George RR Martin on Racism and Sexism Accusations against Game of Thrones

  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
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  • xdarkprince
    xdarkprince 9 hours ago

    Yes, but why is the slave society being depicted in Moroccoin the first place. I like GRRM but we need to take the discussion to the next level.

  • T B
    T B Day ago

    SJW's are soooo uncomfortable in this comment section lmao.

  • Mark Hana
    Mark Hana Day ago

    STFO and get your offended ass outta here

  • fine93
    fine93 3 days ago

    foken SJWs....

  • Japalloo
    Japalloo 5 days ago +1

    If these sjw would stop being offended by everything the world would be a sweeter, better and happier place.

  • GoreQuill NachoVidal

    too bad he NOW insists GOT and the white walkers are a metaphor for climate change. Not one such fucking thing of the like was uttered before the show started or even after the first couple of years. Fraud.

  • brel magical
    brel magical 5 days ago

    This series literally became the battle of the 3 queens and jon just being there if that ain't girl power iDk WhAt Is

  • Susan Fischer
    Susan Fischer 5 days ago

    He's brilliant.

  • 【黑夜】
    【黑夜】 6 days ago +1

    They do realize that an author's fiction doesn't have to represent their personal views right? That's like saying that an author supports slavery if they wrote a book set in the Roman Empire or in antebellum America. It's called worldbuilding. Obviously what we see/read have to reflect the views of the presented society. Otherwise it's just telling you it's there but it's not really there. You also have to think that majority of the time (save for a few exceptions) the nudity wasn't used for fanservice and served a purpose. Ex: Dany getting up naked from a bath isn't so we can admire her breasts but for us to see how she's unafraid of Daario and confident in dealing with him. Or the prostitutes, whose purpose is to support the characterization of the characters that go into brothels.

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 7 days ago

    Here it goes..the VENOM spread its posions... political correctnrs ...foknof

  • Rowby
    Rowby 8 days ago

    Honestly wtf

  • Aleeseeya Winters
    Aleeseeya Winters 8 days ago

    Really sexism and racism in GoT? This is a fantasy story that took great inspiration from ancient history and medieval times, ancient cultures were openly sexual, it shouldn't be surprising if you know even a hint of history. There again racism was another thing of ancient civilization. Though from the sounds of it people are just looking for issues to bitch and moan about... So to the uncultured swine that know nothing, please sit down and shut up.

  • Stokage
    Stokage 9 days ago +1

    GRRM's face.
    *LOL Titillation*

  • Brandi H
    Brandi H 9 days ago

    Jesus effing Christ!!!!! This is how women have been treated throughout history. His masterpiece was an ancient fantasy piece. Fuck ppl. I’m a progressive liberal, but this is ridiculous!!!! GRR Martin... don’t give two fucks about this. Your writing, and ability to tell a magnificent story. That ability is so much more than these little fragile minds

  • Fernanda Goncalves Oliveira Braga

    So he is suposed to make super women, with fake powers forcing situations you know It is fake (would never happen like that, medieval mind is ancient for a reason). And so the same as to force fake empowerment to diferent races just to sastify people that Just want to make mouse and don't care about the story.

  • Yoga tonga
    Yoga tonga 11 days ago

    There aren't enough black people in the "Three musketeers".

  • crazy10bears
    crazy10bears 11 days ago

    shuffle shuffle shuffle

    shuffle shuffle shuffle

  • Christina Inman
    Christina Inman 12 days ago

    I wanna slap the shit out of every mic tech didn’t think germs beard was gonna be a fucking issue

  • me and me
    me and me 18 days ago

    not every critique deserves to be treated. you can always read a man-hating pink-haired talentless author if you want some PC

  • Dragonspheres
    Dragonspheres 23 days ago +4

    If a woman who looks like a boy ever interviews you, just walk away

  • Jayster
    Jayster 24 days ago

    Can we please for one time not talk about Racism it's getting out of hand! It was a good movie!! Please just like the Movie!

  • OGIT1917
    OGIT1917 24 days ago +1

    Leftwingers take the fun out of everything! It is fantasy people enjoy it 😉 This PC culture is so stupid 😂

  • Jacob Dalton
    Jacob Dalton 25 days ago +1

    I don’t understand why “racism” and “sexism” are an issue in fiction and I think when you do focus on that it takes away from the stories that could be told it shouldn’t even be a consideration on what color a character is or if their a man or woman if it really doesn’t effect the outcome of their character arc or the whole story as a whole

  • Vince P
    Vince P 26 days ago +1

    I'm sorry (I'm not) but if you get offended by a rape scene in fiction, or the colour of people being rescued, you are a fucking cunt and a racist.

