Buy THIS Instead - RTX 2070 Review

  • Published on Oct 18, 2018
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    It’s been almost a month after Nvidia dropped RTX… In more ways than one. Today, the least expensive RTX-capable cards are out. Did they learn from their mistakes?
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Comments • 6 342

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  Year ago +3865

    CORRECTION: The V-Ray chart shows the GTX 1070 mislabeled as the GTX 1080 and vice-versa. Sorry about that. Just mentally flip them around and you're good.

    • Xtreme Performance
      Xtreme Performance 7 months ago

      These Founder prices are fucking bull shit your paying more for less its like wtf....aftermarket boards usually have higher clocks, better temps and overall better choice for your build fuck you Nvidia for fucking everything up

    • Broken Games
      Broken Games 7 months ago

      nvidia is a scam business, and Linus, you know it.

    • ugod987
      ugod987 8 months ago

      Socks and Sandals are Cool.

    • D J
      D J 8 months ago

      You seem to make a lot of mistakes

  • Edwards
    Edwards 4 hours ago

    Is it good for CAD and Solidworks?

  • Love Life
    Love Life 5 days ago

    Sli?? Im new

  • AK Bacon
    AK Bacon 6 days ago

    I have a 2070 and i7 3.7 will it run 240 FPS

  • Artem Klimov
    Artem Klimov 11 days ago

    8:00 - because you are silly. Their technology is unique and worth every dollar, I'm saying it as a professional CG person who was in the industry for ~20 years.

  • Artem Klimov
    Artem Klimov 11 days ago

    5:50 - well... that's not true anymore and the games with RTX support look amazing. + rendering software, like iRay, works significantly faster on 20xx. It's a main reason for me to buy this card, not just raw horsepower.

  • mike3D
    mike3D 13 days ago

    wow a gtx 1080 is available on amazon, but £1000 and only the faster option and takes 6-10 days to dispatch

  • Baldr93
    Baldr93 14 days ago

    I’ve been seeing pre-owned 1080 ti’s in the 450-600 range on eBay.

  • RoachdogJr
    RoachdogJr 14 days ago

    I just farted on my balls

  • Arthur Auffray-Baude
    Arthur Auffray-Baude 15 days ago

    5:51 , us waiting for Linus to drop the 1080

  • jimmy robertson
    jimmy robertson 16 days ago

    and they require games to be forced to work

  • PewPewPotatos 21
    PewPewPotatos 21 18 days ago

    I have reads about a time where a 16mb memory was good...

  • Sas ig
    Sas ig 20 days ago

    Used to have a system with an evga 1080 sc. Sold that one for 1100€ and bought an entire setup with a 2070 and r7 2700 for 1100. Safe to say i got my moneys worth. Not to mention that the 2070 was the Gaming Z dual frozr from MSI

  • OrokuSaki1986
    OrokuSaki1986 20 days ago +1

    and THIS is called a skip ahead past sponsor message Kappa.

  • Da'Roule Gaming
    Da'Roule Gaming 21 day ago +1

    The price went back up on 1080s, so we budget ballers are forced to the 2070, lol. Got to love supply, and demand.

  • Thompter S. Hunson
    Thompter S. Hunson 21 day ago +2

    Meanwhile in my country today the cheapest RTX 2070 on the market sells for about 460€ where the cheapest 1080 stands at 600€... Good catch, Linus.

  • Duke Favre
    Duke Favre 22 days ago

    Basically. Stick to your 1080ti.
    If you don't have one. *Get One.*

  • Gabe Nasty
    Gabe Nasty 24 days ago

    Is it better than the GTX 960 that I have?

  • Andi Anonymous
    Andi Anonymous 26 days ago

    The most 1080´s for a low price are scams bro.

  • APK.GG19
    APK.GG19 27 days ago

    I’m getting a I7 9700F paired with a 2080 TI, how powerful is that?
    Is a 17 9700F good compared to a K series? Idk

    • Zoran
      Zoran 26 days ago +1

      @APK.GG19 If there is anything I learned with building is to take it slow, don't rush, wait for reasonable prices and always always go as big as you can.
      If money is not a factor, I would seal this build with a K Mobo and a K CPU. You will have the best and should last you very long. You can always change a new Graphics card but a new CPU will require a new Motherboard.
      If you still decide on the F, its still very very good but it could have been best it could be.

    • APK.GG19
      APK.GG19 26 days ago

      Zoran overall my system specs are this
      Intel® Core™ i7-9700F Processor
      RAM: 16 GB / Storage: 2 TB HDD & 256 GB SSD
      Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB
      (3D Mark) Time Spy score: 11648
      It’s £1,900 which is over 2000 in usd and I want to know the rating out of 100 in this system, I’m using it for gaming and game development.

