Stray Kids - District 9 M/V Reaction

  • Published on Apr 7, 2018
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Comments • 147

  • Danielle Pedroza
    Danielle Pedroza  Year ago +124

    Y’all........I’m so slow at editing videos bc of work lmao I’m sorry but just know that I have a LOT coming 👀

    • Kennedy Grogan
      Kennedy Grogan Year ago

      Danielle Pedroza Stray Kids Members:
      Bang Chan (Chan)
      Lee know (Minho)
      Han (Jisung)
      I.N. (Jeongin)

    • Ibrahim Miah
      Ibrahim Miah Year ago

      Are you gonna react to BTS Japanese songs ? They’re gonna hit you hard lmao

    • BloodLine Vuong
      BloodLine Vuong Year ago

      If you wanna get to know them watch the show and after school club.

  • Kuroko Mei
    Kuroko Mei 3 months ago

    You're so pretty! Like pretty and bad ass. I love your reactions!

  • Paige Spencer
    Paige Spencer 6 months ago


  • Benn Darayta
    Benn Darayta 6 months ago

    This rap line is no joke though🤣

  • Ven
    Ven 7 months ago

    i really wanna know if you watched the reality show HAHAHAHA

  • Fatima NurFati
    Fatima NurFati 7 months ago

    Stray kids ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Why Smile
    Why Smile 8 months ago

    Maybe take in consideration their lyrics when reacting because it's one of the reason why they are not just another boy group. They composed the lyrics and not just so that it is good to hear with the music. They do good quality content that not just talk about love. I appreciate your support on them btw. Just saying

  • Itz Sha Din
    Itz Sha Din 9 months ago

    *Omfg can't wait for My Pace!!♡*

  • Khalisa Iskandar
    Khalisa Iskandar 9 months ago

    Gosh you’re pretty

  • Janine Paredes
    Janine Paredes 11 months ago

    can I have a request to you ? "React to Stray kids my pace and grow up .."

  • Alli9_9 Z.
    Alli9_9 Z. Year ago

    Han is sooooo fucking talented

  • The K-Corner
    The K-Corner Year ago

    Am I the only one who’s semi-obsessed with that growly thing Felix does at the very end when he says “district 9”?

  • Klementina Porechina

    yey they announced their fandom name today, it’s STAY, btw love your videos^^

  • monzo
    monzo Year ago

    Please react to '3racha start line', either the audio or colour coded, 3/9 members make 3racha up

  • Prof. Darviien
    Prof. Darviien Year ago

    'who the fuck is that guy' that's my bias so shhhh
    jk love ya

  • Killber Amazuki
    Killber Amazuki Year ago

    I'm here not because of your reaction, i'm here to see your beautiful everything.

  • youngjae ily
    youngjae ily Year ago

    [im really late and u probably know this by now oops]
    Chan was a trainee in JYP for 7 years and is very close with bambam and watched got7 debut together while he had to continue training. Then he got stray kids together and they went through the survival show (Felix and Minho got eliminated) and it was really hard on the members, especially chan. Luckily, they proved they were better as 9 instead of 7. & now here they are and they deserve the world ((:. (I stan manyyy groups but, BTS is my #1, GOT7 #2 & Stray Kids is #3) I love them to death & I would hiiiigghhhhlly recommend stanning them. When D9 came out, I stayed up all night and missed school the next day to stream it for the full 24hrs so the record could be broken bc I love them so so so much. Also I just found your channel about 2 days ago and I love it so much!

  • MyDay6
    MyDay6 Year ago

    please do watch Stray kids Survival show at mnet😍

  • Colby Chaos
    Colby Chaos Year ago

    I like Woojin too he is my bias.

  • gabs
    gabs Year ago +1

    watching thsi video again and love it even more. Danielle could you react to grow up and mirror by stray kids please.

  • Blawa Doo
    Blawa Doo Year ago

    The one who u liked was Jisung with red hair he’s a rapper

  • Noe H.M.
    Noe H.M. Year ago

    Does anyone has the link to watch the show???

  • Nick Lim
    Nick Lim Year ago

    React to Grow Up by Stray Kids

  • Laurux KittyCat
    Laurux KittyCat Year ago

    I think that the deep voiced guy that deserves the title of "The deepest voice in kpop" is definitely Bang Yongguk from B.A.P XD I love both Felix and Yongguk, but you know who wins here XD

  • 100Subs WithoutVideoPls

    can't feel the vibe

  • lekisha
    lekisha Year ago

    dammnnnn grill you look fine!!

