• Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Calling all bubble tea lovers!!! We went to try the CHEAPEST bubble tea and the MOST EXPENSIVE bubble tea in Singapore 😍 Is it worth it? Watch to find out!
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Comments • 435

  • Kwan Wei Liang
    Kwan Wei Liang Day ago

    Who pay for the bubble tea drink or pay your own???i think i will try the 1.60 bubble tea because is cheap 22.00 is expensive!!! 24 jan 2020太贵

  • HoneyD Hydra
    HoneyD Hydra 14 days ago

    Jfyi, 'Jelak' : surfeiting

  • PlayFood
    PlayFood 14 days ago +1

    Aww, I thought they would serve the expensive bubble tea in a proper glass cup too! At least feels more atas and high class and worth the price lmao >

  • Dunzap
    Dunzap 14 days ago

    I don't like bubble tea

  • Lau Junhao
    Lau Junhao 15 days ago

    Lol im drinking bubble tea rn XD

    Btw my hawker centre there is 1.50

  • dott 1239
    dott 1239 16 days ago +4

    Which drink sugar level is better?

  • yan song
    yan song 16 days ago

    Wait! What?! I only find milk tea in expensive like $11.90 I don’t know.

  • Jessyy Tann
    Jessyy Tann 16 days ago

    cup walker is the cheapest milk tea i ever drank

  • Rithvik Kumar
    Rithvik Kumar 17 days ago

    Liho in clementi is cheap and tastes good overall, better than other liho branches...

  • Anime Weeb
    Anime Weeb 17 days ago

    The bbt at my nearby hawker centre is 1.50 with pearl

  • Ren Jie Yak
    Ren Jie Yak 17 days ago

    Hard pearls only happen when it is left for 30min or so when just made

    • PlayFood
      PlayFood 14 days ago

      Haha maybe cos the bubble tea at Loof is not so popular since it's quite ex, so the pearls aren't so fresh?

  • Ren Jie Yak
    Ren Jie Yak 17 days ago

    How is this the cheapest i see$1 one b4

  • Maya Charles
    Maya Charles 17 days ago

    There are $1.10 bubble tea in singapore

  • grxcy
    grxcy 18 days ago

    ben face pink colour is so cute

  • alex lee
    alex lee 18 days ago

    There is no tea component in expensive one I will consider zero dont insult bubble tea. If you treat it as cocktail I will rate it higher point.

  • laiqah l
    laiqah l 18 days ago

    Marsiling hawker centre

  • K5 Life
    K5 Life 20 days ago

    0:30 Randy face like he wanna Ben to kiss him on cheek..
    Am I the only one thinks so?

  • Idekk Idekk
    Idekk Idekk 26 days ago

    There is a bubble tea store in Yishun 1cup is $1 and it taste very very nice the pearl is good texture and the tea quite strong

  • Clipz
    Clipz 26 days ago +1

    My house downstairs bubble tea is $1 SGD

  • Kim Yeo Chua
    Kim Yeo Chua 28 days ago

    There is a cheaper bubble tea in SG which is $1 instead of $1 something cents

  • Swan
    Swan Month ago

    pearls are purr

  • Jwen Lel
    Jwen Lel Month ago

    I don't think 1.60 is the cheapest in Singapore. Opposite orange gate Pei Tong Primary School there's a bubble tea shop and one bubble tea drink cost 1.50 it's just a ten cent diff lol. And the queue is often short

  • DARK Gt
    DARK Gt Month ago

    Ice talk bubble milk tea is 1.70

  • Aloy lol
    Aloy lol Month ago

    Where is the most expensive bubble tea shop sia

  • typical_ kookie97
    typical_ kookie97 Month ago

    There is one in Bangkit 1.50

  • Winnie&Hui lin
    Winnie&Hui lin Month ago

    There are more cheapers bubble tea is at hougang ave 8 blk 644 sweet talk bubble tea is cost $1.30

    • Winnie&Hui lin
      Winnie&Hui lin Month ago

      @Ameenik for buying i say the cheaper bubble tea?