    • Zoran
      Zoran 26 days ago

      @APK.GG19 If you want your CPU to be able to push some extra juice (over-clock) then get the K, otherwise F is fine. Of course you will need a 'Z' board which costs a little bit more too.
      Me personally, I bought a K so when I need the extra juice in the future, I can over-clock it and don't have to buy a whole new CPU. Intel CPUs are really good and last a long time so they are worth it.

    • APK.GG19
      APK.GG19 26 days ago

      Zoran I’m getting it for 1,900, I was told a 2080 TI was 1,300 on its own without nothing else.
      I don’t mind about getting the 1,900 pc but I just want to know if the I7 9700F series is comparable to the K series because I don’t want to waste a grand plus for a card that isn’t at its potential

    • Zoran
      Zoran 26 days ago

      You have the best card out right now. If you don't care that's its severely overpriced and they might release a 'Super' Ti, go for it. Just remember you are paying double the price for only 30% increased performance from a 1080 Ti which had 50%+ performance compared to its last generation for half the price of a 2080 Ti.
      Best advice? Let nvidia lower the price until its reasonable.

    FATALROTARY 28 days ago

    Bought the 2070 and if anyone buys one u are gonna need a GPU support bracket cause it sags a lot

  • OneBoredCatbug
    OneBoredCatbug 28 days ago +1

    RTX 2070s are now WAY cheaper than GTX 1080 TI.

    • Shinobi Gambu
      Shinobi Gambu 25 days ago +1

      And you get the best of both worlds (Gaming & Workstation) with the cheapest RTX model.

  • Trailing Rails
    Trailing Rails Month ago +1

    Ehh, found one for $350, and 1080's are still at-or-near that price, so I think the 2070 is alright in that scenario.

  • YeysBaws!
    YeysBaws! Month ago

    Every fucking time it gets me! I know it's coming but still caught me off guard! I love the segway to your sponsorship!

  • will Brown
    will Brown Month ago

    So someone help me out here, I'm buying a gaming PC, and having it built to spec, I was going to have this card installed but now I'm not so sure, what card should I go with here? Money isn't really a concern I just want to only do this once the right way.

  • santy33143
    santy33143 Month ago

    1070 with Intel9 and 16GB Big power supply, CANNOT handle FFXV DEMO...........

  • delane Scott
    delane Scott Month ago

    my local microcenter has this exact card as a clearance sale open box item for $339 i doubled checked it and its the strix 2070 just like the one in this video. im new to the pc world can someone confirm if this is a good deal or not? from what i researched it seem like a steal.

  • Scott Nesham
    Scott Nesham Month ago

    So I saw this in my recommended after buying a 2070 last week and I have to say... This is certainly no longer true. I paid 450 after sales and mail in discounts... And they gave me two games I ACTUALLY want to play. Games are what? $60? So you're talking $120 of just straight up discount after $50 off MSRP. And that's on an EVGA card.

  • Christopher McDonough


      Drader THE PROPHET OF AIDEN Month ago

      dude. this video is outdated, RTX is becoming more common in games now. they aren't claiming shit that isn't there if the shit is actually there now.

  • Christopher McDonough

    thank you for keeping it real. what a fucking joke. Corporations make me fucking sick It's not even the company, it's the greedy CEO! Thank you Linus. I'm sure this video could have caused some beef. Mad love bro!

  • Scoobyxxxsnax
    Scoobyxxxsnax Month ago

    a year later and price hasnt droppped much xd

  • Mister ???
    Mister ??? Month ago

    Why didnt you put rx5700xt to comparison too??

  • hellfire helix
    hellfire helix Month ago

    When RTX 2070 super is cheaper than a GTX 1080 in your Country.

      Drader THE PROPHET OF AIDEN Month ago

      yeah man the RTX cards are pretty much a better deal now since the 10** series is having it's price gouged. only exception seems if you can get a good deal on a used card.

    • BabyJay
      BabyJay Month ago

      It’s not your country buddy lmao it’s out of production it’s more expensive in every country in the world

  • Krikalicious
    Krikalicious Month ago

    I think that linus would reccomend any of these demonstrably price hiked rtx cards is damaging for his reputation

  • LukeJS
    LukeJS Month ago

    I'm gonna get this cuz I'm getting Cyberpunk 2077 which is utilizing RTX.

  • Eater
    Eater Month ago

    I got my G1 gaming 1080 for like 350usd before rtx came out. I've just got another G1 gaming 1080 for £200 (240 usd)

  • CallMeStaTz
    CallMeStaTz Month ago

    I’ve never built a pc before, what in the actual fuck should I get for a graphics card? People are confusing

  • RoomerJ
    RoomerJ Month ago

    Oh please

  • ttvtimewalk93
    ttvtimewalk93 Month ago

    im getting a 2080 ti for streaming so i dont have to worry about other dumb shit like cpu and ram. gg easy

  • Consequence No. 62
    Consequence No. 62 Month ago

    Look, I have no idea what any of these tech terms mean. I have a GTX 1060 and want to upgrade, what can you guys recommend.

