Top 10 Shocking Ads That Would Never Be Published Today

  • Published on Nov 22, 2015
  • The Times They Are A-Changin'. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Shocking Ads that Would Never be Published Today. Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►

    For this list, we're highlighting the most surprising and/or offensive print ads that wouldn’t quite work in today's society… for obvious reasons.

    Special thanks to our user Milan Alleman for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at!
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Comments • 1 689

  • Conor O'Brien
    Conor O'Brien 7 days ago

    Why does the innocence is sexier than you think ad remind me that almost nothing has changed...

  • theedrstrangelove
    theedrstrangelove 7 days ago

    Women are better at many things. Cooking, cleaning, having and raising babies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Linda Easley
    Linda Easley 10 days ago

    Ad agencies in the 20th century were full of misogynist s , pedophiles and racists

  • bergstrom rick
    bergstrom rick 10 days ago

    Ad-ver-tisement lol

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 12 days ago

    Somewhere in an alternate universe, Don Draper just got a no-reason erection.

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 12 days ago

    I loved they used the Baby Soft commercial for "The Americans" when Phillip Jennings had to seduce a teenage daughter of a CIA deputy director.

  • Richard Abbott
    Richard Abbott 13 days ago

    Is racism real, or are people just assholes and use one's race as a lazy excuse to be an even bigger asshole? If you don't know, you're part of the problem.

  • Appleboy78165
    Appleboy78165 14 days ago

    This further proves my theory that people were even stupider in the olden days

  • Thorn daCosta
    Thorn daCosta 15 days ago

    ''I think the Loves Baby Soft Baby Soft ad may well have been aimed at the Pampas Grass (role play fetish) sect of ''mature Babygirl'' Swingers? Not that I was there. However the under current is a reminder of how kids' were viewed by andults back then and to this day in some quaters. :(

  • Daniel Cokerland
    Daniel Cokerland 19 days ago

    I, uh, think my toothache is coming back :P

  • TheRapper10000
    TheRapper10000 25 days ago


  • Mecca Mitchell
    Mecca Mitchell 27 days ago

    #1 is the most worst trash ever !

  • Yura Graterol
    Yura Graterol 28 days ago

    This is not as shocking. On the movie and music industry objectification towards women CONTINUES. It happens every damn day also for anyone that is an immigrant. Talk to Latinos, African americans, Indians and Palestinians and you'll see the struggles they have to go through!

  • Embargoman
    Embargoman Month ago

    Depriciate women, Japanese people and black people, is kind of stupid marketing.
    Cigarettes most doctors smoke, then that is ridiculous back then, ignorance is bliss.

  • Invidslayer
    Invidslayer Month ago

    While these ad are repulsive, I have to ask where they successful?

  • librarose79
    librarose79 Month ago

    Wow ~ we really have come a far way. I don't even understand #1 ~ was it just made to show how racist they were? I can't wrap my head around it.

  • Melissa Kessler
    Melissa Kessler Month ago

    The Baby Soft commercial made me super uncomfortable, weird .

  • Glerii
    Glerii Month ago

    Men are better than women it's a fact

  • Rias gremory
    Rias gremory Month ago



  • CJ Turner
    CJ Turner Month ago

    Camels SUCK!!!
    Newport Menthol Shorts are the Best!!!

  • Bert Offerings
    Bert Offerings Month ago

    Can't find any actual shocking racism/sexism/whateverism today so we have to look back decades to find it (or just perpetuate a race/rape/whatever hoax)

  • Ernesto Hernandez
    Ernesto Hernandez Month ago

    Idiots are too easily offended nowadays.

  • Palpolino Lazurus
    Palpolino Lazurus Month ago +2

    Just like a woman to be shocked by the sexist ads from 60 yrs ago.

  • stephanie george
    stephanie george Month ago

    #2 is disgusting

    GODOFAWSOMENESS1 Month ago +1

    In number three it looks like the black kid is glaring at the white kid. I just imagine he or she thumping the other one real good.

  • Denise Tidwell
    Denise Tidwell Month ago

    All of the ads shown here are disgusting and rightfully would never fly. But I feel the "Innocence is sexier than you think" ad belongs at number 1. That is the most pathetic, disgraceful thing I have ever seen or heard in my life. And to be sicker and more disgraceful than the other things on this list, that's saying something.

