Parasites - The root of all disease

  • Published on Jan 27, 2012
  • In my search for health I found to root cause for all disease and the cure. I am seeing many cured as they are pursuing this route. Only natural no drugs.

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  • Sam kirtlink
    Sam kirtlink Month ago

    thank you soo much for this...Ive been in the dark for 9 years, and finally found out I have parasites. I have seen so many kinds in my stool, I have so many symptoms. yet the Doctors tell me I dont have them! I wish I could speak to you. Do you ever do any more videos?Where are you now in this journey, can you do an update? God bless you!

  • Zoroaster
    Zoroaster Month ago

    The Holy Spirit is the biggest parasite of all. God = bacteria in proper gematria.

  • Cathy Fonseca
    Cathy Fonseca 2 months ago


  • Theresa Geiger
    Theresa Geiger 2 months ago

    How do I contact you

  • Alona Broadway
    Alona Broadway 2 months ago

    Out of no where I began to experience major joint pain stiffness inflamation etc some days I cant function. Ive had 3 Medical opinions which all have stated no cure its auto immune and is genetic ( Rheumatoid arthritis) yet I cant find a single family member with it. My husband shared this video with me almost a year ago and I just got around to watching it. This women makes more sense than any of the doctors that I've been to. I cannot accept that there's no cure. If they can study how to mask the symptoms why can't they study what the root cause of the problem is and cure it? I'm still confused and trying to find a cure for this RA. If anyone knows of any natural ways to combat/cure RA I would appreciate your comments. Thanks!!!

  • Alexa Jones
    Alexa Jones 2 months ago +1

    Listen, I have been sick for 5 years! I was in the health food store today thinking just about every word you are speaking. In all of the store, they did not have plain wormwood! I knew then that all these supplements were a part of the conspiracy. They do not want us to know these things so that they can stay in business. Thank you for this video. The whole thing is a confirmation from God. The WHOLE thing...

    • Alexa Brands
      Alexa Brands 2 months ago

      keith crawford OMG! I am so sorry! That is nuts! Keep fighting and don’t give up. You may need to water fast to rid parasites if they won’t allow herbs. For support, please find the group “A Healthy Alternative” on Facebook. We’re people from all over working to cleanse our bodies naturally.

    • keith crawford
      keith crawford 2 months ago

      Alexa, its really bad here in costa rica, I have ordered on line for things like black salve and a blood zapper and a few other things but when it got here I was sent to several government offices, just a big runaround, then sent back to the first office where they informed me that I could not receive it here. Cost me over 600us. I would leave here if I could but can not

  • Lora Swatzell
    Lora Swatzell 2 months ago

    You actually can get more. Parasites from vegetables than from meat.

  • Makenna Zambory-Daphnis
    Makenna Zambory-Daphnis 2 months ago +1

    *Pineal Gland 😌✨

  • Makenna Zambory-Daphnis
    Makenna Zambory-Daphnis 2 months ago +1

    Vinegar, Fermented Foods, plant based vegan probiotics, pumpkin seeds (raw), parsley, cilantro, wormwood, oregano, thyme, (raw) onions, pomegranate tree bark, papaya seeds, cucumber seeds (organic), watermelon seeds (black, organic), walnuts, green onions, Himalayan pink salt, hemp seeds, core of pineapple/ unripe pineapple & papaya, distilled water and key lime, grape & cherry tomatoes, coconut oil (unrefined, coldpress),

  • Makenna Zambory-Daphnis

    I'm pregnant and I'm scared. I know I have parasites and I'm trying to figure out how to safely protect my daughter and cleanse my body as well so I can save her from having to suffer for my lack of innerstanding for so long. Anyone have suggestions for safe plants to use? I know food grade diatomaceous earth and Himalayan pink salt flushes are safe; I know raw pepitas are safe; they only test for three parasites and one is salmonella one is echoli; and unless you get tested around a full moon it's damn near impossible. I don't know how they can be so negligent.

  • Patrice Harbour
    Patrice Harbour 3 months ago

    No, not all parasites cause diseases .
    Although, many Viruses, bacterium, fungus and yeast feed off of one another creating a spectrum of diseases.

  • Karen Cas
    Karen Cas 3 months ago

    a blessing! the Lord told me so much on this subject. Lord, "dandelion stops parasitic births. alfalfa helps the pH and kills parasites at high amounts." when you mentioned that parasitic births can be stopped and then in time the adult dies, the Lord told me the same. the Lord also told me how to use the zapper to kill parasites. some need more than 1 zapper to die because the charge isn't strong enough with just 1 or 2 or 3 and He told me how to "line them up" lol-i got tired of swallowing pills also-dandelion and alfalfa to kill parasites and maintain a decent pH takes a lot. the births stopped and i could tell they would try to birth but nothing came out, but when i got tired of taking all those pills- the births started again

  • Shahzad Anwer saifi
    Shahzad Anwer saifi 3 months ago


  • Candace Fleming
    Candace Fleming 3 months ago

    Clarkia tincture is THE ONE.