    • Ameenik
      Ameenik Month ago

      On my way to go there

  • nono nut
    nono nut Month ago

    i can drink as much bubble tea as you want i live in singapore

  • Sushi Ginge
    Sushi Ginge Month ago

    choa chu kang lot one sells sweetalk for $1.60

  • Sushi Ginge
    Sushi Ginge Month ago

    cheapest sweetalk was $1 at teck whye and its still available

  • Rosy苏菲
    Rosy苏菲 Month ago

    Are you guys brother?

  • Vi Vi
    Vi Vi Month ago

    They end up grading the drink in respect alcoholic drink rather than boba tea😂😂 off topic eh *facepalm*

  • Peter Su
    Peter Su Month ago +1

    You should put the address of these places so that we can go try haha

  • chen meiyan
    chen meiyan Month ago +1

    The milktea at ABC MARKET is Awesome drink already not so 腻。

    IGNITE MOVIE Month ago +1

    i saw 2 girls and 1 hardly a men in this video

  • Carys Kan
    Carys Kan Month ago +2

    Where did u go to buy the cheapest bubble tea .......

  • Darren Ler
    Darren Ler Month ago

    Rather pay $300000 for super healthy bubble tea

  • Darren Ler
    Darren Ler Month ago

    Bubble tea cause diabetes

  • Adoredjimin Woozworld

    Bubble tea is so expensive these days. I remember in primary sch I got my milk tea with pearl for like $1.50? Now for a milk tea it's like $3 ish?

  • kthlyx ll
    kthlyx ll Month ago

    near my pri school last time got sell bbt for $1 evn cheaper

  • Puppy Gamin
    Puppy Gamin Month ago

    Shouldn’t you taste the same drink to really compare which is better? Unless don’t have same drink lol

  • Vanness Tan
    Vanness Tan Month ago

    No offense but... are you guys gay?

  • Steve Kek
    Steve Kek Month ago


  • nurelysha leya
    nurelysha leya Month ago

    i rather drink the cheapest milk tea cause its better

  • Michelle Wai
    Michelle Wai Month ago +2

    I went to try the cheapest one u reviewed, I liked it a lot. It’s at ABC hawker centre

  • Miguel Dapito
    Miguel Dapito Month ago

    Gay sia

  • Lynn Tan
    Lynn Tan Month ago

    It’s okay I drink 0% too and I love it :)

  • Tiffany Tan
    Tiffany Tan Month ago

    The one at Teck Whye Shopping Centre is $1 :))

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow Month ago +2

    My house sell the bubble tea $1.50 😂

  • Headphone Legends • 19 years ago .

    That girl look like Donald Duck 😂 (no offence)

  • Jia Jia
    Jia Jia Month ago

    I know a place where the cheapest bbt is at is oni $1

  • Jing Fei
    Jing Fei Month ago

    Lmao i guess its only most ex cos it has alcohol??🤣

  • Ashley Thia
    Ashley Thia Month ago

    Yishun got $1 one

  • Poh Shili
    Poh Shili 2 months ago

    The most cheapest bbt I bought in Singapore was $1

  • Puny Pearlie
    Puny Pearlie 2 months ago

    I bought 1.50 one in sg but it is in a bakery

  • Unicorn_ _wolfster
    Unicorn_ _wolfster 2 months ago

    the 1.60 bubble tea is downstairs my house 😅

  • Fluff Puff
    Fluff Puff 2 months ago +1

    last time my fren brought me to a place near her hse the bubble tea cost like $1

  • cass the clown
    cass the clown 2 months ago

    the cheapest one in my opinion is the one near my house. it's for $1.20 charging $0.30 for more pearls. it's actually very nice, but sadly you can't changed the sugar level. :D

  • Jes Liew
    Jes Liew 2 months ago

    Who saw a duck on 1:02

  • Gretal Wong
    Gretal Wong 2 months ago +4

    Introducing you to the best bubble tea in Singapore:


  • vieon lee
    vieon lee 2 months ago

    that time my friends and i went to try a 1 dollar bubble tea at woodlands mrt area. the uncle put in like 10 scoops of sugar and very very very little pearls. it was so sweet.the pearls were to soft. my friend even got dried up beehoon outside the cup. HAHAHAHA