Did Experts Sleep On The Raptors Chances This Year?

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • In the offseason many NBA experts and pundits had the Raptors taking a major step back in the East. Early signs are indicating that won't be the case.
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Comments • 122

    RICH TV LIVE 4 days ago

    Of course they are

  • gingerly
    gingerly 13 days ago

    Nick Nurse is an excellent coach

  • Lalambz
    Lalambz 16 days ago

    since when were they not sleeping on the raptors?

  • John Gallagher
    John Gallagher 16 days ago

    These guys are 9 and 4 after losing Kwahi and a alot of key injuries. Gotta admit I barely expected them to make the playoffs. The scary part is after the west trip they really dont face a real tough team till Houston on I think Dec 5 . Gotta admit I was totally wrong they are way better than I thought they would be.

  • IceManLikeGervin
    IceManLikeGervin 17 days ago

    Dennis Scott had the Raptors missing the playoffs and Sam Mitchell had them 7th or 8th in the East even though they went 17-5 without Kawhi in the lineup last season....

  • Jared Breton
    Jared Breton 17 days ago

    I mean they are good no one's sleeping they just aren't making it out of the east this year

  • Carter Williams
    Carter Williams 17 days ago

    Lakers in 5

  • Lisa Francis
    Lisa Francis 17 days ago

    Real Raptors fan here !!! Yeah keep sleeping on the Raptors!!!!!When we won, I was just listening too everyone say we would not do it. But we did , We the champs and know one can take it away from us!!!!Go Raptors Go🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • jimmie jenkins
    jimmie jenkins 17 days ago

    Raptors are gonna punish East teams in the playoffs hahahahahahahahaha NO JOKE

  • Jonny Weber
    Jonny Weber 18 days ago

    Raptors will win again for 2020, I'll put money on it.

  • Brian Ng
    Brian Ng 18 days ago

    The fact that you got mans like Dennis Scott not even having us making the playoffs is more than sleeping on us, it's just blatant disrespect. I know he apologized but I ain't having it he shouldn't have even made that take if he has any common sense about basketball. Saying we gotta prove it, is winning a championship not proving it, while Detroit and Indiana don't have to gtfoh.

  • Justin Frost
    Justin Frost 18 days ago +3

    I don't think anyone expected siakam and vanvleet to be performing like this

  • mb8577
    mb8577 18 days ago +1

    Let them sleep, we will wake them up come playoffs 😏

  • yougoBoy
    yougoBoy 18 days ago +6

    The Raptors team is more comfortable than my bed, so yes I’ll continue sleeping on them.

  • DawahDynamics Club
    DawahDynamics Club 18 days ago +1

    The game with the clippers was stolen from them by the refs

    • mickystars
      mickystars 16 days ago

      Right, og didnt even get a foul. I knew it was gg from there

  • Phil Boyles
    Phil Boyles 18 days ago

    Who are the experts?

  • Richie Anthony
    Richie Anthony 19 days ago

    cheeks will still get clapped first round, sorry. pascal aint that guy yet

  • Gerry Arseneau
    Gerry Arseneau 19 days ago

    The raptors have no chance this season..

    • Jonny Weber
      Jonny Weber 18 days ago +1

      You want to put money on it?

  • James Mahaffey
    James Mahaffey 19 days ago


  • Raymond Crisostomo
    Raymond Crisostomo 19 days ago +1

    It's always like that they don't want to talk about the Raptor's since last as everyone was saying Raptors will choke after the first round, but everyone else so wrong. It's like Canada vs USA in NBA.

  • Steven Chugg
    Steven Chugg 19 days ago

    don't sleep on Boucher Bonjouuuurrr!!

  • avatarmoney01
    avatarmoney01 19 days ago +2

    Niggas been sleepin on Raps. They'll have a rude awakening again this seazonnnnn

  • Behind The Line
    Behind The Line 19 days ago

    No one is sleeping over here. Come to the channel.

  • EXcel
    EXcel 19 days ago +6

    Raptors beats the Lakers nobody talks about it, but when Lakers beats some other teams it's a talk of the town for ESPN. Funy media.

    • Sqq da dude
      Sqq da dude 19 days ago

      IKR these idiots don't know what Masai can do.

