Jennifer Lawrence Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

  • Published on Mar 1, 2018
  • Jennifer Lawrence takes a lie detector test for Vanity Fair. Is she a bad tipper? Does Amy Schumer text her too much? Does she have a favorite brother? Does she know anyone in the Illuminati? Find out all that and more and watch Jennifer take a polygraph exam. Jennifer Lawrence stars in "Red Sparrow" in theaters on March 2nd.
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    Jennifer Lawrence Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair
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  • Wanderoy Visuals
    Wanderoy Visuals 9 hours ago

    She’a adorable🥺

  • XxshadowsassyxX
    XxshadowsassyxX 13 hours ago +1

    “Do you know anyone is the Illuminat- “
    Jenifer: NO

  • Yannapat Phinmanee
    Yannapat Phinmanee 14 hours ago

    ทำไมกูกลัวอะ ทั้งๆที่ฟังไม่ออก

  • StephStruggles
    StephStruggles 19 hours ago

    I stg the girl at the machine thing looks like Anna Todd.

  • y/n leaks
    y/n leaks Day ago

    I would fail this so badly im so nervous all the time

  • Carla Ramos
    Carla Ramos 2 days ago

    Uma pena que não legendem esse canal 😑😐

  • S Anna
    S Anna 2 days ago +1

    We know she is lying about Weinstein

  • Bobbie Robinson
    Bobbie Robinson 2 days ago

    It's easier to believe in aliens than God?

  • Jeremy Cornwell
    Jeremy Cornwell 3 days ago

    Need some baseline readings, for the rest of amarica. Liers us lie detectors.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 3 days ago

    I wanted an in-depth analysis of the results.. lol

  • Abigail
    Abigail 3 days ago

    I LOVE YOU JEN ❤️❤️

  • Nivash
    Nivash 4 days ago

    is she ugly?


    JUST-INGAME 5 days ago

    6:10.. Just fell in love with her =o And she dates smaller non celebrity men. Like.. Hi Jenn I'm heeeeeere =3

  • Tom Rio
    Tom Rio 7 days ago

    Are you Illuminati? NO 😂😂😂

  • ThaInfamousONE
    ThaInfamousONE 7 days ago +5

    Jennifer lawrence is just so naturally charismatic and lovable
    Even when she's trying to be serious and calm .

  • thentust
    thentust 7 days ago

    The atmosphere sounds like Diablo I's dungeon.....

  • abirdkilledmeh
    abirdkilledmeh 8 days ago

    I like her voice

  • Izzy 369
    Izzy 369 8 days ago +2

    I think she's extremely gorgeous and would love to date her.

  • Chloe Toye1992
    Chloe Toye1992 10 days ago +7

    'were ross and rachel on a break?'

    asking the important questions

  • Inga  Gxowa
    Inga Gxowa 10 days ago


  • Laugh out Loud
    Laugh out Loud 10 days ago

    She has the same voice than Anna chamberlain

  • Pale Zombie
    Pale Zombie 10 days ago +1

    I think Tool put it best...”Fu#% these dysfunctional insecure actresses.” Ænema

  • TheTraffic247
    TheTraffic247 11 days ago

    And the results are....great, leave the viewers hanging...😒

  • Paul Wilhelm
    Paul Wilhelm 11 days ago

    We love you. It's just that the hateful always talk more than the caring. You are more likely to post about something you are upset about than something you like.

  • Lizzie Lovett
    Lizzie Lovett 11 days ago

    I know people dislike her but I will always have a soft spot for her.

    2KRICHKID 11 days ago

    She so cute to me 🤤🤤

  • Cosmic Klutz
    Cosmic Klutz 11 days ago

    My favorite actress... I dont know why but I felt so nervous watching this, and it was sad that she feels the internet hates her... Why would she feel that way??

  • Ooga Booga
    Ooga Booga 12 days ago

    Aw she sounds so sad, I hope she's doing okay

  • Joseph Jay Jimlani
    Joseph Jay Jimlani 12 days ago +5

    "I can't believe i'm rich and a bad tipper"😂😂😂

  • Happy guitar Best
    Happy guitar Best 12 days ago

    Wonman on old Star Wars movie 1999s look like!

