Best of European Dashcam 2018

  • Published on Feb 1, 2019
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Comments • 1 559

  • Whyamialive 9
    Whyamialive 9 2 days ago

    1:58 thats my country 🇩🇰

  • [pǝʇɔɐpǝɹ]
    [pǝʇɔɐpǝɹ] 3 days ago

    I see a lot videos of American police being incompetent, so it warms my heart to see other countries police can be just as incompetent.

  • Jasmijn ariel
    Jasmijn ariel 5 days ago +3

    American dashcams show road rage, european shows extreme speeding or texting, asian show dumb people driving, russian shows drunk people
    and english all of the stuff i already said

  • ガブリスGabrissMeme2019 -

    Where's Italy? Hey, just kidding. Is here! Italy seen twice on video.

  • Peras Argentinas
    Peras Argentinas 8 days ago

    Pizdec, пиздец!

  • NBre
    NBre 11 days ago

    6:38 the best one

  • Melvia
    Melvia 14 days ago

    3:00 clearly the idiot dash-cam-drivers fault

  • Djayden Bartoszko
    Djayden Bartoszko 14 days ago

    2:44 nederlanders

  • Djayden Bartoszko
    Djayden Bartoszko 14 days ago

    2:24 soo

  • Tunia Radom
    Tunia Radom 15 days ago

    0:30 Polish Army

  • Taka Etono
    Taka Etono 20 days ago

    Ich denke, Straßenrennen gehören auf keinen Fall auf RU-clip. Das motiviert diese Vollidioten nur noch mehr.
    Jaja.. Unfall.. bla. Das schreckt die ja nicht ab, weil die meinen ihnen würde das eh nie passieren. Also einfach keine Publicity geben!

  • Landon Neill
    Landon Neill 20 days ago

    0:35 the music was perfect timing

  • Dashcam Belgium
    Dashcam Belgium 20 days ago

    @3:00 anyone home?! 😀

  • Landon Neill
    Landon Neill 21 day ago +1

    4:09 what is the name of the song

  • Landon Neill
    Landon Neill 21 day ago +1

    4:09 was funny when the person fell out of the cars trunk

  • System who?
    System who? 24 days ago

    9:10 *GG 666*
    Me: _ok_

  • Ao Tora
    Ao Tora Month ago

    Why would you pass someone that obviously signaled for you that they are slowing down? Obviously there is something in front of them that made them slow down. 2:58

    • Melvia
      Melvia 14 days ago

      the driver is in idiot… thats why

    BIGJACK45 Month ago

    6:40 i would feel soooo lucky as the driver with the dashcam

  • Benjamin Judas
    Benjamin Judas Month ago +1

    7:25 Charles Darwin approves!

  • Lexi The Lexus
    Lexi The Lexus Month ago

    check out my channel to dashcam videos

  • jan kadlec
    jan kadlec Month ago

    Ty Holandští policajti ke konci co honěj tu dodávku ty nemaj chybu to jsou slušný vemena.

  • Videos
    Videos 2 months ago

    hahaha European police can't do shit

  • Max S.
    Max S. 2 months ago +1

    BMW Freak.
    Klassischer Fall von "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes"

  • Shelby GT04
    Shelby GT04 2 months ago +1

    0:09 song Namen plz

  • Vater von Nils
    Vater von Nils 2 months ago

    8:53 Aber was ist mit diesen Personen bleibt dann ein Polizist stehen oder wie regelt man das?

  • oxy cdn
    oxy cdn 2 months ago

    Beers in Prague is way too potent!

  • SugarJuice
    SugarJuice 2 months ago +2

    Anyone noticed the license plate number at 7:51?

  • Hanna Pavlenko
    Hanna Pavlenko 2 months ago

    Вы Европой какое место называете ?

  • wiO
    wiO 2 months ago

    4:52 Unreal sky

  • Hans Ottmann
    Hans Ottmann 3 months ago

    👺👹 schießt doch in die Reifen 👺 wenn er jemand tot fährt ist schlimmer

  • extazZ_
    extazZ_ 3 months ago +1

    Imi place ca e si clip din romania :))))

  • Angry Boris
    Angry Boris 3 months ago

    7:30+ what a comedy xD

  • Ванька Ветров

    Если в Европе и России полицейские большую часть преступников задерживают,то в США отстреливают.

  • Jack Torrance
    Jack Torrance 3 months ago +1

    New sub! Europe is very beautiful. These clips are invaluable. I show them to my family and friends as a warning concerning bad driving habits and unnecessary accidents. Cheers from the USA.

