Here's Why the BMW 850CSi Was the Best BMW of the 1990s

  • Published on Feb 27, 2018
    In today's money, the BMW 850CSi cost $175,000 when it was new. Today, I'm reviewing a BMW 850CSi to show you all its quirks and features -- and to show you why the E31 8 Series was such a cool car, especially the flagship 850CSi model.
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  • Thijs Waalders
    Thijs Waalders 8 hours ago

    so underrated

  • Kris Brockington
    Kris Brockington 11 hours ago

    Doug's attention to detail is untouchable. Tall about digging into the car.

  • THX 1138
    THX 1138 Day ago

    The story I heard is that there's an E31 M8 prototype with 550HP, ITBs, et cetera...but they made this instead. 😔

  • skr 420
    skr 420 2 days ago

    Those phones still work, don't know about you guys in America, but there is a space to put your SIM card, after that it's self-explanatory - just gotta call. My friend used to use it for giggles. (7th series bmw, but the phones surely are the same)

  • Shawn Edwards
    Shawn Edwards 3 days ago

    Doug's most notable saying when reviewing a sports coupe, or exotic. "Yes, this car DOES have rear seats."

  • F. Mazz.
    F. Mazz. 3 days ago

    That's a nice collector

  • Julio Alberto Rodríguez Rellán

    Mirrors and wheels aren't from a CSI at least in Europe were different

  • Simon Reddyhoff
    Simon Reddyhoff 4 days ago

    I wonder what quirks and features the gazebo in the back possesses

  • Skip741 x
    Skip741 x 4 days ago

    Sex on Wheels..... just yeah, sex on wheels... what a beauty! Such clean lines with an understated , yet high end appearance..

  • John Doe
    John Doe 5 days ago +2

    My favorite BMW of all time

  • still I rise
    still I rise 7 days ago

    Du bist klasse Douglas,weiter so!

  • busfahrer09
    busfahrer09 7 days ago

    dude. you're like 8 feet 5.... these backseats were the most comfortable pieces of ART ever made, I still dont understand - to this day - why BMW is not copying these in their coupes today.

  • bigtthegreat
    bigtthegreat 8 days ago

  • bigtthegreat
    bigtthegreat 8 days ago

    Bought mine new in 1994 and I'd new sell it....ever.

  • Wraithy
    Wraithy 11 days ago

    All the people not realizing the mpg is 5mpg and bmw engines are notorious for breaking down

    • nomoclutch
      nomoclutch 6 days ago

      These can average around 20mpg on 1,500 miles of open road at 75 mph ...

  • Chelo Chelini
    Chelo Chelini 12 days ago

    Japan design???

  • Valentin Dontov
    Valentin Dontov 12 days ago

    Great review Doug, but you forgot to mention that it came with 4 wheel steering. Only the CSi had that.

  • Adam Panek
    Adam Panek 13 days ago +1

    I worked as a porter at BMW during this era, i had to deliver an 850, i could see the fuel needle go down quicker then any other car. 5mpg?

  • Capt. Christopher Taylor

    I've always loved those 850s

  • Graham Wilson
    Graham Wilson 15 days ago

    Just a pitty they are so unreliable...

  • limyohwan
    limyohwan 16 days ago

    Wait the mirror covers arent even removable? What is an 8 series owner supposed to sniff coke off?

  • James Buckey
    James Buckey 17 days ago

    Good grief that black looks DEEP

  • Der RoteKoyote
    Der RoteKoyote 17 days ago

    The carpet of the roof is going down in every 90tys bmw such a shame they used the cheap Glue there ..its a pain to fix that you need a new carpet and to remove that old dry glue stuff it takes ages ...i do that once never again trust me :D the 850 csi is a beast put the 635 csi from Alpina is the beauty and you find spare parts ^^

  • Sleeperbeamer
    Sleeperbeamer 18 days ago +2

    The most underrated bmw ever made.

    • Graham Wilson
      Graham Wilson 15 days ago +1

      It's like the E60 M5. Stunning cars but very unreliable... That's why they get forgotten...

