White Parents VS Black Parents

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
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    White Parents VS Black Parents
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  • loveliveserve
    loveliveserve  Year ago +4265

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    Winners get a s/o in the next video 🔥
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    • Hoodiniowl 69420
      Hoodiniowl 69420 6 days ago

      This is as cursed as a white Person saying the n word without a pass and saying it to a black man

    • Sandi Ross
      Sandi Ross 12 days ago

      What is that. Song called

    • Ezechiel Octave
      Ezechiel Octave 12 days ago

      rhino looks good with that blonde wig on

    • ATL4NTIC __Menace
      ATL4NTIC __Menace 14 days ago

      What part of Northern Ireland u from

  • DarkPanda
    DarkPanda 5 hours ago

    The end part when it said “how are you my son you are so dark and I’m so light “was racist you agree

  • Lolo. O
    Lolo. O 6 hours ago

    Every non white parent “is like black parents”

  • Porter Hamilton
    Porter Hamilton 6 hours ago +1

    My parents are white but apparently there black according to this video

  • PenguinGirl
    PenguinGirl 6 hours ago


  • Lakshman Is Lucky-NoKidding

    What about the biracial people

  • Eddie Brinkley
    Eddie Brinkley 14 hours ago

    I have white parents and there nothing close to this, my parents are more like the black parents but they don't get the belt

  • Follow my ig: Terribleidea_letsdoit

    “Dealing with bad grades. White parents”
    *Kid’s basically a felony*

  • Aiden Estes
    Aiden Estes 16 hours ago

    I am black and Mexican.... I swear my guy I be getting whooped all the time WiT dA bElT g

  • Kakashi Sensei
    Kakashi Sensei 18 hours ago

    I swear I feel like in public Ryan and Noah are the most awkward people when fans aren’t around

    Is it just me?

  • Jaira l
    Jaira l 19 hours ago

    Tuffys dad: what time is it
    Tuffy: 7:30
    Tuffys dad: your talking back to md now huh

  • Playerhater 10
    Playerhater 10 19 hours ago

    At 7:18 that made me crack up😂 how he messed up the audio so he explained what happen and it was that tuffy was getting beat again

  • Pablo Prigoni
    Pablo Prigoni 21 hour ago

    Guys please watch my video top ten NBA players like if you agree

  • Jessica Scott
    Jessica Scott 23 hours ago

    rip tuffy

  • RM Productions
    RM Productions Day ago

    I'm Indian but when I lock the door even my dad gets pissed

  • Moogie Boogie Clan

    Dad:1+1. Tuffy:1. Dad: oh you giving me wrong answers now. Tuffy:nah just saying. Dad:*brings helt. Tuffys brother:getting out the popcorn and then watches Tuffy getting whipped

  • Christian Hernandez

    Tuffy. Always gets hurt 😹😹

  • Leo
    Leo Day ago

    Tuffy lowkey looks like DaBaby

  • Super Bros
    Super Bros Day ago +1

    In Montenegro we dont use belts. We use hands and fly swatters 😂

  • Super Bros
    Super Bros Day ago +2

    I have white parents and in this video theyre literally black parents xD

  • Wolfie8383
    Wolfie8383 Day ago

    What about Mexicans

  • Anthony_H630_YT
    Anthony_H630_YT Day ago

    U and cheyanne

  • re_my
    re_my Day ago

    The 1st one is literally my parents (And the 2nd one black) and all of the black ones

  • The Real Kay Baby

    why the first one so true tho😂 .

  • Dillon Broussard
    Dillon Broussard 2 days ago

    Are my parents secretly black

  • IQMZT ‘
    IQMZT ‘ 2 days ago

    my asian mom
    gets a B...
    Mom: you wanna be homeless? you so stupid do better
    Me: it was a hard class mom
    Mom: oh yeah little boy hold out your hand
    *gets out metal chopsticks*
    Me: no please mom
    Mom: GET MORE A+
    *breaks all fingers*

  • yooo lmao
    yooo lmao 2 days ago

    This can’t be more relatable...

