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Minecraft Live 2022: Vote for the Tuff Golem!

  • Published on Oct 5, 2022
  • Meet the tuff golem, a statue with a twist - it comes alive! When the tuff golem awakens, it will walk around, pick up, and hold any item it comes across. Don’t worry, it will return to the same spot that you’ve placed it when it turns back into a statue. It may be a work of art, but you’re the designer!
    Vote for your favorite mob on Minecraft.net , the Minecraft launcher, or in a special Bedrock server! Voting opens on October 14, noon EDT giving you 24 hours to make your voice heard. Read more about the mob vote at Minecraft.net/live
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  • Coley
    Coley Month ago +19796

    Can we just agree that mojang REALLY wants to add a golem to the game?

  • Michael R
    Michael R Month ago +294

    Art exibit is just one of the potential aesthetics you can pull off with the tuff golem. With its customizable clothes (poncho?) you can make them match the various environments and roles in a number of ways. They can be part of a factory lineup, walking around with various ores in hand, be store clerks, waiters at a restaurant, servants of a castle holding weapons for a knight, villagers assistant... and probably much more.
    Even without a clear utility they bring in a lot of liveliness to the world being able to move items around as if they were other people carrying things. in some ways its just a display pedestal, but its also a blank slate type of mob that you can use to populate the world to simulate numerous scenarios.
    I honestly think aesthetic mobs are underrated. We have so much in the way of automation and utility I think we could do with a little more focus on making world builds more alive. Of course there plenty of potential with some utility if there were a way to get tuff golems to deposit their items, or retrieve things from a dispenser... but im sure plenty of others will have their own thing to say on that.
    Would they act as a solid block when they sleep? could we walk on them if that happened? could another golem sleep on another golem? You could probably make an interesting totem pole of Golems if they can stack on one another. Totem Golem confirmed? It would help if we could right click the golem to control when it wanders and sleeps. Since it returns to sleep at the spot it was originally made then spawning multiple in the same spot would be one way to make them stack on each other (what a wild platform that would become). Imagine the guy who'd go out of his way to make a secret platform out of golems that are locked away and only reveal the path when they are allowed to go back to their sleeping spot.
    I'll stop dreaming as I have a bad feeling Tuff golem wont be winning :(

  • Sayem XM
    Sayem XM Month ago +113

    Jeb screaming has sent chills of pure fear down my spine

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi Month ago +59

    If only we got all three, these are definitely my favorite set of mobs.

  • Rays Works
    Rays Works Month ago +59

    This golem actually has more uses than the Copper Golem from last year. But still lacking redstone wise. :(

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +399

    love the golem idea

  • LauLauHip
    LauLauHip Month ago +13

    I always love all of the designs. I wish we could get all of them

  • Kjono
    Kjono Month ago +1

    Something that will bring more movement to the game sounds great, I like the potential this has: a futuristic factory for example, with moving golems as employees; assistants to villagers carrying around materials to help the villagers with their jobs, as well as just breathing a bit more life into the game.

  • Juju Garcia Games
    Juju Garcia Games Month ago

    Wow, I'm so happy with this I can't wait! Even more if you add more things like a soup with the frog lights, and after eating the soup you can swallow the mobs and double jump for 40 seconds

  • XxMr.TigerxX
    XxMr.TigerxX Month ago

    Honestly when I learned about the tuff golem, I was hoping it would be like a sentry golem that only awakens when hostile mobs come nearby, or an addition to the deep dark as deadly statues, kinda dissipointing that they just walk around with stuff. If they have more use than just walking around with stuff, it may persuade my vote, but honestly it's not that interesting to me.

  • M.O.D.
    M.O.D. Month ago +3247

    So here are our options: More plants, a game of hide and seek, and living item holders.

    • 007kingifrit
      007kingifrit Month ago

      these statues have so many uses for decoration

    • I SLEEP
      I SLEEP Month ago

      It would've been great if they could move chests cause I always end up stuffing them full and always a hassle to relocate them

    • XxDavid_Gaming
      XxDavid_Gaming Month ago

      I'm going with plants

    • Hocine Ferhat
      Hocine Ferhat Month ago

      a game of hide and seek

    • Armhead8
      Armhead8 Month ago +1

      Once a player has obtained the one or two 'decorative' plants from the useless Sniffer, it's no longer needed. The Golem has long-term uses.