  • Matek PlayZ
    Matek PlayZ 3 months ago +2

    Dude is it a tesla autopilot sound?

  • ATribeCalledCookies6dotcom

    It Seems those Scania trucks have superior brakes compared to American trucks

  • Örn Oskarsson
    Örn Oskarsson 3 months ago


  • Coonjoh
    Coonjoh 3 months ago +1

    6:20 Schon wieder mal so ein Raser, der auf der linken Spur die Leute in Gefahr bringt.
    Ups war wohl doch nur so ein Vollpfosten der ohne den Spiegel zu benutzen einfach die Spur wechselt, und den Fahrer und Verkehr auf der linken Spur in Lebensgefahr bringt. Logische Folge : Unfähig ein Fahrzeug zu führen und somit sofortiger Entzug der Fahrerlaubnis auf Lebenszeit.

  • Der Da
    Der Da 3 months ago

    In Germany we call it "Ehrenmänner"
    An alle Deutschen, ich weiß dass man das machen muss (bin zu dumm das ins englische zu übersetzen 😂)

  • TheGreg6466
    TheGreg6466 3 months ago

    French ones are funny when they swear "pluton!" Probably spelt wrong

  • Kermit
    Kermit 3 months ago +1

    6:28 must be an italien immigrant :-) It´s normal on sicilian highways :-D

  • Satase Rajotus
    Satase Rajotus 3 months ago

    4:59 Vittu:D

  • •vPilotDan •
    •vPilotDan • 3 months ago

    The First Prague 🤣

  • Alim
    Alim 3 months ago +1

    2:21 piece of shit is on the phone

  • Valen_ Ch.
    Valen_ Ch. 3 months ago

    0:30 Music?

  • pallasathena55
    pallasathena55 3 months ago

    What is this track at 0.29- 0.56 ?? :D

  • Król Meneli
    Król Meneli 3 months ago +2

    6:10 this should be in a satysfying compilation

  • Moses Solomon
    Moses Solomon 3 months ago +1

    Very valuable footages

  • Denis Triton
    Denis Triton 3 months ago +1

    1:18 - Настоящие эмоции всё-таки выражаются русским языком! ))
    4:29 - Цыгане, хуле...

  • Spiritt Chaser
    Spiritt Chaser 3 months ago


  • eldepavas
    eldepavas 3 months ago

    Oh kurwa!

  • Kel Ho
    Kel Ho 3 months ago

    Minute 4.00... wer wäre eigentlich Schuld? Wahrscheinlich gibt's da eine Teilschuld oder?

  • BestCarCrash
    BestCarCrash 3 months ago +1

    Holy shit nice car crashes!! I like ur content

  • TheFixXxerNL
    TheFixXxerNL 3 months ago

    2:40 did the car detect a potential collision?

  • Donde Merlin
    Donde Merlin 3 months ago

    And here I thought Russians and Americans were the only bad drivers! Oh, to all of you, around the world - be VERY careful when overtaking farm tractors, like at 2:03. They can get away with (at least in the USA) just about anything. I found out the hard way!

  • Sam Stockwell
    Sam Stockwell 3 months ago

    People needs to take Driver Ed again.

  • ceo edcd
    ceo edcd 3 months ago

    so terrible......

    OTTOTM 3 months ago

    4:53 Typical finnish reaction then bottle hit u car.

  • widukind 66
    widukind 66 3 months ago

    One solution: drive slow ever !

  • verma
    verma 3 months ago

    Black widow BABY

  • Просто Человек

    Pizdesz 😂😂

  • ̐
    ̐ 3 months ago +4

    The first clip called "Xtreme Poland" - it looks like a truck belongs to US forces. They're all the time like that - multiple road accidents, assaults, even killings. Normal for US soldiers in subverted countries.

  • weeardguy
    weeardguy 3 months ago

    If a passenger of a vehicle starts to act the way as in the third clip, while I certainly get the idea the horn-use is not for those in the van, you know the people inside are completely stressed and need to be caught some other way. I just really don't understand why the passenger is so fast to get out and ready to attack the driver who is not being the idiot...

  • Paul Bink
    Paul Bink 3 months ago

    4:52 WOW the most beautiful sky I have ever seen.

