Smashing Rev Limiter in a 223 MPH RUF CTR!

  • Published on Nov 28, 2018
  • Dream status: achieved. The Autofocus crew visits one of Germany's finest car manufacturers: Ruf Automobile. Yep, the creators of the legendary Yellowbird Nurburgring stormer, and other rear-engined madness. So what do we do when they hand us the keys to a brand new CTR? Smash that rev limiter, of course.
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Comments • 785

  • Hoonigan
    Hoonigan  Year ago +113

    Favorite car from today’s episode of AutoFocus, go!

    • WarthDader74
      WarthDader74 11 months ago

      That yellow Porsche is the best sportscar ever built!

    • Lachlan Reynen
      Lachlan Reynen Year ago

      The Yellowbird

    • turbonut20v
      turbonut20v Year ago

      the porsche.

    • theNewTomSawyer
      theNewTomSawyer Year ago

      4.2 NA it just sounds so dirty

    • Porsche 996
      Porsche 996 Year ago

      The original Yellowbird, ever since I saw it first. Stunning. All are gorgeous though.

  • Patrick Lilly
    Patrick Lilly 22 days ago

    Mrs. Ruf, what a class act.

  • 007 T-5
    007 T-5 Month ago

    Hope you cherished this...this is literally a dream of mine...👍🏁

  • 007 T-5
    007 T-5 Month ago

    On my bucket list to visit RUF...👍🏁

  • Edwardo Shoemaker
    Edwardo Shoemaker Month ago

    Being allowed to drive a RUF...priceless. Showing up with an RWB hat.... moronic !!!

  • Christopher Dounis
    Christopher Dounis 3 months ago

    No words.... nope, none.

  • Phil Biagi
    Phil Biagi 3 months ago

    What awesome cars

  • Lukas Jaecker
    Lukas Jaecker 3 months ago

    Sehr sehr schöne Produktion!

  • Roberto Albertazzi
    Roberto Albertazzi 3 months ago

    Happy 80th anniversary RUF

  • All Time Productions
    All Time Productions 3 months ago

    The most power isn't in the redline or torque but some L.A. millennils treat it like a cheap rent a car very disrespectful Porsches are ment to be driven smooth seamless not off the limiter with the owners back turned. Typical smell A types!

  • gürhan kaya
    gürhan kaya 3 months ago


  • HoldMyBeer76
    HoldMyBeer76 3 months ago

    This video works better than Viagra.

  • Rome Clasher
    Rome Clasher 4 months ago +1

    Anyone else think Miss Ruf was quite the hot rod herself? 😘

  • 6spdkeg
    6spdkeg 4 months ago +1

    I fucking love this. I need to go there when I go back to drive The Ring. Wont be renting a Porsche to track but something RWD and familiar. Maybe E36M3 if someone is still renting them out.

  • justin porter
    justin porter 4 months ago

    Ctr 2 all the way man to this day is one of my favorite cars ever

  • justin porter
    justin porter 4 months ago

    Holy hell i havnt seen one of these since grand turismo!! I love it!

  • clare watkins
    clare watkins 6 months ago

    Loving HOONIGAN. It says a whole lot about how far HOONIGAN has grown n how much love n Respect Larry has world wide to be able to rock up late n still get handed the keys to 3 amazing cars n touring the place with the owners wife... LEGENDs Full Send U.K.

  • Aslak Vind
    Aslak Vind 6 months ago

    What people don´t know, Mrs Ruf is a faaast driver. thank you to Ruf for allowing this video. Love the pride in her eyes!

  • betims
    betims 6 months ago

    I wouldn't let you guys film a shed let alone a garage like this. I mean, where is the respect? During the whole video you hear noises of a really cheap porn video. SHAME ON YOU.

  • Allen Saunders
    Allen Saunders 7 months ago

    This car has a carbon chassis only rear engine car in the wotld with one. Made by ruf too

  • Chris Mccullough
    Chris Mccullough 7 months ago

    One of the best old school, new schools

  • Sound Innovations design & production

    Vin why you wearin girls glasses around such works of art?

  • Creepo
    Creepo 8 months ago

    10:30 "It's a @!#&*#@ Carbon Fiber *ROOF* "
    Well that is one cool ROOF.