    • Ethan MacCharles
      Ethan MacCharles Month ago

      Consequence No. 62 I upgraded from a 1060 to the RTX lineup. Get the 2070 super, or the 2060 super if that’s a bit too pricy. Both will be awesome upgrades from the 1060

  • Manu
    Manu Month ago +6

    6:00 No. We can play MiNeCrAfT with RTX now

  • Mvida Mvida
    Mvida Mvida Month ago

    which 2070 is the best
    i thought about buying a rog strix but im not sure yet

  • Daniel Perlov
    Daniel Perlov Month ago +1

    a 1080ti goes for over 1000 dollars right now. Id take my rtx 2070 for 460 bucks dude

  • Jesper Karlsson
    Jesper Karlsson Month ago +1

    8:08 :D

  • Phillip Playz
    Phillip Playz Month ago

    I literally can buy an gtx 1080 TI strix for less than 400 €

  • DacucelRau
    DacucelRau Month ago +1

    Rtx can be added on Pascal chips too so "perfectly justified prices" Well done greedy Nvidia

  • phantumgrey
    phantumgrey Month ago +2

    even the 180 are priced insanely. I can get an RTX 2070 cheaper

  • FurryHunter67 _
    FurryHunter67 _ Month ago

    in the netherlands it only costs 410 euros

  • Simon Steambath
    Simon Steambath Month ago +1

    10 second skip is so useful as soon as I hear the word "sponsor"

  • GhostNitroUK 1
    GhostNitroUK 1 2 months ago

    Battlefield v for Ray tracing

  • Petr Holusa
    Petr Holusa 2 months ago

    I don't know and confused. I'm buying new PC. Should I for gpu rendering (redshift and so on) get second hand 1080ti or 2070?

    • LuLeBe
      LuLeBe Month ago

      @Petr Holusa no usually not. You won't notice at all. Only when a scene is more than 8gb after decompression of all textures etc, but tbh that's very rare, I wouldn't be concerned about it.

    • Petr Holusa
      Petr Holusa Month ago

      @LuLeBe Thanks for clarify. But 1080ti has 11 gigs and 2070 8 gigs. As I have 2 GB in macbook. It would't be that much different between 8 and 11, would be?

    • LuLeBe
      LuLeBe Month ago

      1080ti has more RAM, some software and scenes benefits from that. Blender for example sometimes just crashes when the GPU runs out of RAM iirc. Apart from that, the 1080ti still has more power, but is also more expensive, while not having RT cores. Currently those aren't being utilised, but nVidia is working on implementing support for them in many applications, which could potentially speed up raytraced renders. Check out the experimental support for Blender's Cycles engine, for example. Apart from that, there is price. 1080ti will be more expensive and cost you more in electricity, so it's worth checking on that.
      If you can get a used 1080 and don't want RTX and Tensorcores, those are a good choice as well, usually around 15% cheaper than a new 2070.
      I just got a 2070 because I wanted an upgrade now, but I'm also hoping for the RTX implementations across various applications and want Tensorcores for machine learning applications, and it cost me 440€, about 80 more than a used 1080.

  • 7249xxl
    7249xxl 2 months ago

    10 months later minecraft raytracing mod. So rtx is completely reasonable to invest in.

  • mjs1231
    mjs1231 2 months ago +1

    Years passed nothing changed. 2019 same ol same ol

  • Marcelo
    Marcelo 2 months ago +1

    Can ypu review the asus rogstrix rtx 2070 OC? a looooot of people reported the card dead after 1-2 days of use

  • Honestly
    Honestly 2 months ago

    I actually think having SLI is really neat and something Nvidia should include on most their models in the future. No not because you should ever go out and buy two 2070's but because if you have/buy a 2070 and decide you want more performance in a year or two, you can just pick up another 2070 instead of shelling out a whole lot more money for a 2080/2080ti or whatever the equivalent would be at that point in time.

  • monster1324ninja
    monster1324ninja 2 months ago

    Im drunk but that should stop you from reading. I love linus. No homo.
    I wish i could woek at his company or with him in some capacity. That seems so neat. He seems like a good time. Id also love to work in a similar field to what he produces. Being over the top and dun is no problem but ive never been in video editing.

  • Shannon Beckett
    Shannon Beckett 2 months ago

    The Ting goes SRRRRRA PAPAPAPAPA 8:09

  • Motivs
    Motivs 2 months ago

    Okay so i am in a position where i can buy a ghtx 1080Ti for the same price, actually like 10 bucks cheaper than a 2070. Which one should i go for?

  • EMF YT
    EMF YT 2 months ago

    From october until now so many diffrences in prices lmao now the 2070 is much cheaper than 1080

  • EMF YT
    EMF YT 2 months ago

    The funny thing 2070 is much cheaper than 1080 in newegg and btw in newegg the 1080 is same price as 2080 ☻