    • SwissMarksman
      SwissMarksman 17 days ago +1

      It really is. Just saw recently an Alpina version of this. Now I am kinda pissed off that I haven't taken pictures from it, because it's so rare. Even the normal 850 is so rare (rarer than any Supercar that you can name).

  • Behehmweh
    Behehmweh 18 days ago +1

    One of the Best Bmw‘s ever made.
    But who owns a 850csi in Perfect condition and dont get‘s the Screen with the pixel fixed?
    And the Phones are working! I use it from time to time in my own Car.(E39 523i) I have the same phone.
    And the washer fluid tanks are also in my E39
    Middle seatbelts? Almost every 90‘s Bmw‘s.

  • KawiNinji
    KawiNinji 18 days ago

    It seems weird to me to not have vents on the doors. Both my 90s Japanese cars have vents on the doors. My dodge neon had them next to the door. Doesnt really hit you like that

  • Karl Hamilton
    Karl Hamilton 19 days ago

    That's not a CAD failure, those arms bend out over time due to the pressure in the springs. You can bend them back but that'll weaken them even more. My 850 does the same. My Volvo 850.

  • Karl Hamilton
    Karl Hamilton 19 days ago

    Volvo 850 T-5R was a much, much cooler car.

  • JoeMuc2008
    JoeMuc2008 20 days ago +1

    excuse the wisenheimery but the pixels in the display are not actually burnt out. What fails here is the connection between the display and the flat flex carbon traces that supply the display. These flat flexes are now known as being notorious for failing sooner or later as the adhesive begins to lose its strength over the years. Display and flat flex are joined with a "hot bar" which fuses both pieces together. This construct was later replaced by zebra strips which are much more reliable. The flat flex failure manifests itself in entire rows or (as shown here) columns in the display being constantly off. A lot of LCD-style displays are affected, but it's kind of a BMW trademark of the 90s and early 2000s. It can actually be fixed by applying more pressure to the connection, but there seems to be no perfect cure. I had my check control display fixed two times and the last time they said it won't be possible another time. Probably some dirty hack was applied. I'll have a look once the car gets scrapped, with hopefully some years in between.

  • haydar Kazan
    haydar Kazan 21 day ago

    10 out of 10 Doug the dog shit it is a ultimate driving machine you dumb prick you you Irish prick you jew mother fucker you back in the days it was a the king of cars prick

  • Vile Nation Gaming
    Vile Nation Gaming 21 day ago

    Pixel burned out on 95 BMW... Same issues on 2007 BMW. They used that gross brown/yellow for the longest time.

  • Vinícius Silva
    Vinícius Silva 21 day ago

    Uma das últimas "old school" da bmw. Linda demais.

  • $crooge McDuck
    $crooge McDuck 22 days ago

    Hi Doug, what you said about the b-pillar is incorrect. There’s actually a few Merc Coupes without a b-pillar. For example the Merc S and E Class Coupé. They have always had that in fact...

  • PXXX
    PXXX 22 days ago +2

    The OBC pixels aren't dead, it's the connector between the screen and the board. You change the connector for a new one and you have all your pixels :)

  • Rockling !?
    Rockling !? 22 days ago

    Forgotten supercar sadly

  • anonymous user
    anonymous user 22 days ago

    A Jay Leno wannabe. Did u suck his cock yet?

  • Joshua Ortiz
    Joshua Ortiz 23 days ago

    Why is German engineering soooo extra?

  • Reggie Lee
    Reggie Lee 23 days ago

    18:28 “at eye level” as he bends over to reach them

  • Reggie Lee
    Reggie Lee 23 days ago

    17:29 did he sneak in a hitler/ nazi Germany burn?

  • Trapper50cal
    Trapper50cal 23 days ago

    That headliner didn't age well....

  • R400TVR
    R400TVR 23 days ago

    Also, this engine has nothing to do with the engine in the F1. That engine has far more in common with the S54 from the M3 Evo

  • R400TVR
    R400TVR 23 days ago

    Doug, your are rather wrong about the engine and models. The 850i was the first, and was the first car available with the 6sp manual. Then came the 850CSi,only available with a manual gearbox.
    The 840i was released a few years after, in both 6sp manual and 5sp auto.

