We Tried Warning Them. Some Won't Listen.

  • Опубликовано: 24 авг 2018
  • This time we tried being very proactive in letting people know not to park in unauthorized spaces. In addition to the signs, the staff member on duty was using the intercom speakers to alert drivers. Some people just won't listen. READ THE FAQs BEFORE COMMENTING
    Church of 8 Wheels, Otis McDonald
    The Hero Steps Up, Dougie Wood
    Miles Beyond, Quincas Moreira
    Q: Why are cars towed from your lot?
    A: Because they're parked illegally and take up space our customers need, 24 hours.
    Q: But it's night-time. Businesses are closed at night. Do you really have to tow at night?
    A: Yes. This business is NOT closed at night. It's very common for techs to visit in the overnight times in order to do maintenance on servers and systems. It's also possible that deliveries may need to be made during after-hours times.
    Q: How do you know if it's a customer or not?
    A: There is various technology at work to help with this. But the simplest answer is that if they're not in the building and they haven't checked in with the tech desk, their car doesn't belong in the lot.
    Q: You suck.
    A: That's not a question, but I get the point. And I've heard it all before. I understand you think you've got a witty, original insult for me. You probably don't. Save yourself the humiliation.
    Q: Do you read the comments?
    A: Sometimes against my better judgement, generally, yes.
    Q: Why don't you just rent out spaces and make money?
    A: Because that would eliminate parking spaces for the real customers of the business. It's not worth the few bucks.
    Q: Do you get paid a fee or kickback for the towed cars?
    A: No.
    Q: Are there signs posted about not to park?
    A: Yes. No fewer than 6. Usually more if they're not damaged or destroyed.
    Q: Your signs are misleading. Do they say 24 hours? Should they be mounted differently?
    A: The signs specify 24 hours / 7 days a week. They're mounted in accordance with local laws.
    Q: How many cameras do you have?
    A: More than 60. Some you can see, some are hidden.
    Q: What kind of cameras do you use?
    A: A lot of different kinds, based on the application.
    Q: Do you feel bad for these people who get towed?
    A: Most of the time, not really.
    Q: Why are you making fun of the people who get towed?
    A: I'm not. I'm posting the videos because I think they're entertaining and educational.
    Q: How come you never post videos of cars that belong there?
    A: Because that wouldn't be entertaining at all. It would be completely boring.
    Q: Why don't you stop people from parking?
    A: Sometimes we do! It all depends on if we are able to catch what's happening live, but the company's techs have their jobs to do and are not always available to have their eyes glued to the parking lot cameras and be able to run outside.

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  • Ajaxman Finto
    Ajaxman Finto 2 месяца назад +890

    Name of cameras please?

    • Jacob Ishii
      Jacob Ishii 3 дня назад

      Probably a swan set up



    • Jonni
      Jonni 6 дней назад

      you really pinned this for a dad joke...

    • Jason B.
      Jason B. 8 дней назад

      +GTOger how about Sven?

    • Kavan jadeja
      Kavan jadeja 13 дней назад

      +GTOger 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 well played

  • litrentaart
    litrentaart 44 минуты назад

    Where is that ally and what kind of drugs do they sell there.

  • litrentaart
    litrentaart 46 минут назад

    Not dumb just deaf to life.

  • Memory
    Memory 2 часа назад

    Yeah no speakers here mate

  • Phill Simmer
    Phill Simmer 4 часа назад

    This is why I don't like people. Being human means regressing away from your most basic instincts.

  • Greed is Bad
    Greed is Bad 6 часов назад

    sign: dont park here or your vehicle will be towed
    Asshole: *park*
    Car get towed
    Asshole: *Surprised Pikachu Face*

  • Nanar Mushyan
    Nanar Mushyan 7 часов назад

    I mean....you did try warning them soooo ..... Now they pay the hard way.. Smh!

  • Sam Parihar
    Sam Parihar 10 часов назад

    What about the red car

  • jbrisby
    jbrisby 18 часов назад +1

    How do you know they're not customers when they haven't even walked away from their car yet?

  • ilove2929
    ilove2929 19 часов назад

    That tow truck driver's skill is sick

  • James
    James 19 часов назад

    The walk and call of idiots

  • PromLesbian Productions
    PromLesbian Productions 21 час назад

    Well you did give them a warning and if they choose not to listen that's just too bad

  • schertt
    schertt 22 часа назад

    If that jeep was a 4x4 that tow truck just fucked it up good

  • Zed Isdead
    Zed Isdead 23 часа назад

    Wow, so stupid video idea

  • Courtney Sanity
    Courtney Sanity День назад

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  • Yuhanna Muhammad
    Yuhanna Muhammad День назад

    It's an obvious no parking zone tho

  • Canadian Troll
    Canadian Troll День назад

    Arrogance is a clear sign of stupidity.

  • priscamolotsi
    priscamolotsi День назад

    High heel shoes can cause cramping, numbness, muscle spasms and sciatica!😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Doug MacLennan
    Doug MacLennan День назад

    How about a No Parking sign.

