FTF #52 Install A Sexy Boarder On Your Deck, How To

  • Published on Apr 1, 2017
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    Nothing make s a deck pop! like a sexy wood boarder board to break up the straight lines and hide all the end grain. Here is how the Samurai does it!
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  • Gotenham
    Gotenham 10 days ago

    This guy seems like a legend, first video I've seen but I'm subscribing

  • center builder
    center builder 11 days ago

    Good job thanks for the video

  • Adrian Walker
    Adrian Walker 15 days ago

    Beautiful corner! Very neat and sweet.

  • victor malagon
    victor malagon 24 days ago

    Supposed to mean sexually attractive, however recently it has become a word of ambiguous meaning that morons use when unable to think of a better adjective for something they like.

  • AGA Property Improvements

    HI do you do any hands-on training ?

  • tom collins
    tom collins Month ago

    Excellent corner joint really special 👍

  • Devon Bradley
    Devon Bradley Month ago

    How does his track just stick like that

    • drew columbia
      drew columbia Month ago

      Devon Bradley Grip tape for skateboards on the bottom works well for me.

  • Drew Gilroy
    Drew Gilroy Month ago

    Water retention system.

  • Speedstack21
    Speedstack21 Month ago

    I subscribed as soon as you said that it would change the course of history, lol!

  • ollydearden
    ollydearden Month ago

    Wood porn.

  • Tony M
    Tony M Month ago

    Very cool. And entertaining:)

  • Don Fillenworth
    Don Fillenworth Month ago

    Very nice! I haven’t seen that detail on a deck before. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ron Mitchell
    Ron Mitchell Month ago

    When you build your rail system on top of the deck it is weak. Incorporate your post from the ground up to the handrail and it's much stronger and doubles as your decking corner.. On the decking trim is pretty but it won't get you extra jobs and creates that ugly gap. I just float my decking to the end and cut flush with the joist. No future ugly cracks and no extra work. The homeowners are just as happy.

  • David Dieter
    David Dieter Month ago

    Great idea

  • ball boy jones
    ball boy jones Month ago

    Use a leaf blower to remove the sawdust.

  • Col Sinclair
    Col Sinclair Month ago

    bit of extra quality to finish it off. Nice one

  • The TOOLS Show
    The TOOLS Show Month ago

    Outstanding. I love the half-lap detail. I've been trying various butt joints and flying transitions around corners. You're right as rain that the miter looks good the day you put it in and not-so-good a few days later. The chamfered decking cut is sweet too.

  • G Moblie
    G Moblie Month ago

    Awesome job man, you deserve a beer!

  • Hope for all
    Hope for all Month ago


  • b2mic1
    b2mic1 Month ago +1

    So... what about the railing...?

  • Kathryn Peregoy
    Kathryn Peregoy Month ago

    Those corners look awesome!

  • Richard  Burgess
    Richard Burgess Month ago

    Samurai idiot

  • Chuck
    Chuck Month ago +9

    A boarder is someone paying to stay in your home.
    And they don’t want to live on your deck, especially the sexy ones.

  • bnelson313
    bnelson313 Month ago

    I really like the look. Keep up the great work!

  • Randy Carreiro
    Randy Carreiro Month ago +8

    them little pieces will break over the years for sure, at least up here in the north east. but it does look sweet samurai

  • Andi Catherine
    Andi Catherine Month ago

    Damn right, it sure is sexy!

  • henry r
    henry r Month ago

    Great job,what a Craftsman,thanks

  • Pål Kristiansen
    Pål Kristiansen Month ago

    U damn right itˋs a sexy joint. I´ll almost got wood.😜🤩🤩👍

  • Lucas Pot
    Lucas Pot Month ago

    Hey Jesse, how does this corner look after two years? I’d love to give it a shot if it’s lasted two winters!

  • Jeremy C
    Jeremy C Month ago

    Don't act like you came here without reading the title wrong.

  • Jay Wood
    Jay Wood 2 months ago +3

    2 1/2 years later, I'm guessing that that lap joint is already rotting.

    • mattmlo12
      mattmlo12 24 days ago

      Yea seems like a lotto extra work just to make it pretty, not functional...

  • Art and Design
    Art and Design 2 months ago

    Crack & Beer?????

  • Paul Foster
    Paul Foster 2 months ago

    Half lap ......... cutting edge joinery, no wonder they call you The Samurai 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍

  • Rich Beattie
    Rich Beattie 2 months ago

    Like a good rug, that lap really ties the room together

  • Rich Beattie
    Rich Beattie 2 months ago

    Like a good rug, that lap really ties the room together

  • Mitchell
    Mitchell 2 months ago +4

    Can I teach you the proper way to build stairs? The corner looked good though.

  • Terry McConky
    Terry McConky 2 months ago


  • George Shores
    George Shores 2 months ago

    I noticed that when he adjusted his saw blade, he didn't UNPLUG the saw, check it out!

    • Slathian
      Slathian 2 months ago

      Your point being?? Most saws have 2 buttons you also have to press before it will start.

  • Robert Ruddy
    Robert Ruddy 2 months ago +1

    Curious what this looks like two years later. Can you do a quick follow up?