  • Alphavirus
    Alphavirus Month ago +4

    It feels so weird not to see Jeb disappear from existence when he screams

  • SpectralArchivist
    SpectralArchivist Month ago

    Honestly, I think this is my favorite, though I know it probably won't get picked. One, like I felt with the Copper Golem, it'd be so cool to have proper statues for builds, but on top of that, these also double as item displays. We don't really have options for displaying special items other than item frames, which aren't super great for presentation, so this would be really nice to have.
    I would like to know more about how they work, though. Would you set them to go to certain spots? It'd be kinda unhelpful if they just wandered around and set up shop wherever they felt like, because then they'd just scatter around your base. The animation makes me think they eventually go back, but it's always a tossup on how accurate the animations are, seeing as how the Glow Squid having hypnosis was just for show.
    All that said, the Sniffer is definitely close second.

  • Oreo Stop-motion
    Oreo Stop-motion Month ago +2

    I REALLY hope the tuff golem will be added!!!

  • Terra4mation545
    Terra4mation545 Month ago +5

    Rest In Peace Tuff Golem

  • MayoChuu
    MayoChuu Month ago +3564

    With so many cool mobs over the years of voting; it’d be nice if one year we had a vote between some mobs that didn’t win. Like a second chance to get them in the game

    • Your Average Wet Towel
      Your Average Wet Towel Month ago +1

      Tuff golem, copper golem, and moobloom

    • Mrdollyman567
      Mrdollyman567 Month ago

      @The Flyfly that would be a landslide for the iceologer

    • Mems
      Mems Month ago

      Come to think of it, the best idea so far is the iceologer, the copper golem itself doesn't have much use

    • Pain Killer
      Pain Killer Month ago

      Why's everyone saying I sound like BTS ❓❓

    • Health Advice
      Health Advice Month ago


  • Notsam22
    Notsam22 Month ago

    eventually the golem suggestions are going to evolve into extremely useful things, but perhaps if they still arent voted, maybe they could become downright overpowered

  • awesome_doge55
    awesome_doge55 Month ago +1

    the sniffer is the best mob in my opinion, let me explain why:
    the sniffer is literally an extinct dinosaur, who brings back new seeds; which could mean new food.
    if you look closely at the fossils you could find in deserts and swamps, they really *REALLY* look like the sniffer.
    which means the fossils are ancient sniffers that went extinct.
    if the fossils are dinosaur bones, that means the sniffer is a dinosaur. so this would be the first REAL minecraft dinosaur
    and i wanna bring back an extinct mob; because it’s new seeds, possibly new food, and it gives more story to the fossils.

  • M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!

    Can we just have all 3 mobs, they all seem pretty great together.

  • Topic Logic
    Topic Logic Month ago

    I just love the fact that they can carry items, imagine needing netherack or something for ur base and then u realize u gave some to this guy! Though I don't know how the GUI would work... or if it would have one.

  • ibxtoycat
    ibxtoycat Month ago +50374

    Between this and the copper golem, I get the impression someone on the team wants to have a cute player created mob that moves around randomly. Btw! There's lots of information about these mobs that's isn't stated in the trailers but is important to know before voting :)

    • dogMonster
      dogMonster Month ago

      I’m still voting sniffer

    • Aceplante
      Aceplante Month ago

      Remove the allay and add the tuff golem

    • Puppy Ender boy
      Puppy Ender boy Month ago


    • :p .indonesia_merdeka:v
      :p .indonesia_merdeka:v Month ago

      Coper golem

    • Bolt
      Bolt Month ago

      @Kaito 002 paintings in the background of the video suggests they'll be putting something extra on the side. They're putting in extra things with the sniffer so it makes sense that they'll add something with the golem too

    OLIBOLI25 Month ago

    Tuff golem : Adds a new mob / decoration that can move and can pickup items that you can use to show off items without people taking it (because the golem has it), that’s customizable with different colours (maybe), that’s probably easily made and maybe even adds hats. Also is really cute

  • ItBeEvsies
    ItBeEvsies Month ago +1

    Jeb’s face at 0:26 had me dying 🤣🤣🤣

  • Beanis99
    Beanis99 Month ago

    I like this mob too but I feel like our best option is sniffer bc he’s the only one who seems to add new mechanics and items to the game it’s sad to see that the rascal and tuff golem will be banished by mojang

  • HistoryGeek
    HistoryGeek 11 days ago

    I like the "straw golem" that will work the fields for you harvesting and replanting your crops. At least the straw golem is useful.

