorable I can’t stand it!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Jennifer Macfarlane
    Jennifer Macfarlane 2 months ago +1

    In 16..23 it sead brite side

  • ChizuAmori
    ChizuAmori 2 months ago

    Well I'm not search it everywhere cuz if I take off I can't see a sh** XDD

  • Kosar Qasim
    Kosar Qasim 2 months ago +1

    Bish i do most of the then stuff


  •  2 months ago

    Can someone tell me what Before 30 amd After 30 means? ;-; please...

  • Rhesa Langevine
    Rhesa Langevine 2 months ago

    The glasses ones are so trie

  • Nana Sethole
    Nana Sethole 2 months ago

    The cat is ADORABLE 😀😀😀😀