How America’s Love Of Cats And Dogs Became A $72 Billion Business

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Cute puppies. Kittens. Instagram dogs. Pet supplements, a smart cat litter box and specialty veterinary practices. Americans are spending more and more on their pets. U.S. pet spending hit $72 billion in 2018, an increase of more than $3 billion from last year. And with pet ownership on the rise, the industry could grow into an even bigger business. Here’s how Americans’ love for pets turned into big business.
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    How America’s Love Of Cats And Dogs Turned Into A $72 Billion Business

Comments • 889

  • Gia Đình Là Số 1 USA

    Vầng dương ló rạng và chiếu sáng khắp nơi trên trái đất, đang chào đón CNBC đến với buổi sáng rực rỡ ánh nắng Chúc ngày mới vui vẻ!

  • Рептилоид Масон

    Dog have right as me...

  • Giovanni Ramirez
    Giovanni Ramirez Month ago

    I never owned a cat. However, my neighbor owns a cat named "Jynx" he's an Italian guy, who is retired. He says that he used to be a florist...but I think he was something different, just a feeling I have. Anyway, he had this son-in-law named "Greg" a male nurse and one time Jynx ran off cause Greg left the door open. Greg, was so worried about upsetting his Father-in-law that he actually got a cat that looked like Jynx from the animal shelter and spray painted the cat's tail to pass it off as Jynx. Well, that didn't work and Jynx came back home, and Greg looked like a goof. If that isn't bad enough, this all happened on the weekend where Greg's fiancee's sister was getting married.

  • M3ta1
    M3ta1 Month ago

    What about pigs? Let's end speciesism.

  • David Kafka
    David Kafka Month ago

    Why aren’t we using more of this disponible income to help the impoverished in developing countries? We care so much about animal rights but then are OK with slave labor conditions for humans making the clothing for these pets. Americans would benefit from a more global perspective.

  • Taniko Kishimoto
    Taniko Kishimoto Month ago +2

    I'm enjoying my pets. I currently have two cats, one 18 years and one 13 years old. Having read a lot of the comments below, I need to note I do love children and I recognize that children and pets are not the same thing, and are not remotely equivalent. But, since I couldn't have children - i am happy with pets. I enjoy other people's children. And, for those here who say children are valuable because they will support you in your old age - depends very much on the child! Don't depend on depending on that. In fact, I dare say if you "produce" a child just to have someone (thing?) to care for you in your dotage, the child most likely will not ...

    As for adopt, don't shop - agree with cats. With dogs - all breeds differ in temperament and other regards.. If you do adopt a dog, I'd still largely prefer to get a breed - some breeds are less compatible than others. But there are breed rescue organizations, seriously worthwhile to investigate. Now that I am retired, and can be home to make sure the dog gets out, and can get the care it needs, I plan to get one. No, none of my pets have / will have health insurance, and I am willing to let them "go" when the medical prognosis states I should.

    Note - in many cases, having a pet is not an either/or thing. You can have children and have pets. You can have pets and have children - and both are totally different! You can have pets and also do what you can to help the homeless and starving people in this country and in others. Sheesh.

  • saf dipo
    saf dipo Month ago

    Pet is an overpriced meat.

  • Nice Hobby
    Nice Hobby Month ago

    .........I love animals but.....if I was an animal, I'd rather die fast so I can be reborn as a proper human being.

  • mdml
    mdml Month ago

    when you get a pet the hardest thing you have to remember is you're gonna have to get ready for it break your heart 15 or 20 yrs from now. A good way to teach children the feeling of losing a loved one.

  • Digital Jackie
    Digital Jackie Month ago

    There needs to be a serious discussion, followed by action regarding puppy mills, breeders, hoarders, etc. As a child of a failed dog breeder/ dog show enthusiast, let me tell you- many, if not most of those people are the absolute worst.

    Supporting evidence:
    1) Many won't sell to anyone who isn't white, especially the bully breeds.

    2) To celebrate my G.E.D., probation ending*, and upcoming 18th birthday, my mother said she'd pay for the phlebotomy classes I wanted to take to begin the path of becoming an RN. The day classes start, my sister interrupts my mom's sudden tantrum and the barrage of attacks that she spent the money (a grand more than the class) ordering a puppy from some Ukrainian breeder's website. Even more frantic now, she gives me 10 minutes to pack up and leave, while threatening to put a kitten (from one of two litters) that took to me in a hefty unless I took him. Fast forward 2-3 years since I became homeless, I came to visit. Imagine my shock and disgust discovering that poor, sweet dog spent 2, maybe 3 hours tops out of his cold wire crate where he was exiled to a damp, cold, and dark basement. He was such an awesome dog but because he wasn't "show quality", she saw him as an annoyance that she was "too tired and stressed' for. Mind you, the dog count had since increased by one or two- and per usual, she was spending child support and any other money she could take from us kids (gifts be damned) on artificial inseminations and other expensive vet services. 5 extremely bored dogs and 15 cats weren't enough. She needed a litter puppies.

