Freestyle Swimming Technique | Stroke

  • Published on Jul 4, 2013
  • Get faster, fitter, stronger at the pool by improving your swim technique with our series of Speedo Fit videos. Produced with an elite swim coach and filmed in slow motion to help you improve your freestyle: body positioning, kick, stroke and breathing technique.
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Comments • 786

  • An Eevee Named Pearl

    I accidentally signed up for a 25 meter race freestyle and I can’t swim that fast or well for that matter.

  • RyanGamer
    RyanGamer 13 days ago

    Who’s practicing for swimming carnival

  • Rashad Ahmad
    Rashad Ahmad 18 days ago

    I have a really good technique for freestyle and I’m pretty fast but I’m slow at butterfly

  • NothingSpecialHere
    NothingSpecialHere Month ago

    "All right, let's do this!"
    *proceeds to get in the water and start stroking*
    *moves 1 inch per minute*

  • Satanik Das
    Satanik Das Month ago

    I just love swimming and I just want to stay all the day long in swimming pool.

    KIM ALICE Month ago

    넌ㅁ넘 ㄳㄳ합니다.. 이 비디오는 정말 유익하고 좋은 비디오였습니다....!!!정말 잘 만들어셨고요!!! 수영의 태크닉을 넘넘 잘 설명하셨고요...!!!!! 존경합니닷!!! 이런 비디오를 많이 만들어 주셨으면 합니다..ㅎㅎ 그럼 유투브 잘 되세요!!!

  • syltmacka alexandus
    syltmacka alexandus 2 months ago

    it's the arms and the shoulder that I need to work on

  • Manuel Sedillo
    Manuel Sedillo 2 months ago

    I climbed my Everest how you knew>:>

  • syltmacka alexandus
    syltmacka alexandus 2 months ago

    Thanks for the rips

  • naardebioscoop
    naardebioscoop 3 months ago

    um you didn't even mention half of the limbs

  • Abdalla Hesham
    Abdalla Hesham 3 months ago


  • dardevil2010
    dardevil2010 3 months ago +1

    First Two weeks of this vertical jump program "Jumοnοz Azb" (G0OGLE it) and also the workouts feels awesome, I cannot test my vertical gain so far, because I have not finished the program yet, however I like the sequence routine for legs, you feel the burn right away and my legs are becoming more powerful. .

  • PianoAmante
    PianoAmante 3 months ago +1

    Tried this in my tub and drowned

  • rabeh taleb
    rabeh taleb 3 months ago

    whats mean he stroke ??

  • crookedwiretap89
    crookedwiretap89 3 months ago

    This lesson made me swim into the wall at full pace knock myself out and fucking drown

  • scar lee
    scar lee 4 months ago

    This video is full of mistakes and does a lot of harm

  • UnderSans
    UnderSans 4 months ago


  • DarkAssasin28
    DarkAssasin28 4 months ago

    Swimming can be hard for some people but if u try hard and don’t give up u can get better. The whole secrets about swimming well in water is that u have to be confident. For example me I used to really scared of water and going in but then my mum put me in swimming I wasn’t the greatest but as I went on I built up confidence and started getting better and after a lot of hard work I started doing races.

  • Aditya singh
    Aditya singh 4 months ago +2

    the track used kinda sounds like the background music used sometimes in stranger things

  • limited edition
    limited edition 4 months ago

    I jist swim normally slow...

  • Brother Cool
    Brother Cool 4 months ago

    i can understand

  • Olga D.
    Olga D. 4 months ago

    I came here to learn how to swim freestyle and he went on about technique subtleties and didn't say any single word about breathing! The guy's head doesn't even come out of the water in this vid. Not helpful!

  • Chase Wille
    Chase Wille 4 months ago

    I’ve been swimming for 6 years since I was 5

  • Coyote434 _
    Coyote434 _ 4 months ago

    trying to do this in a 3ft inflatable pool does not work lol

  • De Fowl
    De Fowl 4 months ago

    I can't do this bc I cant breathe. And my feet and hands dont go together

    • De Fowl
      De Fowl 4 months ago

      @Tst45 how am I gonna work each part individually? I mean I felt like I did good when I wasnt worn out. But than some how water keep getting in my eyes and mouth bc the water was very wavy and wind was blowing

    • Tst45
      Tst45 4 months ago +1

      De Fowl Never give up , with practice you’re gonna get over it . Try to work each part individually .

  • zi.the.realest17
    zi.the.realest17 5 months ago

    I only did one lap and almost died. This is so hard.

  • satanik das
    satanik das 5 months ago

    I am very good in 🏊 and I use to 🏊 after the gym. Every weekend I use to 🏊 for 3 hours and other days 1 hour.