    • Pablo Gonzalez
      Pablo Gonzalez 3 months ago

      He meant carbon fiber Ruf since the entire body is cf

  • archie perkin
    archie perkin 8 months ago

    Good video but please do 4K or 1440p!!!! Looks like we're in 2012 atm

  • Driver7
    Driver7 9 months ago +1

    I keep getting back to this video just because of 10:19

    • Dan R
      Dan R 7 months ago

      Yep same as. Love turbo version but the noise is unadulterated in the Natural Aspirated version makes your hairs on back of your neck . Imagine straight pipes

  • Mseni Khanyile
    Mseni Khanyile 9 months ago

    South African flags on the GT3 ohhh yeah

  • Heiko Vau
    Heiko Vau 10 months ago

    I guess the southgerman countryside, where i live ;-) , is a really privilegged place just in between RUF, Abt, Novitec and Alpina.
    The RUF SCR is absolutely great designed peace of technology, don't you think? Like the Singer-Porsche, the SCR is a great respectful reminiscence to the 70s 911 Design speach with obvious modern materials and technology.

  • Bill Zipprich
    Bill Zipprich 10 months ago

    Looks like fun. Two goofballs get to drive some serious machinery.

  • Michael S.
    Michael S. 10 months ago

    Nery Vice.

  • Tiaan du Preez
    Tiaan du Preez 10 months ago

    dat SA flag tho

  • Kalashnikov Cortez
    Kalashnikov Cortez 10 months ago

    shaky camera so annoying

  • William Minyard
    William Minyard 10 months ago

    I restore Porsche 911s all I do is metal work. Ive replaced all body panels inside and out. Very time consuming work its like therapy.

  • siler7
    siler7 10 months ago

    Man, Sidney is gorgeous. I want to look like that.

  • FizBomb
    FizBomb 11 months ago

    What an incredible experience!!!

  • Daniel Fajardo
    Daniel Fajardo 11 months ago

    SOBIDA in Cars.

  • marc scorer
    marc scorer 11 months ago

    Great classic company but these guys are jerks.

  • All Time Productions
    All Time Productions 11 months ago


  • Ding Chavez
    Ding Chavez 11 months ago

    germany empowers women to be intelligent. god look at this woman telling these men about the details in the car!

  • Stu Bailey
    Stu Bailey 11 months ago

    RUF are very nice people to let you drive these cars, lucky guys!

  • Andrea Sanai
    Andrea Sanai 11 months ago

    The worst shop tour ever seen. RU-cliprs...

  • giff74
    giff74 11 months ago +3

    They let them drive because Larry was the responsible party!
    Awesome video! I've enjoyed this series so much.

  • Gambantein
    Gambantein 11 months ago

    RUF *thumbs up*!!

  • Lawrence Lentini
    Lawrence Lentini Year ago

    I had to stop watching because of the vlog music

  • AlbonHamburg
    AlbonHamburg Year ago

    Sidney is annoying af

  • jamie101010
    jamie101010 Year ago

    Totally expected this video to be full of nothing but hipster douches. ‘Totally love the N/A’, as he tickles the throttle. So It did have them had them, but also some great footage of the cars and the factory. Also RUF > Singer. By, like, a lot.

  • Gadget UB
    Gadget UB Year ago

    Can you please not suck recording. The film is all over the place

  • Nancy Blanchard
    Nancy Blanchard Year ago

    What's with all the editing with engine noise?

  • Verdampft und zugevaped

    @12:03 Nice shoot!

  • SD
    SD Year ago

    Awesome cars! Really nice folks too.

  • Jeffrey-gt3point2- Johnston

    RUF awesomeness. ! great video. So jealous ! @gt3point2

  • kheff46
    kheff46 Year ago

    Awesome video guys!

  • Ryan Donoghue
    Ryan Donoghue Year ago

    I remember using the ctr2 in gran turismo 3. it went 260+ on the test oval.

  • EMKS Lam
    EMKS Lam Year ago

    "it feels natural" - "you've only driven four feet" HAHAHAHAHA

  • Borko Borkovic
    Borko Borkovic Year ago


  • Marty Lynchian
    Marty Lynchian Year ago

    WTF is this " NA" they are talking about? I don't know of any Porsche NA. Is that like a 911?

    • Marty Lynchian
      Marty Lynchian Year ago

      In other words, its just a Porsche ( without saying Turbo after it)? My brother has a Porsche 911(non-turbo) and we have never referred to it as NA even one time.

    • Päwkele
      Päwkele Year ago

      NA = Naturally aspirated. So no turbo or supercharger.

  • PAG 1
    PAG 1 Year ago

    And these are old cars 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • akingturtle
    akingturtle Year ago

    What's the significance of the RSA flag on the Porsche?

  • TornadoF60
    TornadoF60 Year ago +2

    This old women is so hot ;-)

  • Jason Simon Smith

    OMG the houndstooth !

  • Гарик Воронов

    what music in the video?