  • rudyzk
    rudyzk 19 days ago +1

    I think even Nick Nurse didn't anticipate the type of contribution the bench has been able to provide

  • Mandeep Banwait
    Mandeep Banwait 19 days ago +1

    Why does this guy say the RAPs are really good but won't win the title? If healthy, I think they can win the East!

  • May Kala
    May Kala 20 days ago +7

    Toronto Raptors are playing at an unbelievable pace...one of the most exciting teams in the NBA to watch!

  • xxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxx
    xxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxx 20 days ago +2

    Lmao the fact that somebody literally pulled the word “expert” out of there ass and associated it with these tv analysts is a joke hahah man I’ve been watching these analysts for years let’s just say my grandma who doesn’t even watch basketball has better basketball knowledge and IQ of all these analysts combined, it’s a joke but I guess you can call it entertaining.

  • About Time
    About Time 20 days ago

    It is more than sleeping on. The NBA has a distaste for the Raptors. They are a large market team out side of the US and tv ratings dropped in the US when the Raptors were in the finals. Therein is the problem, Money !!!!!! American viewers know as much about the Raptors as they do about Canada. Very little. Little knowledge means indifference.

  • tevster1316
    tevster1316 21 day ago +1

    Sleeping since the Kawhi trade. Been having nightmares.

  • sonicchampion14
    sonicchampion14 21 day ago +2

    Dude on the right is on point. I've been saying that too... Siakam is Kawhi-like. Anunoby is last year's version of Siakam. And Lowry just reinvented himself, a new level for Lowry. That is so unexpected. They will go deep if Raps play scrappy, with heart and consistency.

  • Mustafa Komesogutlu
    Mustafa Komesogutlu 21 day ago +5

    Why people are saying east is weak i dont get this

    • Nick Tolentino
      Nick Tolentino 18 days ago

      Because there are no stars besides Giannis and Embiid.

    • Taimoore Yousaf
      Taimoore Yousaf 19 days ago +1

      I mean the only legit teams are Philly, Waukee, Boston and TO. Pacers are kinda out of the picture and everyone else is irrelevant. The US says the East is weak because they're still sleeping on the Celtics and Raptors, two legitimately amazing teams. (The one time I will respect a boston team as a TO sports fan!)

    JB NGARAMBE 21 day ago +1

    RHJ is gonna be the M.I.P this season mark my Word

  • Brian Cabral Sousa
    Brian Cabral Sousa 21 day ago

    Bring back demar derozan. To toronto

    • Sqq da dude
      Sqq da dude 19 days ago

      No... We are better without him.

  • Toronto Man
    Toronto Man 21 day ago

    Gotta get your annual "have the raptors been slept on" youtube video in

  • Mollywhop
    Mollywhop 21 day ago

    He's a loser.. he never thinks we're good at all I hate this guy that's why I don't want him on this show no credibility

  • jubi1lee
    jubi1lee 21 day ago

    Please explain to me why the Raptors are not championship contenders? Teams with lesser or similar records are in the convo but not the Raptors ? As of 5:45pm Toronto time on Nov 14th.....Bucks are a half-game behind....76ers are a game behind...Rockets are tied.....Clips are a game behind....and remember that the Raptors are doing it without 3 major guys!!! It can be for no other reason than bias!

  • Steven James
    Steven James 21 day ago +20

    Let them all stay asleep. The Raptors will be like Freddy Kruger: "A Nightmare on their street!"

  • M M
    M M 21 day ago


  • Stilez
    Stilez 21 day ago +1

    To be fair, the main reason why American NBA fans sleep on the Raptors is because they're not exposed to them as much as other teams because ESPN, TNT, FOX etc...dont have the rights to Raptors' games. The U.S. media has no excuse, but that's just lazy journalism on their part. Can't say that for all of them because there are a handful of American pundits who have been singing their praises from early last year.

    • Brian Ng
      Brian Ng 18 days ago

      I hear this statement a lot tbh and you're not wrong, but if they're going to be so called experts shouldn't they be doing their homework on every team regardless good or bad?

  • Pyroman /
    Pyroman / 21 day ago +6

    At.this rate.pascal will be in the running for.m i p again

  • Lottery Odds
    Lottery Odds 21 day ago +3

    If they were actually " Experts " They Wouldn't be Sleeping on Us !

