How I Slay a Cheap Synthetic Hair Wig | Bri Hall

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
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    Hey everyone! Today's video is about how I slay a cheap synthetic wig ! Or affordable lace front wigs and closure wigs. Not everyone has the coins to spend hundreds and thousands on wigs and weave so this is for my broke and budgeting baddies. Also included hacks to avoid bleach knots and making an amazon wig or aliexpress hair pop
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    Wig Caps
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    How I Slay a Cheap Synthetic Hair Wig | Bri Hall
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    Ok let's say I want to take it off at night how do you keep the wig in proper place and not being affraid that it's not going to move lol . Can I wear it with wig cap without putting glue..

  • Natasha TappsRiendeau

    New crew .!!!! You are so beautiful and tks for your tricks..

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    O.G at 56 yrs. old but, I am NEW to trying to fix wiggs with a low budget. Your video has good information as I am just getting into wigs.

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    New crew here baby. Glad to be here and glad I found you. I have recently been sent a few synthetic wigs. And they are just so shiny and not natural looking. So this really helps. Because I am completely new to wig applications

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    imma do the glue cause i wear wigs to school, and yesterday this girl got her wig SNATCHED so uhh that ain’t boutta happen to my up in here

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