Buy THIS Instead - RTX 2070 Review

  • Published on Oct 18, 2018
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    It’s been almost a month after Nvidia dropped RTX… In more ways than one. Today, the least expensive RTX-capable cards are out. Did they learn from their mistakes?
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Comments • 6 085

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  7 months ago +3573

    CORRECTION: The V-Ray chart shows the GTX 1070 mislabeled as the GTX 1080 and vice-versa. Sorry about that. Just mentally flip them around and you're good.

    • Xtreme Performance
      Xtreme Performance 2 months ago

      These Founder prices are fucking bull shit your paying more for less its like wtf....aftermarket boards usually have higher clocks, better temps and overall better choice for your build fuck you Nvidia for fucking everything up

    • Broken Games
      Broken Games 2 months ago

      nvidia is a scam business, and Linus, you know it.

    • ugod987
      ugod987 3 months ago

      Socks and Sandals are Cool.

    • D J
      D J 3 months ago

      You seem to make a lot of mistakes

    • Raged Ape evo
      Raged Ape evo 4 months ago

      Cards are too expensive now, someone needs to put a stop to it.

  • Jacob Edwards
    Jacob Edwards Day ago

    Why are we still referring to these units as cards? Call it a graphics engine block..

  • Law 212
    Law 212 Day ago

    I love my 1080 ti

  • Killerash13
    Killerash13 Day ago

    Hope next gen nvidia will be reasonable price with amd pushing them and not trying to catch their 2 years old gpu. I will try to skip 2000 series

  • john dow
    john dow Day ago

    I'm trying to find you're video on ASUS sabortooth 990fx motherboard and thr amd fx 9590 8 core cpu.

  • athebeast 17
    athebeast 17 Day ago

    Is there ever going to be a water cooled 2070. I want one but I don’t know how to put the water block on it

  • Robert Capouellez
    Robert Capouellez 2 days ago

    unless buying on ebay, GTX 1080 cards are still around $800-$1,200

  • phoenix gamble
    phoenix gamble 3 days ago

    Im using the rtx 2070 for my i5 $1300 PC build, should i stay, downgrade, or upgrade the gpu

  • laenmowre
    laenmowre 3 days ago

    When you have no idea what's going on but you still watch

  • Jaden Rumpf
    Jaden Rumpf 3 days ago


  • Jimmy Huang
    Jimmy Huang 4 days ago


  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 4 days ago

    No 1070Ti in Scores? 1070ti is the better buy used.

  • Frank HEUSER
    Frank HEUSER 4 days ago

    To quote Linus : "f u nvidia"

  • The ShadowsWhsiper
    The ShadowsWhsiper 5 days ago +1

    Forget about the 2070 or a 1080ti, just get a Radeon VII and it’s basically comparable to the 1080ti for a hundred bucks cheeper

    • John E
      John E 4 days ago

      Linus is an nvidia fanboy

  • Ghosthand
    Ghosthand 8 days ago

    You need a update to this video. Right now I looked up the pricing at PCPartPicker on the GTX1080 and the cheapest I could find is the garbage PNY cards and there was still 4 low end RTX 2070 cards from Asus, EVGA, and Gigabyte that were cheaper!

    As far as RTX, I don't have tons of cash sitting around or walls of parts so when I build a new system I try to look forward several years and anticipate what will be viable in the future. Nvidia seems to be dumping a lot of money into RTX and I don't want to be sitting around in 3 years wishing I have spend a few bucks more for a RTX card.

  • ZzCrYptONzZ 007
    ZzCrYptONzZ 007 8 days ago

    I am groot

  • Qussai
    Qussai 8 days ago

    Guys in my country zotac 2070 amp extreme is 550 USD and regular zotac 2060 is 450 USD, what am I suppose to choose for 1080p monitor and i5 9600k?

  • Lucca Jung
    Lucca Jung 8 days ago

    Somehow the GTX 1070ti is more expensive than RTX 2070 in Korea.

