• Published on Jan 5, 2019
    Apples are covered with wax that keeps them shiny and fresh for a long time. Always wash the wax off apples under lukewarm water.
    Pour Fanta into a cup and put a white napkin inside and stir. Coloring will be transferred to the white napkin. Remember that soda is full of coloring and chemicals.
    Few drops of iodine will define if the mayonnaise you bought is natural. The same experiment you can make with cottage cheese.
    There is a simple way how to distinguish butter from margarine- pour hot water into a glass and place a piece of butter. As high-quality butter is made from cream or milk it will melt in water.
    Have you ever thought how much sugar our favorite food contains? We calculated the amount of sugar and ready to share with you:
    Nutella - 18 sugar cubes
    Pringles - 1,5 sugar cubes
    Red bull -7 sugar cubes
    Coca-cola - 10 sugar cubes
    Remember that the World Health Organization recommends consuming no more than 30 g of sugar a day.
    As a bonus, we share with you a couple of jaw-dropping recipes. Let’s cook vegan caviar that could be a great decoration item for every dish! Firstly, pour water into the pan, add sriracha and agar-agar and mix these ingredients. After that fill a tall glass with vegetable oil and put into the fridge. Simmer agar-agar and sriracha for two minutes. Once the vegetable oil is cold, take a syringe and squeeze out spheres of the hot mixture into the cold oil. You will see bead shapes appearing that will sink to the bottom of the glass. To separate the oil from pearls wash them with some water.
    Black ice-cream is super popular nowadays and it’s so easy to cook it at home! Add heavy cream, sugar and activated charcoal to a large bowl. Beat mixture and add dry rice. And mix again. Enjoy!
    00:16 Always wash apples
    01:35 How to check if your honey is natural
    04:06 Eat less sugar
    05:57 Black ice-cream recipe
    06:43 White strawberry
    07:21 Vegan caviar recipe

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  • 5-Minute Crafts
    5-Minute Crafts  6 months ago +223

    Do you control your sugar consumption? 🍰
    Some beauty hacks for you ru-clip.com/video/F7Wah1fV0EQ/video.html

  • Opal Eevee
    Opal Eevee 8 hours ago

    Sugar is useful

  • Despacito 9009
    Despacito 9009 Day ago

    The real name for margarine in a cup of water is THE TORNADO MADE OF COTTAGE CHEESEEEE

  • Despacito 9009
    Despacito 9009 Day ago

    Man my mooffin got DIRRRRRTY lemme just turn da water on and wosh meh mooffin. >:0 where did me mooffin go?! Wat is dis? Is dat my mooffins squishy mum? Eh wateva *nom* 5 seconds later BLEHHHHHH BLEHHH BLEHHH

  • Michael N. Tropie
    Michael N. Tropie 2 days ago +1

    This video just reproduces food myths and anti scientific propaganda.

  • Kimberly Lala
    Kimberly Lala 2 days ago

    Bleach makes everything white!!!!

  • Asupan MEME Mingguan ind

    LOL 5:35 AND 10:11 and 10:15

  • Cpt.Buffed
    Cpt.Buffed 2 days ago

    Help. I'm losing my faith in humanity.
    Why do ppl need an extra video to call this one out as fake? Common sense/ basic science education completely defies this video already.

  • Tyler Black
    Tyler Black 2 days ago +2

    Look closely at 0:40-0:44 and you’ll see that the liquid level increased during the cut, this is probably when they switched out the soda for water and dyed the cloth orange.
    This is proof that you need to watch these “hacks” very very carefully.

  • ThotSlayer
    ThotSlayer 2 days ago

    Time to break out the iodine

  • alic3_r3n
    alic3_r3n 3 days ago +1

    With the tests using iodine, the foods labelled “harmful”, all it means is that there is starch in the food, which is not harmful considering most foods contain starch,,,

  • annika
    annika 3 days ago


  • LEaVe.Me.aLoNe • 189 years ago

    I honestly dont trust this video after that fake blossom vidoe

    • LEaVe.Me.aLoNe • 189 years ago
      LEaVe.Me.aLoNe • 189 years ago Hour ago

      @Imagine Gang another assumption? If I could send you a pic of my keyboard you'll understand but remain ignorant for now

    • Imagine Gang
      Imagine Gang 2 hours ago

      @LEaVe.Me.aLoNe • 189 years ago And again you don't know how to spell Obvious 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

    • LEaVe.Me.aLoNe • 189 years ago
      LEaVe.Me.aLoNe • 189 years ago 3 hours ago

      @Imagine Gang I litterally can I just did in my comment and it should be ovbiouse it was a typo...

