ASMR | More Deep Ear Attention For You ~

  • Published on Oct 30, 2019
  • Tadaaaaaaa uwu ~ I've been hearing more asks for these types of triggers so I hope you enjoy!! I had to cut out a large chunk of this video unfortunately though because one of the microphones' connections was loose and my mic touching sounded HORRIFIC -- RIP. But we salvaged most of it! And here we are :) Sleep well my friends! This video includes very close up whispering, cup sounds, fabric scratching, mouth "sounds" (shoops and such, not smacking) brushing, and mic scratching and touching!
    Timestamps (I whisper thru most of the vid too)
    0:00 - Intro & Trigger Previews
    3:25 - Mic Scratching
    6:20 - Cup Tapping
    8:06 - Scratching Cups on Mics
    10:20 - Fake Snake Skin Scratching
    15:10 - Mic Brushing
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  • Jaren Hudson
    Jaren Hudson 6 hours ago

    If it was a little more clear - I'd say you've purchased a Simese Fighting fish or two recently.

  • I spent the night in.
    I spent the night in. 13 hours ago

    At one point I felt tingles so much the muscles in my back contracted a bit and I twitched out of position involuntary. It’s so cool that audio can trigger things like that and essentially she was basically moving me without even touching me

  • 우징
    우징 4 days ago

    My ears are melting ..🤤🤤❤️

  • jacklyn selkis
    jacklyn selkis 4 days ago +2

    • alarm set (if necessary)
    • brightness down
    • auto play off
    • data off and wifi on
    💞happy sleeping 💞

  • Gaming Legend
    Gaming Legend 5 days ago

    Nothing better than a good old add to wake ya right up!👍🏼

  • Shiva's Chimera
    Shiva's Chimera 6 days ago

    Tell me the most inportant PR choice.
    Taylor swift.
    I really thought you were a broken cat in failure.
    I got lead" lead's....
    Lead's that could take that hard horse and send it into battle.
    Win or was fun to see your ass participate.
    Really super fun.
    I kinda want it for Christmas. 🤨

  • ChanelLavender
    ChanelLavender 8 days ago +1

    Who else thinks brushes sound better on bare mics?

  • Entrepreneur
    Entrepreneur 8 days ago


  • PoppaNate
    PoppaNate 8 days ago +1


  • FBI
    FBI 9 days ago

    Show some ID

  • Creamy Clout
    Creamy Clout 10 days ago +1

    Time Stamps 💝
    0:00-Intro and Trigger previews
    3:25-Mic scratching
    6:20-Cup tapping
    8:06-Cups scratching mics
    10:20-Fake snake skin scratching
    15:10-Mic brushing
    Have a wonderful sleep 🥰

  • Madridista Ernest
    Madridista Ernest 10 days ago +1

    i feel happy because finally i saw my comment here :)

  • Anders Morille
    Anders Morille 10 days ago +1

    Netflix: *starts playing *
    Me and my gf 5 minutes later : 9:17

    • Erika
      Erika 6 days ago

      I wish.
      I need to get a girlfriend first though.

  • ツSalty
    ツSalty 13 days ago

    Go on gibi, love you positivity. Watching your older videos now cause I need the tingles

  • sma sher
    sma sher 15 days ago +6

    Me: tries to watch asmr
    My stomach: LOuD whALe nOiseS

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 15 days ago

    Headphones are on max
    Ad: *”Do you suffer with a Yeast infection?”*

  • I Clocked It
    I Clocked It 16 days ago

    Its not intense enough

  • Drew Kulbe
    Drew Kulbe 17 days ago +1

    i watched this while playing minecraft and at 7:26 i thought there was an enderman near my house and i just about had my hair scared off

  • Squidward90 Legs
    Squidward90 Legs 18 days ago +2

    If I was an asmrist I whould call myself the sleep witch

  • Dylan Jackhammer
    Dylan Jackhammer 19 days ago +4

    When you’re reading this, you’ll pronounce her name like gibi. But if I bring icarly into the situation, all you hear is GIBIIIII

  • Nat Pineda
    Nat Pineda 19 days ago +1

    Me as soon as the brush starts doing brush stuff: ,*,^':*^;-,"'°`~•

  • oavirus
    oavirus 19 days ago

    Please stop with the objects. I'm trying to do things to myself when I hear your voice.

