The Age of A.I. | Official Trailer

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • We are at the dawn of a new age and the implications of AI technology for humans are almost unimaginable. Welcome to The Age of AI.
    Robert Downey Jr. hosts a brand new RU-clip Originals series - The Age of AI. Discover the most innovative and leading technologies that will change the world forever.
    Technology is moving faster than ever, and it’s taking less time to be widely adopted. Join host Rober Downey Jr. to explore the depths of this fascinating, gripping technology.
    Watch all episodes uninterrupted with RU-clip Premium or watch episodes free with ads for a limited time. Learn more at Check out RU-clip Premium See if Premium is available in your country at:
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  • Harish Patil
    Harish Patil 21 hour ago

    This is out of understand technology

  • Yash Fittness
    Yash Fittness Day ago

    This really scares me

    COPY THAT 2 days ago

    AI is the future

  • Francisco Morales Aliaga

    El señor Stark nos enseña sobre IA

  • Joker Prosper
    Joker Prosper 5 days ago

    Dear AI, don't let RDJ usurp your abilities just to fix his self image.

  • Just A Man of Culture
    Just A Man of Culture 6 days ago +3

    *2050: Breaking News*
    "Ultron just joined skynet. "

  • alvaro Elian
    alvaro Elian 7 days ago

    Donde lo puedo encontrar en español?

  • Jomar loreno
    Jomar loreno 7 days ago

    Can we really trust Robot's ( A.I )?

  • Hawwaa
    Hawwaa 9 days ago

    Who’s here after Ellen.

  • Random Commenter 69
    Random Commenter 69 10 days ago +3

    Nature creates human,
    Human destroyes Nature,
    Human creates A.I.
    A.l. destroyes Human
    Newton's 3rd law,
    Every action has its equal & opposite reaction

  • IB ID
    IB ID 13 days ago

    are we alone? ..... life is not a natural occurrence, your choice

  • esstyy
    esstyy 13 days ago

    The Smith family shuld ft in this show
    (Will Smith)

  • Vidyuth 140406
    Vidyuth 140406 14 days ago

    Wen is a new episode coming

  • B. Lantz
    B. Lantz 15 days ago +1

    No such thing as a deterministic system. But turn AI loose to generate it’s own code and you’ll wish you hadn’t

  • Akzo Games
    Akzo Games 15 days ago

    Where are the subtitles in Portuguese?

  • Tienda STOHR
    Tienda STOHR 20 days ago

    No logro poner los subtitulos, alguien sabe cómo? En la serie, no en el trailer. Gracias

  • Anthony Torres
    Anthony Torres 20 days ago

    Spanish 😑

  • Arc_Legend
    Arc_Legend 21 day ago

    This series is just opposite to black mirror

  • Amadou Balde
    Amadou Balde 21 day ago

    Have these people not watched movies?

  • vivek kumar
    vivek kumar 21 day ago

    I think this AI is not good for human

  • Nirbhay Singh Tanwar

    What if we merge them with us.

  • Smart Kurrollu
    Smart Kurrollu 21 day ago

    But Newton's third law Every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.... Nature creats human,human does not creat the the nature they are creating Robots and etc.... It destroy total world

  • Smart Kurrollu
    Smart Kurrollu 21 day ago


  • Karin Larsen
    Karin Larsen 21 day ago +1

    When Henry Ford made it his goal to put a car in every driveway, lots of horse and buggy workers lost their job. That's The Wonder of human beings. We adapt.
    We find a way to earn our pay.
    I can't wait to see how creative we become as boring, mundane jobs are done by AI

  • James Vince
    James Vince 21 day ago

    "A.I is basically an emulation of us". This person is either simplifying it to the point where it no longer fits or she doesn't understand A.I.
    A.I is exactly what it says on the tin. Artificial Intelligence.
    Intelligence that is made by something other than "god".
    It is not machine sentience, it is not humanoid machines (although it is being implemented in them),
    The huge difference between A.I and N.I (Natural Intelligence), is that N.I is capable of distinguishing between causal and casual relationships.
    I.E this happened because this happened or this happened while this happened.
    If I sneeze during at the start of the Superbowl commercial an A.I might think I caused the commercial break, but most humans will know the 2 results are unrelated.

  • Armando Alpez
    Armando Alpez 22 days ago


  • Living a Boys adventure tale


  • Living a Boys adventure tale


  • Orange Nebula
    Orange Nebula 22 days ago

    No sound

  • Ziah J
    Ziah J 22 days ago

    yes he’s finally making ultron

  • [ Jeelaniiansar ]
    [ Jeelaniiansar ] 22 days ago

    The age 19

  • Sasmita Mohanty
    Sasmita Mohanty 22 days ago

    A.I. is not a technology... It's a weapon to make the human more lazy than ever before

  • Kk marvel_fan
    Kk marvel_fan 22 days ago

    i'm a simple man ,
    i see a Robert Downey Jr video i click it

  • Jahar Chakraborty
    Jahar Chakraborty 22 days ago

    But robots will not have any emotion we humans have emotions God created us

  • Narcissus Anubis
    Narcissus Anubis 22 days ago

    Iron Man 4 : Origin of jarvis

  • Dylan Fedas
    Dylan Fedas 22 days ago

    Matthew 24:27
    For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.

  • Rizqi Hariz
    Rizqi Hariz 22 days ago

    Udah nonton di videonya agung hapsah

  • Tech ocean
    Tech ocean 22 days ago +1

    One day the world is not for human only robot s

  • Mark Questio
    Mark Questio 22 days ago

    Soon AI will become so smart it defies nature.

  • Ahmed Pathan
    Ahmed Pathan 22 days ago

    Welcome to the Matrix

  • Juneroy Quinimon
    Juneroy Quinimon 22 days ago

    and now Thanos is really exist.
    we are in the end game now

  • Sakshi Kosare
    Sakshi Kosare 22 days ago

    Because of technology people didn't get jobs

  • Edgaras Vansevicius
    Edgaras Vansevicius 22 days ago

    the robots become smarter and smarter soon we will be slaves for robots

  • Ninconpop
    Ninconpop 22 days ago

    Maer mura tor💩

  • Siddhanath Nalawade
    Siddhanath Nalawade 22 days ago +1

    So interesting I am waiting for it...

  • Jitesh bh
    Jitesh bh 22 days ago

    A.I.'s are Soo dumb I don't even care about them they are worst than a dog.

    YOGI MUSIC LOVER 22 days ago +1

    Kon Kon Indian hai yahA

  • Miss Khan
    Miss Khan 22 days ago

    Ok but cannot go to the moon.

  • Kshitiz Raj
    Kshitiz Raj 22 days ago

    No sound?

  • World music
    World music 22 days ago

    Hindi release please



  • Sanjay Gupta
    Sanjay Gupta 22 days ago

    Ai is enhance technology but it produce unemployment, so ⛔👻👈❌🚫

    STAN ZEN 22 days ago

    Dawn of the doom. Creation of the destruction. Insanity at its peak. A- alien
    I- invaders

  • AKshat Soni
    AKshat Soni 22 days ago +1

    The age of Ultron

  • Entertainment Free time
    Entertainment Free time 22 days ago +1

    Anyone from India.

  • Skeppy
    Skeppy 23 days ago


  • Mahin Shaukath
    Mahin Shaukath 23 days ago


  • Kenneth Edwards
    Kenneth Edwards 23 days ago

    Stop with this garbage.

  • Poonam smart kitchen
    Poonam smart kitchen 23 days ago


  • definitely not yours
    definitely not yours 23 days ago

    Mark my word,in the near future, humans will have a war against AI