    • Imagine Gang
      Imagine Gang 4 hours ago

      Can you spell video **Not to be rude**

  • HeyItsHailie_07
    HeyItsHailie_07 4 days ago

    That sugar one really got me in the feels

  • Anna Tham
    Anna Tham 4 days ago


  • Sean Breen
    Sean Breen 5 days ago +2

    Discaimer : im 50% positive this is made for slurps and giggles
    1, Ze Hand at 4:04 - 4:05 ZE PUT GUM IN
    2. 1:22 they used toothpaste on the left side

  • Star Fruit
    Star Fruit 9 days ago +2

    Who would want charcoal ice cream? Blegh..>~>

  • Vivek Pingale
    Vivek Pingale 9 days ago

    Nice video 5 minutes craft team

  • nenny
    nenny 10 days ago +1

    but i like nutela

  • Xo 500
    Xo 500 10 days ago

    Who else thinks 5 minute cafts is the worst channel on youtube

  • Beep beep WDW
    Beep beep WDW 10 days ago

    The first one is actually formed by the Apple itself soo

  • Diddy Liddy
    Diddy Liddy 11 days ago


  • Diddy Liddy
    Diddy Liddy 11 days ago

    This is the first 5min crafts video I’ve actually watched the whole way through

  • Barnali Borgohain
    Barnali Borgohain 11 days ago

    lol, omg

  • Paul Wehner
    Paul Wehner 11 days ago

    You're going to poison someone by saying that you should bleach your berries!!! 🤬🤬😱😱😱😱😰😰🥵🥶😓😥😰😬🙄🙄🙄🤥🤥🤥🤥 bleach is toxic!!!!!!!

  • henry che
    henry che 19 days ago

    Mayonnaise was just BS
    The mayonnaise on the right was actual mayonnaise as you can tell from them showing the brand and it has a more yellow colour
    The so called “mayonnaise” on the right is most likely white paint with it being insanely white and then not showing us the brand. When they add the thing, the real mayonnaise is acts like mayonnaise. The one on the right acts like f&@@&ng paint and I know my paint.

  • The Little Potato Productions

    Thumnail: it's the same Apple, you just p h o t o s h o p e d the one on the left

  • Qaisar Mehmood
    Qaisar Mehmood 20 days ago


  • Joshua Owens
    Joshua Owens 21 day ago

    "You really want to drink soda?" *Drinks soda* GASP I am a monster!!

  • V W
    V W 27 days ago

    The cream cheese one was popcorn omllllll

  • i_hate_you
    i_hate_you 29 days ago

    A lot of this stuff is fake The 1st video is real there is wax on fruit and fresh vegetables but it's edible safe plant base wax It's paraffin wax it's the same Wax they used to put on sprinkles

  • Builderboy2014
    Builderboy2014 29 days ago +1

    Of course Mountain Dew changes to water. When you filter things, it turns to water. Every consumable liquid on the planet contains water

  • Builderboy2014
    Builderboy2014 29 days ago +5

    Oh look! The “natural honey” is diluted as well!

  • Sir Jedsalot
    Sir Jedsalot Month ago

    *gasps* FiLtErEd SoDa MaKeS iT cLeAn!?!?

  • Mackenzie Penner
    Mackenzie Penner Month ago

    No one is going to speed all this money on iadine and stuff just to see what is harmful or what’s not

  • Ella Banks
    Ella Banks Month ago

    Okay let's go grab the dry Ice that totally sits in my freezer

    • Jungkook Jeon
      Jungkook Jeon Month ago

      Ella Banks lololol

    • Ella Banks
      Ella Banks Month ago +1

      @Jungkook Jeon for a minute I thought you were jungkook, I am army

    • Ella Banks
      Ella Banks Month ago +1

      Oh yeah

    • Jungkook Jeon
      Jungkook Jeon Month ago

      You weren’t suppose to let it sit in the freezer you’re suppose to let it sit OUT of the freezer

