Overwatch is Fun Again?! Overwatch gets saved by Role Queue

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • Overwatch Competitive gets saved by the Role Queue 222 system
    Overwatch Agent Player Review System: ru-clip.com/video/Fja-4MKOVVM/video.html
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  • Blame The Controller - Overwatch

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    • Erikas11LTU
      Erikas11LTU 27 days ago +1

      Why have you privated your kingdom of the sky videos .I want to play that map but i dont know the story.

    • Dalitrox
      Dalitrox 27 days ago

      Honestly I really often passed competitive seasons because when I played on QuickPlay and I saw how my team have 5 DPS and I have problem to choose between support or tank makes me mad. And often passed competitive for that stupid team composition. So roleQ system makes that I gave another chance to competitive matches. And I am very happy with that. Of course like you said some of characters are unbalanced, but I think that roleQ system is going (in my opinion) in the right way.

  • doctor who
    doctor who 10 days ago

    So because they cant fix their own creation (unbalanced heroes), theyll limit our fun and increase our frustration by locking us into 2-2-2 and the roles we queue or happen to get.

    Basic overwatch.

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys 15 days ago

    222 sucks

  • Bobby
    Bobby 22 days ago

    I think it's ok to have some hero's that are more situational. Not every hero needs to be viable in every instance imo.

  • Hell keeper
    Hell keeper 23 days ago

    I've had players play tank/support only for lootboxes then throwed the game because they don't care what their role is meant to do

  • DropForgedSurvival
    DropForgedSurvival 23 days ago

    *I was so so so tired of having 3-4-5 or even 6 DPS on my team. Make DFS wait! They need to learn to open their horizons. Their refusal to flex ever made Thousands of others flex roles we were used to but what it did for me is taught me a i was decent with some tanks and a couple supports! Make them learn. This is tough love. I support ROLE QUEUE all the way!*

  • William Mills
    William Mills 23 days ago +1

    Players who like the change: Tanks and healer mains.
    Players who don't like the change:
    DPS mains.

  • ifezov ark
    ifezov ark 23 days ago

    They need to address the double shield problem , also sigma survivality is top notch with his shield and.absorb, not to mention the stupid bounce balls damage it's so random.

  • Crimson Shadow
    Crimson Shadow 24 days ago

    what was the start date of the beta season again? i havent realy played overwatch properly for ages...but i might just give it a shot with the role que in place now

    • Pyrrha Nikos
      Pyrrha Nikos 23 days ago

      you got 6 more days of the beta season. Might wanna get on it

  • Lyac TV
    Lyac TV 24 days ago +1

    And here I am waiting for a left-handed viewmodel option, I mean if a game as old as CS 1.6 has it, how hard can it be?

  • Josh Carson
    Josh Carson 24 days ago

    Haven’t played since year of the rooster, but I’m excited to try the new system!

  • Sol Nocturno
    Sol Nocturno 24 days ago

    We already had group search so what role quo did was make is work 3 times more for ur SR

  • Agandya main
    Agandya main 25 days ago +1

    Why cant they add a feature, where you can trade roles after one round. I know there are diffrent Rolles on tank, support and dps but i better have a silver hog in my team, then a platin soldier that cant kill pharah

  • Inshaine
    Inshaine 25 days ago

    Ranked is not perfect even with role queue, but it's much closer to being so than what it was before.

  • TheRealNyBu
    TheRealNyBu 25 days ago

    Climbed 500sr on tank and dropped 500sr on dps (i am a 3.6k genji onetrick...) dps is Dead... if they dont change this shieldwatch im gonna search a different game

  • Rk9
    Rk9 25 days ago +1

    I've noticed what I play support people don't really like playing a main healer. I do see alot of off tank players as well. Then my DPS players just kinda pick whatever. I do like 2-2-2, but I hate seeing that the team doesn't like to synergize.

  • Mouhamed Abed-Ali
    Mouhamed Abed-Ali 25 days ago

    In my Opinion makes Overwatch finally fun

  • The Truth
    The Truth 25 days ago

    I’m low plat on PC and I love it. Games count again and everyone had a mic, it’s awesome. I also play on XBL in high Plat, it’s a dumpster fire. No one talks. No one cares, people leave after loosing the 1st fight. It sucks on XBL, but it console so who cares 🤷‍♂️.

