A Dirty Cop's Worst Nightmare

  • Published on Dec 10, 2018
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    Raphael Chestang
    Brennan Lee Mulligan
    Annie Humphreville
    Director - Greg Stees
    Writers - Raphael Chestang
    Producer - Francesca McLafferty
    Production Coordinator - Annie Humphreville
    Director of Photography - Skyler Rousselet
    Production Designer - Kika Reinhardt
    HMU - Jessica Leigh Schwartz
    Sound Mixer - Danny Carpenter for BoTown Sound
    Editor - Nick Rood
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 969

  • CollegeHumor
    CollegeHumor  6 months ago +328

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    • Theodore Pinnock
      Theodore Pinnock 5 days ago +1

      I think the title's wrong. A dirty cop is one who is in kahoots with, or is one of, the criminals. Raph's character here is better described as a maverick cop.

    • Sophia The Magnificent
      Sophia The Magnificent 5 months ago

      Raph's wig is actally godly.

    • Selsie Irvin
      Selsie Irvin 6 months ago

      CollegeHumor FINALLY

    • Penguinator
      Penguinator 6 months ago

      The way brennan walked up to the "my hands are tied joke" was beautiful. Made the joke that much more satisfying.

    • Super Bepis Boi
      Super Bepis Boi 6 months ago


  • The softest part of a woman's breast is?

    The Brotherhood he thought was white supremacist for those who was wondering

  • This is it Films
    This is it Films 3 days ago

    2:50 he got shot in the shoulder how did he die

  • Kristian
    Kristian 5 days ago

    Wait, why would a dirty cop WANT to be fired?

  • Papafrog Productions
    Papafrog Productions 10 days ago

    I think I laughed far more than I should have at this sketch. Brennan your the best

  • LJ Beatty
    LJ Beatty 13 days ago

    Can someone explain the origin of the joke? I don’t get it.

  • Julian Salin
    Julian Salin 13 days ago

    I feel like that "I've been shot in this office 8 times" ending was a reference, but I haven't watched enough of this channel to get it. Can someone fill me in?

  • deprest furrby knockoff


  • Garry Love
    Garry Love 17 days ago

    is this sponsored by soho house?

  • RaiOuArt
    RaiOuArt 18 days ago

    2:57 you can see them both smiling and Raph starts laughing LOL I died at that

  • Radiotomb
    Radiotomb 23 days ago

    Brennan is an amazing actor

  • Dan DCC91
    Dan DCC91 24 days ago

    Wouldn't you already have priority boarding as a first class passenger?

  • JaxJags143
    JaxJags143 24 days ago

    3:02 Raph laughed

  • Steven McAlister
    Steven McAlister 29 days ago

    3:02 Raph starts laughing

  • Guasón De la literatura

    I would dislike the video but my hands are thights

  • the crab empire
    the crab empire 2 months ago

    1000th comment

  • Carl
    Carl 2 months ago

    Love the pepto on the desk

  • Abbie Ash
    Abbie Ash 2 months ago

    I mean come on, like his hands were tied

  • King Treedede
    King Treedede 2 months ago

    Why is a black guy a blonde

  • stinky zig
    stinky zig 2 months ago

    I wanna see Brennan play Jim Gordon tbh

  • your bootyhole is your beautyhole

    yo how did they get big money salvia to do this

  • Berrin Enkou
    Berrin Enkou 2 months ago

    a real cop would've had the safety on.

  • Teeleer
    Teeleer 2 months ago

    i recently took a class on policing and the reason why when an officer is given suspension with pay is because if they are found not guilty and get to keep their job, they would get all their back pay. So in cases where the supervisor or whoever is not 100% sure, they keep them on, and usually give them something really boring like desk duty

  • Margaret Levin
    Margaret Levin 2 months ago

    I remember a few years ago in high school, this kid went to the principal's office for attacking someone with a flame thrower. We were all shocked when he was only suspended for a few days. This is exactly how I imagine that conversation with the principal going down.

  • Cool lasaga
    Cool lasaga 2 months ago

    Pretty sure brennan’s hands are tied

  • Joaquin Villz
    Joaquin Villz 2 months ago +1

    The new Brooklyn 99 season looks good

  • AnimeTeen23 !
    AnimeTeen23 ! 3 months ago

    Brennan’s police chief accent is great

  • Hollimm
    Hollimm 3 months ago

    what I understood:
    my hands are tied
    my hands are tied
    my hands are tied
    please send help

  • Temna Senka
    Temna Senka 3 months ago

    I'm pretty sure "dirty cop" means they break the law. When they're just reckless, they're "not by the books".