  • Brittany Yates
    Brittany Yates 13 days ago

    Her face after she says Kim is not her favorite Kardashian 😂😂🤣 7:00

  • Gran Thurismo
    Gran Thurismo 13 days ago

    Is 1m46 a picture of the interviewer? Lol

  • kag427
    kag427 14 days ago

    I like the idea but they should tell them to feel free to lie and trick the machine. It would be more fun to catch them. Instead, they just tell the total truth because they are hooked to a lie detector.

  • Halloween Heathen
    Halloween Heathen 14 days ago +6

    “I can’t believe I’m rich and a bad tipper”

  • Kara Karin Stearns
    Kara Karin Stearns 14 days ago

    She thinks everyone hates her? Well I do now because she doesn't believe pineapple should be on pizza!!! It's one the best toppings in my opinion! If she likes pepperoni and I don't I'm not going to go around and demand pepperoni should never be put on pizza! I know, horrible example but you get what I'm saying!

  • D D
    D D 14 days ago

    Is this the same Jennifer L who was a "protege" of Harvey Fleabag? Who only has an 8th grade education? Rumors persists that she slept her way to stardom. Funny how now that said producer is no long in command of her career it has tanked! Yes everybody does hate you, go away! You have no talent, you're obnoxious and your movies suck.

  • Felix Vivaldi
    Felix Vivaldi 15 days ago

    Say no more Jen, we all have a little spark of pschopathy in us.

  • BitterVoid
    BitterVoid 15 days ago +1

    Ughhh she needs to stop. I love and admire her. She thinks her singing is bad, she thinks everyone hates her, etc. Stoppppp. None of it is true

  • razofdead
    razofdead 15 days ago

    I love pineapple on pizza
    She is illuminati

  • Larry Kaye
    Larry Kaye 15 days ago +6

    She comes across as rather neurotic, I'll say that.

  • WasserTipps
    WasserTipps 16 days ago +1

    I want to marry her...

  • The Purple Croissant
    The Purple Croissant 16 days ago +1

    What if they asked her a question that she said no to even though she didn’t remember she did it. The machine tracks how nervous you are and stuff I think so would it see that she was lying then?

  • Peter Dawa-Maue Yaven Numoi

    That was intense given that the questions asked were intern curios.

  • an aesthete
    an aesthete 16 days ago +1

    her voice 🤤🤤🤧

  • Fairest Camila
    Fairest Camila 16 days ago

    Many people love you Jennifer! Do this test with Camila Cabello she has a new song called Liar

  • Michele Conley Eckert
    Michele Conley Eckert 16 days ago

    Come On what are the results??? Scoffs

  • Nomadic Media
    Nomadic Media 16 days ago

    I have a strange feeling she'd be psyched if only they had pizza. Love her.

  • Lương Cẩm Tú
    Lương Cẩm Tú 17 days ago

    She is so pretty

  • Sarah Miller
    Sarah Miller 17 days ago

    She answered those Illuminati questions a little too QUICK for my tastes lmao!!

  • Mark Walther
    Mark Walther 17 days ago +1

    Instant liked when she said pineapple should never be on a pizza

  • Alexander Hay
    Alexander Hay 18 days ago

    today, one more person on the internet likes you...

  • WonderWhaz
    WonderWhaz 18 days ago

    Did you sleep with Harvey Weinstein? Jennifer Lawrence rips the chords off and runs away.

  • Limegreen Pug
    Limegreen Pug 18 days ago +1

    Please tell her that I love her and not to be nervous

  • Baddeck stuff
    Baddeck stuff 18 days ago

    Well its good to know not to ever be on the same sub way platform as Jeniffer Lawrence.

  • cyberpunk 2077 ps5
    cyberpunk 2077 ps5 19 days ago

    All lie detector is fake

  • Melanie Cerna
    Melanie Cerna 19 days ago +9

    "i can't believe im rich and a bad tiper" sksksksk

  • Shadow Manymules
    Shadow Manymules 19 days ago

    Aww that sucks. I like her movies and shes funny.

  • Sai pe
    Sai pe 20 days ago

    Shorter = check
    Non celebrity = check
    same age = check
    Jennifer ?

  • GoWarriors Go
    GoWarriors Go 20 days ago

    she’s soooo cute 😭🥺

  • Bryan B
    Bryan B 20 days ago +4

    Her reaction at her getting caught lying on her tipping percentage is so cute , ima marry her