  • Minecrap Studios
    Minecrap Studios Month ago +2097

    Something tells me they aren't gonna give up on having some sort of golem until it's voted into the game

    • Jed Robbins
      Jed Robbins Month ago

      The best chance they had with giving us another golem was the copper golem

    • MoonPrincess_XOXO
      MoonPrincess_XOXO Month ago

      or- ya know.. they could just add a golem on their own...

    • JANC
      JANC Month ago

      @Notchy69 no

    • Starvd27
      Starvd27 Month ago

      Next golem: mushroom golem

    • Notchy69
      Notchy69 Month ago

      @JANC so your saying we should not let this golem win

  • Kelyrrlith Jadikarr

    Of course, there is one again which has a lot of features that actually revolutionize building and gardening.
    The other one can move your stuff around base and the other one gives you slightly enchanted pickaxes.

  • Weston Szelog
    Weston Szelog Month ago

    I love the idea for a new golem.

  • Bendymine
    Bendymine Month ago +5

    Rest in peace, kid, from the rascal team.

  • AquaGold Wolf
    AquaGold Wolf Month ago

    Okay but usually for my Minecraft Worlds, I always try to build a treasure room. So if you made one, these could be useful for that!

  • Wildcard
    Wildcard Month ago +2469

    Important note: You can customize their colors. This isn't in the video but is mentioned on the page that their color can be customized by using different colors of wool while making it.

    • Ain'tIPretty?
      Ain'tIPretty? Month ago

      @Mitaro See, if you said that from the get-go then that's more understandable. The rascal I totally agree on, it's a mob only useful for one stage of the game and even then it's usage is minimal. In MY eyes, however, the tuff golem specifically creates a use for a useless block, and despite it's shallow usefulness can be made anywhere you want it. It's a decorative piece with a lot of customization which I find appealing.
      The sniffer on the other hand gives us has what seems to be a lot of ambiguity around it's mechanics. "How often will it find seeds?", "How often will I find the eggs?", "How can I hatch the eggs?", all of these things are on my mind when I'm thinking about the new mob. If it works out, it'll be a great mob, but I don't trust that mojang can make it work out after the past two. On top of the reasons I stated previously about the tuff golem, we're basically given everything it is straight out the gate. I don't have to guess what the mob will actually do, or how hard it'll be to find, we were told everything.

    • Mitaro
      Mitaro Month ago

      @Ain'tIPretty? Nah I genuinely think the rascal and tuff golem are bad choices for the roles they're supposed to fill. The tuff golem as it's been announced feels very shallow while the rascal seems useful for a very specific stage of the game then never again.

    • Mister S.
      Mister S. Month ago

      @lookpvp Anything can be called ancient new seeds you mean decorative plants😬

    • Ain'tIPretty?
      Ain'tIPretty? Month ago

      @Mitaro oh can it, it's perfectly valid to want SOME diversity in building potential when they've expanded one singular thing for a while now. You only see it as whining because I'm not vouching for the mob you want.

    • Mitaro
      Mitaro Month ago

      @Ain'tIPretty? "We already have too many plants" this is the type of dude who cries when they add more blocks to a block game

  • PedroHiper200QI
    PedroHiper200QI Month ago

    guys,remember,the hats may be a thing that they add with the tuff golem,that opens new armor possibilty

  • NikoTheWolf
    NikoTheWolf Month ago +1

    Honestly this just seems like the Allay except it doesn't follow you and can't pick up more than one item, Sniffer would at least add new content aside from itself, so I already know who's taking my vote.

