Turkey Vlog Day 6 - Edirne

  • Published on May 10, 2017
  • This video was filmed with the Iphone 6s and DJI Osmo Mobile with a few shots from my sony a7s.
    Today a group of social influencers from the World Tourism Forum headed on a two day press trip to explore the Thrace Region of Turkey (Trakya). On the first day we went sightseeing in Edirne. Saw mosques, a synagogue, the town market and tried the famous fried liver.
    For more information please go to eng.trakyaka.org.tr/
    Selimiye Mosque
    Complex of Sultan Bayezid II Health Museum
    Grand Synagogue of Edirne

    Hotel - www.arcadiavineyards.com/en-US/Content/Vineyards/Arcadia.aspx

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  • Terapist Abi
    Terapist Abi Year ago

    welcome to my city. if you come again. say to me. I will show around everywhere.

  • let us
    let us 2 years ago

    Edirne =Adriano-(Polis)

  • Tutankamon Pharaoh
    Tutankamon Pharaoh 2 years ago +2

    Your videos are amazing, I watched all of them as a Turk :) I wanna ask why did you go to Edirne? Because its not a famous city much. You could choice Izmir, Antalya.. You know, there are too much great cities to visit.

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger  2 years ago +2

      Hi Tolga, Glad you like the videos! I was invited on a press trip and I like visiting places that are less popular for tourists. However I would like to visit Izmir and Antalya in the summer. Cappadocia is my favorite :)

    TRAVEL VIET NAM 2 years ago

    Great !

  • boglarcara
    boglarcara 2 years ago +1

    Loved it! I also made a video about Edirne on my channel :)

  • Sarah Blinco and Cooper Dawson

    Enjoying your vlogs informative

  • Kubilay
    Kubilay 2 years ago

    very enjoyable! keep going!

  • Alang Alang
    Alang Alang 2 years ago

    the most historical country in the world... the one of the country I want to visiting... great information...

    • Alang Alang
      Alang Alang 2 years ago

      The Travel Vlogger I hope.. someday...

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger  2 years ago

      You should visit Turkey! It is amazing and super safe...don't believe the media. I was there twice in the past 6 months. Safe Travels :)

  • Little Flower
    Little Flower 2 years ago

    Wow! What a spectacular view from the top. Thank you!!
    I have tried that fried liver and was very tasty :)

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger  2 years ago +1

      Ya i felt really lucky they let us climb the minaret. The view was epic :)

  • Jamie Banks
    Jamie Banks 2 years ago

    Awesome video! How do you like the DJI Osmo Mobile? I'm thinking of getting one, I shoot on my iPhone too.

    • Jamie Banks
      Jamie Banks 2 years ago

      The Travel Vlogger Awesome, thanks. Keep up the great work.

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger  2 years ago

      Thanks! the osmo mobile is really really good. The only problem is the iphone does not do so well at night or in low light. But that is the problem with all phone cameras. It is super easy to use and I highly recommend it. Safe Travels :)