  • M3G4K1LL3R
    M3G4K1LL3R 9 days ago

    Fuck this i dont even have a gpu.

  • Black Man
    Black Man 10 days ago +34

    Why am I even watching this. I don't have money...

  • S.A Ahmadi
    S.A Ahmadi 10 days ago

    u piece of shit why are u lying its not 439 where the fuck are u buying it from are u drunk on amzon its 1k WTF dude fromm which pawn shop do u buy stuff

  • Justine Gargollo
    Justine Gargollo 10 days ago

    I'm still going for rx590, same graphics memory, less cheaper but 10-20 fps slight difference with the 1080 but still keeps up.

  • OhHeyItsMattyD
    OhHeyItsMattyD 11 days ago

    Dude the 1080 is over 800 lol

  • OhHeyItsMattyD
    OhHeyItsMattyD 11 days ago +1

    It's 6 months later. Should I get a 1080ti instead?

  • EliteCanadian
    EliteCanadian 12 days ago +2

    Someday i will have the 2070. 2 years later, YAY I GOT 2070!, someday i will get 3080... = Broke.

  • FlyAble
    FlyAble 12 days ago

    no its not affordable, the card costs about 600 dollars

  • reezlaw
    reezlaw 12 days ago

    Jesus christ that strix is gigantic

  • Hidden Secrets
    Hidden Secrets 13 days ago


  • skiFs
    skiFs 13 days ago +7

    Nvidia *overprices products*
    Us: they need competition!
    AMD *releases 700 dollar gpu by itself*

  • Liam McHugh
    Liam McHugh 14 days ago

    What is DirectX?

  • deminybs
    deminybs 14 days ago

    I'm pretty happy with the 2080 I bought. Nice having just a single card again

  • billy nuts
    billy nuts 15 days ago

    RTX graphics cards MAIN SELLING POINTS are STILL missing in action! Retards gonna tard, they'll buy them up anyway.

  • DualStriker 12
    DualStriker 12 15 days ago

    whats better, RTX OR GTX?

    • Bigby Wolf
      Bigby Wolf 14 days ago

      Really? RTX of course. RTX 2070 is about 15 percent better than GTX 1080. And with a bit of overclocking it can outperform GTX 1080 ti.
      Absolute alpha card available on the market now is RTX 2080 ti, after that is RTX 2080, which is slightly faster than 2070, but also 200$ more expensive. I've bought 2070, cause the difference in performance is quite small anyway.

  • Teabag McPick
    Teabag McPick 16 days ago

    Me feel say Babylon soon come an ting

  • Antoine Convert
    Antoine Convert 17 days ago

    Last week I Just sold my GTX 1070 for 245€ And I took an used GTX 1080ti for only 400€ , for That price I could not even get the new 2070.

    • YaBoiLogan XD
      YaBoiLogan XD 16 days ago

      2070 have better life but 1080ti has like 5 -10-20 FPS better so bro don’t worry

  • Brock Buckley
    Brock Buckley 18 days ago

    Minecraft: RTX ON

  • Rich Sawyer
    Rich Sawyer 18 days ago +2

    Picked up my 2070 for 475$

  • Jordan Crosby
    Jordan Crosby 18 days ago

    well 1080's right now are like 1k to 1500$ and this card is still sitting at 600$ is it worth it now?

  • EYE5 Fcrze
    EYE5 Fcrze 19 days ago

    When u get a 2070, u can get battlefield v for free which has ray tracing

    • EYE5 Fcrze
      EYE5 Fcrze 18 days ago

      +Jacob Fields I bought the card around December when I was building a new pc because my 1080 broke and had a i3 in my pc

    • Jacob Fields
      Jacob Fields 18 days ago

      EYE5 Fcrze Damn I bought mine at Best Buy yesterday and haven’t gotten anything. When did you buy your card?