  • Andrew Crawford
    Andrew Crawford 3 months ago +3

    I am on my husbands you tube channel, but LADY..... This is the best video I have ever seen. Thank YOU! It makes all the sense in the world! YOU ARE TRULY AN ANGEL!

  • Pierre Riche Art
    Pierre Riche Art 3 months ago +1

    Wait, you were sitting at Mc Donalds!!! How can you talk all this about health and be at Mc Donald's? Get a reality check. Mc Donald's has to be parasite central.

    • Lora Swatzell
      Lora Swatzell 2 months ago

      @Pierre Riche Art Yes I have heard of that but they were in other countries, not the USA . But you're right I have heard that as well

    • Pierre Riche Art
      Pierre Riche Art 2 months ago

      Mac Donalds has been reported several times even by mainstream media to have their meat containing human and horse DNA. I'd say that serving human meat to the unsuspecting public is satanic. maybe your bar is a little higher.@Lora Swatzell

    • Lora Swatzell
      Lora Swatzell 2 months ago

      @Pierre Riche Art Are you comparing McDonald's to Satan ?...

    • Lora Swatzell
      Lora Swatzell 2 months ago

      @Pierre Riche Art When you live in a one light town in Oklahoma , there's not a lot of places to film with a group indoors.Don't be so dramatic

    • Pierre Riche Art
      Pierre Riche Art 2 months ago

      @Lora Swatzell sure, that as like saying I went to satan's house for dinner but I didn't eat.

  • localbrewsoap company
    localbrewsoap company 3 months ago +3

    it turns out that mistletoe is actually a really powerful cancer-fighting drug in a lot of foreign countries God might have actually been being literal have you considered mistletoe

  • Bella Gelo
    Bella Gelo 3 months ago

    Great info praise God! I see this video is from 2014, do you have more “medical” info videos?

  • Ancil Davis
    Ancil Davis 4 months ago


  • Jimmy Pitts
    Jimmy Pitts 4 months ago

    parasites eat cartilage...

  • Susan Thompson
    Susan Thompson 4 months ago +1

    Thanks so much for an amazing and enlightening presentation. Children persist in asking “WHY?” Sadly such a tiny, yet powerful, word has been drummed out of most of us as we age. WHY? Let’s take a cue from this humble lady and start asking “WHY?” and insist on, or pursue, an answer. Does anyone know her name?

    • 1stopvillage
      1stopvillage  4 months ago

      My name is Jo Ann Josey. Thank you so much for getting this awesome revelation

  • America Bless God
    America Bless God 4 months ago

    @19:50 which doctor is that who found HIV was parasites killed by frequency? Please tell me the name! Thank you hmm.

    • Lora Swatzell
      Lora Swatzell 2 months ago

      Google will tell you anything you want to know hmmm.

  • i r
    i r 4 months ago

    godly people will save our world only if we let them into our world.
    thank you

  • Denise Flores
    Denise Flores 4 months ago

    She is absolutely unquestionably AWESOME! Thank you-))

  • schoolofpastdecisions
    schoolofpastdecisions 4 months ago +1

    the very act of rebelling kicks you out of the kingdom of heaven, that is, you kick yourself out by rebelling--just as we are forgiven " we forgive those …"

  • Sean h
    Sean h 4 months ago +1

    Anything on tinnitus?

    • Sean h
      Sean h 2 months ago +1

      @Lora Swatzell .thanks x have you had any experience with these things?

    • Lora Swatzell
      Lora Swatzell 2 months ago

      @Sean h Yes it could be toxicity or a number of things

    • Sean h
      Sean h 2 months ago +1

      @Lora Swatzell thanks lora . Have you experienced tinnitus? I heard it can be toxicity too .

    • Lora Swatzell
      Lora Swatzell 2 months ago

      Dizziness and ringing ears can be a parasitic symptom

  • Lindsay
    Lindsay 5 months ago +1

    Scram cleared me partially i do not crave bread or sugar anymore. Its been a few months no return of cravings. Now they say i have hpv and high grade hisl in risk of cervical cancer and want to do surgery. Ive asked for 3 months and am using food grade hydrogen and am about to start turpentine. Ive always been concerned of my abdominal weight gain nothing will help. I hope i flush these suckers out. Im positive its parasites and my doctors think im nuts! But i put my foot down. Also turpentine is from pine and pine is symbolic to the pineal gland. ;-)

  • RT True Healing
    RT True Healing 5 months ago

    @TF I did parasite cleanses and basically all the stuff we used was on my channel called RT True Healing

  • Audrey Torres
    Audrey Torres 5 months ago

    Does anyone know about Morgellons my husband's been sick for two years from the top of the head to the bottom of his feet with one thing or another in 2010 he did have cancer in his head and then the last two years it feels like bugs are all over him different fibers black spots Etc he has not been able to work in a while now need prayer I stumbled across this RU-clip and I'm led to ask questions God bless Audrey