  • Spencer Brackett
    Spencer Brackett Month ago

    Wow!! A golem that literally holds a item and walks around. Hard pass I’m voting Rascal.

  • Haunted Hunter
    Haunted Hunter Month ago

    I'd like the tuff golem more if it could do literally anything more than just hold an item and move around.

  • The B3
    The B3 Month ago +3066

    Can't wait to vote on the gilded blackstone golem next year!

  • Triple Pistol
    Triple Pistol Month ago

    I wish they can actually hold a light source and make nearby places brighter. Than I'll definitely gonna vote on the tuff golem If it's not, I'll vote for sniffer.

  • Wisdom 4519
    Wisdom 4519 Month ago +1

    I think the reason golems haven't been getting voted is because they dont look like the iron golem so people just think its kinda useless even do it could have various uses, maybe

  • PiercePlayz5750
    PiercePlayz5750 Month ago


    RDRJJ Month ago +10

    0:22 something about Mini Jens' smirk after that sentence is hilarious to me

    • RDRJJ
      RDRJJ Month ago

      @PurpleSharky111 🤨

    • PurpleSharky111
      PurpleSharky111 Month ago

      THAT FACE THO 💀💀💀
      must really like that nether star, or... something else
      **we won't get into details**

  • MasonK
    MasonK Month ago +2328

    With so many cool mobs over the years of voting; it’d be nice if one year we had a vote between some mobs that didn’t win. Like a second chance to get them in the game

    • Yooran
      Yooran 22 days ago

      Or just add in all the old mobs and stop being lazy

    • John Robert Salvador
      John Robert Salvador 24 days ago

      Yes, They can have a Mob Vote where we have to decide between runner ups or last placers.
      (Example: Copper Golem vs Iceologer vs Rascal)
      Or a mob vote where we pick a year containing the mobs that did not win and the winning year will have all of it's losing mobs added
      Moobloom and Iceologer vs Glare and Copped Golem vs Rascal and Tuff Golem

    • hazardous787 hazard
      hazardous787 hazard Month ago

      just add em all in

    • Atmghst
      Atmghst Month ago

      @Johnathon545 no, no it wasnt

    • Luke Williamson
      Luke Williamson Month ago

      true would be nice for a second chance on the mob vote

  • Sanjay Chakroborty
    Sanjay Chakroborty Month ago

    Great work bro, Very interesting game it is. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • CesarfeverEnjoyer
    CesarfeverEnjoyer Month ago +1

    The tuff golem looks so cute I want it to be added

  • nõn yah
    nõn yah Month ago

    I wish they had a defensive mode. Like keep them outside your base and if a mob hits you, they come alive and if they're holding a weapon then they get a attack buff or something

  • 007kingifrit
    007kingifrit Month ago +2

    this one is neat as it can be used as decoration

  • cobaltbluesky
    cobaltbluesky Month ago +1263

    Basically, they saw how conflicted everyone was between the copper golem and the allay, and decided to combine them.

    • Adrian Kapeel
      Adrian Kapeel Month ago

      @Ulrich Warthen I'm pretty sure unstackable item sorters were not possible before

    • Ulrich Warthen
      Ulrich Warthen Month ago +1

      @Adrian Kapeel as someone who uses Redstone, I didn't want the allay because what you can do with it can easily be accomplished with Redstone already, done way quicker, and more conveniently.

    • Mister S.
      Mister S. Month ago +1

      @Adrian Kapeel Why not a hopper if you are a fan of redstone, couldn't you see the possibilities of the copper golem?

    • Adrian Kapeel
      Adrian Kapeel Month ago

      @Mister S. it isn't used often because it is stupidly rare, as it appears rarely in a rare structure, and also it was more of the redstone community that wanted the allay, so you don't see everyone using it. I mainly use it to sort gold swords and smelt them in my piglin farm

    • Mister S.
      Mister S. Month ago +1

      @Adrian Kapeel unfortunately no one uses the allay so I don't think they really wanted the mob that badly, the allay just seems like another glow squid to me

  • TheOfficialWooHooGamers

    This can be used for trolls, traps, and redstone machines without much redstone.
    Just pointing out what they may be used for.

