Lineage II Goddess of Destruction Official Trailer

  • Published on Jan 20, 2013

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  • Rigor Mortis
    Rigor Mortis 9 months ago

    wher are the mages and cardinals in rune siege?

  • RedWind
    RedWind 9 months ago

    Best mmo

  • Adamek90
    Adamek90 9 months ago

    Very good game mmorpg years of memories until you find a tear in the eye krecin

    DRAGO 11 months ago


  • Matthew Rachel
    Matthew Rachel Year ago

    best moment 4:50 :D
    thx nc soft for this trailer
    I look this at the end of 2018 and I started play in l2 in 2004
    Music at ending rly brings some tears to my eyes

  • Hareton C.
    Hareton C. Year ago

    Name of the song in 6:40??

  • Свидетель Слэма

    Почему бы сразу голема не отправить через портал корейцы блять тупорылые ?

  • 댕기감자
    댕기감자 Year ago

    원작 캐릭터하고는 좀 다르네

  • Justinas Gabulas
    Justinas Gabulas 2 years ago +2

    3:20 Game of Thrones did it in Battle of the Bastards :D

    BBKRABBE 2 years ago

    I like it ;)

  • Sayori Waifu
    Sayori Waifu 2 years ago

    Lineage used to have better cinematics 10 years ago lol

  • Wednesday.K. Dahmer
    Wednesday.K. Dahmer 2 years ago

    I never really played it but the videos are soooo AMAZING!!!! The dark Elf Lady simply is a killer...I could watch videos of her for hours...

  • Yeirei
    Yeirei 2 years ago

    untill interlude was nice

  • Leandro F.M
    Leandro F.M 2 years ago +12

    Best game ever. Too bad ncwest didn't know how to manage it and let it die in an extreme pay2win + infinite bots and scripts

    • onegmsgmailcom
      onegmsgmailcom 2 years ago

      Paladin kill them buddy u didnt sawwtf they can do with good items

    • fqfkin
      fqfkin 2 years ago

      soulbrakers killed l2 - warlord still playing on freeeshards

  • I Perashkeee
    I Perashkeee 2 years ago +5

    my god i was crying at the end wtf? that game really was the best part of my life

  • Мозг Ларина
    Мозг Ларина 2 years ago +1

    Сука блядь ,до мурашек!и слез!Блядь это превосходно спасибо Нцсофты.И спасибо вам за с4 за щястливое детсво!!!!

  • onegmsgmailcom
    onegmsgmailcom 3 years ago +1

    Paladin was the beast :-D!

  • Arrynek01
    Arrynek01 3 years ago +3

    The white dude was so dead in that last shot.

    • onegmsgmailcom
      onegmsgmailcom 2 years ago

      Well my friend u know bad L2 if u will read Human description it was most powerful and unicue race :-) C1 or new version Human was 4 ever :-)

    • Plamen Penev
      Plamen Penev 2 years ago

      Ya ok.. look at the last fight :P The dark elf swings too fast and his sword slowly reaches its target as the scene fades away. I know the human should win.. good>evil yata yata, but in this scenario i think the human isnt the main charecter and he just dies :D RIP

    • onegmsgmailcom
      onegmsgmailcom 2 years ago +1

      @Plamen Penev No buddy unot understand HUMAN history we aqreall like in small amounts fighting againste evil and end of proper fight all proper humanity come in place :-) Try imagine yourself like a good human who respect everything and u fightagainst all abd things and u kicking ass and in time all rest of your power come in place ;-)

    • Plamen Penev
      Plamen Penev 2 years ago

      ya but if you look at the dark elfs sword in that moment... the human would be cut down if the scene continued :D

    • onegmsgmailcom
      onegmsgmailcom 2 years ago

      White guy kick all ass down there I bet u will be tired ass well :-)

  • Marcus Agrippa
    Marcus Agrippa 3 years ago

    Well, that was surprisingly brutal xD I love the soundtrack so much xD Btw, one thing I always hated about older MMOs was, that in trailer, the combat looked so epic, but in the game it was slow as fuck.