    • Lora Swatzell
      Lora Swatzell 2 months ago

      There are some Facebook groups for Morgellons ..You might find them helpfull

    • Dolores Leyva
      Dolores Leyva 4 months ago

      Have him eat a parasite unfriendly diet look up one on google. Eat 2 crushed raw garlic cloves 2 to 3 times a week. Watch water consumption only drink what is needed. Dont feed the parasites thirst. Wash everything thats washable in Borax , laundry detergent and hot water at least 2 times a week. Vaccum daily, mop floors with bleach, daily. Wrap bed and sofas in thick plastic and use thin non stuffing or fluffy blankets. Use sheets to cover sofa and wash weekly. Declutter entire home and wash walls with borax and then diluted bleach monthly. This disease spreads from the scalp. It lives in the scalp. Have him shower with sulfur bar soap and use dial bar soap alternate days. Soap him up from scalp to bottom of feet use bar soap no body washes. Leave soap on at least 3 minutes rinse with very warm not hot water in shower. No bath soaks. Shower to wash away the mites/ parasites on his skin then use sulfur iontment mixed with aloe vera lotion all over skin but not on scalp. Do this daily. Shave scalp at the entire crown or bald whole head. Forget drs this skin worm, fungus, mites, scabies, parasite DISEASE is not recognized so do what you can with my suggestions. No other crazy remedies try this and he will do better. It is a nightmare no cure but can be managed. Believe me.

    • radiojoehead
      radiojoehead 4 months ago

      rawsynergy basic zapper
      z4ex zapper eBay superfood
      RU-clip Thomas levy curing incurable vit c life extension ascorbic acid tablets

    • Annette Corrie
      Annette Corrie 5 months ago

      Audrey Torres Check out Tony Pentallaresco’s vids on RU-clip

    • Audrey Torres
      Audrey Torres 5 months ago

      The doctors have said the cancer is gone

  • Darrell Z. DiZoglio
    Darrell Z. DiZoglio 5 months ago +1

    Watch Dr. Jennifer Daniels' videos on 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine and sugar/castor oil for the elimination of all parasites. Learn how to eliminate parasites from an expert with an M.D. Learn, restore your health and share the blessing with others. The turpentine cure for parasites is a gift from God. It's only $8 at Home Depo/Lowes + sugar cubes = no more parasites. Beware of ALL pill pushers. God didn't design us to take toxic/chemical drugs. Naturopathic Doctors treat the cause of illness/disease. They are far better than most MDs unless you need surgery. Research natural health & healing because your life depends on it.

  • jeanniezer0
    jeanniezer0 5 months ago

    What is this lady's name?

  • Katie mae
    Katie mae 5 months ago

    This woman is wise before her years,just when I thought I knew almost everything about natural healing.

  • Vicki Kueneman
    Vicki Kueneman 5 months ago +1

    1stopvillage Just wanted to share some things I've learned: parsley & coriander tea for kidneys, coffee enemas for liver, and NOW Slippery Elm for rebuilding intestines; also Happy Caps from lower ph and they have urine test strips, also for best salt and Parasite Repair and Ocean Minerals from All safe companies! Good Luck!

  • Tom Provan
    Tom Provan 6 months ago

    I would like to add that we take supplements because the minerals we need are no longer in the soil. There has been more than one person look at parasites. Sulfur has proved useful for parasites. Having your body also make a lot of ATP can help to keep parasites under control. There are many dormant bacteria in your body and when your body starts to get weak parasites can become more active. Parasites tend to move through your body by burrowing into your blood cells. They're does tend to be more causes for cancer then parasites. Dr. Nick Gonzalez has another theory tropoblasts. These tend to be caused by a lack of pancreatic enzymes.

    • Lora Swatzell
      Lora Swatzell 2 months ago

      Sulfur causes candida and makes parasites flourish!

  • radiojoehead
    radiojoehead 9 months ago

    acv for 30 days and all the plaque will leave out of your Arteries?? how do you know that? has that worked for anyone?
    isn't plaque in arteries fat and calcium from years processed food, rancid Oils, fat , sugar that all also damage endothelial lining that lines all 60,000 miles arteries? isn't dehydration a factor causing micro tears in artery walls

  • silvi_a S.
    silvi_a S. 10 months ago +1

    is hidranitis supporativa a disease from parasites?!