  • Lilliana 💖 32 y.0 -check My V!deo

    Can we just agree that mojang REALLY wants to add a golem to the game?

  • Ti En No thich múa phi phai Phờ Lo

    l want this one or the flower one. They are both cool and very unique, especially the flower one, plus it could lead to a plains update with new flowers that we greatly need

  • Os Últimos do FPS
    Os Últimos do FPS Month ago

    Deveria haver votação para remoção de mobs também, concordam?

  • YampireTx
    YampireTx Month ago +2326

    Now the options are:
    1... more seeds/plants
    2... hide n seek for enchanted items
    3... art exhibition

    • Rafael Barria
      Rafael Barria Month ago

      @RegularDan invisible item frame exists

    • helpy bepty
      helpy bepty Month ago

      @am2ar the allay 2.0 was made bc you didn't vote for the cg

    • Gaming WheelZ
      Gaming WheelZ Month ago

      I want an art exhibition

    • MT TerranceGamer MS
      MT TerranceGamer MS Month ago

      @am2ar my game theory: we see the fossil in the underground, im sure its sniffer 🤔 bcz agnes said" i thought they were extinct, sniffer is ancient mob"

    • Cam
      Cam Month ago

      @Pokechess is that the only reason?

  • Italianfatman
    Italianfatman Month ago

    We need to give the moobloom mob another chance! Dream kinda ruined it and gave us.. glow squids…

  • Stanley Sallee
    Stanley Sallee Month ago

    I mean it would be cool if they added new ores too the game that we can craft with like armor like rubies are extremely strong, registering 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. They are as resilient as sapphires and only slightly softer than diamonds.

  • grandaddy0807
    grandaddy0807 Month ago

    This seems like the only one that does something useful or that you'll see more than a couple times

  • 🎄FarmerSan🎄
    🎄FarmerSan🎄 Month ago

    I'm definitely voting for the Tuff Golem!

  • Nerd
    Nerd Month ago +1418

    Personally, I’d vote for the Sniffer. I think it looks really cute, and I like the idea of new plants for decoration.

    • Franklin Franco
      Franklin Franco Month ago

      @Vitor Afonso Santos Farias Melo sim, boa parte será para decoração, mas quem sabe não venha uma fonte de alimento.. certo?
      Acho que pode vir, pois terá sementes..
      No Minecraft tudo que é alimento de plantar vem em sementes!
      Vem vir plantas novas provavelmente, mas as sementes geralmente são sobre alimento.

    • diamond master s
      diamond master s Month ago

      @Armhead8 honestly i prefer new plants and a gentle giant, but idc who wins as long as the rascal loses

    • Vitor Afonso Santos Farias Melo
      Vitor Afonso Santos Farias Melo Month ago

      @Franklin Franco Tu sabe que pode ser tudo só decoração né? bem, mas na real tu me convenceu, só pelo fato de tu ter que trazer eles de volta já é uma puta mecânica boa, vai dar um proposito ao jogo, mais um objetivo. e objetivo tá em falta no minecraft

    • Joaks
      Joaks Month ago

      Yet when we got new functional buttons everyone was like nahhhh

    • Armhead8
      Armhead8 Month ago

      I think you'll be able to sort of 'sit it down' like the mechanism with dogs so it doesn't move if you don't want it to. plus I don't know if you saw but you can customize their robe design with different wool blocks and they pick up dropped items if they're not holding anything. plus I was told that you can summon them to bring items to you if you use a goat horn which is really cool

  • Diego Belisan
    Diego Belisan Month ago +2

    I want them to release the End Update in 1.20...it's more necessary and worth more than simple biomes

  • burrowingowlies1472

    It’s clear the sniffer is winning. I really love it

  • DTstudios
    DTstudios Month ago +1

    ok, the tuff golem seems cool and all but is this all it can do? like can't it do just a bit more like take objects to other locations with a specific block and range, if it were to do this, I'd definitely vote for it.