  • Jk-95's Beard
    Jk-95's Beard 27 days ago

    I think it's safe to say that there were quite a few Moroccans in the audience that laughed at Martin's comment about who shows up to extra calls.

  • jhon doe
    jhon doe 27 days ago +1

    this is what happens when you attend an even controlled by fat socialists that never accomplished anything in their lives, somehow they twists things so you feel like you need their approval

  • Ronald  Schmal
    Ronald Schmal 27 days ago

    Dumb question for the dumbasses that had to ask.

  • Tuscan
    Tuscan Month ago

    The lady talking is having a hard time speaking her thoughts coherency and without pausing mid-sentence a lot. This tells me she has not thought through her ideas and opinions and is making them up as she goes. I know this from experience because the same thing happens to me when i don't think what i want to say through. That tells me this entire thing is a sham and BS.

  • Skeptical Chris
    Skeptical Chris Month ago +2

    Funny how no one seemed to care when Theon Greyjoy got flayed and castrated, and brutally tortured.

  • Etho the Creative
    Etho the Creative Month ago

    Interesting conversation, I’m not entirely sure where I stand on it. On one hand, the quality of a piece should not be affected by forced representation, but on the other it’s important for all groups of people to see themselves as others (straight white men) have for so long...

  • Neddy Stark
    Neddy Stark Month ago +1

    Game of Thrones sucks ass...what a waste of time.

  • iknow thisone
    iknow thisone Month ago

    history is sexist. ima go cry now.

  • vandern calmus
    vandern calmus Month ago

    Complaining about sexual and gender representation and nudity in a work of fiction primarily targeted towards young adults... The feminists and the rest of the she snowflakes must be bored again. What did they run out of bullshit to bitch about regarding the porn industry. Why can't people just be mature and say "yep that's a penis" or "yep those are breasts" and move on with their lives? Why are you people so offended when someone else has a bigger cock or more shapely tits than you do. You're insecurities shouldn't be concern anyone but yourselves and if you're that pathetically self conscious than you should avoid adult media in general.

    • vandern calmus
      vandern calmus Month ago

      I hate spell check I was trying to write sjw snowflakes not she snowflakes. And to those of you who will inevitably misrepresent my initial statement. Anyone with half a brain can tell that you're so full of shit the coroner could diagnose you as being septic.

  • MeSoyCapitan
    MeSoyCapitan Month ago +1

    Wish the interviewer would stop just saying "yeah" over and over again.

  • A F
    A F Month ago

    GOT is a f**** leftwing series. I started rightwing, and finished leftwing since season 3.

  • Student 1
    Student 1 Month ago

    Martin is a leftist and a feminist and yet the bloody autists still want his head.
    Well.. It's good that they are eating each others.

  • Ka Wrss
    Ka Wrss Month ago

    why is it when woman get super offended are the ones that seem to have short dyed hair and are overweight? The skinny hot young ones do it because its a trent/political base to make a career out of. Its not taken seriously unless it gains money. We all know how well money and woman mix.

  • TheSkyWookie
    TheSkyWookie Month ago


  • El Tigrero
    El Tigrero Month ago

    Why is that retarded freak allowed to even sit there and ask questions?

  • badger5079
    badger5079 Month ago +2

    GRRM's chair was so annoyed.

  • Kyle Mouttet
    Kyle Mouttet Month ago +1

    a great example of people seeing what they want to see
    a feminist will see sexist stuff. a racist will see racist stuff. a homophobe will see gay stuff. a zealot will see anti-religious stuff.
    the only thing these dumb accusations shed light upon is the dumb mind of the accuser
    i wonder what kind of questions would've been asked in a different age.. today it's WHITE MEN MUST DIE! last generation it was SATANIC WORSHIP! a generation before that, it was ALL COMMIES MUST DIE! before that, it was...

  • Quinn Sinclair
    Quinn Sinclair Month ago +1

    I wouldn’t say he’s racist or sexist if only because everyone in A Song of Ice and Fire gets brutalized equally.

  • toogle1234
    toogle1234 Month ago +2

    Poor bastard getting flack for D&D back then already.

  • Curly R
    Curly R Month ago

    The definition of a stupid ignorant moron,please tell me she doesn’t teach children.

  • JT 7
    JT 7 Month ago +1

    I find it interesting. They were in Morocco and imagine if they had brought in white extras rather than hire locals....

