Klay Thompson 37pt 3rd Quarter CSN Bay Area feed 1-23-15

  • Draymond Green interview from KNBR.com
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  • calvin watson
    calvin watson 5 hours ago

    Remember...37 POINTS IN ONE QUARTER!!!!!

  • calvin watson
    calvin watson 5 hours ago

    Just being a basketball fan makes you love this...so how do we have anyone clicking the thumbs down button?????

  • Meech Yaboy
    Meech Yaboy 22 hours ago

    Klay was so hot Sacramento coach forgot he had timeouts 😂😂

  • Miguel Pimentel
    Miguel Pimentel 23 hours ago

    At 7:23 did he point at the ground before he shot

  • hoopin
    hoopin Day ago +1

    Some teams ( LA vs pistons 1950) won't score more than 37 in a game......many players won't score 37 in career / game ..37 pts in a quarter ???? Not the game ...not HALF but quarter ????? Da G.O.AT ....

  • Vinny Maja
    Vinny Maja Day ago

    Madness, greatness, this fella's a deadly assassin.

  • Raheel Razvi
    Raheel Razvi 2 days ago

    Delayed NBA means we might see Klay this season, silver linings......

  • Smith Poyde
    Smith Poyde 2 days ago

    This moment proves that he is the best sidekick in the history of the NBA 💪💪💪💪💪

  • Vaggelis Karavolos
    Vaggelis Karavolos 2 days ago

    Why the kings didnt take timeout earlier?

  • Gearswitch819
    Gearswitch819 2 days ago

    Steph is so unselfish awesome

  • Emmanuel Moguche
    Emmanuel Moguche 3 days ago

    Unbelievable I had to rewatch this to make sure it was real what the heck 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 I just gained a lot of respect on Klay

  • Aaron Lynn
    Aaron Lynn 3 days ago

    What happened between the timeout and Klay’s free throws? I think we missed a three pointer lol.

  • hongyuan xu
    hongyuan xu 3 days ago


  • Fatima Butil
    Fatima Butil 4 days ago

    and i love how his teammates esp curry pass him the ball 🥺👉👈

  • Tim Tsai
    Tim Tsai 4 days ago

    I think he deserves a super-max. Not only is he the efficient scorer that every team craves, he also does not need to dominate the ball, meaning you can pair him up with any ball-hog superstars and he will still give you buckets. Priceless

  • Inigo Gabriel
    Inigo Gabriel 4 days ago

    3rd Quarter Klay is the most dangerous Klay

  • Nizaam Rehman
    Nizaam Rehman 4 days ago

    Steve kerr really didnt have much to coach

  • kenzie firnandi
    kenzie firnandi 4 days ago

    i did that, in 2k Hahaa

  • TKB Movies
    TKB Movies 4 days ago

    The days before the Dubs fired their best PA Announcer... hasn't felt the same since!

  • Travis Miranda
    Travis Miranda 4 days ago


  • Ali Nassir
    Ali Nassir 5 days ago +1

    21 points in the last 4 mins thats impressive

  • Daryl Haynes
    Daryl Haynes 6 days ago

    The SPLASH...

  • RipCity 503
    RipCity 503 6 days ago

    Who's supposed to be guarding him

  • Chris B.
    Chris B. 6 days ago

    The most remarkable part to me is that he does this and doesn't miss a single shot....and some of them are brutally difficult. Klay Thompson might be the most dangerous player ever when he gets hot.

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts 6 days ago

    So? He ain't lebron.

  • James Royo
    James Royo 7 days ago

    Imagine being the Kings

  • Su-Yau Huang
    Su-Yau Huang 7 days ago

    yea yea yea just keep shooting 3s boring

  • Bryan Fletes
    Bryan Fletes 7 days ago

    Who else is watching this during quarantine? #DubNation

  • demos ouano
    demos ouano 7 days ago

    feels like that the kings stop to play

  • Jalen Thach
    Jalen Thach 7 days ago

    real life MY Player

  • TheLegendaryLinx
    TheLegendaryLinx 8 days ago +1

    People at this game got their money’s worth

  • Nathaniel Anderson
    Nathaniel Anderson 8 days ago +1

    "His daddy call him Klay, Ima call him Klay." ⛹🏽‍♂️

  • Easy Mon3y
    Easy Mon3y 8 days ago

    That shit was crazy...... just crazy....

  • Ian Kinzel
    Ian Kinzel 8 days ago +1

    As a life-long die hard Kings fan, come hell or high water, I gotta say it was a privilege to watch Klay Thompson burn us in historic fashion.

    • Nathaniel Anderson
      Nathaniel Anderson 8 days ago

      I think Buddy is almost as good a shooter. He's close to Steph and Klay territory.

  • Jesvin Mathew
    Jesvin Mathew 8 days ago +1

    7:15 klay left that boy hanging

  • Kayla Maragh
    Kayla Maragh 9 days ago +1

    Cant wait to see him healthy again

  • Rock Dai
    Rock Dai 9 days ago

    How has it been five years already.

  • Devontae Jackson
    Devontae Jackson 9 days ago


  • Joel Taylor
    Joel Taylor 10 days ago

    Ice 🧊 ❄️🥶Klay

  • 吉拿棒
    吉拿棒 10 days ago

    You could've to call a timeout to stop bleeding at 77-68, you knew he's on fire but he wanna wait till 92-70 to call a timeout lol.