    3) A fellow breeder cleans her cages with bleach and other chemicals. My mom left one of her dogs there for breeding purposes. The irony is, the poor dog came back with his nuts chemically burned and he developed OCD because he was in so much pain that he'd constantly gnaw at them. She took him to the vet and got him a cone but she didn't do very much else before putting him down.

    4) Many of these people's homes are DISGUSTING and they act like it's a good thing because it shows they're "authentic". They think of their dogs as status symbols and a pass when it comes to the upkeep of their homes, vehicles, and bodies.

    5)I have always had a love for Siamese cats. I once found an ad on CL for a disabled kitten with a deformed paw in the shape of a crab claw. Arrived at the place- a rancid, dilapidated trailer that upon opening the aluminum door, flooded the lawn with the biggest stampede of cats I've ever seen. I know better than this but I fell in love with this kitten instantly and wanted to save her. The fat slob bragged about how she's had multiple kittens with this deformity and "they always sell like hotcakes, I love it."

    6) A husband responds to a dog on the couch by lifting him up in the air and throwing him onto the wooden floor with enough force to break his leg. He's also taken his pre k kid's sick cat and shot him for fun instead of going to the vet. Amongst many other incidents, the cruelest was when he shoved a dog into a wire crate (again, with so much force and indifference) the toes got caught in the wire and the nails got ripped out. Husband or not, it was her job to protect them, either by rehoming, alerting the authorities, or divorce. How does anyone condone that, much less continue to bring more innocent victims around him?

    7) They are usually the cause behind the groups of homeless cats, but sometimes dogs too. When the numbers get too high or they just want to dispose of an eyesore that has long since lost its novelty, they abandon them without a 2nd thought- except to worry about ASPCA tracing the animal back to them.

    8) They put these animals through so much discomfort and pain just to make the animal look and behave unnaturally: chalk for the fur, metal collars with inward-facing spikes to choke them if they pull. With bull breeds- feeding them supplements and large amounts of weight gaining food that's healthy for ppl, not them.

    If you like a specific breed for whatever reason, just keep an eye out for a rescue. It doesn't take long. Anyway, there needs to be more regulation/ oversight.

  • Aneesh Prasobhan
    Aneesh Prasobhan Month ago

    people are literally starving to death in underdeveloped countries

    • Aneesh Prasobhan
      Aneesh Prasobhan Month ago

      @Worldly Freespirit there is a simple solution to all this. Education. And the population growth will fall.

  • John Okumu
    John Okumu Month ago

    5:19 i do not trust the look that cat is giving. Something is up

  • Maxim Rulnick
    Maxim Rulnick Month ago +1

    Imagine having to make dog food for a living

  • Cynnamon X
    Cynnamon X Month ago +2

    For you guys who forgo your own health insurance but make sure you have your pets on a plan, please reconsider your priorities

  • Cas M
    Cas M Month ago +1

    I bought a winter coat for my dog that cost more than mine

  • E. Camilo
    E. Camilo Month ago

    Now I know what is the answer to the Fermi paradox.

  • Lua Tran
    Lua Tran Month ago

    I can barely afford health insurance for myself haha

  • Giselle A
    Giselle A Month ago +3

    Kids aren’t for everyone. I hate people who say “they aren’t the same.” Not everyone makes a great parent. For some, having a pet is better than raising a child and spending your whole life with that child.

    • Taniko Kishimoto
      Taniko Kishimoto Month ago

      No, they aren't the same, but I agree, not everyone makes a great parent, and I'd rather those who won't.... not try to do so. Do keep your pets happy! As I otherwise agree with you.

  • DJ239
    DJ239 Month ago

    Basically marriage isn't working anymore, so PETS!

  • Happybidr
    Happybidr Month ago

    One thing they didn’t touch on is the reason for the huge rise of vet costs and expenditures is likely tied to the fact that it costs $250,000 in tuition alone to go to vet school, comparable to medical school. Before, the costs were much lower, and anyone could afford to go to vet school for a fraction of med school. Now they have to charge a lot for current and growing number of procedures which are now required to address the fact that our beloved family members only live for 8-16 years or so. We all want to improve their high cancer rates, for example.

  • SandboxArrow
    SandboxArrow Month ago

    US is the best country for pets to live, next one is Canada

  • Gabby Dee
    Gabby Dee Month ago +2

    This is really sad and pathetic when we worship animals so much to the point where it’s normal in our day and age to say “I LoVe mY dOg mOrE tHaN hUmAns”. It’s sickening and I for one will never ever fall into the pet worshipping ways other Americans blindly fall victim to. You can have a pet without worshiping the ground it walks on and just treating it like oh I don’t know? A PET. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • David Kafka
      David Kafka Month ago

      The misanthropy from some pet owners makes me cringe.