  • lekisha
    lekisha Year ago


  • Yuuzan
    Yuuzan Year ago

    youre so hot

  • Josy
    Josy Year ago

    i think the only one that could rival Felix' deep voice is bang yongguk from B.A.P

  • ms z
    ms z Year ago

    also love chan so much

  • Oki Fauzan
    Oki Fauzan Year ago


  • katie katie
    katie katie Year ago

    PLEASE REACT TO UNB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Exodus Gaming
    Exodus Gaming Year ago

    Please do a reaction video to unb sense mv it’s their official debut

  • ziplockkisses
    ziplockkisses Year ago

    Please react to UNB - Sense

  • Sagnik Bagchi
    Sagnik Bagchi Year ago

    BTS - EUPHORIA ~ Face Yourself Japanese Album please react to it

  • Queency Claire
    Queency Claire Year ago

    pretty please react to Euphoria! everyone's out of mind rn making theories again lol

  • Queency Claire
    Queency Claire Year ago

    stray kids are amazing! please support them! :)))

  • Abbey C
    Abbey C Year ago

    Please say you’ve reacted to nct yestoday mv and ten new heroes! You will flip shit and they’re both amazing 😍 ten looks amazing and I know based on your baby don’t stop reaction that you will LOVE it

    CLANNAD Ken Year ago

    good hair☺️

  • Cee J
    Cee J Year ago

    I said "Oh wow, I love the new hair" out loud, instead of commenting on the last video. Haha.
    I'm a fan of Stray Kids, coz the 2 Aussies :D

  • Mohd Asyraff Bin Azhar

    React to the other mv that they release It's call Grow up it is one of the song in their debut album and you really should listen to it :)

  • I am Adam
    I am Adam Year ago +1


  • Paris Wright
    Paris Wright Year ago

    Some info:
    This and all of their songs are produced, written, and choreographed by themselves.
    Chris (birth name) - 20, Korean name and stage name Bang Chan, leader, lead vocalist, lead dancer, rapper, from Australia, is the producer of ALL of their songs, singer, song writer, trained with Bambam and Yugyeom and are close friends, part of sub unit 3racha.
    Changbin - 18, main rapper, writes lyrics, produces, members of 3racha, sub vocalist too.
    Jisung - 17, stage name Han, main rapper, vocalist, writes lyrics, produces, part of 3racha.
    Felix - 17, deep ass voice member also from Australia, lead rapper, lead dancer, choreographer.
    Seungmin - 17, lead vocalist, also fluent in English.
    Jeongin - 17, stage name I.N, maknae and vocalist.
    Woojin - 20, eldest, main vocalist, used to train with NCT.
    Hyunjin - 18, visual, lead rapper, lead dancer, choreographer.
    Minho - 19, stage name Lee Know, main choreographer, main dancer, vocalist, rapper

  • Just a Yokai 1103
    Just a Yokai 1103 Year ago +10

    Lately they were on After School Club, the Episode is really funny, most of them are really good at english and it could help you get to know them
    My fav member is I.N aka Jeongin he is the one saying "Better watch out", he is the maknae and his smile is angelic

  • Everyday OnFlowerRoad

    React to Winner's EVERYDAY MV, please!

  • Saady
    Saady Year ago +1

    react to "growu up" of STRAYKIDS tooo pls

  • Ryan Ibrahim
    Ryan Ibrahim Year ago

    React to WINNER new song - EVERYDAY

  • Jayma Awesome
    Jayma Awesome Year ago +1

    I dunno if its only who noticed it but i think you lose weight? Anyways, u look stunning! My 👑❤

  • Effrose Agulto
    Effrose Agulto Year ago

    Please react to Pentagon's SHINE

  • 하루이
    하루이 Year ago +3

    thanks for acknowledging woojin 😭💞💗

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith Year ago +1

    Total tangent beyond the fact that I love your reactions, but, girl, your eyeliner game is on POINT. You always have the best makeup

  • Krisdianna • MoongiLoves

    Girl you should see when they appeared on ASC They're english is so cute and they're just so adorable omg

  • Krisdianna • MoongiLoves

    I've been waiting for your reaction oh my gooood

  • Estefany
    Estefany Year ago

    React to Pentagon Shine, please!

  • AyakoSapphirePhoenix

    Poor Dani in the beginning I wanted to hug you we all makes mistakes don't beat yourself up

    FABSOME DRAWS Year ago

    React to wanna one ; boomerang !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Koo Koo
    Koo Koo Year ago +2

    You should react to wanna one boomerang

  • Ktown4u
    Ktown4u Year ago +30

    wow... i'm her 50,000th subscriber.. 😲 congratulations, danielle~ ^-^/
    just captured the moment i subscribed. hehe.. what an honor. yay~🎉

  • Anastasia Rae
    Anastasia Rae Year ago +6

    You’re so gorgeous. *drools*

  • sᴡᴀʏ кρσρ

    Euphoria next pls