    • EYE5 Fcrze
      EYE5 Fcrze 18 days ago

      +Jacob Fields I bought It on Amazon and they sent me a code and I got it off of origin

    • Jacob Fields
      Jacob Fields 18 days ago

      EYE5 Fcrze I just bought a 2070 how do you get BFV free??

  • EYE5 Fcrze
    EYE5 Fcrze 19 days ago

    I used to have a 1080 and it broke so I got a 2070

  • jd123 456
    jd123 456 20 days ago

    Nvidia will soon file chapter 4. Their high prices are driving buyers to buy different cards. they are scaring off their own customers rather then offering decent priced high preformance cards. nvidia is only getting 1/4 of the market income.

  • Stigma Abolishment
    Stigma Abolishment 20 days ago

    The USA prices are extremely inflated in comparison to the Canadian prices USD

  • V C
    V C 20 days ago

    In South Africa we can pick up a used GTX 1080ti ( Less than a year old ) for around the $470mark, where a new RTX 2070 would set you back $760

  • Tyler Trump
    Tyler Trump 22 days ago

    Got a Gigabyte 1080 G1 for 300 to replace my superclocked 1070. No need for 1080ti if I run 1080p

  • Solara Solarwind
    Solara Solarwind 22 days ago

    Thanks to Nvidia and the cryptomining industry, the price bar for Highest end video card is now inflated to around $2,500 with the RTX Titan. One could build an entire and quite a Decent Gaming PC for that price!

  • Stuff3
    Stuff3 22 days ago

    Should I get a 2070 for 400$ or a 2080 for 500$

    SUCKERSBLOOOD 23 days ago

    As a GTX 970 OC owner and a GTX 780 owner , its finally time for un upgrade bros

    • uhHarvey
      uhHarvey 20 days ago

      Same but it’s so hard to choose for the right one and for the right price. Lord help me

  • Zahid Milas
    Zahid Milas 24 days ago

    son of bitch hook ha

  • julian lopez
    julian lopez 25 days ago +1

    is the 1080ti still a good card for 1440p gaming today?

    • Amer S
      Amer S 25 days ago

      1080ti has ray tracing after softwear update

    • julian lopez
      julian lopez 25 days ago

      +Graphincer i see ok got it...i'm unsure if i need all those new features on the RTX series...but i've been reading about the new gpus apparently the 2060 seems to be the best bang for buck atm...

    • Graphincer
      Graphincer 25 days ago

      I feel as if this is a joke but in case it isn’t.
      The 1080ti is great for 1440p and 4K. It just doesn’t come with Ray tracing cause it’s a 10 series you but it has amazing performance. Do note the 4K part I was talking about it will do 4K on most games but there are some games out there it can’t.

  • theforcebewithu
    theforcebewithu 26 days ago +1

    I think ray tracing is going to be bigger but it might be a year or 2

  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid 27 days ago

    Rtx 2070 or gtx 1080 ti?

    • Cool Kid
      Cool Kid 24 days ago

      Igor Sandu thanks

    • Igor Sandu
      Igor Sandu 24 days ago +1

      1080Ti is more powerfull but consumes more power.
      2070 has RTX. 1080 Ti also can Ray Trace but it's MUCH slower.
      So it depends...

  • JustBad 6
    JustBad 6 27 days ago

    Can you install 2 RTX 2070's in your PCI E 3.0 with any gains?

    • Amer S
      Amer S 25 days ago

      No sli support for rtx 2070

  • Tom Blake
    Tom Blake 27 days ago

    Sorry not buying a 2070 when I have a 1080 Ti, that would be monumentally stupid. Also not paying what Nvidia wants for the 2080 Ti because it is ridiculous price gouging. The title of this video would indicate that everyone, regardless of current card, should get the 2070.