  • Ella Banks
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  • Ella Banks
    Ella Banks Month ago

    Have you heard of zero sugar things

  • Ella Banks
    Ella Banks Month ago +7

    Yes I want to drink soda, colour doesnt affect me

    • Ella Banks
      Ella Banks 21 day ago

      @Rokas Joncas yes, indeed, it appears so

    • Rokas Joncas
      Rokas Joncas 21 day ago

      But the stupidity of this video will effect you negatively

  • Sunanda Bhute
    Sunanda Bhute Month ago

    What is mean by maragrine

  • Save the Mint
    Save the Mint Month ago +1

    That wax is natural wax. Even peppers have natural wax. Sooo, proven fake.

  • Nipa Shah
    Nipa Shah Month ago +3


    • Ella Banks
      Ella Banks Month ago

      Who would eat a white strawberry

  • sippa Tea
    sippa Tea Month ago +1

    While they were putting the liquit subtance they but food dye at the on at the right AHHAHAHA nice try but you cant fool me

    • sippa Tea
      sippa Tea Month ago

      @B E A U T Y I N DISGUISE look closely at the liquid at the right side :0

  • I'm kinda fucking stupid, but

    The 11yo inside me is about to ruin the kitchen.


    Charcoal icecream? Someone make me understand the logic!But still all the other hacks are cool. The natural and unatural thing helped

    • Porké Chop
      Porké Chop 24 days ago

      MANASI BHATTACHARYYA most of these hacks are rigged and debunked please go to a health web (CDC) page on help on sugar consumption and how to help your self eat less sugar. Most of them are nonsense.

  • Queen Dim
    Queen Dim Month ago

    2:12 aesthetic moment

  • StrivingFor Mindfulness

    What was the point of putting the strawberries in the bleach? Yes, the color was removed/dissolved by the bleach. That's. What. Bleach. Does. Explain your reason for ruining two perfectly nice strawberries.

  • Boo boo
    Boo boo 2 months ago


  • dudley dudley
    dudley dudley 2 months ago

    1:20 guar gum

  • The Best Friends Minecraft

    is it sugar or salt???

  • Ehsly Bernardino
    Ehsly Bernardino 3 months ago +1

    the nutella is the one has many sugar

  • Harish Bhoolah
    Harish Bhoolah 3 months ago +1

    There is drug in cola called caffeine you can see it on the ingredients

  • Darren Wingers
    Darren Wingers 3 months ago

    the reason they put wax on apples is because the worms that go into the apples so it keeps out the worms and keeps it fresh

    • Porké Chop
      Porké Chop 24 days ago

      Darren Wingers it’s natural as well.

  • The Nexxus Studios
    The Nexxus Studios 3 months ago

    6:26 This seems something not edible...

  • random videos
    random videos 3 months ago

    this canal is for wasting things

  • Louis Ban
    Louis Ban 3 months ago

    Activated Charcoal? I buy the most delicious sour dough charcoal bread. It is very black. They also use it to see how long it takes to digest food. Take a couple of charcoal tablets and time when you poo.

    ARIHANT AGENCIES 3 months ago

    by seeing this video i noticed that paking food is not good

  • Maya Giee
    Maya Giee 3 months ago +13

    That thing with the cupcake hehhh thats gluten 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • Denise Fu
    Denise Fu 3 months ago

    Berry God 7:50

  • Leyli-Sofia CAMPBELL
    Leyli-Sofia CAMPBELL 3 months ago

    sugar cubes wont help hiccups cuz hiccups are just a lack of oxygen

  • epic gaymer
    epic gaymer 3 months ago +1

    who tf even uses these?

  • Mujeeb Ahmed
    Mujeeb Ahmed 3 months ago

    Not waste salt😢

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    vingocc 3 months ago

    At 12:01 you are wasting water

  • Yi Ran Ma
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  • Yi Ran Ma
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  • yan lin
    yan lin 3 months ago

    3:35 The reason its like that it becomes over flowed when you add the water it it when the noodles 🍝 fill up the cup

  • FlixQuin Gaming/Tutorials

    This channel just keeps getting better and better...Great content, keep up the good work!

  • Myztry Gaming
    Myztry Gaming 3 months ago

    OK, so tell me where me to get some fake honey?