  • Philip Rozhnov
    Philip Rozhnov 23 days ago

    Dag hello, review the 2002 Citroen C5, thanks in advance.

  • Pickled Babies
    Pickled Babies 23 days ago

    I think the Doug score was a little low....... Beautiful car and I reall enjoyed the review.

    • Arnav Sinha
      Arnav Sinha 23 days ago

      The dougscore is meant for all cars old and new. So older cars with outdated tech dont do so well.

  • Mr. Munchy
    Mr. Munchy 24 days ago +1

    9:58 commenting for a future sample

  • Jay Monay
    Jay Monay 24 days ago

    17:34 yes it's half a swastika

  • Harley Robertson
    Harley Robertson 24 days ago +1

    BMW Crime Scene Investigation

  • Jack Jvg
    Jack Jvg 24 days ago

    Love it

  • Wayne andrews
    Wayne andrews 25 days ago


  • Michael Donaher
    Michael Donaher 26 days ago +1

    This car IS a big deal. My favorite and best looking BMW of all time.

  • Chuck Goldsmith
    Chuck Goldsmith 27 days ago

    I have loved this car ever since I first saw one. My Audi Quattro Coupe had 3 washer reservoirs - windshield, headlight washer and rear hatch wiper. Strangely the headlight washer reservoir was larger than the windshield washer reservoir.

  • R G
    R G 27 days ago

    When will you fuck blondie ? She is testing cars too

  • Daniel Lyell
    Daniel Lyell 29 days ago

    We had a white one in our garage that I used to take out when I was a teen. It was just an extra car we had. It was white. I remember I used to love getting it out on the highway with windows down, because when you hit 100mph the windows went up on their own as a safety precaution. It was a really fun car to drive. Ahead of it's time.

  • Gen
    Gen 29 days ago

    MY 2010 and 2008 BMW still had business CD and burned out radio pixels! LOL

  • Andi P
    Andi P Month ago

    Just driven this car... cause rich born...

  • richgall63
    richgall63 Month ago +1

    Seems like a prime candidate for an LS-7 swap...

  • Reuben Binyamin
    Reuben Binyamin Month ago +1

    Amazing beautiful car . This Bimmer was truly ultimate driving machine .Will not be forgotten .

    • John Vlad
      John Vlad Month ago +1

      The new BMW M8 was nothing compared to this

  • Xavier Cavanaugh
    Xavier Cavanaugh Month ago

    Thank you Doug

  • Abhay Rana
    Abhay Rana Month ago +1

    I'm glad I have this (as a 1:18 scale model, from ottomobile)

  • Cristian Elizondo
    Cristian Elizondo Month ago

    If you squint it kinda looks kind a civic

  • raidacaipo
    raidacaipo Month ago

    Why the integra looks similar to this car?

  • Chris Coffel
    Chris Coffel Month ago

    It wasn't called the M8 because of the rise of the internet at the time and Australians were calling their friends m8.

  • Miguel Branch
    Miguel Branch Month ago

    Ahh, the cellphone! Only way to make it cooler-if it had the "portable" briefcase attached to the curly wire of the handset! 🤣
    I SO would profile with one of these phones. Even try to get it working 😍

  • Bob Saint-Clair
    Bob Saint-Clair Month ago +11

    In Belgrade, it was known as the shooter's ride. The people that drove them: 90% mafia hitmen, 10% turbo-folk selebrities. Ah, the 90s in west Balkans...

  • Lamar Golson
    Lamar Golson Month ago

    I always loved this car. Beautiful!

  • Minute Repeater
    Minute Repeater Month ago

    I truly despise BMW (my brother Always hated me for it), but the 850 to my opinion the only good looking BMW.

  • derin111
    derin111 Month ago

    Here's my 840Ci Sport with still only 27K miles on the clock owned for 14

  • Lorenzo Moore
    Lorenzo Moore Month ago

    Wow this thing is still Beautiful.

  • Herr der Fliegen
    Herr der Fliegen Month ago

    E31 MAX SPEED --->

  • Ivan Osokor
    Ivan Osokor Month ago

    Doug the type of a quirk