    • Ch34pskate 1
      Ch34pskate 1 2 months ago

      Robert Ruddy probably take a couple of years to get to it though. Lol

  • Your Budz
    Your Budz 2 months ago

    Nice share ✌🏼

  • Jonathan Velazco
    Jonathan Velazco 2 months ago

    Why dont you wear kneepads?

  • Correy Adkins
    Correy Adkins 2 months ago

    This is sexy as hell! Great work!!!

  • Andrew Gems
    Andrew Gems 2 months ago +1

    I would have used a rubber mallet at the end for tapping the lap joint down as not to mar the wood!
    Good idea though!

  • Robert Terrill
    Robert Terrill 2 months ago


  • DukeStreetBill
    DukeStreetBill 2 months ago +1

    There's quite a difference between a "boarder" and a "border." I think you meant the latter.

    • DukeStreetBill
      DukeStreetBill 2 months ago +1

      @utubewillyman But probably, less on your deck and more within the walls, ¿no?

    • utubewillyman
      utubewillyman 2 months ago

      I came here hoping to see a sexy boarder. Wouldn't mind having one in my house.

  • Rob T
    Rob T 2 months ago

    I enjoyed your can't wait to see your next video. Great idea.

  • Rabbit
    Rabbit 2 months ago

    Drill the lap and drive in a couple dials. Then it would be super sexy

  • Chris Moore
    Chris Moore 2 months ago

    What would make it look even more professional is if you were not face nailing your planks. The moisture gets in those nail holes and causes the boards to fail sooner than they should. You make a pretty deck and you are trying to make it last, but face nailing the planks is not the way to go. Build better.

  • ken moore
    ken moore 2 months ago

    I like that detail,I’m changing the 2x6 top rail on my railings that the builder 45’d and they opened up just like you described,this should take care of the problem and looks awesome thanks for the tip, great video btw.
    Also locks the railings together for more stability 👍

  • Bartosz Rozwadowski
    Bartosz Rozwadowski 2 months ago

    Wow. Fantastic detail.

  • mymathmind
    mymathmind 2 months ago

    9:26 Parkour 😂

  • Greg Phillips
    Greg Phillips 3 months ago

    Where are you samurai I love your videos you need to start making some more I understand they take a lot of time but dammit do you have some good solid knowledge

  • Patrick Miller
    Patrick Miller 3 months ago

    I like to use words like sexy and titties when working with wood. Reckon it's just a guy thing. Lmao

  • Bill Brockmann
    Bill Brockmann 3 months ago

    You've kick-ass woodworking skills, but it's "border" or as the Quebecois say, "frontière." The term has to do with boundaries, not lumber. Thank you for indulging my OCD tendencies. I do hardly any woodwork these days, but I live vicariously through you and those like you. From the days when I worked on historical restorations of old homes I remember a job with a man who'd been a carpenter since shortly after God invented wood from whom I learned a ton. You're just a pup in comparison, but I learn from you, too.

  • JDK K
    JDK K 3 months ago

    Okay you can come visit Denver, Colorado, vacation for a week, stay free in our home, rebuild our 270 sq foot deck. Bring the family...oh and dinners are on us...

  • Odin
    Odin 3 months ago

    " sexy border" are you going to have sex with it now!
    Nice work , but stupid choice of words. My brother has a renovations company and he laughed and said that's kinda dumb to say.

  • Robert Fraser
    Robert Fraser 3 months ago +2

    As someone who builds decks with great precision, detail and pride, I don't have any clients in Toronto that would ever pay for these types of details, or pay for this pace. Mostly, I have never ever been working with a budget that allowed CLEAR cedar 2x6 decking, picture framing... We use 5/4 deck boarding, knotty grade, when we aren't forced to use PT.
    This deck you're building with the 6x6 clear posts, etc must be costing 20k in materials alone.
    Nice work, but it's dream land.

    • rmbuilder1
      rmbuilder1 2 months ago

      @Robert Fraser Yes, people will pay that

    • Robert Fraser
      Robert Fraser 2 months ago

      @rmbuilder1 you tell me.

    • rmbuilder1
      rmbuilder1 2 months ago

      @Robert Fraser So you're saying that people inToronto wont pay that? How about the rest of the world?

    • Robert Fraser
      Robert Fraser 2 months ago

      @rmbuilder1 I have great customers. in the next nicest neighborhoods. No one is gonna pay $30 bucks + a sq ft for clear 2 by cedar decking.

    • rmbuilder1
      rmbuilder1 2 months ago

      Maybe you'll get some good customers some day...

  • Nathan Moog
    Nathan Moog 3 months ago

    Absolutely love your videos !

  • Nial Ball
    Nial Ball 3 months ago

    Ohhhhhhhh! DECK! I read 'desk' and spent the first couple of minutes wondering why you were crawling about on a wood pile 🙄😅😅😅😅

    ALL KNOWING BILLY 3 months ago

    Nice video-next time use roofing tar paper!! Worked at a marina for a long time and that’s what they used- looked brand new/no splits-in Rhode island