    • Amer S
      Amer S 25 days ago

      1080ti is better than rtx 2070 but if u don't have a card go with rtx 2070

  • Dan Kellett
    Dan Kellett 28 days ago

    He gets to hold 2 RTX 2070’s like rocks :’(

  • dtiydr
    dtiydr 28 days ago

    1080Ti for 100$?!! That was the times I guess.. holy fuck I didn't knew that. Now they are like 4 - 5 times as high.

    • Amer S
      Amer S 25 days ago

      i think thatvwas a bid and will go high very fast

  • Stephenthegreat20
    Stephenthegreat20 29 days ago +3

    what if i had a 960 and i found a deal on a new founders 2070 for 500? is it still a bad deal? i dont think so. idk your card comparisons are starting to get repetitive "dont buy mid range new cards buy last gen high end cards" look i agree to a point, but for people who had a budget pc and got a better income and wanted all new gen components i dont think the 2070rtx is as bad as you say it is even at the price

      II UNITED EDITS II 20 days ago

      This video is when the card just came out. The 2070 is soooo worth it. And now cheaper than the 1080

  • noobmaster69
    noobmaster69 29 days ago +1

    what nvidia should have done for the non rtx users is make an rtx card that only does ray tray-sing ( sort of like how gpus stopped being built into the motherboard and became there seprate thing ) and let it have its own memory ( maby 1 or 2 gb ) it should also probably have a pci-e x1 slot ( because not everyone has an sli capable motherboard like myself ) and connect to the main gpu via the motherboard or a hb sli bridg ( for hier end cards ) and when your playing a game without rt it would behave similarly to an sli setup, and ( obviously ) it should have diffrent price points over multiple rt performance points.

  • French Frys
    French Frys 29 days ago +2

    2070 outperforms gtx1080.

  • Ángel Agüero
    Ángel Agüero 29 days ago

    This was so fucking good until both inserted ads during the presentation--fuck this, unsubscribed!

  • icervoid
    icervoid 29 days ago

    Enthusiast ?! stupidly. Despite i have a 2080.

  • Vellocet
    Vellocet Month ago

    An RTX 2080 costs roughly 1/5 of my annual income. Fucking put a bullet in my brain plz...

    • Vellocet
      Vellocet 29 days ago

      +MemeMan my main man, I feel your pain :'(
      My GTX 780 just shit the bed and now I'm stuck with on-board video...

    • MemeMan
      MemeMan 29 days ago +1

      It's crazy how expensive GPUs are which is why I don't know what to get

  • Icebobk
    Icebobk Month ago

    I’m purchasing a new desktop Wich has intel core i7 8700k and NVIDIA RTX 2070 for A$2195. It is legit and have been in store to check it out and looks amazing. Is the RTX 2070 a good graphics card?

    • August Pedersen
      August Pedersen Month ago

      It's not bad, as shown in the video, it compares to a 1080 in performance of non-RTX games. What's less good across the board is the price of these GPUs. Still, I also have a RTX 2070 because it was a full $100 cheaper new in my country. It runs everything on max in 1440p very smoothly.

  • melany hamilton
    melany hamilton Month ago

    Rtx is the future even for next gen consoles it just so much better and these rtx cards are only going to perform better over time through ao so now out of the box its runs games similar to a gtx 1080 but after you play the game for hours it learns and starts running that game faster and with next gen consolws supporting rtx the games will be comming

  • melany hamilton
    melany hamilton Month ago

    Linus says rtx sucks because you cant play 4k anymore, but he talks about 4k being stupid f

    • Amer S
      Amer S 25 days ago

      Only rtx 2080ti is good stable high setting 4k which costd a lot... rtx 2070 can run 4 k but medium to low settings

  • Geo
    Geo Month ago +1

    Fast forward to February 2019

    oh well well well

    • ThatMustafa
      ThatMustafa Month ago

      Geo Oh that would make sense, my apologies

    • Geo
      Geo Month ago

      +ThatMustafa February is when the RTX 2060 came out which made RTX gaming affordable compared to the other cards. I didn't put the wrong month for a reason

    • ThatMustafa
      ThatMustafa Month ago

      Geo have you looked at the calendar lately

  • Wither Boy
    Wither Boy Month ago

    1080 prices went up big time, lots of cards are like 2 times the price but the 1070ti costs about the same as the 2070

  • Alireza Asadi
    Alireza Asadi Month ago +1

    I bought 1080 for 270 bucks with 1.5 year warranty left. Is it a good deal?!

