Chewy Crunchy Food vs. Crunchy Chewy Food Taste Test

  • Published on Nov 20, 2019
  • Today, we're switching things up, making chewy foods crunchy and crunchy foods chewy. Ever wanted a ChewyWrap Supreme from Taco Bell? How about Crunchy Gum? Check it out on today's taste test, Chewy Crunchy Food vs. Crunchy Chewy Food GMM #1642
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Comments • 2 252

  • Remington Beardsley
    Remington Beardsley 11 hours ago

    Wait tho isn’t the gum in #1 just Razzles?

  • Mikestion
    Mikestion 12 hours ago

    Chewy cereal? I'd eat it.

  • Ranil Thilakaratne
    Ranil Thilakaratne 21 hour ago +1

    Does anyone remember crunchy pancakes from"Diary of a Wimpy kid"?

  • ______Averos______ !!!!!
    ______Averos______ !!!!! 23 hours ago +1

    Link: “ You know it’s actually beautiful when it’s way down there, but then it’s...”
    Rhett: *inserts food*
    Link: 🤢

  • Moira d
    Moira d Day ago

    “Shrimp shards” 💀

  • Rose E
    Rose E Day ago

    Please send that kid more cinnamon toast crunch!.

  • Paul Weibel
    Paul Weibel Day ago

    I was just thinking about the Tokyo thing at the beginning of the episode

  • Matthew Corsetti

    It is a vaggie

  • Katie Petkewich
    Katie Petkewich 2 days ago


  • Katie Petkewich
    Katie Petkewich 2 days ago

    The little laugh at 5:58

  • Beaver Tails
    Beaver Tails 2 days ago

    Bruh any and all Canadians know the best part of winter isn’t Christmas or skiing. It’s maple snow taffy.

  • Abby J
    Abby J 2 days ago

    My mind is telling me no



  • Anastasia Renee
    Anastasia Renee 2 days ago

    No one:
    Josh: 12:38

  • xzavier Fergie
    xzavier Fergie 3 days ago

    I'm i the only one that cant watch the gmm intro because of my phobia of clustered holes?

  • Kyla Filoramo
    Kyla Filoramo 3 days ago

    Yall had so many chances to say stroopwaffle right and you didnt.

  • Eile Veelie
    Eile Veelie 3 days ago


  • Will Fudge
    Will Fudge 3 days ago

    what we’re they not allowed to joke about? i’ve missed a couple episodes i didn’t get the reference :(

  • Tiffani M
    Tiffani M 3 days ago

    why do I, a grown woman, spend all my nights watching these two grown men do stuff like this.. jeez I can't stop

  • Saman Khan
    Saman Khan 3 days ago

    10:38 link accidentally calling it fruit reminds me of that episode where he said “dO vEgEtabLes HaVe FruITs?”

  • Saman Khan
    Saman Khan 3 days ago +1

    8:26 at that very moment link realised he was being exposed

  • Dorothy Mackintosh
    Dorothy Mackintosh 4 days ago

    Rhetts hair looks magnificent!!

  • sophia.
    sophia. 4 days ago

    Rhett lookin like a Greek god with that hair

  • Ian Kisebach
    Ian Kisebach 4 days ago


  • Mason Jones
    Mason Jones 5 days ago

    I’m only 13 but still I wish I could do a episode with y’all that’s how much I appreciate y’all

  • Maria Torres
    Maria Torres 5 days ago

    Did Rhett make an R.Kelly joke? 😂😂

  • Idania Ramos
    Idania Ramos 5 days ago

    Un loco tira laser arriba

  • Jarvis Brinson
    Jarvis Brinson 5 days ago

    I’m a caniadian

  • Brevin Louder
    Brevin Louder 5 days ago

    Thick foods thin vs. thin foods thick

  • Blake Ubersox
    Blake Ubersox 5 days ago

    Roasted food Toasted vs Toasted food Roasted.

  • Devin Combs
    Devin Combs 5 days ago

    FYI stroopwafel’s are not supposed to be crunchy. If it’s crunchy then it’s an extremely old and poorly made stroopwafel.

  • Bailey Vega
    Bailey Vega 5 days ago +1

    rhett: *TOOTH MENU*

    link: **struggling**

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 6 days ago +1


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 6 days ago +1

    IT'S SO GUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • XVHK Green
    XVHK Green 6 days ago

    crew member trying too hard to be funny.

  • real sup
    real sup 6 days ago


  • WOLFDawg 606
    WOLFDawg 606 6 days ago

    Is sweet food salty better than salty food sweet

  • Jaime Gonzalez
    Jaime Gonzalez 6 days ago

    What’s the Tokyo joke about lol

  • Addison McQuillen
    Addison McQuillen 6 days ago

    i like my cereal soggy, basically chewy... am i weird?

  • Jp Girardi
    Jp Girardi 6 days ago

    You guys look sad, like if have been doing this for over a decade...

  • Wild Gangsta
    Wild Gangsta 6 days ago

    Next you should do...sour food bitter vs bitter food sour

  • MissJinx
    MissJinx 7 days ago

    I love how Americans think maple candy and maple flavoured things are weird 😂

  • Amethyst Gem
    Amethyst Gem 7 days ago

    I was thinking about that Tokyo thing right before this lol

  • Tracey Smith
    Tracey Smith 7 days ago

    Chewy celery looked like a slug 💀

  • ChantyLove
    ChantyLove 7 days ago

    Shoutout to all my CANADIANS 🇨🇦

  • xxuntraceablexx
    xxuntraceablexx 7 days ago +1

    Sooo...where again can I buy that shirt?
    Don't see it in the mythical store or on Amazon and I actually really like this one!

  • Maxim Chumakou
    Maxim Chumakou 8 days ago

    Available at target since like 2017

  • Maxim Chumakou
    Maxim Chumakou 8 days ago

    Crunchy gum is a thing lol

  • Fenrir009
    Fenrir009 8 days ago

    thanks guys, I really needed that tokyo too

  • Jesuswithashotgun нет

    To think I’m watching this at night

  • Foolish Donut
    Foolish Donut 8 days ago

    11:37 Pretty sure celery is a vegetable not a fruit but ok Rhett

  • Mistswirl 06
    Mistswirl 06 8 days ago


  • Mr. Memes
    Mr. Memes 8 days ago

    ( No offense but) Rhett looks like a sasquatch

  • Anastasia Renee
    Anastasia Renee 8 days ago +3

    With the scrimps
    ~Josh 2019

  • Mangle The Fox
    Mangle The Fox 9 days ago

    Who's this caveman and where's Rhett?

  • Hydroxsis Jubatus
    Hydroxsis Jubatus 9 days ago

    Wait do vegetales have fruits???

  • Oanh Tran
    Oanh Tran 9 days ago

    I feel like if I tried that taco bell thing I would like it because I'm Vietnamese and I always eat spring rolls.

  • Joe Stroud
    Joe Stroud 9 days ago +2

    I go weeks without watching this show then binge it when I'm having a bad hangover

  • Sara Malo-Koch
    Sara Malo-Koch 9 days ago

    I loved that comment on the Canadians 😂

  • elzeta cartel
    elzeta cartel 9 days ago


  • 1D My_History
    1D My_History 10 days ago +1

    ❤️❤️😌 I love uu guys