  • Farhan
    Farhan Month ago

    Sniffer and tuff golems are useful but I can see making farms with tuff golem more so im gonna go with tuff golem

  • Racool
    Racool Month ago +1739

    So to summarize
    Our mob choices are:
    - New plants
    - Minigame for a free pickaxe
    - Walking statue that you can dress up

      ALFIECOOLKID GAMEZ 26 days ago

      @setharooski the alay was a literal hopper with wings whereas the golam was better, i could have made them have better lore, and im also saying that with the new mob maker i would be able to make the rascal and golem.

    • Armhead8
      Armhead8 Month ago +1

      @hersley16 you'd rather have one or two plants over a functioning mob? That's sad

    • hersley16
      hersley16 Month ago

      @Armhead8 that's okay! I'm fine with one more plant, even better if it's two.

    • S Boy
      S Boy Month ago

      @Armhead8 I’m not saying they would be adding tons of plants, maybe just 3-5

    • gort
      gort Month ago

      @Rajd yeah maybe because they’re hard to obtain so the adventure to find them is worth it

  • Un Poco De Internet

    I love this mob!

  • PrimeChase
    PrimeChase Month ago

    Mojang, Microsoft, whoever is listening, I've got an idea.
    How about mob votes determine which mob will spawn *naturally* in new worlds? Then map makers can ignore the mob votes and get to working with the new mob*s*, as all mobs would get added but one will spawn naturally in worlds.

  • Glow Squid
    Glow Squid Month ago

    Idk why this golem look so adorable i just love it~

  • Adina G
    Adina G Month ago +1

    I lose 5 years off my life for every golem Minecraft doesn't add to the game. The point here is I want more golems!

  • Thatcoin
    Thatcoin Month ago +3190

    Can we just have all 3 mobs, they all seem pretty great together.

    • Black Knight Studios
      Black Knight Studios Month ago

      @Cynon123rpb I will never forget the iceollager

    • Kyle Harr
      Kyle Harr Month ago

      Too much work for the developers behind the most successful game of all time

    • investigación 1: 2012
      investigación 1: 2012 Month ago

      @The dasher universal

    • Cynon123rpb
      Cynon123rpb Month ago

      @el Capitán Dorado im saying adding all the mobs is useless and ppl who want all the mobs should just stop complaining

    • Cynon123rpb
      Cynon123rpb Month ago

      @Black Knight Studios im just saying there's no point in adding all of them because just for a few months the community is just gonna forget about the other mobs

  • Not nothing.
    Not nothing. Month ago

    I’m still mad about the copper golem losing so I’m voting for the golem no matter how useless it is. Every year until there is another golem

  • PolarBearPlays1
    PolarBearPlays1 Month ago +1

    We need more golems let's be honest

  • ja2p3r0810
    ja2p3r0810 Month ago

    The tuff golem is fun and handy for displaying things

  • Allex Moys
    Allex Moys Month ago

    I love Minecraft and I want to say I want automatic machines to be added and I want Mona to craft emerald istroments!

  • Spellfox_
    Spellfox_ Month ago +1379

    I really like all three mobs, but I think the sniffer has my vote. They all look really cute, but the items the rascal gives you (at least those we know of) have easier ways to obtain them, and we already have many ways to transport items. What I find really exciting about the sniffer is that new plants (maybe even crops) would be added too.

    • Tristan Coetzee
      Tristan Coetzee Month ago

      @Joe David well in the trailer they said “maybe you can help them thrive again “ so plan on making a field of sniffers :) just for the e aesthetic if anything :-/

    • Joe David
      Joe David Month ago

      @DaDrunkCanadian LIVE ​ I guarantee that you’ll spawn a sniffer once and never bother with it again after realizing how truly useless it is

    • Joe David
      Joe David Month ago

      @Tristan Coetzee ​ I guarantee that you’ll spawn a sniffer once and never bother with it again after realizing how truly useless it is

    • Joe David
      Joe David Month ago +1

      I guarantee that you’ll spawn a sniffer once and never bother with it again after realizing how truly useless it is

    • hacker man_3
      hacker man_3 Month ago

      @beanbug and what, only plants.
      You can't eat it.
      Wow comuniti of Minecraft

  • SlammerSammy
    SlammerSammy Month ago +1

    I love how he just screams like he just looked at the Mona Lisa

  • JaidenTfs
    JaidenTfs Month ago

    Imagine a mob farm like this

  • CTG_Playz
    CTG_Playz Month ago

    Only use i can see is that you could make them invis for a ghost like effect in horror/magic maps.

