SCAMMERS are Everywhere in CHINA!

  • Published on Oct 6, 2017
  • Traveller beware, China is a wonderful place to visit but you are very likely to get scammed, and not just the occasional traveller, everyone! Knowledge is Power, and even if you live here you have to be on your guard. Scamming is a part of daily life in one way or the other, but armed with this knowledge, you should be able to avoid the worst scams and have an amazing experience travelling throughout China.
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  • Shiatbiatch
    Shiatbiatch 10 hours ago

    Me stickee my pee pee in China pussy😃

  • Deep Thought
    Deep Thought 12 hours ago +1

    Low trust = China

  • Joyce Ren
    Joyce Ren 17 hours ago

    I lost 2 phones in my working city in the bus and in one square.
    As a Chinese, I am soooooooo ashamed of this immoral behavior as well.
    However, Basically speaking, Chinese people are really friendly and hospitality.
    Don't lose trust and faith in this regard.
    Stay awesome!

    • serpentza
      serpentza  11 hours ago

      Thank you!

    • Joyce Ren
      Joyce Ren 17 hours ago

      You are really doing a great job, Wiston, I would say, you know more deeply than me and other locals about China in some certain aspects .
      Keep going, If you got a chance to film Zhengzhou or Kaifeng, I could offer you a favor if you like when I am back China.
      Cz I really want to change the stereotype for Chinese from other races after travelling lots of countries, even a little bit.
      Anyway, I m gonna keep watching your video.

  • Larry Bones
    Larry Bones 21 hour ago

    Scams are everywhere in China because everywhere in China one can find Chinese.

  • Alex Flores
    Alex Flores 22 hours ago

    He hates kids 😂😂

  • Illyrian Pelasgian

    what a bad society, i don't think it is because of China, i think it is about overpopulation, and a moral-less surviving instinct

  • Alijafar Kasim
    Alijafar Kasim 2 days ago

    fake monks hahhahaha

  • Kitty gamer
    Kitty gamer 2 days ago

    Colling abroad my favorite RU-clip channel

  • Tom A
    Tom A 3 days ago

    my solve = don't go to China !!! scam solved !!!

    • Bombsquad85
      Bombsquad85 18 hours ago

      Tom A eh, it’s not better anywhere else.

  • Harley Nut
    Harley Nut 3 days ago

    Awesome Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • Murat T
    Murat T 3 days ago

    Hello. I have been robbed by a well groomed man in a store while I was shopping at Nanjing Road, Shanghai. I wanted to buy a shirt and jacket. Store manager approached me in the store that the items that I looked at are very good quality and prices already discounted he told me. But my size was not there. He speaks English very fluently. But girls in the store don't speak English even one word. He asked in Chinese language to the girls and told them to bring right size for me from the depot. Then while I was waiting, store manager told me if I would like to drink something, coffee, water etc. I kindly asked water. He told the other girl to bring me water. Then my size arrived. I wanted to pay by my credit card. But he told me that items already discounted if I pay by credit card, store is going to pay commission to the bank. Then I accepted to pay cash. But I had no Chinese money. I wanted to pay by US dollar cash. He told me that shopping with foreign money is illegal. There is a bank in the shopping mall let me exchange for you he told me. I gave him 200usd and sat down and waited for him with the girls in the store. But he didn't came. One hour passed he didn't returned. Then I asked the girls please call manager I have no more time wait. Girls didn't understand. At the end by the help of one of other shoppers who speaks English I repeated to girls that store manager should return as I have no time to wait. Girls told me that he is not our manager. He is your friend. Then I understand I have been scammed. He played a role against me as if he is a store manager. He also played a role against the store attendant girls that he is my friend. He successfully managed both sides. Then I called Police but Police not found him.

    • serpentza
      serpentza  3 days ago

      They all work together, the girls, the man and the police

  • Organicrime
    Organicrime 3 days ago +1

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate informative warning ⚠️⚠️ video channels like yours. God Bless You.

  • Xuanyi Du
    Xuanyi Du 3 days ago +3

    what you said are true, this would really help the foreigners who are coming to china

  • victoria quesnel
    victoria quesnel 4 days ago

    Good morals come from religion and God like the 10 commandments .

  • John Rees
    John Rees 4 days ago

    There are scammers in every country.. so what's your point you racist twat cunt..

    • serpentza
      serpentza  4 days ago +1


  • Briscoe Darling
    Briscoe Darling 5 days ago +1

    True, there are scammers everywhere. But I have done business with Chinese and I learned very quickly that you cannot believe a single word that they say. Trump is learning that now too.....