    • Silence SocalSavage
      Silence SocalSavage 3 years ago

      ya it depends on the race and class you play for sure. I always played a Human or Dark Elf Tank or Damage Dealer in the form of a Rogue(dagger) and the difference was for sure noticeable. I am actually updfating and installing the game again as we speak aqnd plan on creatying a DE tank most likely since they are better for PvP while still being a great tank especially when you compensate the lack of defense to a Human Tank with +CON armor and gear. I may go Human but im not to sure im just a really good tank player i can do well either way

    • Marcus Agrippa
      Marcus Agrippa 3 years ago

      I remembered it quite slow when I played it those years back, I played a mage and a tank, but I reinstalled it and played an archer and that class really is fast :D

    • Silence SocalSavage
      Silence SocalSavage 3 years ago

      not in this game it has the best PvP and raids in any mmo I swear to you

  • StormzBG
    StormzBG 3 years ago

    So many years and they still make trailers depicting diffrent races fighting each other... No one gives a shit what race you are ingame, people didnt give a shit before and they dont give a shit now. But at least back in the day, choosing diffrent races actually ment something. You had diffrent bonuses, career paths and ways to develop your character. Nowadays they all end of one of same 8 classes anyway, so theres no real diffrence. But even then nobody made clans or alliances based on race. Lineage 2 was always more of a clan thing and a pvp thing. It's no accident the quotes in the end talk about clans. But you could always pvp anyone outside, even without a clan. PK's were also a big part of the game.

  • Wassim csc
    Wassim csc 3 years ago

    where are mages and duelists?? i was si excited to see storm screamers and duelists kick other classes ass

    • onegmsgmailcom
      onegmsgmailcom 2 years ago +1

      Paladin kicks all ass in real dualist is good till he have mana ;-)

  • Emperador 2.0
    Emperador 2.0 3 years ago +1

    El final fue lo que más me emocionó, hasta lagrimas solté de lo emocionante que es esa parte.

  • Apple Xpear
    Apple Xpear 3 years ago

    The ending, those words and the song...awww..i miss my overseas friends and my clan so much ;(

  • Сергей Мартыненко

    красиво, но гейм плей на годе ну его на хуй

  • Frenzy Jinx
    Frenzy Jinx 3 years ago

    OMG VERY VERY COOL.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luis Gonzales
    Luis Gonzales 3 years ago

    if really god was like that and less like pay for this pay for that ey guess what :D pay$$$$$$$$$$$ and let the bots screw latency an game but you you pay pay

  • Tommy Baby
    Tommy Baby 3 years ago +18

    the song brings tears to my eyes...

  • loky alcubo
    loky alcubo 4 years ago +2

    un arquero adelante de todo no tomatela puro fail

  • loky alcubo
    loky alcubo 4 years ago

    asi no ba la cosa que mierd es esto un puto bishop no bi y eso es una berguensa que gente como yo que soy bishop de alma desde que enpese en c3 no este en esto

  • crimsonstar108
    crimsonstar108 4 years ago +1

    It's a shame that L2 never had animations on this level. Then again it was launched almost 12 years ago, so you can only expect so much. I enjoyed L2 years ago, but it got really repetitive and took up way too much of my time. I just wish that NC Soft hadn't closed the City of Heroes servers. That was an old game that could still please. Its user base was small, but the fans were really dedicated and the dev team was popping out new content left and right. Very unlike L2, which would go months to years without new content going live. That could be due to cultural differences since NC Soft wasn't directly in control of CoH.

  • FabsBauer
    FabsBauer 4 years ago

    I haven't played in awhile. Are these all real gameplay interactions? Do I really get to grab, throw and pierce through another character's body just like in this video???
    If so... What a marvelous work!

  • Aion Lionheart
    Aion Lionheart 4 years ago

    ya parecía película , cuando sale la segunda parte ? ajajaa

  • ST Valentinus
    ST Valentinus 4 years ago

    I love this game.

  • Ангел Пасков

    Great video,great music....the game was great too before the bankrupted NC released free GoD and gave BOTS the freedom they never had before.RIP NC SOFT

  • GaleON
    GaleON 4 years ago

    Name of the last song pliz ? nombre de la ultima cancion :×

    • Abel Soto
      Abel Soto 3 years ago

      +Jhonathan Sulbaran After the storm

    • NickmanTraceur
      NickmanTraceur 4 years ago

      If i'm not mistaken it's the one called "Call of destiny" it was also the main song for chronicle 1 :)

  • emilio silva
    emilio silva 5 years ago

    best of the best,y love the song

  • Richard Useche
    Richard Useche 5 years ago +3

    tremendo video!!!

  • camila perez
    camila perez 5 years ago +4

    wow that was amazing, sadly i wont play l2 again, too many bad things in exchange of too little good :c

  • duo7777
    duo7777 5 years ago +7

    wow that was a epic ending