  • Iconic Rainbow
    Iconic Rainbow Month ago

    This is messed up like wtf were people thinking back in the day they treated women like sh*t all because men thought that they were superior to us... Yea right women are stronger than men anyways, also the racist bullsh*t like come on now people are so damn ignorant and still are. People are so stupid like God created everyone equal but some assholes don't see that

  • PhoenixDemocrat
    PhoenixDemocrat Month ago

    Back in the early 1980s, I saw billboard ads in the New York subway promoting direct deposit that featured a picture of a smiling white elderly woman standing in front of young snarling black and Hispanic males with the caption "now that I have direct deposit, I'm not so popular with the boys anymore."

  • Pat Earl
    Pat Earl 2 months ago

    My dr smoked....right in his exam room....OMG am I that old. FK!

  • Charles and Matt The GOATS


  • luxor1001
    luxor1001 2 months ago

    You know, when the ads came out, they weren't all "offensive." Instead, you liberal middle-class white retards decided to unearth ads from utter oblivion so you could congratulate yourself on your moral superiority.

  • luxor1001
    luxor1001 2 months ago

    Spanking is not "physical abuse," but just spanking.

  • Andrew Schipper
    Andrew Schipper 3 months ago

    Thanking the Lord was common back then, its just a shame they used in a derogatory way, but that doesn't mean you have to loop it in with the "bad combination" of ignorance and war. What kind of people are you that just because someone uses religion to justify something controversial 200 years ago you think religion as a whole is just as bad as war and ignorance? Newsflash, the foundation of religion was what made America great, and the ignorance of that is what will plunge America into a dark place. Open up, just because you guys don't believe any religion doesn't mean they're all terrible. Yes, some like Islam are, but you specifically reference Christianity, and the fact that you think you can pair such a peaceful religion like that with war and ignorance as an evil trinity just makes you sound stupid

  • Andrew Schipper
    Andrew Schipper 3 months ago

    Pretty sure times haven't changed much since the liberal 70's anymore. I mean, there are some people who still want communism, aren't there? Oh wait, its called socialism

  • JP Mackey
    JP Mackey 3 months ago

    #1 was disgusting.

  • Dejay Page
    Dejay Page 3 months ago

    I legit dropped my phone in shock

  • 1 9 9 0不同
    1 9 9 0不同 3 months ago

    feminism is a disease .

  • Paul Little
    Paul Little 3 months ago

    Get a wash you filthy black barstard

  • darth rias gremory
    darth rias gremory 3 months ago

    We should go back to those days. What's so bad about women being and cleaning women is a good thing.

  • William Smith
    William Smith 3 months ago

    Early WokeMojo's steps were quite shaky...

  • Busta Cathou
    Busta Cathou 4 months ago

    What? Spanking can be fun 😈

  • Bridget Volg
    Bridget Volg 4 months ago

    a song that says "men are better than women", absolutely sexist, bigoted, oppressing women, how can this be okay
    a sweater made in Australia a couple years ago titled "girls are smarter", its empowering women, putting an end to non existent oppression, if your not okay with this its because you're sexist
    the hypocrisy is real, and ridiculous, screw feminism, go to a 3rd world country where you're needed

  • MasterKlaw
    MasterKlaw 4 months ago

    9:48 Sega is actually the Italian word for "handjob".

  • Razvan Zamfir
    Razvan Zamfir 5 months ago

    Man, people back then had humor alright! :))

  • The Queen Of Awkwardness

    The only good thing about the Fairy Soap ad, is that the African American girl looks like she is about to push the Caucasian girl in the mud.

  • Nielsen kasser
    Nielsen kasser 5 months ago +1

    top 10 genders

  • LMSPetRescue
    LMSPetRescue 5 months ago +1

    I watch this and I’m like “it’s a good thing that we’ve made strides to move past this racism and sexism” then I look in the comments....I revoke my previous thought humanity is doomed

  • TherrienGAMING
    TherrienGAMING 5 months ago +1

    The 9th one made me want to vomit.

  • Jamie Willkner
    Jamie Willkner 5 months ago +1

    If Your Husband Ever Finds Out......RUN!....HIDE!!!!

  • leon dillon
    leon dillon 5 months ago +1

    #8 , in the shoe ad ,the model is mostly in the shadow!! So how did you come up with the idea that she's topless??

  • Kris Efe
    Kris Efe 5 months ago +3

    Reading the comments below I just realized not much changed in the world. I can’t understand why people are still so full of hate.

  • Pamela Mays
    Pamela Mays 6 months ago +1

    Hi Karate men's cologne. The ad depicts a man fighting off women with faux martial arts.

