Nokia 6.1 Plus vs ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1 Camera Comparison

  • Published on Aug 27, 2018
  • Nokia 6.1 Plus and ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1 are two smartphones below Rs 16000 and here is the detailed Camera Comparison of the two devices.
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Comments • 137

  • Rampy Ariko
    Rampy Ariko 8 months ago


  • Zerakyuu Sama
    Zerakyuu Sama 10 months ago

    For phone I choose Nokia and for PC I choose ASUS. The ASUS Zenbook looks nice. ASUS is better to stick with PC.

    VINOD KUMAR 11 months ago +1

    ASUS is better

  • Biswajit Sahoo
    Biswajit Sahoo 11 months ago

    👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👍👍👍👌 good companies

  • all you need
    all you need Year ago

    Zenfone also gives you option to adjust background blur

  • Sourav Roy
    Sourav Roy Year ago +2

    How much 💰 has been given to u from nokia.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • X -Skull
      X -Skull 11 months ago

      @Techniqued Dude You are So Biased 😐

    • Techniqued
      Techniqued  Year ago +5

      How much 💸 has been given to u from Asus... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rave Hunterz
    Rave Hunterz Year ago


  • just for you
    just for you Year ago

    Nokia is better than asus

  • pavokala
    pavokala Year ago

    Nokia 6.1 better pick but very close.... Nokia is Nokia 2 gb ram doesn't make much when u have good video and build with 4gb ram

  • Kumar 83
    Kumar 83 Year ago

    Very useful video

  • Saurabh Deo
    Saurabh Deo Year ago

    sir please tell me...can we play netflix/amazon prime videos in 1080p on both the phones..?

    • UnWrap Impulse
      UnWrap Impulse Year ago +1

      On Zenfone max pro m1, you can. I don't know about the Nokia.

  • Sumit Biswas
    Sumit Biswas Year ago

    Please make a camera comparison between nokia 6.1 plus and xiaomi poko f1

  • Subhadarshi Samal

    Bhai ye Asus ka kaun SA variation hai

  • Ramkumar Ka
    Ramkumar Ka Year ago +1

    Why the audio capture in Asus phones are always bad? I had zenfone2 laser, other end people always complain about my low voice. While using Motorola, I didn't face this issue.

  • Swagat Mishra
    Swagat Mishra Year ago

    very very helpful..

  • MANAF Arj
    MANAF Arj Year ago

    budget base Asus is better

  • Top Five
    Top Five Year ago

    Nokia cam is fuckingly awesome, but not the software processing..
    So i have the solution..
    Switch on ADAPTIVE SHUTTER SPEED in Advanced settings..
    And Switch to HDR+ Enhanced..
    Be ready to get surprised...✌️✌️

  • Rajat Vasuja
    Rajat Vasuja Year ago

    Asus is better then ever in midrange and flagship

  • Status Raja
    Status Raja Year ago

    Sir plz tel me about Infinix Note 5 android one

  • sidhique ck
    sidhique ck Year ago

    nokia 6.1 Plus vs huawie P20 lite camera test please...

  • kartikey kapoor
    kartikey kapoor Year ago

    Sir i think you should install Gcam in Zenfone max pro m1 then compare with nokia 6.1 plus. Asus's stock snapdragon app sucks.
    Kindly watch below video for improvement in pics through Gcam.

  • Manish Niraula
    Manish Niraula Year ago

    What about ZenFone 3.5 earphone jack output ??

    SHIVANSHU LNU Year ago

    last me zenfone max pro hag diya :-)

  • look at me
    look at me Year ago +1

    Nokia for the win

    TECHNICAL SOMU Year ago +1

    Asus max pro m1 6gb

    ABHISHEK DUTTAO8 Year ago +18


    • Joy Deep Sha
      Joy Deep Sha 11 months ago

      @ABHISHEK DUTTAO8 those pics taken from Nokia 6.1+ had better accurate colours and were also much more sharp while the pictures of Asus Zenfone max pro m1 seems to be a little washed out on comparing it with Nokia

    • amitabh shekhar
      amitabh shekhar Year ago

      @ABHISHEK DUTTAO8 ladka asus kharid rakha h lagta h.. video me to saaf dikh raha asus bekar pic le raha.. Color gayab h almost all pic se 😂

    • kartikey kapoor
      kartikey kapoor Year ago +1

      @Techniqued sir try gcam in asus. You will be amazed to observe the noticeable difference in picture quality.

    • Techniqued
      Techniqued  Year ago +6

      I rate phones based on my experience and how the images have come. We don't go by other channels and we are happy with the work

      ABHISHEK DUTTAO8 Year ago

      @Techniqued your channel will never grow if you continue like this. Every other channel rated nokia 6.1 has shotty cameras. So they are allll wrong xD

    VISHAL AHYA Year ago

    Please mention Asus model in title

    AJC CREATION'S Year ago

    Which is better Asus zenfone max pro 1 6gb or Nokia 6.1 plus

  • Vishal Khatri
    Vishal Khatri Year ago

    Make Performance comparison also for the same

  • Sathishloyality
    Sathishloyality Year ago +1

    Zenfone is all category....

  • Emil Shajan p
    Emil Shajan p Year ago

    Please make video of infinix note 5

  • Mr Black
    Mr Black Year ago

    Nokia 8 siroco onu review cheyyo pLs

  • Daily Techsot
    Daily Techsot Year ago +6

    Attention : those Who are going To buy Nokia 6.1 plus
    ; All those missing Software Features In Nokia 6.1 plus Will be Provided via Software update After the Realease of Device As Nokia did with Its Earlier devices........Just Go for it......#baapbaaphotah
    *NOKIA X6*

  • Top Five
    Top Five Year ago

    You used same pics for different phones too..