  • memefun
    memefun 3 months ago

    Бедааа,вот бедаа! 1:48

  • Mateo Bakija
    Mateo Bakija 3 months ago +4

    All franch can say is: "Oo putaaaaan" xd

    • Johny 7even
      Johny 7even 3 months ago

      Yes! In every accident video hehe

  • LPWelle
    LPWelle 3 months ago

    Alter Walter xd

  • milo20060
    milo20060 3 months ago


    • Nicolae H.
      Nicolae H. 3 months ago

      4 deaths if I am not mistaken. Heavy impact

  • Soldierhero
    Soldierhero 3 months ago

    9 police cars to take on a van in Germany without ramming in a safe area

    2 police cars to take on a van in UK when ramming in a safe area

    1 car to take on a van in US when ramming in an area full of pedestrians and dangers

  • Swiss Goalhorns
    Swiss Goalhorns 3 months ago

    1:47 putain!

  • liber sounds
    liber sounds 3 months ago +1

    8:50 best GTA move

  • Stefanie Deveci
    Stefanie Deveci 3 months ago

    Wieso gibt es Nagelmatten, warum machen die Schusswaffentraining, wenn sie es nicht anwenden, lassen einen Irren kilometerlang durch die Gegend preschen. Wieviele Schüsse verträgt ein Reifen. Sonst zielen sie doch auch so gut. Dürfen die nicht? Verkehrte Welt.....

  • Nicolas Delfino
    Nicolas Delfino 3 months ago

    4:54 Damn, so violent !

  • Никола Еремија

    *hold my vodka.

  • Marvin Kitfox
    Marvin Kitfox 3 months ago

    Police chase...
    Good thing they brought SO MANY cop cars, that getaway racecar was very fast!
    Oh, not a racecar? A sporty sedan.
    Agile little compact car!
    Motorbike, hard to block?
    It was a bloory panel van!

  • Cemil Can Çağlar
    Cemil Can Çağlar 3 months ago

    0:35 Song name ?

  • Mister Gamer15
    Mister Gamer15 3 months ago

    7:19 totally deserved

  • George Yerkess
    George Yerkess 3 months ago +2

    There was the best police chase ever about 20 cops chasing this one slow van

    • derheiligemartin sanktus
      derheiligemartin sanktus 3 months ago

      Sorry, but in Germany and Netherland it is not allowed to shoot first and than talk to the gangster.

  • Daniel Jankiewicz
    Daniel Jankiewicz 3 months ago +1

    8:51 LOL XD

  • mariekt
    mariekt 3 months ago +1

    I'm glad to see everyone is pulling over immediately after their crashes!! there are far too many hit and runs in America 😭

  • mariekt
    mariekt 3 months ago

    2:30 is why you don't listen to Iggy azalea

  • primo_victoria
    primo_victoria 3 months ago

    0:33 USA Army vechicle

  • Olcia
    Olcia 3 months ago

    0:16 Song :((?

  • TobisBMWEcke
    TobisBMWEcke 3 months ago +1

    bei 4:00 min. weil auch immer diese scheiß arschlocher rausziehn müssen drecks lkw fahrer

  • JPGamer 1703
    JPGamer 1703 3 months ago

    Wie heißt die Musik im ersten Clip

  • MASGames
    MASGames 3 months ago

    2:50 I recognise that beeping. Is that a TESLA??

  • Adrian B
    Adrian B 3 months ago

    6:55 that was rightful!

  • Slipses
    Slipses 3 months ago +1

    shudders, I hope I'll never catch any such drivers on my own Dashcam videos !! Nice video, better quality footage than most crash video's :)

    • Slipses
      Slipses 3 months ago

      So do I 😊 it is great fun and a good challenge, to try improve our editing skills 😉👍

      BEST OF DASHCAM EUROPE  3 months ago +1

      thank you always try to get better

  • Easterbunny1972
    Easterbunny1972 3 months ago

    1:53 das Profil vom Reifen ist klasse

  • Andy Roid
    Andy Roid 3 months ago +17

    08:48 What's his wanted level? Must be four stars already!

  • Chemyy tv
    Chemyy tv 3 months ago +2

    In poland broke truck with chocolate. Highway was brown.

  • Paulus MANKER
    Paulus MANKER 3 months ago

    4:04 zinkspray

  • Paola Acevedo
    Paola Acevedo 3 months ago

    La persecución del año 🤣

  • filme macher
    filme macher 3 months ago

    Wer findet auch dass Russische Unfälle die krassesten sind?

  • Smigu
    Smigu 3 months ago

    4:58, v*ttu.

  • Slupsk Inside
    Slupsk Inside 3 months ago

    Die gelben engel

  • FexXo
    FexXo 3 months ago

    04:55 is awesome :D

  • AustriaSnake95
    AustriaSnake95 3 months ago

    the last one haha

  • arttu
    arttu 3 months ago

    4.55 "vittu"

  • VenoKeebi
    VenoKeebi 3 months ago +2

    When you're the final survivor in a game of *INFECTED* on Forza Horizon Online.