  • *•:Monica:•*
    *•:Monica:•* 11 months ago

    Raised Christian and Muslim and both the Bible and the Quran express taking care of your temple... stay away from unclean meat, alcohol and let go of the ego and trying to help those who refuse help... just let go... let God! Release the stress through faith and patience like a Zen Master! Harder than ever... but it is truly possible. The Quran mentions for every ailment there is a cure. There are many places in the Bible that reveal this. I had Crohn's disease for a decade... chose to give up on pharmaceuticals and go natural. Within just 2 months...Crohn's disease VANISHED! Haven't had an attack in 8 years! I wonder if our promiscous society is transfering parasites faster than ever! More like at the speed of light! Bees... I believe these cell phones are also a major contributor to our health and the bees. That Pituitary Gland is your third eye... God's gift to us... our intuition... this is why Muslims bow down and prostrate their foreheads to the earth during their prayer and they stop and connect their energies with thousands of energies flowing through the earth as pray moves from coast to coast all day long! Moving the positive flow... GROUNDING themselves. Wait... if this 3rd eye helps us navigate, then we can easily be consumed by chaos in disarray, becoming lost souls on earth! We are not meant to eat lunch meat daily let alone weekly! Many practicing Muslims fast two times a week. Now studies are finding that intermittent fasting is healthy for us. OmGosh... my Muslim family eats Labane, for breakfast which is loaded with probiotics and they smother is with olive oil and eat it daily along with hummus and Zaatar which is thyme and sesame seeds. I cured myself of Crohn's with Pratricia Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar tonics three times a day with raw, local honey, sauerkraut for lunch and dinner with a little veggie or turkey sausage just 5oz. herb salad/arugula etc. NO alcholol, no sugar, no carbs!

  • Deborah Morrison
    Deborah Morrison 11 months ago

    This is a beautiful video. Does anyone know if she has made more? If so, I would love to listen to them or even email her. God Bless

  • Joyce Samuels
    Joyce Samuels 11 months ago

    What is your phone number or email

  • kelby47 nana
    kelby47 nana Year ago +11

    I felt sick even after eating healthy. I fasted and prayed for about a week and God just put coffee enemas on my mind. The first day I tried it, I saw parasites and immediately started a parasite cleanse and I keep getting healthier! Praise Jesus!

    • Sam kirtlink
      Sam kirtlink Month ago

      me toooo, just like that.
      praise Jesus where are you in the journey, how are you feeling?

    • Jennifer Wilson
      Jennifer Wilson 3 months ago +1

      Coffee enemas work for so much

    • avi mae
      avi mae 6 months ago +1

      kelby47 nana , I have done coffee enemas for years. I also do the master cleanse. I know I have more work to do regarding parasites but I also know I am on the right track. Shalom and blessings

  • Rachael Bakker
    Rachael Bakker Year ago +4

    An easy way to tell if your multivitamins are synthetic is to look at the b12. If it reads cyanocobalamin, it's synthetic and if it reads methylcobalamin then it's natural active form.
    For amino acids and other products, you can tell if it's synthetic by it starting with a D- (example, DL-methionine is synthetic). L- form amino acids are natural form.

  • latoshia cleMons
    latoshia cleMons Year ago +1

    Shes right wink

  • jah z
    jah z Year ago

    this is amazing

  • EC4400
    EC4400 Year ago Dr, Bob Beck collidial silver and the zapper

  • Human Being
    Human Being Year ago

    Great video! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  • Suzie Queue
    Suzie Queue Year ago

    It's the Pineal gland that the occultists ascribe powers so.

  • Suzie Queue
    Suzie Queue Year ago +3

    Speaking of HIV treatments; back in the 1980s, I subscribed to two magazines, Newsweek and People, so I don't know which had the article, but the article told of France or Germany had discovered that if they took a patients blood and routed through a controlled source of heat to heat it to 115 degrees F, it killed HIV virus. They had to put the patient under because it is quite uncomfortable to undergo. But, this was never spoken of again. Go figure.

    • Lora Swatzell
      Lora Swatzell 2 months ago

      I.hrard that people with Rh- blood have an immunity to HIV . I'm not sure if that is correct or not

  • John Shore
    John Shore Year ago

    Some great shows here on parasites

    • John Shore
      John Shore 2 months ago

      Purging the liver and gall bladder of bile inclusions will really help sort the inner body of parasites as the liver will start to produce more bile flow (alkaline). Andreas Moritz's liver / GB cleanse. It also help filter the blood better!

  • Lydia Arcos
    Lydia Arcos Year ago +6

    I just love everything you talked to us about., Really makes so much sense., †💒⛪🛐👼🕯👑😇†💒⛪GOD bless your 💖💖💖💖💖†💒⛪🛐👼†⛪

  • Kathy soccermom
    Kathy soccermom Year ago +9

    She is correct in somethings but she needs more research. There is no one thing that kills All parasites. Clove, blackwalnut hull, wormwood combination does kill some parasites but not all. Hulda Clark adds about 4 more herbs to kill tapeworm.
    But she is great to listen to and she is on the right path.
    I have found that after you start cleaning the colon it is easier to treat things.

    • keith crawford
      keith crawford 2 months ago

      @Nicole Henshaw What about mms2? I have just bought 3kilos but its 95% calcium hypochorite I use to use 68% percent cant get it around here.Anyone with any experence with the 95% , I) would like to here about it- thanks

    • Lora Swatzell
      Lora Swatzell 2 months ago +1

      @Nicole Henshaw What is MMS ?