    ARMAN QURESHI Year ago +1

    Does Nokia 6.1 plus have secondary mic?

    • Top Five
      Top Five Year ago

      Yes, noise cancelation

    ALOKE DAS Year ago

    Nokia 6.1+

  • Technology Samachar
    Technology Samachar Year ago +1

    ) जेनफ़ोन मैक्स प्रो एम 1 ब्लू रंग संस्करण भारत में लॉन्च किया गया।
    2) ब्लू कलर संस्करण गुरुवार, 30 अगस्त से बिक्री पर जायेगा। यह खुदरा रुपये पर होगा। 3 जीबी रैम / 32 जीबी स्टोरेज मॉडल के लिए 10,999 रुपये, रु। 4 जीबी रैम / 64 जीबी भंडारण संस्करण के लिए 12,999, और रु। 6 जीबी रैम और 64 जीबी ऑनबोर्ड स्टोरेज के साथ 14,999, विशेष रूप से फ्लिपकार्ट के माध्यम से।
    3) Asus(प्रमाणित रिफर्बिज्ड) Asus जेनफ़ोन मैक्स प्रो एम 1 (काला) अमेज़ॅन ऑनलाइन कीमत पर 99 99 रुपये

  • Shahid Hussain
    Shahid Hussain Year ago

    This was required. Thank You

  • jithu bs
    jithu bs Year ago


  • Radhakanta Dash
    Radhakanta Dash Year ago

    Make a camera comparison with honor 9n

  • Israr Ahmad
    Israr Ahmad Year ago

    Nokia 😗😍😘

  • sid sid
    sid sid Year ago

    I choose Nokia 6.1 and notch display

  • Sudip Dhar
    Sudip Dhar Year ago

    Sir which camera is better nokia 6.1 plus or honor play.. tell me sir

  • prashanth marian
    prashanth marian Year ago +4

    install Gcam in asus and it can beat nokia in all departments including EIS

    • Shaji Solaman
      Shaji Solaman Year ago

      Too bad I can't buy this phone. Or wait will this phone work in Canada?

    • prashanth marian
      prashanth marian Year ago

      no major problem with the battery but some times the battery drains 15% overnight but not regularly

    • shylesh gideon
      shylesh gideon Year ago

      You guys facing any battery drain issue in asus zenfone max pro m1?

      AJC CREATION'S Year ago

      @prashanth marian how cmd..?

  • Hit Man
    Hit Man Year ago

    Nokia is Best 💙

  • Abhi Np
    Abhi Np Year ago

    Pls do foco f1 review

  • Swami vivekanand Ganeshnavar

    Sir, battery test b/w these 2 phones

  • vishnu vijay
    vishnu vijay Year ago

    Sir compare Nokia with Moto g6

  • Santosh
    Santosh Year ago


  • sallehuddin takal

    Nokia 6.1 plus win easy

  • Walter glen
    Walter glen Year ago

    Nokia is winning in all the comparisons which have been made till now.....

  • Biplab Das
    Biplab Das Year ago

    does nokia 6.1 plus has face unlcok?

    • Daily Techsot
      Daily Techsot Year ago

      @slim shady yup it will work bro The Screen will lighten up automatically a bit to unlock and then Back to normal Brightness

    • slim shady
      slim shady Year ago

      What's the point if it's not hardware based?it will not work in low light

    • Biplab Das
      Biplab Das Year ago

      alright, thanks man

    • Dibyamartanda Samanta
      Dibyamartanda Samanta Year ago

      @Biplab Das
      Officially Google is going to support face unlock on android 9.0 . It is far better than face unlock you get on huwei and one plus phone

  • Biplab Das
    Biplab Das Year ago

    thanks man

  • Prince Thakur
    Prince Thakur Year ago

    Nokia is clear winner.

  • subhajit ghosh
    subhajit ghosh Year ago


  • muhammed sabith
    muhammed sabith Year ago

    Clarify the version of max pro . 3,4gb ram or 6 gb ram

  • Gokul Bala
    Gokul Bala Year ago +4

    install Gcam on zenfone max pro m1 and you are good to go

    • Gokul Bala
      Gokul Bala Year ago

      @James Mangte No Iam not using zenfone max pro m1...the camera in Zenfone max pro m1 6GB is not decent and not good as much as Redmi note 5 pro...If u install gcam you can get a better pics in photos as much as I heard...orelse wait for the Realme 2 pro which is launching next week

    • James Mangte
      James Mangte Year ago

      Do you have this device and tried the Gcam on it? I have to get a new device under 20k and Asus Max pro m1 6GB variant interests me a lot. I just hope the camera isn't too bad.

    • Gokul Bala
      Gokul Bala Year ago

      @Babu Raj

    • Babu Raj
      Babu Raj Year ago

      How can install gcam??

    VARAD KAU Year ago

    Please make the video on gamelay of pubg between asus zenfone redmi note 5 pro and nokia 6.1+ and also battery drain test between these devices.......plzzzzz...........

  • Nikhil Eshwar Raju

    Sir what's your pic in between Nokia 6.1plus vs Asuszenphonemaxprom1 6gb my preference is battery and camera.

  • Rijo m
    Rijo m Year ago

    In the camera department nokia rocks except in low light

    • kartikey kapoor
      kartikey kapoor Year ago

      @Rijo m yeah its awesome you can watch the improvement in low light and dynamic range in above video.

    • Rijo m
      Rijo m Year ago

      @kartikey kapoor
      With gcam asus is better

    • kartikey kapoor
      kartikey kapoor Year ago

      Watch gcam in asus