  • WandererOfWorlds0
    WandererOfWorlds0 Month ago +1

    Why are pets and children mutually exclusive? This isn't the case in literally any other nation.

    • Stevie Sanko
      Stevie Sanko Month ago +1

      WandererOfWorlds0 most people that have kids get pets for their kids. This video doesn’t discuss that traditional American phenomenon.

  • Aditya Mahat
    Aditya Mahat Month ago +3

    Let's be honest....

    Because people got lonlier!

    • David Kafka
      David Kafka Month ago

      Are pets really the ideal solution though? It’s just spending money to make you feel better.

    • mellowbirddreamer77
      mellowbirddreamer77 Month ago

      Loner culture. Definitely. Look at what's written in memes and online. People aren't connecting like they were 10-20 years ago. It's social media doing this. I saw this coming several years ago

  • Cezar
    Cezar Month ago

    If my dogs aren't ok then I'm not. My babies come first.

    • Gabby Dee
      Gabby Dee Month ago

      Cezar 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • tairz2013
    tairz2013 Month ago +1

    Think some of these pets might be living better me lol

    TED CARL Month ago +2

    Should be; “How pets replaced the responsibility and companionship of family”.

    • Wolfgang 847
      Wolfgang 847 Month ago

      TED CARL I'm not having kids. To deal withe screaming, brattyness, then teenagers, and debt. For what? For they to MAYBE throw you in a facilty when you're old.
      I will enjoy my beutiful and loyal kitties. They are so much less work, unconditionaly lovely and I would be willing to give them their own bedroom if necesary. No backstabbing. No regret. No debt.

    • TED CARL
      TED CARL Month ago

      Taniko Kishimoto sure, to their detriment most times. How many stressed out moms are dealing with dogs and cats running around their house adding undo stress? Add in the allergy issue. People need to pick their battles and be concerned with the health of their offspring.
      Spazyfay- my comment is more boomer related than you know, but I’m not of that generation personally.

    • Taniko Kishimoto
      Taniko Kishimoto Month ago

      @SpazyFay Ok caveman. Who let you aboard?

    • Taniko Kishimoto
      Taniko Kishimoto Month ago

      Families have pets, too. Not necessarily a replacement.

    • Gabby Dee
      Gabby Dee Month ago

      SpazyFay Who let the dog worshippers get on RU-clip? We all have questions. Sit down.

  • J Q
    J Q Month ago

    " kiddens "

  • Saarthak Khanna
    Saarthak Khanna Month ago

    Media: there aren't signs of slowing down!
    Industry:*slows down*

  • Saturn
    Saturn Month ago +1

    This Love is wierd u choose one dog out of many, on what basis i don't know, then, u pay a hefty amount of money to bring that dog home.

  • Mekk Mekk
    Mekk Mekk Month ago


  • Igor Mysen
    Igor Mysen Month ago +1

    None of my family gets annual check ups at doctors but our cat should? I don't think so.

    • H MF
      H MF Month ago

      It's insane they don't that is important.

  • cilla jendar
    cilla jendar Month ago

    In Capitalist country, the life of Puppies and Kittens much more valuable than Human babies

    • white
      white Month ago

      "Muh Capitalism"

  • Name's Roz
    Name's Roz Month ago +3

    What about puuppy farms ? The breeding and disgusting greedy people breeding animals in little cages and killing them for the pet store demands..

  • gillian owens
    gillian owens Month ago

    I love dogs more

    • Gabby Dee
      Gabby Dee Month ago

      gillian owens You shouldn’t.

  • ArjenRobben Mr.Wembley

    People work hard for their money. If your broke & don't get payed enough blame ur leaders. Or blame god.

  • Marita Danilevska
    Marita Danilevska Month ago +1

    Pets are family members. So they totally deserve this great attitude.

    • Gabby Dee
      Gabby Dee Month ago +1

      Marita Danilevska Wrong.

  • Pramit Nandi
    Pramit Nandi Month ago

    *dogs* 😍😍😍

  • Houd Sittel
    Houd Sittel Month ago

    I believe pets in the us got more presents and treat more than I did during my whole 25 yrs life

  • ArjenRobben Mr.Wembley

    Bruh some animals get treated like crap. So What's the big deal with treating them good n giving them a better life?

  • TheKeithvidz
    TheKeithvidz Month ago

    Some years ago i saw the money was astronomical.

  • aturtlethatisred
    aturtlethatisred Month ago

    You can’t not buy pet health insurance. I thought we could and we can’t. This isn’t really a full look.

    • Taniko Kishimoto
      Taniko Kishimoto Month ago

      Not buying pet insurance. And at this point, with my elderly cats, no policies are available anyway. When it is their turn to go...that's the deal.

