Ant Works Bell Revolver Fingerboard Review 2015 | Outdoor 2015

  • Published on Aug 5, 2015
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    Adjustable fingerboards seem set to become the big new innovation in training technology. Earlier this year we profiled the BÄM! board from the US which comes with the option of adjusting the board from a vertical angle to thirty degrees overhung but the Revolver board from Ant Works takes this a stage further. The board can rotate a full 360 degrees offering a massive range of angles on a variety of different holds from pockets to slopers and finger slots. This means that the board is ideal for practically every level of climber from complete beginners to experienced athletes while allowing users to progress in difficulty on the same board. The variability of the board also means that in a very small space it is possible to train practically every type of hold at every possible angle. There are a lot of options for fingerboard training out there, but as far as we're concerned, the number of options available on the Revolver Board makes it a real cut above the rest!
    Antworks Revolver Finger Board - 2015 Review | Outdoor 2015
    Director: Mateffy Istvan
    Producer: Emanuelle Maclean

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    John Edward 3 years ago +1

    thought it was great until i heard the price