  • katie west
    katie west 3 months ago

    Raphael and Brennan are the dream team

  • Anthony Rock
    Anthony Rock 3 months ago

    576 suspended cops hated this. I'd also like to know when cops became military and the rest of us are lowly "civilians."

  • Pro Tay
    Pro Tay 3 months ago

    damn give me that ticket

  • Corrupt _Pinpoint
    Corrupt _Pinpoint 3 months ago

    You killed 90 innocent nuns on their way to soccer practice, MCCLUSKY

  • AJAG Entertainment
    AJAG Entertainment 3 months ago

    One of the best sketches ever. Brennans actung was on point 😂

  • No I’m not a cat
    No I’m not a cat 3 months ago +1


  • Rosie Plays Games
    Rosie Plays Games 3 months ago

    3:00 I'm not sure if that was scripted, but Raph trying to hold in his laughter makes it so much funnier

  • Mr. Mojo
    Mr. Mojo 3 months ago

    Ralph breaking at the end pushed me over the edge 😂😂

  • OGREFail
    OGREFail 3 months ago

    my detailed message is "I succ ur mom" perfect

  • Nu-13
    Nu-13 3 months ago

    I S T H A T B R E N N E N ? !
    I honestly couldn’t tell until halfway

  • skinny jason
    skinny jason 3 months ago

    1:17 lmao

  • 64standardtrickyness
    64standardtrickyness 4 months ago

    he's passionate about his job I'll give him that

  • Andy Mendez
    Andy Mendez 4 months ago

    Is no one gonna point out the fact Raph tried hiding his laughter when Brennan sold that head drop

  • NewGreenShoe
    NewGreenShoe 4 months ago

    You can almost see at 3:02 Aph is trying his utmost hardest not to laugh at the whole head desk slam.

  • LucaYasha
    LucaYasha 4 months ago

    ERROR, 1:52 Brennan removes his glasses then when camera changes to behind him he is wearing them, only for him to put them back on his face again.
    Sorry as funny as the sketch is I had to point it out, my hands are tied.

  • Christina Ireland
    Christina Ireland 4 months ago

    Who else is waiting until Dropout is more mature so they can get the free trial and binge watch really fast? 😂

  • deadSkrilla s•k•r•i•t••

    Yeeeea that's right...
    90 nuns...at least it's a symmetrical number

  • Bandit
    Bandit 4 months ago

    i would make a funny joke but my hands are tied right now

  • Thanos’ Gay cousin
    Thanos’ Gay cousin 4 months ago

    why does he sound like the guy fro brickleberry

  • MrRaptor07
    MrRaptor07 4 months ago

    MY HANDS!!! ARE TIED!!!!

  • Dylan LaFrance
    Dylan LaFrance 4 months ago

    first class, booooyyy I wish I could be so dedicated to something to be angry about something as great as first class

  • Wilsons Paints
    Wilsons Paints 4 months ago

    If we can’t get JK Simmons back as J Jonah Jameson in the MCU I vote Brennan gets the job. I kept thinking the whole time he was gonna tell him to go and get pictures of Spider-Man

  • Wicked Amoeba
    Wicked Amoeba 4 months ago

    Now kiss

  • Agent Bowlingball
    Agent Bowlingball 4 months ago

    should I be confused?

  • Tinders
    Tinders 4 months ago

    This almost turns into an advertisement

  • D.A Ducari
    D.A Ducari 4 months ago

    Wait who is the dirty cop?

  • E RA
    E RA 4 months ago

    3:00 you can see Raphael smiling while trying to hold in his laughter

  • Mr Fantastic yellow
    Mr Fantastic yellow 4 months ago


  • Brian Yang
    Brian Yang 4 months ago +1

    Cop: GET IN THE CAR!
    Criminal: No.

  • essdoug
    essdoug 4 months ago

    “Fine, I give up” was recorded in post 😊

  • G_Odu Of the North
    G_Odu Of the North 4 months ago

    1:56 glasses off, reverse shot, glasses mysteriously back on, reverse shot, glasses off again... I mean, I've literally done that a bunch of times, it's an honest mistake that barely detracts from the thing... I dunno

  • megaman455
    megaman455 4 months ago

    This is basically what happens.

  • LILProductions
    LILProductions 4 months ago

    How does Brennan do that amazing voice?