    • Lora Swatzell
      Lora Swatzell 2 months ago +1

      @Makenna Zambory-Daphnis Thank you for clarifying that .That makes a lot of sense.

    • Nicole Henshaw
      Nicole Henshaw 2 months ago +1

      Yes there is, MMS kills all the pathogens.

    • Makenna Zambory-Daphnis
      Makenna Zambory-Daphnis 2 months ago +1

      Lora Swatzell their built to adapt so what they're saying is each cleanse switch it up and vary doses and add things to your flow too just to detox all the layers of tissue

  • silvi_a S.
    silvi_a S. Year ago +2

    is there anyway to contact the women in the video? email maybe

  • Vonidor Johnson
    Vonidor Johnson Year ago

    I'm from Willacoochee, Ga. Very nice to see your video

  • C Far
    C Far Year ago +6

    I love this woman ! Beautiful soul who listens and obeys the Lord ! All you need is God and Google!!!

  • nyc nyc
    nyc nyc Year ago +26

    My body was filled with worms.
    I never have been out of the USA.
    It's a conspiracy.Doctors will not tell you about this.

    • radiojoehead
      radiojoehead 4 months ago

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  • Ron E
    Ron E Year ago +29

    this is the best, most informative, video I've ever watched in my life. Thank you God for leading me to it! I have been treating the parasites for a couple weeks now and feeling better than I have in over 25 years!!! Thank you for making this video.

  • Carlos Walls
    Carlos Walls Year ago +1

    Wow, God bless U for this great information

  • KellyBtech
    KellyBtech Year ago

    Very good. Love that southern accent. Reminds me of my dear spiritual mentor Pat Carver from Mableton, GA. I'm glad to hear that someone else is beginning to see or sense a connection between parasites and unclean spirits. Grace and peace to you dear from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • king johnny
    king johnny Year ago +4

    True WISDOM

  • RT True Healing
    RT True Healing Year ago +1

    My absolute Favorite comment from her is this,"We have done everything backwards"

    GARAI WHITE Year ago +6

    wow she is on point herbs are the healing of a nation ....

  • Norma  Suarez
    Norma Suarez Year ago +1

    I have a question, i have been taking thyroid medication for 14 years, i eat so healthy i detox and i use parasites killers, and i'm relative healthy only the thyroid, some many weeks i don't take the medicine and actually i don't feel bad at all. what do you recommend me. I am strong believer that i can heal my thyroid, thank you

    • radiojoehead
      radiojoehead 4 months ago

      rawsynergy basic zapper
      z4ex zapper eBay
      herbdoc com superfood
      Thomas levy curing incurable RU-clip
      vit c life extension ascorbic acid tablets
      pickled planet sauerkraut and kimchi to recolonize 100 trillion good bacteria gut that make 85% of immune system

    • C Far
      C Far Year ago +1

      Norma Suarez you need Optimal Iodine and L- tyrosine to produce t3 and t4
      You can slowly wean off the meds
      Start taking selenium, iodine and L tyrosine before you start to taper off the meds
      I have hashimotos but never went on synthroid - instead i parasite cleanse and take supplements
      I'm also taking turpentine - stuff is amazing!

    • Norma  Suarez
      Norma Suarez Year ago

      Susie Dunlap thank you for your answer. I appreciate. Opposite as my metabolism is fast, never have been overweight. My thyroid is more an inmune disease. I'm taking the turpentine oil 100 gum for parasites and candida overgrowth. I'm removing my last mercury fillings and by the grace of God I think that will be the start of my healing thyroid.Thank you again

    • Susie Dunlap
      Susie Dunlap Year ago +2

      Norma Suarez Just to share my experience. Please be careful when you stop taking the thyroid meds. I have had many health problems since childhood. By God's direction I got off two medications. Then I thought I'd stop the thyroid medicine. I was fine for several weeks, but then got so sick that I almost died. I was so sick I couldn't eat, but put on weight due to my slow metabolism. Be careful stopping for weeks, because it can present problems. All my organs started shutting down. Not trying to bring fear. We're delivered from fear, and not to be lead by it. The Lord will lead you when and how to get off of the meds.

  • Norma  Suarez
    Norma Suarez Year ago +6

    What this woman is truth my mom kill our parasites when specific time of the moon.

    • Carsandcoffee Healthyliving
      Carsandcoffee Healthyliving 4 months ago


    • radiojoehead
      radiojoehead 4 months ago +1

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      z4ex zapper eBay
      RU-clip Thomas levy curing incurable vit c life extension ascorbic acid tablets
      pickled planet sauerkraut and kimchi for enzymes and probiotics
      gut is 100 trillion good bacteria makes 85% of immune system

    • Deadbeauty_mua
      Deadbeauty_mua Year ago

      Norma Suarez how?