  • Centurion
    Centurion Month ago +2

    Typical low IQ SJWs attacking what they dont understand

  • Hugh Cipher
    Hugh Cipher Month ago

    GRR Martin is a White male raised in Western culture so errrr surprise he either consciously or unconsciously introduces racial & sexual tropes & symbolism in his material ie: an army full of Black & Brown guys with no dicks (trust me there is no example in history of a "literally" dickless army)
    Nethertheless Martin's material possesses none of the direct racism present in Lovecraft,Robert E Howard, Edgar Rice Boroughs nor dare i say Tolkien(gasp)

  • Kenneth Ekstrøm
    Kenneth Ekstrøm Month ago +1

    So a fiction based on medieval/ancient history has to depict modern political corectness? wtf

  • Alex Moore
    Alex Moore Month ago +1

    So his work was criticized because apparently it is racist for a white person to free non-whites.
    1. These days whites are criticized for anything, if you help non-whites, you are racist, if you don't help non-whites, you are racist, if you help whites, you are racist, the word "racist" has been used so much it's lost almost all meaning.
    2. Dany being a white person freeing white and non-white slaves has actually nothing to do with race, since in this time period race wasn't an issue in most parts of the world.
    These white-guilt libtards gotta bring racism and sexism everywhere

  • Emyli Evyrling
    Emyli Evyrling Month ago

    Wait. It's Dothrak{EYE}?!

  • theoneandonly
    theoneandonly Month ago

    You can tell this lady is feminist and also lbgtq+ category. Only people in these categories think they can argue with people when it's not even their business. I am a fan of GOT but I didn't like the ending. When I see this type of ignorance, it makes me mad.

  • cole turner
    cole turner Month ago

    I'm all for equality. But not everything needs to be equal all the time. A writer could write a book with all white men, no women or other races. It shouldn't be shouted at, thats just the story the writer wanted to write. You don't need to include every gender, sexuality and minority in everything, and at the same time make them all equal to each other. That would be boring.

  • Old Man Olson
    Old Man Olson Month ago

    "Some people have said..." Translation... this is what I think. STFU feminist dog.

  • Old Man Olson
    Old Man Olson Month ago

    I'm stunned that an unattractive woman with spiky hair would broach this topic. JK, of course that's exactly who would!

  • mikehtv
    mikehtv Month ago

    George r.r Martin DESTROYS liberals with FACTS and LOGIC

  • Higth115
    Higth115 Month ago

    I'd be worried about political correctness censoring creativity, but the backlash against it every time it occurs is more than reassuring. Just look at these comments.

  • jones mutua
    jones mutua Month ago +2

    ohh my God, why do people think black people cant enjoy something just because there are no black people in the story?? or that we are constantly thinking of ourselves in terms of racism ?? its just acting people!!!

  • TheGlovis
    TheGlovis Month ago +1

    Jesus Christ. Leftist are so fucking cancers

  • Jasmine Johnson
    Jasmine Johnson Month ago

    1st rape does happen, so why can't it be in a fiction book. So why write it out like it's nonexistent. Second, I just talked to a friend about the race issue. He is white so of course his main characters are white. You write what you know, and it reflects. There's something I read about this, and it makes sense.

  • hddd
    hddd Month ago

    the lady sucks

  • Human I.E.
    Human I.E. Month ago

    I'm actually really becoming a fan of George as like, a person, not just his work, because hes funny and clever but at the same time seems rather level headed and almost always a seems to know the right reaction, response or lack of. Like a really good example is when he said something about how "if we have alot of brown people do we stop hiring them and hire white people to even it out" and someone, I'm not sure which, said "brown people?" Almost as if to provoke George to have to defend saying that, and George completely ignored it and finished making his point. He is really good at calculating what to say or not say and still be charismatic in the midst of a topic he knows alot of people are sensitive about.

  • uwu
    uwu Month ago

    The ‘white’ saviour. She’s from the same fucking continent as them, she’s not even white. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Patrick Star 420
    Patrick Star 420 Month ago +3

    Poor George he made the one unforgivable mistake of our age..... being a white man

  • Mercedes Benzos
    Mercedes Benzos Month ago

    12:47 George, you Cheech and Chong fan, you! Learning things as a kid from Sister Mary Elephant. 🤣

  • Rick Caruso
    Rick Caruso Month ago

    Sounds like the professor has the problem with this. College professors are the people who cause most of the problems our spoiled children imagine today.

  • GregZ123
    GregZ123 Month ago

    the people 'critiquing' probably make up 1% of the total audience that watched the show. But sure, why not focus on that 1% for the sake of being annoying...

  • David Palau
    David Palau Month ago

    It's pretty bad form to have ads on content that isn't yours

  • Maximuz
    Maximuz Month ago

    She or whomever ever made these questions is trying to make an issue out of everything.

  • SuperPopopopo13
    SuperPopopopo13 Month ago

    He is so annoyed

  • RichGang CEO
    RichGang CEO Month ago +1

    My cousin legit said Game of Throne don’t got no black ppl why he had no interest I Point at Khal Drogo said his man is stay gangster yes man Drogo has skin of bronze so he’s black