  • Samuel Boyd
    Samuel Boyd 4 months ago

    This is my new favorite video. 😂😂😂

  • JDMC Music Aus
    JDMC Music Aus 4 months ago

    This isn't even funny

  • Muhammad Usama
    Muhammad Usama 4 months ago

    Brennan's voice is too damn epic.

  • swolf4444
    swolf4444 5 months ago

    3:00 Raphael is breaking character so hard, but to be fair, it's hard to keep a straight face with Brennan faceplanting on his desk

  • Kiana Alexis
    Kiana Alexis 5 months ago

    This is actually true though, every time a cop kills someone innocent this is what happens, everyone’s begging them to get fired but this must be their boss.

  • Mr. Hack - Satire Videos
    Mr. Hack - Satire Videos 5 months ago +1

    This is one of the FUNNIEST things I've EVER seen!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Wiktoria L
    Wiktoria L 5 months ago

    This sketch is too American to understand by a Middle European, isn't it?

  • Michael Eyob
    Michael Eyob 5 months ago +1

    Brennan looks like the south park cop

  • ArmoredJesse
    ArmoredJesse 5 months ago

    McClusky LMAO

  • squattingheads
    squattingheads 5 months ago

    Drip Drop...

  • Notreallyreal FTW
    Notreallyreal FTW 5 months ago

    Brennan's best yet

  • Syed Aijaz Khundmeer
    Syed Aijaz Khundmeer 5 months ago

    Is it me or does brennan looks like Teddy Roosevelt

  • Dan Chan
    Dan Chan 5 months ago

    Conspiracy: they purposefully write Brennan better so that the Brennan Fandom feels justified being bias

  • Carl Freericks
    Carl Freericks 5 months ago

    He killed 180 people? Someone give Ralph the death penalty

  • DoctorX17
    DoctorX17 5 months ago

    I'm so confused
    amused, but confused

  • James Fullecido
    James Fullecido 5 months ago

    My hands are tied!!

  • Milky Gay
    Milky Gay 5 months ago

    this is gold lol

  • Just_End_Me
    Just_End_Me 5 months ago +1

    Brennan = 100% Gold

  • SilentMornings
    SilentMornings 5 months ago

    He can't die, his hands are tied.

  • Cloud Light
    Cloud Light 5 months ago +1

    P R I O R I T Y. B O A R D I N G

  • jared brown
    jared brown 5 months ago

    both my hands ran a race and crossed the finish line. You know what that makes them...tied

  • Dshim
    Dshim 5 months ago

    3:01 he seems actually shocked at the loud thunk and loses character

  • I Orran
    I Orran 5 months ago +1

    Brennan is the best thing that happend to CH in years.

  • truman harris
    truman harris 5 months ago


  • Abdul Ghani
    Abdul Ghani 5 months ago +1

    ralph and brennan is a great combo

  • mishai nutr
    mishai nutr 5 months ago

    CH was way more funny before:(

  • Bianca Aletti
    Bianca Aletti 5 months ago +1

    i will legit support any video with freakin brennan in it lol

  • YoloMaster Sherr
    YoloMaster Sherr 5 months ago

    The Jury has spoken... We find the defendant GUILTY. You should be punished with 30 years to life of a free RU-clip Red subscription.

  • sIyceth
    sIyceth 5 months ago

    I don't get it

  • PogieJoe
    PogieJoe 6 months ago

    Damn. This was real. Nice writing, Raphael. Love the wig.

  • Samuel Abraham
    Samuel Abraham 6 months ago

    This is hilarious!! ✋👔

  • Mark Tchadej
    Mark Tchadej 6 months ago

    He's not a dirty cop, he's a maverick! A loose canon. A guy who doesn't care about the rules and gets the job done. His partner is one week away from retirement and is getting too old for this shit.

  • chris hubbard
    chris hubbard 6 months ago

    I LOVED that laughing at the end as "mcklusky" tried to pretend to panic.

  • Realsquirtle97
    Realsquirtle97 6 months ago

    We all know this is a movie trailer... it’s obvious.

  • MISSed Bandwagon
    MISSed Bandwagon 6 months ago

    I’m a millennial! I was born knowing I was never gonna retire!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jahan
    Jahan 6 months ago


  • Serena Gesa
    Serena Gesa 6 months ago

    I'm here for Brennan's movie makeup looks and different accents.

  • crazymurdav
    crazymurdav 6 months ago

    Am I the only one who totally didn’t get this sketch?