  • suraj dahal
    suraj dahal День назад

    For some reason I just want to slap that girl😂

  • Jared deraj
    Jared deraj День назад

    Who pays people to sit at a mic and watch a camera.ALL DAY. I mean if this guy watches a full set of cameras they better give a fat raise. I get seeing cars but people walking back thats skill or fake... Probably fake cause no business would ever put this much effort into nothing

  • smokeyfreshhh
    smokeyfreshhh День назад

    I got a Kick out of the Fun Fact -
    Jeep is the most frequently towed brand of vehicle in our lot.

  • Justine Pagan
    Justine Pagan День назад

    If they would've said "Hey Skank with the high heels" she would've listened.

  • Chris
    Chris День назад

    Little known fact: douchebagery is directly proportional to the inability to understand written or verbal instructions.

  • SmoothTheKid
    SmoothTheKid День назад

    Goofy fucking bunch of people but what a stupid bitch xD I'm glad my girl isn't dumb like this, acting surprised the car is gone

  • TheBlackbird82
    TheBlackbird82 2 дня назад

    As an European i have a Question. Are Jeep drivers in the US considered as Douches like BMW drivers in europe?

    • GTOger
      GTOger  2 дня назад

      Worse. Like Audi drivers.

  • 2012XF3
    2012XF3 2 дня назад

    Love it

  • Im Gucci
    Im Gucci 2 дня назад

    Fun Fact 'Tow Trucks don't stop at STOP signs'

  • Rich Moreland
    Rich Moreland 2 дня назад +1

    I love how no one sees the signs. But when their car is towed, they find those signs pretty damn quick!

  • G G
    G G 2 дня назад

    I love the music. Take all them vehicles they deserve it you tried to tell them lol 😂

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    Eileen Schuller 2 дня назад

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    StupidShetHead 2 дня назад

    False sense of entitlement. Typical woman.

  • L. H.
    L. H. 2 дня назад

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  • PrettyTone10377
    PrettyTone10377 2 дня назад

    I understand a few minutes but how you leave your car in a tow away zone for over an hour?

  • Natan Klimaszewski
    Natan Klimaszewski 3 дня назад

    I'm just wondering if that kind of towing would not brake a transmission.
    As I assume 99% cars in USA are equipped with automatic gearbox.
    So If car is in Parking position and the car is Front wheel drive then front of the car should be lifted to drive on rear wheels.
    And similar with rear wheel drive but the other way.
    Am I right ?
    But what happens with 4x4 cars ?
    Please let me know

    • myounges
      myounges День назад

      Natan Klimaszewski i was thinking the same... Add what about hand brake? In Spain 100% drivers leave it on when parked... Specially if there is a little slope.

  • Davi M. Kim
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  • Liam Withers
    Liam Withers 3 дня назад

    Tow company now has a damage claim too

  • Solid Solid
    Solid Solid 3 дня назад

    Do you have a sign for employee and customer use only?

  • Niki Coleman
    Niki Coleman 3 дня назад

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  • Dont Know
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  • Denver Donate
    Denver Donate 3 дня назад

    They are walking around a bunch of warehouses in the rain. She's wearing high-heels, is she a hooker or something?

  • Brian The Explorer
    Brian The Explorer 3 дня назад

    What a waste of time...to warn them

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    Cuda 3 дня назад

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  • TekkyTPvP
    TekkyTPvP 3 дня назад

    that tow truck is badass.

  • Jacob Ishii
    Jacob Ishii 3 дня назад

    You guys are very nice about this.....they park with "no parking" signs all over telling them they will get towed.You go the extra mile and announce it on the P.A. too.

  • mark dangelo
    mark dangelo 3 дня назад

    great music

  • Paul Mauro
    Paul Mauro 4 дня назад

    Hell yea..
    Good job

    hine HFIE JUIWKQK 4 дня назад


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  • The Technoclast
    The Technoclast 5 дней назад

    First guy was about to sing, "This is America" and I can park here.

  • BronzyCleric
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  • Cathy Vickers
    Cathy Vickers 6 дней назад

    Maybe you should add the warning: "If you don't move your car, we will move it for you, & then you can go to the impound yard to reclaim it."

  • Robert Ott
    Robert Ott 6 дней назад

    He was more thinking about her high heels and Hoochie then he was a stupid sign. Awesome.

  • Robert Ott
    Robert Ott 6 дней назад

    Jeeps are junk pieces of shit any more. Not the old jeeps of the 50s 60s and 70s.

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    Modern women think they have a pass for every rule in the book...then this happens 😂

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  • Sub Zero ( LuisXIV)
    Sub Zero ( LuisXIV) 8 дней назад

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    Yannick Sauer 8 дней назад

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  • TruthSeeker4Life
    TruthSeeker4Life 8 дней назад

    There's $400 down the drain.

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  • Bic Nine
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