  • Teru SSB
    Teru SSB 25 days ago +1

    The q times for dps are too long

  • Shawn Skye
    Shawn Skye 25 days ago +1

    Oh yea? Try Sym Junk Zarya and Roadhog into a pharah. Story of my Life

  • Jasmine Rubin
    Jasmine Rubin 25 days ago

    I only ever played quick play and arcade. I hated comp because I always got terrible teams and terrible team comp along with it. Since role queue came out, I literally only play it. It made comp so much more fun and yeah

  • Blachol _
    Blachol _ 25 days ago

    i don't know why but dps right now are a huge problem (2600sr), i'm a tank main and i have golden/silver damage and eleminations medals more often than i should while having two dps's, a lot of aggresive moiras or zens even have more dmg than them. And now the high skill heroes on lower ranks problem is much more seen, i played a lot and had a lot of genjis, hanzo or widow threw up my game cause of the lack of damage

    • Blachol _
      Blachol _ 25 days ago

      but dont get me wrong, the game for me is 100% better rn because of not seeing people that cant play the needed position cause its always 2-2-2

  • SquirtlePWN
    SquirtlePWN 25 days ago +1

    Ow is still toxic af

  • nethstar
    nethstar 25 days ago +1

    I think the system caters more to one tricks. More than i expected. All roles are much less likely to change heroes and instead just keep butting their head up against the issue with the same choice.
    - Has it made it easier to balance for them? Yes... (but that being said, seeing the sym and zary changes is not a great indicator).
    - Has it changed the amount of compositions you see? Yes of course.
    - Has it changed the way people play comp? Not really.

  • baltha haris
    baltha haris 25 days ago

    I love the role q however on south america, buenos aires and chile servers were removed this means that now i have to play with persons whos language i cant understand

  • TheHaloSkullMaster
    TheHaloSkullMaster 25 days ago

    Need to reset MMR imo

  • ThePeach Pixel
    ThePeach Pixel 25 days ago

    Yo I’m one of the people who stopped playing but still watch this, but sure after school I’ll hop on again

  • Gheorghe Bîrsa
    Gheorghe Bîrsa 25 days ago

    jeff not only need to work at role lock but and at balance talking very serious very I am TOO SICK bc the game balance not heroes not idk but that thing which select players with different lvls and put them in games pls say to jeff that bc that thing isnt working as intendead the most of the time

  • Smash-ter
    Smash-ter 26 days ago

    July was a good month to get the base energized

  • JesterNeonNinja
    JesterNeonNinja 26 days ago

    As a Junkrat main I’ve enjoyed playing healer, specifically as Ana. No matter how good I heal or sleep enemies if the two people playing DPS aren’t good than the team falls apart.
    That’s coming from someone who recently carried dps when my other teammate left. I was killing it. Getting play of the game. Regardless in the end my team lost.

  • David Schönfeld Wichers

    Why are you acting like the heros in ow are not balanced it has never been better dafuq

  • David Schönfeld Wichers

    Why did the first clip of owl looked like an arcade game, catch the mei or something like that.

  • Jadel Valle
    Jadel Valle 26 days ago

    You touched on this a bit but the only problem I have ( and this is in the lower bracket cuz I am not good) is because the game started w/o role lock players have a character as a main instead of a role. As such when we really need a hit scan or, as you used as an example a Mei, the DPS players don't switch because they don't play that character.

  • Skandar San
    Skandar San 26 days ago +3

    Roadhog trying to teach that payload a lesson... XD

  • KN1F3RJord
    KN1F3RJord 26 days ago

    Any tips for someone who hasn't tried role queue yet? been away

  • Sean Bryant
    Sean Bryant 26 days ago

    Yeah i still watched your vids despite having not played for forever because i was waiting for overwatch to get fixed. It was my favorite game but fuck me if smurfs and throwers didnt make it ass to play at times. Im still slightly bleeding sr as a tank (literally losing 7 per loss or so because i just can't get any backup from deeps, the one time i had a moira who literally did nothing but dps all game we squeaked out due to a leaver.)
    I think the sr system is boosting dps right now. But ive started to have fun again. I came back for 2-2-2 and ill stick with it now.