  • soap on a rope
    soap on a rope Month ago

    $350 vs. $800 🤔

  • Nicholaz
    Nicholaz Month ago +1

    And i just bought an RTX 2080....

    • Igor Sandu
      Igor Sandu 24 days ago +1

      You will not be disappointed :-)

  • jazzmickge1
    jazzmickge1 Month ago

    Just a wondering... Does RTX work better with VR over GTX. Could that be the real reason, to be ready for the VR boom??? just a thought :)

    • jazzmickge1
      jazzmickge1 Month ago

      I'm sorry guys for doing this to you.. but just a thought based on my research because I'm looking for the best VR headset. This is only my opinion, so please feel free to discuss (BUT NO INSULTS, I'M HAPPY TO ADMIT MISTAKES, BUT THIS IS ONLY AN OPINION)... Graphic Texture X or GTX is mainly to exploit H/4K/OLED tech to the best of their abilities. As such Ray Tracing X or RTX, is actually a technology developed for VR to exploit the 3D space. For example, watching a Movie in 4k in 2D with depth of field means that stuff is blurry to make important bits stand out (to focus your attention). However, that same Movie in 4k and 3D, means you dont see the burry stuff because the depth of field makes the image look 3D.
      As RT (Ray Tracing) is designed to project light in multipul dimentions essentially manipulating a 3D space in a 2D environment, is it possible, to even just concider, the option; that RTX is being built on purpose for the future of VR technology. RT is designed to improve the 3D environment.... But it will not work in a 2D world, which is why it is soo critised. RT will not improve your screenplay, but it WILL improve your VR play. VR is based on 3D environments, RT is based on improving the 3D space. Its only logical to conclude, that RT wasn't desined for 2D gaming, its actually designed for 3D gaming such as VR. The multi-dimentional lighting produced by RT will make the VR 3D gaming experience MORE real.
      ((PS, if you disgree, please be polite, I cannot stand trolls, the only people who wish to tare down a persons heart instead of having a productive discussion.))

  • gun bros
    gun bros Month ago +2

    in india zotac 1080 mini graphic card is nearly 870 us dollars there is no chance to buy that

  • K E L .L O
    K E L .L O Month ago +1

    So I should be fine with the GTX 1080 TI for my ue4 setup?

    • v KEITH v
      v KEITH v Month ago

      K E L .L O you will literally pay like 800 minimum for that. I’ve seen tons listed in the 900-1000 range

    • v KEITH v
      v KEITH v Month ago

      K E L .L O I mean good luck finding a reasonably priced 1080 ti right now... the whole point of this video was pretty much price for borderline not worth it features

  • Big Tone
    Big Tone Month ago +1

    i just bought a gigabyte rtx 2070 gaming OC im going from a GTX 670 so it should be awesome cant wait till it comes

  • xd Dinamite
    xd Dinamite Month ago +1

    I bought two 2070’s a week before the 2080 came out 😑

  • Demify
    Demify Month ago +2

    Less performance more price that's the way it's going.

  • LordMunchkin
    LordMunchkin Month ago

    I got a custom 2070 for $550. It's even cheaper right now just checking on newegg.

  • James Warton
    James Warton Month ago +1

    I'm confused so which card am i might aswell going with?
    GTX 1080 / GTX 1080 Ti
    RTX 2070 or RTX 2080?

