Learn the Bible in 24 Hours - Hour 10 - Small Groups - Chuck Missler

  • Published on Nov 9, 2016
  • Join us with Session 10 of our updated and fully remastered version of 'Learn the Bible in 24 Hours' with Dr Chuck Missler
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Comments • 16

  • Melissa Stone
    Melissa Stone 16 days ago

    *17:00** was when the sermon began. I wanted to tell preach!!**

  • Samuel Delgado
    Samuel Delgado Month ago

    I've been playing these videos with the volume up.... i need to turn it down before the trumpets play at the end

  • Tomasz Wieczorek
    Tomasz Wieczorek Year ago

    Shabbat Shalom!!!

  • Alicia Barnett
    Alicia Barnett Year ago +3

    I can’t help think he’s talking to some of these characters well people in heaven now. So cool. Not his death but you know what I mean. The Bible is so awesome! 🧖‍♂️💃🏻👼🤴🏽

  • MrPreliminary
    MrPreliminary Year ago +1

    Thank you 🙏🏽 Jesus

  • Ben Davids Son
    Ben Davids Son 2 years ago +1

    wow!!! When Dr. Missler makes the reference to the "10" lost tribes being a myth and then citing Luke 2:36 just blew my mind. I had never noticed or paid much attention to that, but it makes so much sense. It makes me ponder much on the possibility of identifying the 10 other tribes in today's world.

    • cristina kearns
      cristina kearns Year ago

      I didn't give it much thought before either but according to Hebrew teaching there were remnants of all the tribes in Judah after the exile of the North.

  • Alef- Tav
    Alef- Tav 2 years ago

    hi, subtitles are not available

  • HomeGroups.Org
    HomeGroups.Org 2 years ago +6

    I hope it is OK that I am sharing these RU-clip remasters with my own HomeGroups ?

    • HomeGroups.Org
      HomeGroups.Org 2 years ago +4

      I am only sharing the remastered sessions to the KHouse channel. I am downloading for posterity, but not re-broadcasting anything or doing anything that would infringe. I am delighted that these remasters are being made. I would not be the person I am today if not (in part) for the LTB24HRS orignals. They changed my life and helped to set my course. Chuck and his wife impacted my life tremendously without having even met.

    • Koinonia House
      Koinonia House  2 years ago +3

      Please share them any place you like

    • Koinonia House
      Koinonia House  2 years ago +2

      That's fine, we just ask that people don't re-upload videos on to RU-clip under their own accounts.

  • Stephen Zevetchin
    Stephen Zevetchin 2 years ago +1

    thank you! praise God!

  • Młody i Reformowany
    Młody i Reformowany 2 years ago +3

    Change the title from Hour 9 to Hour 10 :)
    God Bless :)