15 Most Shocking Confessions Made By WWE Wrestlers After They Left The WWE

  • Published on Dec 20, 2017
  • 15 Most Shocking Confessions Made By WWE Wrestlers After They Left The WWE
    We all know that WWE fans are always curious about what happens behind the scenes in the WWE. However, it’s not always easy to tell as anyone working for the company is likely to get future endeavoured if they start complaining in public. Once a Superstar leaves the WWE, all bets are off, however today SlatRock Wrestling Presents you 15 shocking confessions made by wrestlers after they left the WWE .
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Comments • 991

  • iLLBiLLsRoastBeats
    iLLBiLLsRoastBeats 8 days ago

    Some guys have “it” and some don’t. Alex Riley doesn’t. You can blame Cena all you want but come on bro

  • yahya Abdellah
    yahya Abdellah 17 days ago

    " Unless Cena buries hil there too "😂😂😂😂😂

  • SoloBi N
    SoloBi N 24 days ago

    Jericho stuck it big time to Vince. I like it

  • Sid Sidders
    Sid Sidders 28 days ago

    vince is a cunt!!!! wwe is done!!!!!

  • Bearded Brian Is Jesus reborn

    5:35: are they Titus Oneil, Simon Gotch and Braun strowman? 😭 😭 😭 Im crying 😂😂😂

  • Pitoka Achumi
    Pitoka Achumi Month ago

    John didn't burry riley, riley is just B+

  • Kentflix
    Kentflix Month ago

    John Cena was fvcking Alex Riley's gf.....when he found out about it...John applied the shovel.

  • Chris Dolmeth
    Chris Dolmeth Month ago

    Why does WWE as a company HAVE to apologize to Tyson Kidd? The only person that should apologize is Soma Joe. Also, equal pay is a complete joke. You should get paid for your skills and how well YOU can get YOURSELF over.

  • sweenee
    sweenee Month ago

    is Cameron saying being fired after her boyfriend broke up with her really shocking or just a reaction you would expect.

  • Kwësï Ärthür
    Kwësï Ärthür Month ago +1

    Why do everyone blame John cena if the don't succeed and I think they are all not telling the truth

  • Jeff Cockmann
    Jeff Cockmann Month ago +1

    ryback.. never known from holding back.. he held back when he was in the WWE, hes a bitter idiot. He got the paycheck and kept his mouth shut and now that he's not working there he won't shut up about the WWE. The truth is he can't get over anywhere else by himself so he has a podcast where he says "controversial" things to try and stir shit up and get some attention. This would be an OK idea but the guy is just not entertaining.

  • Mak Roberts
    Mak Roberts Month ago

    What am i doing here( soaps4dopes

  • Mak Roberts
    Mak Roberts Month ago

    At jack swagger( ? Indy scene?)
    If you sign& tuch butt on nat tv...
    Oxymoronical too even say " indi

  • Jason Reliford
    Jason Reliford Month ago

    lololol "...trendy stores such as Hot Topic."

  • Dk loud
    Dk loud Month ago


  • Dranzer Jetli
    Dranzer Jetli Month ago

    Young does look like a black John Cena

  • Progressives R Dumb

    Does Jack Swagger not know the history of the WWE? Barging into other companies territories and staging rival shows is SOP for the WWE. The company would not be where it is now if it weren't for Vince's ruthless business strategies...

  • quetzlzacatenango
    quetzlzacatenango 2 months ago

    I took a drink every time this guy said WWE. I don't think I'll ever recover from my injuries.

  • Michael King
    Michael King 2 months ago +1

    He does seem to employ, them when they can no longer wrestle

  • Zachry Zimmerman
    Zachry Zimmerman 3 months ago +2

    Little bit of the bubbly

  • jamb
    jamb 3 months ago

    What was "shocking"???

  • Ke Tho
    Ke Tho 3 months ago

    the vaudevillains
    why the lack of intresst?
    did you saw that stupid fucking gimmik?

  • Gary C Belleville
    Gary C Belleville 3 months ago

    If Barrett was Honest he would have to say that his back to back to back to back injuries killed his momentum. But it is easier to blame the company. As for Swagger stating that the WWE pops in town when ever their is a big Indy show going on well Sorry Dude but that is business. Just like when there is a gaz station on one corner another on opens up on the opposite corner. As they say Don't hate the player Hate the game. As far as Adam Rose and a failed drug Tests. well it could be that he was simply taking a prescribed medication or it also could be the same excuse we have heard over and over again by athletes in every sport claim only to find out years later that yeah they were stoned out of their minds the whole time.

  • free way
    free way 3 months ago

    I'm 28 who the fuck r these cats??

  • Raiden Croft
    Raiden Croft 3 months ago

    F cena

  • lumpy 13
    lumpy 13 4 months ago

    Wwe is a shitty company

  • Hatim Quilon
    Hatim Quilon 4 months ago


  • Christopher Abraham
    Christopher Abraham 4 months ago

    None of them was shocking

  • sk8punk318
    sk8punk318 5 months ago

    Hot topic lol

  • Usman Alvi-Awan
    Usman Alvi-Awan 5 months ago

    Nexus could have been so big, I still remember their WWE invasion and Cena storyline.
    But to quote Roman Reigns: "Cena got off the bus with that big ass shuffle."