  • Dunning Kruger
    Dunning Kruger Year ago +7

    What a great lady, I could listen to her for hours.

  • Christine Degen
    Christine Degen Year ago +7

    Wow ! Wisdom from the Holy Sorit ! Who is this woman ? Thanks amazing n truth

  • Allison P.
    Allison P. Year ago +7

    AMAZING I love her I want to cry. This information is so encouraging I could cry

  • Pat Ramirez
    Pat Ramirez Year ago

    I hope your not putting chemical dyes on your hair they cause cancer no chemicals!!!!!

    • Lora Swatzell
      Lora Swatzell 2 months ago

      Everything from shampoo to lotion has those chemicals...

  • John Watts
    John Watts Year ago +7

    you all have a salt problem and a water problem , eat raw organic , Himalayan salt , pure water ask jesus about the salt

  • John Watts
    John Watts Year ago +3

    Himalayan pink salt pure water get your stomic acid right

  • DeeM cSweeney
    DeeM cSweeney Year ago +4

    For sepsis or any other bacterial infection using colloidal silver OR Miracle Mineral SOlution would be better than using the herbs because it works faster to kill pathogens, which you are calling parasites. Sounds to me like you read Hulda Clarks book and bought everything she said. While her information is useful. Her remedy does not kill all parasites. She admits this herself. That is why using herbs and other things are needed as well.
    Thanks this was very informative video.

    • Deadbeauty_mua
      Deadbeauty_mua Year ago +1

      DeeM cSweeney they’re parasites not pathogens, let’s call it what it really is. We were created to feed the parasites, that’s it.

  • alex ryan
    alex ryan Year ago +2

    Bitterness, Anger, Frustration, and Guilt is a spiritual cancer. It disrupts neurotransmitters, your system cannot produce Dopamine or Serotonin. It's no wonder so many people are on psychotropic drugs. You have to ask the people your bitter and angry at to forgive you for your bitterness and anger, THEN you have to tell them I forgive you. That doesn't you will allow the to do anything to you again or that you want stop them. It's on them from that point on.

    • alex ryan
      alex ryan Year ago +1

      If you have done something to someone you have to ask for forgiveness. It is only then that you can heal. If they don't want to forgive you, you have done what God said do and you can heal their lack of forgiveness is on them NOT YOU.

  • alex ryan
    alex ryan Year ago

    All I use for for veggies is Tony Chachere's natural seasons or little salt and black pepper with a slice of white onion and ginger usually powdered. You will be amazed.

  • Ricky N
    Ricky N Year ago +1

    who is becky with da good hair??? 💇

  • alan whitham
    alan whitham Year ago

    I live in northern England so vitamin D in winter is a bit of worry . I take supplements , but I also recently bought a vitamin D lamp . I use it about two hours a day , I don't know if it's doing anything but I do feel a little bit better . There's no substitute for the real thing .

  • LloydBryce Carson
    LloydBryce Carson Year ago +6

    I wish this would go viral. Thank you for your wisdom and your experience. God rules the laws.

  • Frankie Cole
    Frankie Cole Year ago +4

    I have parasites in my body. I now feel them in my head. Every doctor I go to don't believe me. The only test 1 of them would give me is the OVA parasite test. I keep telling them I don't have them kind of parasites. I feel these parasites feeding on my body. Some days I wake up and I just start crying because I feel them in my body. My body is deteriorating and they try to relate it to age. My body has aged 10 yrs in the last 2 yrs. These parasites are eating me alive and no one believes me. They keep trying to diagnose me with cancer but when I go to the Cancer Treatment Center they tell me I don't have cancer. Thank God for them (CTC) are these other doctors would have butchered my body and I probably would be dead and they would have said I died due to the cancer I don't have.I desperately need help and I don't know where to get it. I am dying slowly. I NEED HELP!!!

    • Theresa Geiger
      Theresa Geiger 2 months ago

      @C Far does hydrogen peroxide work?

    • radiojoehead
      radiojoehead 4 months ago

      +LloydBryce Carson
      rawsynergy basic zapper
      z4ex zapper eBay
      RU-clip don croft zapper
      RU-clip Thomas levy curing incurable vit c life extension ascorbic acid tablets
      pickled planet sauerkraut and kimchi to recolonize 100 trillion good bacteria in gut that make 85% of immune system

    • radiojoehead
      radiojoehead 4 months ago

      rawsynergy basic zapper
      z4ex zapper eBay superfood

    • avi mae
      avi mae 6 months ago

      Frankie Cole , Art Mathias with Wellspring Ministries from AK.
      He shares his testimony on forgiveness and how it healed his sickness and injuries

    • mica onyx
      mica onyx Year ago +2

      Frankie Cole you really need to try the turpentine and sugar. I paid my doctor thousands after insurance only to have him tell me all my tests were normal and I probably need to talk to a psychiatrist
      I had some turpentine at home for about five years never used out of fear because of all the warning about it being poison. Bottom line I suffered for five extra years. I used to feel them biting my bottom at night, and I was grinding my teeth so bad I need a month guard. I have gone from almost no energy to jogging, lifting weights and high impact Zumba classes. Don't let fear like I did keep you from your healing.