  • J DoubleA
    J DoubleA 6 months ago +1

    Why is it okay to sexualize men but its wrong to sexualize women

  • Music Guy
    Music Guy 7 months ago +1

    Do not reply to this comment

  • Sarah
    Sarah 7 months ago +1

    Nothing has changed? Women are still objectified in order to sell a product

    • Moffat Twins
      Moffat Twins 5 months ago

      It has changed woman now can do whatever we want

  • Taylor’s Show
    Taylor’s Show 7 months ago +1

    See Canada is good

  • Riah Reviews
    Riah Reviews 7 months ago +1

    Chinese washing machine ad

  • Riah Reviews
    Riah Reviews 7 months ago +1

    Mysaggac shoes? More like misogynistic shoes!

  • SuperSonic32X
    SuperSonic32X 7 months ago +1

    9:52 lol lol lol lol XD

  • Ima Me
    Ima Me 7 months ago +1

    Some of these ads is where my husband and I get our humor from, I stay at home and he works. We joke about me having a hat/glove/dress budget and we both LOL'd at the hoover ad. The racist ads though... not so funny. Not surprising, either.

  • ~Se7en~
    ~Se7en~ 7 months ago +2

    I am sorry but the Sega ad was awesome lol. And pretty sure it was intentionally provocative. "The more you play with it … the harder it gets …" LOL … come on! That's just funny!

  • pansexual pandacakes
    pansexual pandacakes 7 months ago +2

    *features sexual topic*
    I think people who can feel free enough to moan during sex with their partner(particular boys), those are a turn on.
    Just an opinion.

  • fosknine9
    fosknine9 8 months ago +1

    They included an ad that said "Have you ever seen a fat Chinese?". How is this bad? Funny how it's acceptable for people use the word "American" when describing something but God forbid you use any other group in the same way because then it magically becomes bigoted. People can say whatever the hell they want about Americans and it's okay but not when it's about anyone else. Men have been made fun of and treated like shit in commercials for years but apparently that too is okay provided it's done to men, just not to women. How convenient.

  • daniel curtis
    daniel curtis 8 months ago +1

    Who else thinks the 7-up ad is the cutest thing ever

  • Phantomthecat
    Phantomthecat 8 months ago

    8:28 - I have that exact model Kenwood - my Wife wouldn't even know what it was for... Will go show her the ad - she'll probably throw it at me...

  • scott left
    scott left 8 months ago

    Femtard scold telling you what to think.....projecting her insecurity on must have been women only who change these views....right.

    RETINA RENTAL 8 months ago

    9:40 ᴍᴀᴛᴛʜᴇᴡ ʙʀᴏᴅᴇʀɪᴄᴋ ɪɴ ᴅʀᴀɢ

  • cody Lavito
    cody Lavito 8 months ago +1

    It's horrible how there are STILL people like this out there..

  • Evelene Maye
    Evelene Maye 8 months ago +1

    there is only one thing worse than a rapist. and that it is...

    a child

  • Evelene Maye
    Evelene Maye 8 months ago +1

    7:13 does anyone else see a face near the black kid's leg; it's on the bottom left edge of the poster.

  • Garret Grant
    Garret Grant 9 months ago +1

    Commercials and ads that modern huffelhump feminists might blow their tampons out at.

  • Bucking Bronco
    Bucking Bronco 9 months ago +1

    Ah, the good old days

  • Michael Hartman
    Michael Hartman 9 months ago

    The Love's Baby Soft commercial gave me the creeps back when I first saw it.
    How will the future view our commercials?

  • Kimberly M
    Kimberly M 9 months ago

    Last ad: everyone's terrified to say or spell out that certain epithet. You know, it loses its power if it's just allowed to fade away without all the hysteria. By the way, know why the "lighter skin" bias came about in many cultures? Manual labor out in the sun darkens the skin. If you're well off, this doesn't happen. Similar description: redneck (blue collar workers), same perceived stigma. In some Asian countries they did it differently: the well off wore long sleeves to hide hands (no manual labor) or broke young girls' feet to bind them so they could barely walk, thus unable to work at manual labor.
    And then tanning in the sun came in vogue in the late 60s and 70s and all of a sudden the rich elite pale skinned people were roasting in the sun and later in tanning booths. Not that it does the skin any favors. Skin cancer rates are very high in places like Australia.

  • Kimberly M
    Kimberly M 9 months ago

    7:20 oh cut out your self-righteous whinybitching. I've seen few people as bigoted as Obama, as destructive and violent as antifa et al, and as entrenched in victimhood as dumdum with the megaphone. It goes both ways (and yes, the ad was embarrassing and a product of its times).

  • OliRock92
    OliRock92 9 months ago

    Innocence is sexier than you think. Bet this worked wonderfully in Japan

  • valpetr
    valpetr 9 months ago

    Dis-honorabe mentions

  • softbatch!
    softbatch! 9 months ago

    The Heinz ketchup ad is just saying its an easy to open cap. I'm not bothered.