  • Nathanael Morlock
    Nathanael Morlock 2 days ago

    “How to be black”

  • Lani
    Lani 2 days ago +1

    I am a mixed child. Like if u are two

    Actually i don’t care if you like or not

  • adalyn casso
    adalyn casso 2 days ago


  • SunnyIsFunny
    SunnyIsFunny 2 days ago

    heres my joke, when the black parent was walking into the kids room, he was using a belt... i think we was a "Black Belt"

  • Snok
    Snok 2 days ago

    Im calling parent support!

  • Mitch Mco
    Mitch Mco 2 days ago

    U saying white parents are soft huh?

  • James Giouba
    James Giouba 2 days ago

    After all that beating on Tuffy, he's gonna be pink and not black!😂😂😂

  • that_kid_12_
    that_kid_12_ 2 days ago

    Noah’s interatial

  • Kristen Figueroa
    Kristen Figueroa 2 days ago

    black parents when your dad goes to the store for the cigars he don't smoke

  • Kevin Montalvo
    Kevin Montalvo 2 days ago

    Funniest video I ever watched the belt tho ha ha ha

  • Storm_Oneshot -
    Storm_Oneshot - 2 days ago


  • goldenfoxy 27
    goldenfoxy 27 2 days ago

    Darius butler? Nahhhhhhhh

  • Kashif Saleem
    Kashif Saleem 2 days ago


  • Tj4master
    Tj4master 2 days ago

    One of the best vids

  • Card board box is my house

    8:05 but it's that fat kid wacking his mum

  • Angelika Layne
    Angelika Layne 3 days ago

    Dad's black and mom white too😄😄😄

  • Ahloveyafuhso
    Ahloveyafuhso 3 days ago

    That white kid needs more than just licks from a belt.. you see this phone.. confiscated.. your internet and wifi disabled and don't think of getting the password it's changing every day till you clean out your damn tune. *proceeds to the door and unbolts it.. * Also you are losing this door! The disrespect to say in my house that I raised you in that I'm in your space? Excuse me who pays for the everything in here , including the clothes you wear? Get off your bum and go get a job! Before you even think of having your own space.. oh btw dinner will be ready in eight minutes make sure you come and eat otherwise you're not getting any.

  • SKY Sol3z
    SKY Sol3z 3 days ago

    This sucked all dat black boi did was just get beat

  • abeer bakshi
    abeer bakshi 3 days ago

    I think that whipping of the black kid was real!!

  • mr.1n5an_e
    mr.1n5an_e 3 days ago

    Tuffy in the toilet...
    His dad... Ok you poopin now OK... 👊👋👋🖕🏿

    ITSFOXYPLAYZ 3 days ago

    2:35 WHAT THE

  • Steven Cung
    Steven Cung 3 days ago

    You are so ugly that go to a dumpster

  • Mark King
    Mark King 3 days ago


  • Shaketta Jackson
    Shaketta Jackson 3 days ago


  • William super sanyan Luther force

    This boy don't get no Girls look it his hair line

  • Ramon Ray
    Ramon Ray 3 days ago

    SOOO relatable

  • Little Pillow
    Little Pillow 3 days ago

    that is nothing like white parents if i talked that way to my mother i would be dead

  • Wolfy -chan
    Wolfy -chan 3 days ago

    why tuffy get hit by a belt OOF X-X

  • Einmuketsu Plays
    Einmuketsu Plays 3 days ago

    Wut about asian parents? : 3

  • Caleb Rogers
    Caleb Rogers 3 days ago

    What’s funny is I’m white and i get beat even if I raise my voice just a little it gets like that😂 cause I RESPECT MY PARENTS😂

    RETRO 3 days ago

    Join the stop beating tuffy foundation

  • Maleak Lewis
    Maleak Lewis 3 days ago

    White people listen up and this is black people

  • RocketheadXX -_-
    RocketheadXX -_- 3 days ago

    rip tuffy