  • JavaFloof
    JavaFloof 5 months ago

    I saw someone do this in the 6 feet zone

    But i failed miserably

  • Rehaz Rajubally
    Rehaz Rajubally 5 months ago +1

    I have started to improve on my stroke but it wouldn't be better if I had watch the COLLECTION lets say of this video. IT WAS SO MUCH HELP AND IT WOULD BE SAMA 2 U! Thanks 😎👍😂.FEEL THE FREEDOMS

  • Peter Stevis
    Peter Stevis 5 months ago


  • cryora
    cryora 5 months ago

    I don't get what he means by a "high elbow." High compared to what? The hand? Or should it always be held at surface level of the water?

    PARK CHANYEOL'S Wife 6 months ago

    no matter how hard i try i still swim like a rock

  • swagzilla3000
    swagzilla3000 6 months ago

    When do i breath?

  • Kuhahji
    Kuhahji 6 months ago

    Tip for people who can’t seem to do the side turn when breathing!!:
    -Try looking at your shoulder when you reach out
    -try breathing on the side when your dominant arm is out of the water/pulled back
    -i suggest people who have recently learned swimming to breath through their mouth and exhale underwater until you decide to get air
    -relax!! If you’re confident in the water you’ll do it just fine
    A tip for people who are stiff:
    -literally just look down completely to the bottom of the pool, your legs automatically float up and make you flat in water

  • Carrie Endara
    Carrie Endara 6 months ago +1

    good job

  • m1r4nA
    m1r4nA 6 months ago

    I got here because I was inspired by Nanase Haruka from the anime Free! 😂

  • codediporpal
    codediporpal 6 months ago

    Was hoping for tips on breathing, turning head. Not a word.

  • Богдан Найкман

    this is fucking awsome!! and of COURSE had to have the accent :D

  • Tealoiedits
    Tealoiedits 7 months ago +4

    I’m literally starting my neighborhood’s swim team and know none of the strokes and this is me preparing for *practice tomorrow with my period*

  • Canh Lee
    Canh Lee 7 months ago

    It looks very easy to swim like this but takes a long time to practice and feel comfortable in water.

  • Shobha Yoganand
    Shobha Yoganand 7 months ago

    How do u breath when u r inside wAter , can u plz tel us

  • Brandan Mentch
    Brandan Mentch 7 months ago

    I got 3 weeks now to learn how to swim for navy bootcamp :///

  • 35ozgur
    35ozgur 7 months ago

    Don't ejaculate inside the pool it's cause bacteria

  • F A
    F A 7 months ago

    I thought i am the only one who is more confused after watching the video! before reading the comments

  • Dani Botello
    Dani Botello 7 months ago +1

    I have a swim meet in the Olympic Training Center today 😮😮 So nervous

  • Beatrice Zacarias
    Beatrice Zacarias 7 months ago

    My coach brought me here becuz l was having a hard time with free style

  • Diede
    Diede 7 months ago

    Guys practice this standing up in front of a mirror before you go to the pool so you get a bit of muscle memory going. I got to the pool and had completely fogotten everything they'd said lol

  • Singh Cling Gaming
    Singh Cling Gaming 7 months ago


  • satish rao
    satish rao 7 months ago

    This is too confusing to understand!

  • S12K8
    S12K8 7 months ago


  • Oyama Toayei
    Oyama Toayei 7 months ago +31

    Gameplay too complicated but physic and graphic were good
    7/10~ IGN

  • Betsy Laughlin
    Betsy Laughlin 8 months ago

    If you find this confusing or difficult, you are not alone. Nor is it your fault. I’ve been teaching for over 20 years and the number one mistake coaches make (coaches, NOT swimmers) is failing to teach comfort and BALANCE first. You can’t learn arm position without these two fundamentals. Look up Total Immersion Swimming if you want help that truly works (TI Swim is the RU-clip channel)

  • thea
    thea 8 months ago

    You have to remember that when performing your stroke, your thumb has to brush against your thigh while when its upwards the pinky has to be pointed out and your arms should never bend.
    The best rhythm to develop is 3 seconds then stroke with your left, bubble, and then get air by turning your head to the side along with the body and getting air through your mouth and when your about to go down remember face first then your right stroke!
    Also Do not face forward, directly look down after getting air.

  • Ravi Nalliah
    Ravi Nalliah 8 months ago

    He makes it look easy but when I get in the water I swim like a dying fish

  • Birdwithnobeak III
    Birdwithnobeak III 8 months ago +2

    Face drooping❌
    Arm drifting ❌
    Speech slurred❌
    He’s good

  • Omair Hassan
    Omair Hassan 8 months ago

    In slowmotion the water looks slime

  • Uterus Puncher
    Uterus Puncher 8 months ago

    Sorry, but when your arm is over the surface of the water your elbow should be the highst point of your body.

  • Andrew Zhao
    Andrew Zhao 8 months ago