  • Firefly miesumae
    Firefly miesumae Month ago +1

    Maybe if the mob went out like say for a day and returned with cool stuff that could be great

  • FireExtravasate
    FireExtravasate Month ago +2016

    Someone should just make a mod pack with every vote mob, it’d be nice to have more then one.

    • helpy bepty
      helpy bepty Month ago

      @randomly changing guy nope it called addon

    • FireExtravasate
      FireExtravasate Month ago

      @Masonjar213 Ah, I'll have to try it out. Thanks!

    • Sshaikh sajid
      Sshaikh sajid Month ago

      For mcpe there is a addon called lost votes

      BENTHEBEASTHENv2 Month ago

      @Terradactyl well technically you can, just can't go on online

    • Ha Ha My Coom Goes SKEET
      Ha Ha My Coom Goes SKEET Month ago

      They’d have to program all of them as perfectly as the devs tho

  • aan star
    aan star Month ago

    I'm ready to vote for the tuff golem :)

  • JDtheGamer13
    JDtheGamer13 Month ago +1

    Mojang: vote for the tuff golem.
    The community: no. I don't think I will.

  • Ashley Kristine
    Ashley Kristine Month ago +1

    Yes! I voted for the tough Gollems

  • Newton Miguel
    Newton Miguel Month ago

    is this golem going to be moving around or is he standing still with some item or alone?

  • matheus
    matheus Month ago +1374

    Whoever says Tuff Golems are item frames with legs, don't forget that last year's chosen mob was a hopper with wings.

    • Tarwand K
      Tarwand K Month ago

      @beanbug true

    • beanbug
      beanbug Month ago

      @Tarwand K copper golem pushed random buttons and glare was f3 screen for bedrock

    • Armhead8
      Armhead8 Month ago

      I think you'll be able to sort of 'sit it down' like the mechanism with dogs so it doesn't move if you don't want it to. plus I don't know if you saw but you can customize their robe design with different wool blocks and they pick up dropped items if they're not holding anything

    • Josh Rulz Gaming
      Josh Rulz Gaming Month ago

      @Tarwand K no

    • Tarwand K
      Tarwand K Month ago

      @Josh Rulz Gaming yes.

  • Hex
    Hex Month ago

    They're very cute, but plants are so big for me and other people who like decorating. I like both the tuff golem and the sniffer, but I will vote for the sniffer. It's a shame it takes so much effort to add these mobs. I would like both.

  • Motion
    Motion Month ago +2

    tuff golem should be able to place items and maybe farm some stuff idk tho thats just me 🤷‍♂️

  • Mixto
    Mixto Month ago

    Para el año que viene seran 3 mob tipo golem volador, acuático y dimensional

  • Dyo Kasparov
    Dyo Kasparov Month ago

    Imagine trying to craft something, realizing you forgot one of the ingredients, and get killed by a phantom while in the craft menu

  • Boscowitz
    Boscowitz Month ago +1253

    They are esthetically pleasing. Imagine like a dinner party with players and these like the waiters

    • Txaiana PM
      Txaiana PM Month ago

      ima steal this idea, its great, thank u.

    • Shadow Night
      Shadow Night Month ago +1

      @KingThomasVII I feel we are totally lacking new decorative plants 😭 we’ve had the bulk of them all for years now. I need new ones

    • Brian Orozco
      Brian Orozco Month ago

      @Mistyck Actually I agree with you on the tuff golem being used for those kinds of builds

    • Mister_Bomb7
      Mister_Bomb7 Month ago

      @I Am ChrizinBB Where does it say it only gives pickaxes?

    • Virtual Commando
      Virtual Commando Month ago +1

      @Mistyck I'm bad at building but I can see kinda why ppl like it

  • Beryl Redburrow __
    Beryl Redburrow __ Month ago

    I reeeeealy want more golems in the game, but the devs seem intent on teasing me by making them the least interesting concepts in these votes >:(

  • Xnarixum YT
    Xnarixum YT Month ago

    What an incredible game Minecraft is, what do you think they are going to add next?