  • Cheyenne Hayden
    Cheyenne Hayden 9 months ago

    Number nine made my skin crawl oh geez that's bad

  • dondodda don
    dondodda don 9 months ago

    😂 😂 😂 epic 😂

  • Chunky Munkey
    Chunky Munkey 9 months ago

    All i see is ads from an era that wasn't big on censorship.

  • Mihaela Jukić
    Mihaela Jukić 9 months ago

    What the actaul fuck??

  • Jaqen H'ghar
    Jaqen H'ghar 9 months ago

    why cant this stuff be left in the past where it belongs? how are we going to ascend as the human species if we have to deal with things from 60 plus years ago?

  • Broly the sarcastic savage

    When conservatives are put in charge of marketing,you get: it's nice to have a girl around the house😂

  • Cobalt Bleu
    Cobalt Bleu 9 months ago

    I’m a woman, but 2 was hilarious!

  • virgo wolf lupina
    virgo wolf lupina 9 months ago


  • virgo wolf lupina
    virgo wolf lupina 9 months ago

    AND what is most unacceptable is the fact that they think that feminism is a hysterical movement and exaggerated..because these vile men and stupid misogynist females will never learn their lessons!

  • virgo wolf lupina
    virgo wolf lupina 9 months ago

    that goes for show that:
    pedophilia and misogyny is nothing new..
    and that they have always been GAYS AND PEDOPHILE!
    only that they still haven't learn their lessons of the past

  • aznxknight
    aznxknight 9 months ago

    At least sega has balls, nintendo just uses plastic surgery to cover their asses.

  • Talin Mouradian
    Talin Mouradian 9 months ago

    Is it just me or does the Loves Baby Soft sound EXACTLY like Donald Trump

  • Leah Dawson
    Leah Dawson 9 months ago

    Honestly, I think #9 was the worst. That's just creepy. There were a few others that were really bad too, but this one disturbs me the most.

  • asma farooqi
    asma farooqi 9 months ago

    those assholes were so introverts . Can't able to think beyond abusing a woman . 😡😡😡😡😡

  • David Mason
    David Mason 9 months ago

    They should run all these commercials today. That way snowflakes would really have something to complain about instead of having to create reasons to be offended. Maybe we could run them all over a 24hr period on every network until these third wave feminazis heads actually exploded.

  • The Game Show Geek
    The Game Show Geek 9 months ago

    The Mormon church knew that smoking was bad for you a century before the doctor did! Unbelievable doctors...

  • Sarah Gray
    Sarah Gray 9 months ago

    A lot of the ads we have today are just as bad as these. I find the ads that depict men as helpless buffoons offensive because I am a straight woman who actually LIKES men. I also find PETA'S ads offensive, because not only do they represent women in a way that borders on the pornographic, but they pass off complete falsehoods as medical information (e.g:the supposed link between milk consumption and autism or their claims that not consuming animal products will make you smell better, improve your sex life and prevent diabetes is even more ridiculous given the fact that a typical vegan diet is mostly sugar and carbohydrates!). Not only that, but their primary targets are children and women of childbearing age (who according to most certified medical professionals should NOT become vegans) and to top it all off PETA kills more animals each year than it saves! Compared to them, these old cigarette commercials are actually not that offensive, are they?

  • Christopher Michaud
    Christopher Michaud 9 months ago

    'at least when it comes to common decency'...get real how 'bout those slut walks and LGBTQ porn

  • ladycplum
    ladycplum 9 months ago +10

    What I hate is how so many women are portrayed as "fail at life" when they can't make a decent cup of coffee for their demanding mast-uh...husbands.

  • Atticus Finch
    Atticus Finch 9 months ago

    Casually pulls page from playboy and expect it not to objectify a woman

  • Danny O’Flanagan
    Danny O’Flanagan 9 months ago

    Feminism is only the right for women to be treated equally to men after centuries of abuse! I see nothing wrong with that.The men who get pissed at the idea are either inadequate,abusers or emotional and physical rapist of women.

  • greyeyed123
    greyeyed123 9 months ago

    I may have rose-colored memories, but as a child in the '70s and even '80s, most commercials wanted you to feel good. Buy our product and be happy--friends, family, warm fuzzy feelings, sexy, beautiful, etc. Today most commercials are some variation on "buy or product or die," "buy or product or your are massively stupid," etc. I'm astonished that heart failure medicine commercial actually uses the song "tomorrow, tomorrow", and tells the audience people with heart failure might not have any tomorrows without their medicine! lol I can't prove it, but if a similar ad ran in the '70s it would have been laughed at as complete satire or incompetent marketing.