    • Brian Ng
      Brian Ng 18 days ago +1

      Not only that these experts especially the big name ones all have personal agendas that they don't even try to hide at this point

  • candy kush
    candy kush 21 day ago +1

    Not this season ,it's every season

  • eve king
    eve king 21 day ago +11

    Our Raps WILL win the NBA title for 2020...and you can take that to the bank. The boys are on fire!

  • Ben McInnes
    Ben McInnes 21 day ago +1

    If you want to make some quick money, always bet the OVER on the Raptors. Everyone underrates them.

  • matthew concepcion
    matthew concepcion 22 days ago +3

    You can probably make a playlist of similiarly titled videos of the raptors like this that come out every year

  • Paul Gottfried
    Paul Gottfried 22 days ago +4

    I'm sleeping just fine on the Raptors, never better, so is every other fan. The one's who are up all night is pretty much the rest of the NBA, who got embarrassed last year, and its not looking great for them this year either.
    ..........just wondering if all the Warrior fans from last year's final, are Warrior fans today?

    • jimmie jenkins
      jimmie jenkins 17 days ago

      F*&k those nasty ass GSW fans. Classless bums.

    • Srey Dee
      Srey Dee 19 days ago

      Lolz I doubt it

  • Sire Love
    Sire Love 22 days ago


  • Chris S
    Chris S 22 days ago

    Who are these punjabi fools, this is sports net? Garbage

  • thirstpolice
    thirstpolice 22 days ago +4

    currently, they got Kyle and Ibaka out, and they are still somewhat holding their own

    • J
      J 11 days ago +1

      @Marco P To be fair they did hold their own with a championship-level team for 3 quarters and beat the best team in the league without 2-3 key players

    • Marco P
      Marco P 19 days ago +1

      @Ron Tell'em it ended up ballooning to 10, I understand why you said 4 but we still have to be honest.

    • Ron Tell'em
      Ron Tell'em 21 day ago +1

      Somewhat? We only lost 1 game by 4 points after a back to back vs the best teams in the stronger west...

  • No MaD
    No MaD 22 days ago +1

    Yup not just sleeping having a good sleep too and after that will take a nap also

  • Aram Kim
    Aram Kim 22 days ago +2

    last year ... raps were like goku when he go super saiyan ....just temporary but jacked up, noone else could hang with them ...... now the power up is gone .... but at the end of the day they still goku. and last time i checked goku racking up W's like it aint a thang!

  • kevin cuarez
    kevin cuarez 22 days ago +27

    I still think we can win the title, the raptors have always been the underdog. 2 PEAT

  • Bearly Koalafied
    Bearly Koalafied 22 days ago

    Almost had a stroke reading the title

  • anselm joseph
    anselm joseph 22 days ago +7

    the league is still sleeping 😴

  • Diego
    Diego 22 days ago +1

    Could you allow your host to talk? Yes, you, the guy on the right of the screen. You keep repeating yourself. You talk too much.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 22 days ago +33

    Leonard and green taught the raptors how to win and James leaving the conference gave them the chance. They are a force to be reckoned with now.

    • Y E
      Y E 21 day ago +1

      John Doe I WISH James was in the East. He would’ve received a beating from us last year. Well technically CLE would’ve as they ride LBJ’s coat tail for every playoff.

  • Justin Paq
    Justin Paq 22 days ago +9

    The Messiah Ujiri will make another big move before the trade deadline, and make another deep playoff run this year ...have faith!

    • Will S
      Will S 18 days ago

      You don't want that, they need cap space for next year. They'll be competitive this year so just enjoy it and be patient.

    • Marco Bernardo
      Marco Bernardo 22 days ago

      It wouldn't make sense to try to trade for a star at the trade deadline. That person would realistically need time to fully adjust to the Raptors team and style of play. Kahwi and Danny had a full year to do that last year. Also, why trade for someone when you want the cap space for 2021. As has been pointed out on numerous occasions, everything that Masai Ujiri has been doing with contracts leads to the conclusion that he is preparing for the 2021 free agency and, if the past is a clue, Giannis Antetokounmpo.

  • Dick Bayless
    Dick Bayless 22 days ago +15

    The title of this video needs some editing.

  • Sean Harry
    Sean Harry 22 days ago +8

    Whoever titled this video doesnt deserve a job with Sportsnet