  • softbby
    softbby 20 days ago +3

    this was very relaxing while I was playing bed wars in Minecraft and lost all my stuff but I won owo

  • noah holm
    noah holm 20 days ago +1

    When you Said snake i freaked out i tought you would pull out a real snake🐍 but then i Saw skin and i was like😅👍 ok no snake to kill someone Well thats good😁

  • Escobar Pablo
    Escobar Pablo 21 day ago


  • Undeadcharger
    Undeadcharger 21 day ago +4

    Watching this with a fever so I get super tingles

  • crash xd
    crash xd 22 days ago +1


  • Yoana H
    Yoana H 22 days ago +4

    Not tryna be mean but she reminds me of a sloth

  • Grixon TB
    Grixon TB 23 days ago +3


    SOPHIA FEARON 24 days ago

    i just saw this video (had no idea what asmr was) and literally screamed when she started scratching the mic

  • Lavender Gaming
    Lavender Gaming 26 days ago +3

    At the beginning of the vid I thought she said "my name is stupid" no offence but lol I heard it and can't unhear it

  • HondaPowerED9
    HondaPowerED9 26 days ago

    show us your boobs pls

  • Nathan Lewis
    Nathan Lewis 26 days ago

    Idk y people don’t watch this it’s soo cool and nice

  • Dad and Sarah Reviews plus

    I watch only like 2-3 asmrists:
    Karuna satori... check her out she’s rlly good
    and hunni bee... only cause I like to see what she made lol

  • Hamsterific
    Hamsterific 27 days ago +1

    *Turns volume all the way up so I can hear it better* *Listens to asmr* *ADVERT: INSTALL OUR APP NOW!* *I sit there, now not being able to hear anything.*

  • Spinix EditzYT
    Spinix EditzYT 27 days ago +49

    Anyone else listening to this because they can’t sleep on Christmas Eve ?

    • Piløt
      Piløt 24 days ago +2

      Spinix EditzYT I almost never watch ASMR to fall asleep in the evening, I just watch it when I feel like it.

  • Karsyn young
    Karsyn young 27 days ago +2

    Watch this video with AirPods you won’t be disappointed

    • Danielle Hart
      Danielle Hart 7 days ago +1

      But AirPods are a disappointment...

    • Mumen Mbeid
      Mumen Mbeid 22 days ago +1

      I would rather watch it with my eyes

  • Cyrus Allen
    Cyrus Allen 27 days ago

    Love you channel soo much keep up the amazing content please

  • ParaDox
    ParaDox 27 days ago +28

    Me: **Gonna Sleep**

    Auto play: *_im about to end this mans hole career_*

    • fette
      fette 12 days ago +3


  • Sam Schellhase
    Sam Schellhase 28 days ago +1

    6:20 the less common form of mic cupping ;)

  • Jo Sampson
    Jo Sampson 29 days ago

    it would be so funny

  • Jo Sampson
    Jo Sampson 29 days ago

    pls be shrek with the accent as well and green

  • Ava KJ
    Ava KJ Month ago +1

    Hi Gibi if you see this, i'm a big fan of your videos. I've seen tinsel and pipe cleaners used for ASMR and it is actually so triggering, so def recommend!

  • Madridista Ernest
    Madridista Ernest Month ago


  • jothi ruban
    jothi ruban Month ago

    she literally scratches her microphone and makes tons of money and here I am sitting and cracking my head on how to make more money to survive for the month. X.X

  • Sophie Ellis
    Sophie Ellis Month ago

    I’m extremely uncomfortable

  • Dana Taee
    Dana Taee Month ago +2

    Imagine looking like allison from teenwolf- gibi can relate

  • Chou志平
    Chou志平 Month ago


  • Risky Business
    Risky Business Month ago

    By far my fave!!!

  • Prism ADN
    Prism ADN Month ago

    Ou sont les Français ?

  • Nousin Rahman Era
    Nousin Rahman Era Month ago

    I really got sleep when I woke up I saw that my mobile is close

  • Gacha fox :3
    Gacha fox :3 Month ago +1

    It’s 5 pm and I still watching asmr lol

    RAZOR WIRE Month ago +1


  • Nybbl er
    Nybbl er Month ago +2

    Man I just about passed out when the video started, my eyes just slammed shut. That was weird.

    • Nybbl er
      Nybbl er 26 days ago +2

      @Goalkeeper Review Wow, you called out a comment that isn't popular and isn't even something unbelievable. I don't know whether or not to be honored. On one hand you took the time to write that comment, on the other hand your comment is unoriginal, unfunny, and carries no meaning other than to ridicule someone. Are you having a bad day? Depressed? An asshole by nature?
      Honestly though I'd bet you're just baiting for a reaction because you revel in upsetting people to fill some tragic void in your life. I'd feel bad for you if you weren't making the choose to present yourself as a smug waste of energy.

    • Goalkeeper Review
      Goalkeeper Review 26 days ago

      Nybbl er welcome to this episode of things that never happend starring nybbl er

  • Zoro
    Zoro Month ago +1

    You took my tingle virginity

  • AquaBlueGamingYT
    AquaBlueGamingYT Month ago

    I was really stressed about tests and school work and this video took all my stress and worries away

  • Thomas Savidge
    Thomas Savidge Month ago

    Exactly how does rapping on a cup over and over and over and over NOT a form of torture?

  • JägerMain
    JägerMain Month ago


  • Tony Rid
    Tony Rid Month ago

    The world gone mad 🤪

  • alli can kinda sing
    alli can kinda sing Month ago +3

    I hardly ever get tingles anymore, THANK YOU FOR REVIVING MEEEEE ❤️