  • Klunke
    Klunke Month ago

    America is probably the country with most mistreated pets and homeless pets,

  • king james488
    king james488 Month ago +2

    I love my dog... but if it comes to it I'm not getting him a transplant and feeding him immune suppressing drugs wrapped in coldcuts. that's a whole nother level of ridiculous.

  • Screen Apple
    Screen Apple Month ago

    I need an invention that can change the world.... I hate picking up dog wastes.

  • Allison Tallant McCulley

    So what you’re saying is doggos and cattos are boosting our economy. Love that.

  • MarlonLouis M.L.
    MarlonLouis M.L. Month ago +2

    Yes great but lets stop polluting the earth with more unnecessary things please. Production of pet products and so on, dont need to explain more.
    Love animals though 🤗

  • Creative World
    Creative World Month ago

    I prefer dogs and cats over kids. They're always loyal and appreciate the things you do for them unlike children. I don't deal with kids well unlike pets.

    • Creative World
      Creative World Month ago

      @Gabby Dee How am I slave when I choose to adopt a dog that needs love and care? I don't mind if people want children, but me, I'm not a family oriented person. Therefore it's something I don't care for. I love my dogs to the max. They bring a lot of happiness into my life unlike children. I never had love for kids as I do with dogs and cats and for some people it's the opposite.

    • Gabby Dee
      Gabby Dee Month ago

      Creative World I’m trying to help you not be a slave to an animal that only cares about eating. But if that’s how you wanna live, it’ll be a sad existence. I hope you see the light someday ❤️

    • Creative World
      Creative World Month ago

      @Gabby Dee Okay, I can see that you're a troll, which probably explains why your name is Trolly. I'm not gonna waste my time arguing with you. I said what I said, and I don't regret it. If it offended you, oh well. It's my opinion. Move on.

    • Gabby Dee
      Gabby Dee Month ago

      Creative World If that me what makes you sleep better at night. But you and I both know it’s a lie 😉

    • Creative World
      Creative World Month ago

      @Gabby Dee They ruin your lives, dogs don't

  • beeannie
    beeannie Month ago

    I dont buy my pets cheap crappy food or treats.

  • HardwoodEnt
    HardwoodEnt Month ago


  • Randall C
    Randall C Month ago

    Wall St doesn’t care about products or services on a grassroots level. All they see are dollar signs. Deep down, they see a bunch of people willing to spend tons of money on their pets and trying to figure out how to get some of that money for themselves through any means necessary. It has nothing to do with pets. Most people who work on Wall St probably don’t even own any.

  • Paws Not Claws
    Paws Not Claws Month ago

    Glad I’m in the pet industry 😂😅

  • Sedrax 43
    Sedrax 43 Month ago +15

    I remember when dogs ate the leftovers now they eat better than I lol

    • Gabby Dee
      Gabby Dee Month ago +2

      Sedrax 43 It’s sad!!

  • Chloe Ting Tze ing
    Chloe Ting Tze ing Month ago

    Is it weird that I cook food for my 5 dogs

  • zhu cenglin
    zhu cenglin Month ago +4

    Bow Imaging all those billions went to hobos

    • Taniko Kishimoto
      Taniko Kishimoto Month ago

      And what of your luxuries are you forgoing for the homeless?

  • zeppirl
    zeppirl Month ago

    I knew the second this video started it would turn into a get heakthcare and insurance for you pet advertising campaign. Im not saying dont look after pets medical needs btw. In this video there was at least to women say how much the dogs monthly meds cost ? Considering it states only 1 % of pet owners in US has health insurance for there pets and you just so happen to find two for this video ? , a coincidence i think not. Lets get this straight comparing the US healthcare and insurance to the UKs or Sweden, Denmark etc isnt a realistic comparison. Its far cheaper outside the US. US public get absolutely bent over by healthcare cist and insurance rip offs.
    It would be really interesting to find out of the % of pet owners who have pet insurance in the US how many have monthly or regular meds subscriptions for the pets compared to other countrys oet owners and pet insurance schemes.
    I'd be my house on it the % of pets on med subscriptions in the US is far higher and insurance companys, vets and pharm companys are cashing in big time. Whens the last time your pet said he felt ok and didnt need the meds anymore. Ye thats right he cant and the vets,insurance company and pharm know this.

  • Bryan Hernandez
    Bryan Hernandez Month ago

    makes me want a pet

  • D Kretosastro
    D Kretosastro Month ago +2

    Im spending around 160-200 dollar a month just for food (40-50 a week) for my 5 rescue stray cats at home, just bought $ 250 cat cave last weeks, 5 pet beds for nothing coz they like cat cave better, 5 blankets and more stuff for them..and in return they give me so much joy

  • junkmail
    junkmail Month ago +3

    White people always making me smh

  • it's that one kid
    it's that one kid Month ago +1

    White people