  • Lisa Smyth
    Lisa Smyth Year ago

    I make mine :) silver water..

    • K Roberts
      K Roberts 2 months ago

      how do you make your own silver water?

  • Fitness & Friends ,with Barb

    Coliodal.silver..sounds lokie ur sayin colonial

  • LOMI LOMI Massage,Acupressure & Mens' Health -Toronto-

    you have not explained how to use the magnets? one or two? how do you stick on your body?

  • LOMI LOMI Massage,Acupressure & Mens' Health -Toronto-

    Why are you saying to be alkaline WHEN YOU NEED AN ACIDIC stomach to digest your junk. Parasites are there because we are not right in our stomach.

    • Maria Jenkins
      Maria Jenkins Year ago +1

      The stomach has to be acidic to properly digest food. Not the blood

    • LOMI LOMI Massage,Acupressure & Mens' Health -Toronto-
      LOMI LOMI Massage,Acupressure & Mens' Health -Toronto- Year ago

      if your stomach is not acidic you need to increase the acidity. sugar is acidic to start with

    • Yesi Gen
      Yesi Gen Year ago

      LOMI LOMI Massage,Acupressure & Mens' Health -Toronto- alkaline foods can be acidic when they are processed in the body..look up alkaline foods. Sugar and white flour etc becomes acidic in the body

  • LOMI LOMI Massage,Acupressure & Mens' Health -Toronto-

    Yes so many think that they should heal with no real effort? you are right you need to see if their is a natural action needed to get results.

  • Patrick Ryan
    Patrick Ryan Year ago +9

    You should do turpentine for your brain parasites.

    • silvi_a S.
      silvi_a S. 10 months ago

      what brand turpentine did you personally use

    • John Shore
      John Shore Year ago +3

      Chlorine dioxide and CDS works too..

    • mica onyx
      mica onyx Year ago +8

      Pro World Peace Anti Racist Bigotry it really does work. I tried zapping, humaworm, garlic, cloves, DE, just to name a few and Turpentine was the only thing that worked for me. Watch Dr Jennifer Daniels and sunfruitdan on turpentine. It restored my health.

    • John Shore
      John Shore Year ago +4

      Dr Jennifer Daniels and others..

    • kek nation dog
      kek nation dog Year ago +1

      bruh does it really work? please more info!

  • 4ulynda
    4ulynda Year ago +8

    Turpentine and castor oil are great for parasites. Check out Dr. Jennifer Daniels RU-clips

  • mark mohad
    mark mohad Year ago +13

    I Love This!!!!!!! number 1 reason for our sickness is rebellion to our Father!!! Let the truth be told!

    • Deadbeauty_mua
      Deadbeauty_mua Year ago

      mark mohad the Bible is a lie, wake the hell up

  • Mary Durham
    Mary Durham Year ago +8

    PLEASE...Google..."Dr. David G. Williams..The Many Benefits of Food Grade Hydrogen"!!! The Best Parasite and Every other type of Cleanse you can do!!! It is AMAZING!!! I, My Family and Friends have used it for 13yrs now with Absolutely Amazing results for just about every "Dis-Ease" known to man...Naturally!!!♥️😀🌞

  • Accessorize Again
    Accessorize Again Year ago +1

    it's called a zapper you can get it on ebay for $35 I use it and it works

    • SMF F
      SMF F 2 months ago

      @Lora Swatzell ,lol, I was a deluded raw vegan when I wrote that. Eat meat, get healthy, and your immune system will destroy anything that ails you. Meat = life.

    • Lora Swatzell
      Lora Swatzell 2 months ago

      @SMF F wouldn't killing the parasites via the zapper .treating the cause and not the symptoms ?

    • Lora Swatzell
      Lora Swatzell 2 months ago

      Or the nine volt battery thing

    • SMF F
      SMF F 10 months ago

      Sorry, but, no, it doesn't. You must treat the cause, not the symptoms.

  • imGg6394
    imGg6394 Year ago +8

    Listening to how parasites cause folks to go crazy at night makes me wonder if parasites like things lile cocaine and alcohol as well... Very interesting

    • John Shore
      John Shore 2 months ago

      @Deadbeauty_mua external of the physical body? That feed of emotional/mental issues yes agree.

    • John Shore
      John Shore 2 months ago

      @keith crawford depends which type? We had a very agressive mite. daily poolshock baths / mms bath (ClO2 baths).. Vaccuuming enviroment daily, laundry cloths daily, Kerri Rivera / Andreas Kalcker for parasites and mms/cds information.

    • keith crawford
      keith crawford 2 months ago +1

      @John Shore ; If you thought you may have skin parasites, What could you do?