  • Kevin Mortimer
    Kevin Mortimer 26 days ago

    Despite uninstalling Overwatch due to uni commitments, I still religiously watch your videos for your insights into game design/mechanics, keeping up with what's happening, and because your voice is really nice :D
    Maybe I should give comp a spin someday (not that I ever played anything other than arcade before haha)

  • Dark wolf 36000
    Dark wolf 36000 26 days ago

    Treated with the same severity 😂 are you joking 😂it’s a game

  • Ugo Tsimaratos
    Ugo Tsimaratos 26 days ago

    I don't know if it's a side effect of 2 2 2 or not but I've seen a lot more Bastion play (Gold rank) than ever before. I used to see Bastion picked maybe one out of 20 games, now he is being picked almost 100% of the time in Paris on Defense, he is picked at least 75% of the time in Junkertown and Havana in attack. I mean I see him more and more, not that he is particularly good but he is an answer to double shield and it feels like at Gold rank people dont know how to deal with him. Maybe if you could make a video on all the way to destroy a Bastion it would stop happening, but I'm getting annoyed by it because when players take Bastion you either get a crushing win or a crushing loss, so the game is never fun regardless of results.

  • ZenGotBars
    ZenGotBars 26 days ago +1

    2-2-2 is mad littyy 👍🔥 Ive been having a lot of fun with it!

  • King Savage97
    King Savage97 26 days ago

    Today is my 3rd day with the game. I’m a PS4 player, and still at level 19. So I can’t get into role queue yet (still competitive exclusive until Sept. 1). As much fun as this game is, damn I get why y’all were relieved when role queue came. So many players want to play damage, and don’t really follow my lead when I’m the tank or stay close enough to be healed/ protect me when I’m support. And it sucks cuz after playing tank/ support for a while, I still wanna try out damage heroes but feel like I’m part of the problem. How did y’all last this long w/o role queue 😂

  • CuRE_CrZy
    CuRE_CrZy 26 days ago

    Ngl I really like the new system but my only problem is the dps that just throw and the healers that think they are dps

  • Martin Gomez de la Vega

    10:07 ooo that man might be me

  • Scythea
    Scythea 26 days ago

    I like role queue a lot. But now, the fun cancer that this game had is kind of cured, let me explain.

    A few weeks ago I was duoing with my buddy and every single player but us goes DPS, so I typed "gg" in the chat and my buddy and I both went DPS because there was no way we were going to win that game...except we rolled them. It was hilarious, the whole game was filled with playful shit talking and memes and it was one of the most enjoyable and wholesome matches of OW I ever played despite how toxic and funny it was. I can remember it clear as day! Stuff like that won't be able to happen anymore and it's a real Shame

  • Mich
    Mich 26 days ago

    I haven’t played competitive in 3 seasons... I love playing it now, I even ranked up, so I think role queue is great so far.

  • Star-Stone Legend
    Star-Stone Legend 26 days ago

    It’s a lot better than expected, but I really wish the heroes that were nerfed due you to the goats COMP would get fixed already. It’s because I’m used to playing as Brigitte before she had a major rework take my word for it I did not like how blizzard NERFED her shield so badly regardless of the shield health, Damage and cool down. If they’re going to give Brigitte’s shield bash ability a 5% damage than they should at least Cut the cool down to 3 seconds. Or give her 50% damage with seven second Cool down. Or if they want to balance it out 25% damage with a 4 second. They could at least give her shield health at least 300 HP instead of 200 HP, I get that They’re trying to divide the shields HP in half but having it at 200 is more than half.
    He told I had a better chance playing the character in total Mayham. The damage may be the same but the cool down on all of her abilities and her shield HP are just right.

  • Snooze Dragon
    Snooze Dragon 26 days ago +2

    Without a roll swap option I feel like people's hands are tied. If your dps can't aim and your up against a pharah you've already lost. Gone are the days of tank or healers swapping with dps to adjust on the fly; now you just lose and that's trash imo. I guess this is great for people who only play one class but for those of us who play half of every class we're locked into a corner. One tricks make out the best IMO and that's messed up.

  • James Strain
    James Strain 26 days ago

    You mentioned something that i have experienced alot during the beta. Its when i play support. Most times i feel that the dps are weak links. Sometimes it is the tanks. But as you mentioned i can only do so much as support. That gets very frustrating

  • Sommerstricker
    Sommerstricker 26 days ago +1

    It still doesnt make fun: I lose 50 points every time I lose a round, dont know why, I dont leave, im not toxic I literallly dont know.A reason why I lose every round is that there are so much lvl 25 player in my matches which arent smurfs and dont know anything about the game.