  • YooperDabReviews
    YooperDabReviews 5 months ago

    Only two people know why the Tyson Kidd incident happened, Joe and Kidd. I'm sure both of them misjudged the spot. Kidd knew when he first started training that this profession has caused lifetime disabilities and possibly dying if things went horrible. Sucks it happened he was a phenomenal wrestler and I was unhappy to hear he had to retire. From what I seen in another video Joe has apologized, he even went as far as offering to stop using the muscle buster but Kidd told him to use it if wwe would still let him. How can people thing that a fellow wrestler wouldn't apologize if it was their fault. Maybe Kidd didn't take his spot right. Not an everyday move taking the buster

  • Dewight Sheffield
    Dewight Sheffield 5 months ago +1

    The time is now all the Indies need to ban together with ROH& IMPACT& AEW& NWA&AAA&NJPW& ALL JAPAN PRO.&WOMEN OF HONOR&DRAGGON GATE& MLW&OWE&any other company beside Raw &Smack down& Nxt WWE. Let's have wild card rules& open fight night& invasion& talent swap& talent sharing& once a year draft & let's have all titles unified to form undisputed unified champion in a 3 or 2 day tournament only company champion involved.Every company keep thier titles intact .But the wrestling company will get cross over fan .It could only help wrestling for fan & wrestlers

  • frankie jay ponds
    frankie jay ponds 5 months ago

    Daaaaamn. Ol girl thought she made it so she broke up with her bf only to get fired. You know he was tweeting about that.

  • Monica Boyd
    Monica Boyd 5 months ago

    What does bury mean?

  • Randal Kloesel
    Randal Kloesel 5 months ago

    peep braun strowman at 5:35

    ARNEL JAMIN DE LEON 5 months ago

    NO CM PUNK?!

    • Jackk Reacherr
      Jackk Reacherr 5 months ago

      cm punk sucks. the guy shit in the ring for crying out loud

  • Robert Garcia
    Robert Garcia 5 months ago

    try to fuck him in the azz cena

  • unbreakable 2010
    unbreakable 2010 5 months ago

    Great content every time..I don't believe you still below 1M subs!!

  • This Expletive deleted ing Guy

    Ida fired the guy just for his mustache alone ...

  • Triple A Triple a
    Triple A Triple a 5 months ago +2

    Wrestler : vince i cant wrestle for a few days my back and ankle is broken
    Vince : I dont care u better get your ass in that ring or else your FIRED!!... Oh and by the way your opponent is "BROCK LESNAR"

  • Synapse2k
    Synapse2k 5 months ago +1

    No. Fans did not want a single push for Bubba Ray. Bubba Ray was the only person who wanted to see that. When he came back at the Royal Rumble, everyone was wondering where Dvon is.

  • Cisco XGN
    Cisco XGN 5 months ago

    Jack Swagger is nothing more than a stand-in for Kurt Angle... Ankle Lock is not the only reason.

  • Darrel Avery
    Darrel Avery 5 months ago

    The way WWE is going right now I don't piggy backing Indy shows will help much.

  • Destin65
    Destin65 5 months ago +1

    At this point, in the year 2019, that anyone can defend anyone in the McMahon family and what they had done to destroy wrestling is an indefensible defense beyond all comprehension. Mark my words, Vincent Russo will go down in history as a better promotion manager than that other Vincent, McMahon.

  • Fred Miller Jr
    Fred Miller Jr 5 months ago +2

    Not everyone has the charisma or talent to succeed at the top. Just because you hit for .500 in the minors that doesn't mean you'll succeed in the majors.

  • Danny Ayala
    Danny Ayala 5 months ago

    If John cena did that to me he'd be buried literally you don't fuck with someone livelihood

  • fkjms73
    fkjms73 5 months ago

    Lol 😂 @1:27

  • razer354
    razer354 5 months ago +1

    Video is wrong. Jericho said he would never have a match in the USA for another company

  • Jay Sizzle
    Jay Sizzle 5 months ago

    fuck vince/steph/hhh and wwe

  • ᄂ彡及20K TM
    ᄂ彡及20K TM 5 months ago


  • Jennifer Harrison
    Jennifer Harrison 5 months ago +1

    2:38 -- The moment when Samoa Joe destroys Tyson Kidd + almost kills him

  • Leviticus Appleton
    Leviticus Appleton 5 months ago

    None of these are shocking.

  • Gamer OZ
    Gamer OZ 6 months ago

    where is cm punk

  • Larabee Black Lab
    Larabee Black Lab 6 months ago

    Jack is now a MMA fighter

  • Mr. 23Hours
    Mr. 23Hours 6 months ago

    WWE wrestlers are NOT “independent contractors” LMAO.

  • Multiyapples
    Multiyapples 6 months ago


  • PRYVTgomerPYLE
    PRYVTgomerPYLE 6 months ago

    I believe most of the stuff in this, however I cannot fucking stand Ryback. His ego is why he never really got over... He wouldn't make it in AEW either. They want a team player, not an "all about me" kind of guy.

  • Matthew Paone
    Matthew Paone 6 months ago +1

    How come no ones talking about the day all the Mcmahons came out blowing smoke up our ass saying the fans were now in control?

    • PRYVTgomerPYLE
      PRYVTgomerPYLE 6 months ago

      That was smoke and mirrors. They are still telling everyone that we are a "universe." LUL

  • Jose Nuñez
    Jose Nuñez 6 months ago +2

    A new nexus would be cool now that i see it

  • A&R Bentley Painting
    A&R Bentley Painting 6 months ago