    • Jyl Freeman
      Jyl Freeman 3 months ago

      i've been thinking about this as well. to try and treat the parasites, people turn to things like alcohol and cocaine. its obvious with alcohol, but H and cocaine are prepared with vinegar and (in the case of H) sometimes citrus.

    • John Shore
      John Shore Year ago +3

      Deadbeauty_mua There are also skin parasites (microscopic mites) which can be very difficult to diagnose + sort.

  • Shawna Gunn
    Shawna Gunn Year ago

    Gen. Chapter 1 verse 3....And GOD said let there be light! WHEN A SCAN IS DONE THEY ARE LOOMING FOR THE PLACES THAT LIGHT UP. That's bc your antibodies are heavy in that area fighting disease. I been tiling my friends most of what she is saying for years. GOD said he gave us every tree, plant, fruit and thorns for food and medicine.
    Believe you me my husband is a physician and I am not into meds at all or going to doctors. When I met my husband I was on the last of my natural journey battling lyme disease. I had lyme for 5 years before I got a diagnosis . I spent the next 3 treating it naturally. My husband is amazed by my progress and my using the bible and GOD to lead me to the next thing to try. One thing I learned you can not get well any faster than you can detox. Poop, per, sweat, liposomal vitamin C, black seed oil, rife machine which is frequency that uses frequency to blow up the bacteria. Hubby when I met him had swollen legs from 2 previous blood clots, i ran frequency on him for DVT and he no longer takes lasics for swelling. He thought i was out of my mind when I first started discussing my lyme and machine. I wouldn't discuss with him my treatment for lyme until after dating about 4 months. Because people are so closed minded to natural healing. Thank GOD he is a very open minded doctor who is into helping people get off drugs if possible.

  • Master Prophet
    Master Prophet Year ago +3

    This is superlative revelatory knowledge for optimal health!
    Are you on Facebook? Do you have a website? I would like to purchase your products.

  • Valerie Griner
    Valerie Griner Year ago +16

    We have a lot of sludge and biofilm in our intestines that needs to be cleaned out.

  • Valerie Griner
    Valerie Griner Year ago +15

    Turpentine and castor oil protocol will kill most all parasites. There is lots of information on RU-clip about this.

    • John Shore
      John Shore Year ago +6

      100%,Pure pine gum spirits.

    • Liz
      Liz Year ago +5

      Yes, turp works!

  • Valerie Griner
    Valerie Griner Year ago +1

    Colloidal silver

  • Shar Adder
    Shar Adder Year ago +2

    Where do you start? I suspect worms...legs weak and numb. Changed diet and lost 70lbs. Yet, legs sometimes feel weak and energy is low.

  • Shar Adder
    Shar Adder Year ago

    Where do you start? I suspect worms...legs weak and numb. Changed diet and lost 70lbs. Yet, legs sometimes feel weak and energy is low.

    • radiojoehead
      radiojoehead 4 months ago

      rawsynergy basic zapper
      z4ex zapper eBay superfood
      RU-clip Thomas levy curing incurable vit c life extension ascorbic acid tablets

  • Ian Dalrymple
    Ian Dalrymple Year ago +6

    Very smart lady of the Lord

  • angel Irene Crim
    angel Irene Crim Year ago

    Pour AMMONIA on an ant bed THEN!!!!!!!!!!! Pour CLOROX on the ammonia That will KILL ANTS do not mix together in a container IT WILL EXSPLODE

  • Skull dweller
    Skull dweller Year ago

    1 john 3:2

  • B rob43528
    B rob43528 Year ago

    Really full of BS

    • RT True Healing
      RT True Healing 5 months ago

      T F all the products we used are on my channel as a reference on RT true healing

    • RT True Healing
      RT True Healing 5 months ago

      radiojoehead hi I did Not use a Zapper at all please look at my channel rt true healing to see what worked for me

    • T F
      T F 5 months ago

      @RT True Healing wow amazing!! What did you do to accomplish these results?

    • radiojoehead
      radiojoehead 9 months ago

      +RT True Healing
      how long did zapper take to heal you of tumors and lupus?? what frequency 30? 15? 2.5?
      how many minutes? hours ? per day did you zap til tumors and lupus cured???

    • RT True Healing
      RT True Healing Year ago +4

      B rob43528 you are so incorrect, this is so extremely accurate and full of truth that it has literally healed my son of adhd, tourettes, pica, ocd, and myself of tumors, lupus, pco's, endometriosis, and rage!!!!

  • Kathy Woloszyk
    Kathy Woloszyk Year ago +37

    This makes more sense than ANYTHING a doctor ever told me.

  • Qnxlツ
    Qnxlツ Year ago +16

    Thank yo Lord for this Beautiful women of God your Blessed I learned alot of what your speaking on recently and I wanted to do a video like yours but tou already did it my love God bless you for sharing this info with everone In Jesus Name Amen