  • 欧邦洪
    欧邦洪 5 days ago

    It's a good way to learn English.cause relevant with's easy to understand

    ANDY DHIMO 5 days ago

    Thank you,great help for me before getting there,much appreciated.

  • Shoryu
    Shoryu 6 days ago

    I just found your channel and I am quite intrigued. When I frequent the busy cities near where I live I usually maintain look on my face that lets people know not to talk to me. Best to avoid these types of things at all costs. Great vids, very informative!

  • Raf M
    Raf M 6 days ago

    This guy would have been approached quite more often than not if he wasn't recording.

  • Jianhong Xin
    Jianhong Xin 6 days ago +3

    I’m in Philadelphia, where I see scams everyday around me.

    • Hypothalapotamus
      Hypothalapotamus Day ago

      As a Midwesterner, I often wonder if Euchre players are predisposed to petty thievery.

  • yuanshuo du
    yuanshuo du 6 days ago

    I admit that there indeed have some black taxis.But very very seldom. This is unavoidable in every country. It depends on drivers personality and different area. By the way, products value only worth of how much money you pay. And I've never been cheated in China since I was born.

  • yuanshuo du
    yuanshuo du 6 days ago

    This title is really ridiculous.

  • Ritz Bitz
    Ritz Bitz 6 days ago

    Was actually wondering where you were going on this very long walk. Lol!
    Looking good in the suit tho. Warm isnt it...

  • Abdullahi Ahmed
    Abdullahi Ahmed 8 days ago +1

    Keep doing what u doing brother and this is true 1000%.

  • Mark Roberts
    Mark Roberts 8 days ago

    Good job Winston, i recall the tea house scam vid from a few years back

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 8 days ago

    Wow this shit head come from south Africa 😂😂😂Now complaining about asia 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rick Tata
    Rick Tata 8 days ago

    I know you got a lot invested in China, including a Chinese wife. Well dude if I was you I would run to boarder. The whole country lies and cheats. They don’t care about nothing but their wallets. Run. If your wife gives you any shit..... she a communist plant

    PETER LEE 9 days ago

    Please do a video of how to walk away without offending. How to avoid getting picked pocketed.

  • Sykes
    Sykes 9 days ago

    Scammers are everywhere, everywhere.

  • Mo and Gigi
    Mo and Gigi 9 days ago +1

    These scammers in China make me think that they are all just people. No offense but just how they ruin the image of China is devastating

  • 6 6
    6 6 9 days ago

    Scammers are everywhere in china? That's like saying there's dirt in china. There's dirt everywhere in the known universe.

  • Tony Dockter
    Tony Dockter 10 days ago

    Joined an asian dating site and ended up getting scammed by having me go to a separate site where I had to pay to translate each message. She was from China and said her sister had just got married in my city and she would visit soon. They come up with some clever scams! But I got my money back through Paypal.

  • Alecasaurus Rex
    Alecasaurus Rex 10 days ago +4

    4.5k Scammers in China disliked this video.

  • Tru fact earth
    Tru fact earth 10 days ago

    if you do not like there go home.

    • Tru fact earth
      Tru fact earth 4 days ago

      @serpentza Ha.... watch out over here, they have facial recognition. Telling true both good and bad , but do not fabricate... Please. Now a day there are many fake news every here in the Wests 's.

    • serpentza
      serpentza  10 days ago

      Lol, I do like there

  • Meg Murda
    Meg Murda 12 days ago

    why does everyone stare so hard as you walk by?! that would drive me crazy

  • Google Addict
    Google Addict 12 days ago

    Am I the only one wondering why this rice bag boy is turning around at 14:09 ?

  • RC RC
    RC RC 13 days ago

    Do a shooting everyday in USA

  • James Martin
    James Martin 14 days ago

    United States > All. Go ahead and @ me.

  • Hikaru Midomiya
    Hikaru Midomiya 14 days ago

    SIGH... talk about PARANOIA ! LOOK, someone is speaking to me, it's a scammer ! Girl starts to chat with me, it's a scammer ! oh look, someone is looking at me because I'm different, It's a scammer...OMFG, a cop spoke to me, it must be a scammer right? ! Talk about a fast way to get your ass kicked out of the country ! Gotta stop seeing scammers everywhere ! YES< some ARE but seriously... Make sure to wear your tinfoil hat now or better yet, just stay home !