  • FlameLord 5000
    FlameLord 5000 26 days ago

    OMG I want to tell this story. So one match we were on Paris and we had this useless pharah who barely killed anyone and when she got her ultimate she didn’t use it on the first point so the other team captured it, we lost, I was lowered into bronze.

  • Raphael Hupsel
    Raphael Hupsel 26 days ago +1

    I can’t even find games in SA server... if u are around 3400 the queue takes 30 mim... in console it’s even worse... I fell if u aren’t from EU or NA it’s impossible to find games I higher ranks... so blizzard NEEDS to do something about it

  • DeadlyJimmy
    DeadlyJimmy 26 days ago +1

    I want the GOATS back!!!!
    Jk.. but I still miss the freedom to mix up different heroes at any point of the game

  • SpaceCowBoyRay
    SpaceCowBoyRay 26 days ago

    Pharah is far from bad lmao

  • Nortio
    Nortio 26 days ago +1

    My problem wasnt the triple or 4 dps team comps.
    Yes those were a problem but my main issue with the game was the total lack of teamwork and coordination.
    I watch the pro scene somewhat regularly and lots of guides and tips and trick videos and streamers and I KNOW multiple dps comps can work and when played properly are almost unbeatable in certain scenarios.
    My problem with overwatch has always been the lack of knowledge of the game my teammates have. From not knowing how to properly play the hero they're on, to not being able to change playstyles or even just listen to callouts in general. Comp is played like a deathmatch and it's so infuriating to watch my team trickle and waste time and ults on a lost fight. 2-2-2 HAS NOT FIXED THIS issue and therefore at least for me overwatch is still horribly terrible and annoying to play, for me.
    I've been master from season 8 to season 13 I think is when I dropped out. And now stuck in mid diamond once again bc of this deathmatch mentality EVERY SINGLE PLAYER has. Yeah 222 guarantees a "stable" comp but it doesnt create teamwork and synergy or win games. Dps still run in alone or on flanks and die. Supports still over extend to try and save tanks or dps and tanks still try to do the dps job and instead of playing smartly and managing cooldowns and shields they try to frag and it almost never works.
    I cant play this game anymore. Honestly it's bad for my health.

    • Hello Kitty
      Hello Kitty 23 days ago

      I 100% relate to this. I am seriously thinking about quitting after 3,5 years. It's the same chaotic mess. Not knowing when the fight is lost, trickling in, no synergy etc. It's FRUSTRATING to watch my teammates make the same mistakes (every team fight). I am focusing on my own gameplay, but I can't help but tilt. People can't seem to grasp the basics of the game/heroes, not even in low/mid diamond. I used to love this game so much. I should probably move on, if it's affecting me this much. Do people even have fun playing Overwatch?

  • Patrik Dzoic
    Patrik Dzoic 26 days ago

    I think there needs to be a switch roll option so for example if a dps knows he isn't doing his job he can just play another roll

  • Dante Beard
    Dante Beard 26 days ago

    Overwatch is fun *if the other team isn't playing sombra or sym*

  • The Bear's Den
    The Bear's Den 26 days ago

    I wish they had us pick our rolls before it threw a grp together. Keep the 2-2-2. But have us pick a main roll and back up roll, and then have the system throw the grp together. There will be no one leave the game because they have to play a class they do not want to. The down fall is, the roll or rolls that are being played more will have a lil bit a of a waiting time. But we have that waiting time with so many ppl leaving the grps. Other then that 2-2-2 is great!

  • shelby reed
    shelby reed 27 days ago

    I had my internet quit on me for not even 1 min and i got booted from a game which sucked! and i tried getting everything up and running as quick as i could but when i reloaded the game the rejoin match timer had expired and i was then suspended for leaving.. so that sucked! haha i felt soooo bad!!

    oh and i'm loving the new system! definitely makes the game more enjoyable for sure!

  • RakusTalent
    RakusTalent 27 days ago +2

    dont agree on the reaper shadowstep tho i really like the ability since they changed it and i use it a shitton (4.5k) eu. love your vids keep it up

  • Mob Fox
    Mob Fox 27 days ago

    Bastion is Used alot on PS4