  • ori elmaliah
    ori elmaliah Month ago +1

    funny you said here that will be the last ray tracing card

  • Bara Robber Baron
    Bara Robber Baron Month ago

    All I know is that the 2070 costs 40% more than the 1070 and performs 50% better. For me the upgrade is a no brainer. 1080s and 2080s are just a push beyond my budget and considering I don't care about the FPS ceiling but only the floor of 50, ideally 60, the 2070 really is the clear option, for me.

  • Robert Fierce
    Robert Fierce Month ago

    Hahaha ..My 1080Ti FTW3 fucks the 2080 in almost EVERYTHING! No need to upgrade.

  • Faze Swirl
    Faze Swirl Month ago

    2:39 🤣

  • Debanjan Das
    Debanjan Das Month ago

    Why on earth would I even get the gtx 1080 when it is selling for 1098 $ when I get rtx 2070 for 751$ for better value and performance

  • Taurgar
    Taurgar Month ago

    Yeah i go for RTX 2070, almost 100 bucks cheaper compared to 1080. Used 1080 is cca 150 buck cheaper but no warranty and i have hard time trusting those resellers.

  • Moony
    Moony Month ago

    ewh... asus

  • Stephan Jansen Van Rensburg

    what is the background music ... scary

  • Spixny
    Spixny Month ago

    Also u shouldve reviewed the ventus or duke

  • paul richer
    paul richer Month ago

    i got a vega 64 brand new for £331. ray tracing is gunna be years away in terms of making it a value proposition, and while DLSS is something im interested in watching develop, right now both of the things arent mainstream. my mate got a 2070 for future proofing.................til next year or the year after and GDDR7 hits loooool at least AMD are still trucking with HBM2

  • JD96893
    JD96893 Month ago

    a blender render benchmark would be nice too

  • Ginés de Pasamonte

    Linus rhymes with anus

  • Sabrina Flipse
    Sabrina Flipse Month ago +1

    EFFFFF i wish i saw this video or one like before i bought one. bc now i need SLI...grrrrrr

  • AndersonBLUE1
    AndersonBLUE1 Month ago

    I bought my 1080ti for £450 used, I traded in my 970 for that price as he wanted to downgrade

  • Kids Play
    Kids Play Month ago

    Why does nvidia make their graphics cards look so boring.

  • ерунда сэндвич

    They don't make the GTX 1080 anymore so its prices are jacked up on Amazon

  • lgnify
    lgnify Month ago +1

    How about *You* buy it for me instead

  • Joshua Wright
    Joshua Wright Month ago

    Please stop pushing your sponsor please like content

  • 坏 BROKEN
    坏 BROKEN Month ago

    Is bhadve ko sabse problem hai

  • Usamah
    Usamah Month ago

    What is better, gigabyte rtx 2070 windforce for 450 € or Msi rtx 2070 gaming z for 411€?

  • Thinkdiff SUP
    Thinkdiff SUP Month ago

    Buy 2060 indeed

  • Emoman Tavish
    Emoman Tavish Month ago +4


    Looks up RTX 2070 on amazon: Asus Rog Strix RTX 2070 = EUR 599

    Looks up GTX 1080 on amazon: Asus Rog Strix GTX 1080 = EUR 1700

    Makes Benchmark: Rtx is around 7% faster and 600 € cheaper wtf? is the gtx 1080 something like a collectors card now?

    • Izzder
      Izzder Month ago

      +Zed YT Where do you live?

    • Zed YT
      Zed YT Month ago

      Wow where I live a 1080ti is cheaper than a rtx 2070

    • Izzder
      Izzder Month ago

      The 1080 is out of stock everywhere, so the remaining few new cards are marked up to kingdom come to maybe nab some suckers who don't know any better or extort collectors. 2070 is currently the better value pretty much everywhere.

    • Blaze Law
      Blaze Law Month ago

      In Australia the 2070 $650-$700 and the 1080 is $850-$1000
      The choice is clear

  • S Gill
    S Gill Month ago +2

    RTX 2080 is only 200 dollars more for like 20-25% more performance.