  • D Photographer
    D Photographer 15 days ago

    Last year in July I had 5wks in China and in Chinizen the iphone scammer approached me right outside the the main iphone building. After listening to his BS about his gambling debt I said I was just going to talk to a friend of mine and i pointed to a local cop about 100mtrs away. Will that got rid of him lol

  • joyce janik
    joyce janik 16 days ago

    can you do one on reliable tour organizers in china? if you want to do day trips or such

  • Rox
    Rox 16 days ago

    Omg it's Colin. I was just thinking of him when you spoke about the black taxi scammers from his video when he was trying to get to an ATM and simcard and ended up getting a taxi to a hotel instead.. :D

  • Bobby Vilchis
    Bobby Vilchis 16 days ago

    Really good video

  • The Great Gatsby
    The Great Gatsby 16 days ago +8

    Ask them if they wanna know what actually happened in "Tiananmen square", and poof they will disappear. 😂

  • Mo Chen
    Mo Chen 16 days ago +1

    Being a Chinese, I gave this video a definite ‘like’.

  • Iwan Agustinus Ong
    Iwan Agustinus Ong 17 days ago

    Many taxi like that in indonesia. Jakarta esepecially. Illegal taxi. Ugly car ask for high Price. Fuckk

  • saddy audetore
    saddy audetore 17 days ago

    U are soo rude with those kids i m gonna dislike ur video

  • Dallas Andrews
    Dallas Andrews 17 days ago

    this guy looks like an actor, Mr. Mayham insurance commercial.

  • Albert Batfinder
    Albert Batfinder 18 days ago

    If you didn’t have much money, why on earth would you suddenly decide to buy an iPhone on the street? if you have lazy cash and think you can turn it into more lazy cash by on-selling, yeah, well, I am just as happy that you got ripped off.

  • Akhand Pratap Singh
    Akhand Pratap Singh 18 days ago

    i like the way you make videos

  • John bant
    John bant 19 days ago

    You affraid me, i have a trip in Bejing in few weeks, but i don't want to go anymore ....

  • Megaworld Asia
    Megaworld Asia 19 days ago

    Hahaha, people are actually starting to understand that in China there's no difference between business and deceit. Business = deceit in China.

  • yanchao cui
    yanchao cui 19 days ago +1

    get out of China if you think China is bad country donot come again you are NO welcome

  • Dennis Johnson
    Dennis Johnson 20 days ago

    What should a Suit and Tie you do know it hot in China

  • zhao tiancheng
    zhao tiancheng 21 day ago

    与你何干???not your business

  • imraniqbal121tutor
    imraniqbal121tutor 22 days ago +1

    Super informative video and you’re brave to talk about it😀

  • Link Wang
    Link Wang 22 days ago

    there are seldom murder cases in China,But lots of scams in China

  • James Daniel Smith
    James Daniel Smith 23 days ago

    The guy at the end in the glasses seemed a bit dodgy...

  • Augustine.L W
    Augustine.L W 24 days ago

    Almost everywhere in China

  • Patrick Pals
    Patrick Pals 27 days ago

    How to stay away from fake monks

    Carry a camera.......

  • Patrick Pals
    Patrick Pals 27 days ago

    The people who dislike are chinese ..........I guess...

  • meng yang
    meng yang 27 days ago

    good to know those videos all over YT about you are not lying
    disrespectful and ungrateful

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case 27 days ago

    Now here comes the “hi how are you” little children scammers

  • dave watson
    dave watson 27 days ago

    So why are still live in china?

  • Devo So
    Devo So 28 days ago


  • Devo So
    Devo So 28 days ago


  • نواف الدوسري

    I like his way of talking so direct so straightforward so explicit

  • Phunny Pharm
    Phunny Pharm 28 days ago

    I would never go to a place that eats dogs.

  • Snufkin Dragon
    Snufkin Dragon 28 days ago

    so true bro haha - my parents are from China and whenever I go back in the summer holidays to visit family ... I get scammed by people in my own village

  • Micky Wang
    Micky Wang 28 days ago

    Come on, use “everywhere” is too much, such a hater

  • jordon Garcia
    jordon Garcia 28 days ago

    Damn what kind of camera you have? To everyone it looks pretty dang entertaining

  • chito pe
    chito pe 29 days ago +2

    4:05...the fake monk should be label as ' an international fake monk'.
    i met them even in my town which is!
    knocking on my shop and try to give me good luck amulet in return for some money!...i give them $1 and they r not happy and want more than what i give!

  • Khalil Ford
    Khalil Ford 29 days ago

    China really sounds so unappealing.

  • Dragon Spirit
    Dragon Spirit 29 days ago

    Why you mean to little kids?