    *beautifull game*
    1:47 🔥💙🔥
    👇 👇💜

  • Guzy B
    Guzy B 10 days ago

    Dude scored 37 in one quarter! 37!!! That’s ridiculous!

  • Common sense Is not common

    Yo, the score was tied. Ended up being down by 24pts. CRA ZY

  • Go Cubs
    Go Cubs 11 days ago

    I’ll take records that will never be broken for 500

  • Zach Guzman
    Zach Guzman 11 days ago

    why is his last 3 missing from this video? Just goes straight to his free throws.

  • Grant Loomis
    Grant Loomis 11 days ago

    Reminder, the record he broke was George Gervin's. What Thompson did here was crazy, but Gervin did it without the 3 pt line which is simply insane on another level.

  • Abstract Info
    Abstract Info 11 days ago

    What a team they had, back when draymond green's feet are still on the ground.

  • DohanJoe07
    DohanJoe07 11 days ago

    I love how Klay has multiple games just showing he can be the best shooting guard in the game. Imagine all of these months all that he's been doing is shooting the ball, scary for the league. I'm sure the injury won't affect his shooting ability and he never really relied on his athleticism anyway.
    We'll see about his defense though if he lost a step. He's still in his prime

  • survivalinthecity44
    survivalinthecity44 12 days ago

    That might have been the best quarter of NBA basketball I have ever seen

    BIONG RENN 12 days ago

    Another game where more went aboard the bandwagon (squeezing my way through)

  • Mike Mendoza
    Mike Mendoza 13 days ago

    Still remember my boy got out of prison after doin 5 took him to a restaurant/bar for the first half. Watched the 2nd half at my house shit was amazing

  • G. V. C
    G. V. C 13 days ago

    Tá, isso só não faz o menor sentido. Klay Thompson é MUITO o cara.

  • zToobyXpL
    zToobyXpL 13 days ago

    Mi idolo . Espero los warrior mejoren pars este año

  • Andrew MacDonald
    Andrew MacDonald 14 days ago

    "I can do that but I don't want to."
    -Bart Simpson

  • Anish Bhethanabotla
    Anish Bhethanabotla 14 days ago

    in barely 10 minutes too

  • Conner Hellyer
    Conner Hellyer 15 days ago +7

    Whenever i come back to watch this, i always wonder why the Kings didn’t call a time-out lmao

  • louis chen
    louis chen 15 days ago

    It’s so surprise that Kerr didn’t go for a celebration timeout at 29 points.. becomes now...God kerr


    *beautifull game*
    0:59 🔥💃💓
    👇 👇 👇🔥

  • Ryan TV
    Ryan TV 16 days ago

    bro tf
    9 for 9 r u joking

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 17 days ago

    And not to mention before he shot a pair of freethrows on a dead ball he shot another 3 and made it (even when the ball wasnt in play) this man really had it going on that game

  • hikigaya hachiman
    hikigaya hachiman 17 days ago

    bruh it's been 5 years

  • sloetea
    sloetea 17 days ago +1

    gonna watch this every day until basketball is back

  • andre russell
    andre russell 17 days ago +1

    How do you guard 2 of the greatest shooters in the nba

  • Arnold Castro
    Arnold Castro 17 days ago

    We all know Klay Thompson is on fire when its 3rd quarter.

  • Mexican larry bird
    Mexican larry bird 18 days ago

    The last 2 three pointers had NO business going in!!!

  • Light Iverson
    Light Iverson 18 days ago

    This man really only had 5 of his 37 4 minutes into the quarter 😳

  • Cleveland BCI
    Cleveland BCI 19 days ago +1

    Ben Simmons 2.0


  • José Dias
    José Dias 19 days ago +2

    Thanos: Impossible.
    Klay Thompson: Hold my beer...

  • RaZr Evolution
    RaZr Evolution 19 days ago

    Wtf this was 5 years ago?


    1:34 🖤🔥❣

  • juan too
    juan too 19 days ago

    SHOOTING guard

  • Ryan Mason
    Ryan Mason 21 day ago

    This is the equivalent of a regular player making a heat check, but like 6 times

  • Ardit Demiri
    Ardit Demiri 21 day ago +1

    He wasnt shooting he was just throwing the ball and that shit ended up in the basket

  • dboy hill
    dboy hill 21 day ago

    Who else is still watching in 2020!!!

  • DJ M.I.A.
    DJ M.I.A. 22 days ago

    Klay just throwing up them swishers like he at the arcade 😭

  • J S
    J S 22 days ago

    What maybe even more amazing is he was at 16 pts at the 5:00 minute mark of the 3rd quarter.

  • rldabomb3
    rldabomb3 23 days ago

    missing the last 5 points only showed 2 free throws

  • Detroit Dawg
    Detroit Dawg 23 days ago +2

    Only a few guys I think could get 100 if they really tried the whole game... this is one of them.

  • Ram Vicente
    Ram Vicente 23 days ago

    thats my Klay .... !!!

  • Trell Bennett
    Trell Bennett 23 days ago

    Shit give me chills every time I watch it he went dumb🎯🎯