  • ꧁ the return of Anthony Monaco ꧂

    I'll vote for him, because it would be cool if he's in the village!

  • Julian Amoong
    Julian Amoong Month ago +2

    Can you make a version of that mob that protects players from mobs you can craft it with 2 iron in the middle and in the middle coal and the arms are sticks and the damage it does is 5 damage

  • Sniffer Sweeps
    Sniffer Sweeps Month ago +5649

    I do think a new type of golem is a nice addition to the game, but I feel like the sniffer is just too unique as a concept to just ignore it, and if it loses the mob vote I doubt they will ever add it in future updates (unlike golems that come in every shape and form)

    • Toasy Jam
      Toasy Jam Month ago

      We already have a chicken bruh

    • Toasy Jam
      Toasy Jam Month ago

      @GINGER STUDIO huh

    • StormGuy
      StormGuy Month ago

      @ShweeDy Snow and Education Edition Golems moment

    • xavi drummen
      xavi drummen Month ago

      @David’s animals id rather have a new golem that can dress based on his surrounding hold items and decorate their own spaces then a dinosaur yes

    • 2ManyGoats
      2ManyGoats Month ago

      @Sarah NS yeaaah this is gonna end up as another glow squid, or worse, allay. No one knows if it’s at all useful, but people are hyping it up again. The sniffer seems to have zero use
      Golems are useful, and the point stands that there are only 2, but the rascal has actually been shown to actually be useful as a potential iron farm.

  • Great Minds
    Great Minds Month ago

    I’m definitely voting for this guy

  • crim13i3
    crim13i3 Month ago +1

    Vota em TUF e o golem ele vai ser útil 😀

  • Derbars
    Derbars Month ago

    We missed the golem last time, (still best ever potential mob for me) Let's not miss it this time!!

  • Sundrop offcial
    Sundrop offcial Month ago

    I think mojang should add tuff golem to minecraft to be able to have live statues

  • Tucker Ricklefs
    Tucker Ricklefs Month ago +2129

    I am 100% ok with purely cosmetic features being added to the game, but I do still feel the other two mobs have stronger reasons for existing. Actually, none of the mobs seem like they are going to add A LOT to the game. I think I am going to vote for the sniffer just because it has the most interesting mechanic and idea behind it. Also if an archeology update is coming, the Sniffer would be a perfect fit.

    • Remor
      Remor Month ago

      @Joe David Eh, I could imagine quite a few use cases for its more fantastical design and corresponding, decorative plants right now and there will only be more ideas in the future. I absolutely agree, that it is functionally useless, but compared to the rascal actually losing all relevance past the mid-game and the tuff golem being a less controllable, glorified item frame, the sniffer still beats both in my eyes. Plus, the sniffer's lore implications are not something to discount. Even if you don't care about any of Minecraft's lore, the devs very much do, using it to influence their decisions on what to add to the game next and with the overworld containing remnants of a bygone era of fantasy, you can easily guess how much more interesting things they'd be able to add in the future based on that.

    • Joe David
      Joe David Month ago

      @Remor ​ I guarantee that you’ll spawn a sniffer once and never bother with it again after realizing how truly useless it is

    • Joe David
      Joe David Month ago

      I guarantee that you’ll spawn a sniffer once and never bother with it again after realizing how truly useless it is

    • beanbug
      beanbug Month ago

      I wish we could put a saddle on the sniffer, not to control it but just to ride it, y'know like how people ride elephants

    • The Adventure  Channel
      The Adventure Channel  Month ago

      @Procrastinating Pancake yes.

  • Pardo
    Pardo Month ago

    Tuff golem é a melhor escolha para ser adicionado quem concorda respira

  • حسين
    حسين Month ago +1

    I hope they add the Rasker

  • cadu pipoquinha🍿
    cadu pipoquinha🍿 Month ago +1

    Can we Just agree that morango REALLY wants tô add a Golem tô the game

  • Kira Yoshikage
    Kira Yoshikage Month ago

    So if we drop our items accidentally it will just steal it and randomly walk away? That seems useless.. it sure does get my vote!