Brunch in Singapore IKEA | FRIED CHICKEN, Nasi Lemak & BEST Dessert!

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • Ikea is a great place to find practical furniture for the home, and we all know about the Ikea food court and the famous Swedish meatballs. But I haven't checked out the Ikea menu so here's my Singapore Ikea food court review.
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Comments • 1 195

  • Imane I
    Imane I 6 days ago

    Since when ikea is selling food?

  • Stephen Hutchison
    Stephen Hutchison 10 days ago

    I know it's your mortal enemy in vegetable form, but you need to eat the broccoli when you eat that mass of greasy foods... it protects from colon cancer. Though really if you eat some other cabbage related food within a day or so you should still be OK.

  • Melexei Reinheart
    Melexei Reinheart 13 days ago

    "move aside, don't even touch my gravy"
    Mike: 2
    Broccoli: 0

  • inc1nerat1on
    inc1nerat1on 18 days ago

    He went savage to that brocoli

  • R A A
    R A A 19 days ago

    U miss jolly hotdog Mikey 😘

  • Lai Jing Wen
    Lai Jing Wen 20 days ago

    HAHAHAHAHA but broccoli is niceeee

  • alezmcc
    alezmcc 21 day ago +1

    Fun video! Next time you are at IKEA try the cured salmon or prawn sandwish, that´s what swedes are good at making.
    Greetings from Sweden :) / Hälsningar från Sverige :)

  • Rwoosh
    Rwoosh 21 day ago

    LOL the only reason why I got to Ikea is to look around and touch stuff

  • Yvette Gan
    Yvette Gan 22 days ago


  • Bertha W
    Bertha W 25 days ago

    Getting happy over a food food cart tray 😂

  • Jolene Ng
    Jolene Ng 26 days ago

    That steamed rice is not cooked in a banana leaf. That’s lotus leaf.

  • XCDJ K
    XCDJ K 27 days ago

    In Singapore we normally recommend our people to be healthy and try not to be obese but I'm obese yet I like some vegetables. I have Wushu CCA yet it doesn't help •_•

  • RinYammu 28
    RinYammu 28 27 days ago

    Why do u hate broccoli? I dont get it no offense

  • RottingHearts
    RottingHearts 29 days ago

    Love that daim cake 😋😋

  • Ellen Tavassoli
    Ellen Tavassoli 29 days ago

    In sweden when you get served meatballs for lunch they taste exactly like the ones from Ikea

  • Intan payung
    Intan payung 29 days ago

    Kos nasi lemak tuh dah boleh dpt set penuh Nasi lemak tepi jalan dgn kerang, sotong, ayam😂😂😂

  • MadamWolfGaming V
    MadamWolfGaming V Month ago

    That mushroom puff is the same as when you go into a high level dungeon and someone else got the loot before you did.....EMPTY BOI.

  • hligh
    hligh Month ago

    I Love that you went to IKEA! Any plans on visiting other international IKEAs?

  • 0xemeryisdabomb0x
    0xemeryisdabomb0x Month ago

    That's so cool! You get to try all different kinds of food!😊🍣

    ANEERZA IMIA Month ago

    The way u ate the nasi lemak made me want to shrivel up and die

  • geekelly000
    geekelly000 Month ago

    I like ikea food, but everything tends to be a different shade of beige. I like rainbow food 🌈

  • Mike Casper
    Mike Casper Month ago

    Mike's a typical American that hates broccoli. Haha

  • Angela
    Angela Month ago

    Wow I nv went to this Ikea b4, I always go to the other 1 at Tampines

  • Jomojolo Gonz
    Jomojolo Gonz Month ago

    i love mikey, hope he will be healthy and able to swallow his food again in his video

  • T M
    T M Month ago

    Looks like it has been sitting around for a while. Everything looks cold and dry. Yikes!

  • mike wood
    mike wood Month ago

    IKEA cafeteria is an underrated fast food option

  • Mc Nugget
    Mc Nugget Month ago

    did you know that there are two ikeas in singapore

  • Diamandinae
    Diamandinae Month ago

    The tart is it like a ricotta cheese?

  • Diamandinae
    Diamandinae Month ago

    BTW my Dad was slender and ate as you do and lived very well!!

  • Diamandinae
    Diamandinae Month ago

    Mike I cannot stop watching you fabulous, my Dad was the last person to eat as you do!!

  • Sheryl Lan
    Sheryl Lan Month ago +1

    the way you talk to the broccoli KILLED ME! Lmaooo

  • mona Laster
    mona Laster Month ago

    Whennnnn are you notttttttt hungryyyyyyyy?????!?!!?!?! N

  • School of Mediocrity

    Okay Mike, two questions:
    1. Does everything really need chili sauce?
    2. Where do you put all that food? Like seriously, you should be 300 lbs.
    Cool vids man, keep it up.

  • man in chair
    man in chair Month ago

    why is watching an enthusiastic person overeat convenience food so compelling?

  • Caroline D
    Caroline D Month ago

    Hahah Sweden has the worst IKEA food everywhere else they have so much more and fun things here all bland basic

  • jasmin lagman
    jasmin lagman Month ago

    Never knew they had IKEA in Singapore!

  • Rinrin Erez
    Rinrin Erez Month ago

    I have tried ikea foods twice. It's so good. Though the meat balls taste like jollibee burger steak. Daim chocolate almond cake is the best! Also in SG. The two times i was there it's full of people. I'm surprise to see lots of empty tables. Hahaha

  • lucinda monger
    lucinda monger Month ago

    Love your channel. How do you stay in such good shape?

  • Aboutfun Pubg Singapore

    Can anyone tell me what’s in the meatball cuz I can’t eat beef and I rlly want to try it

  • doneld trumpet
    doneld trumpet Month ago

    That's not banana leaf Mike 😂

  • John-Erik Evans
    John-Erik Evans Month ago

    did you know Ikea sells more hot dogs than the whole world combined?

  • nurul haz
    nurul haz Month ago

    That sticky rice didn't wrap with banana leafs Mike... I don't know what leaf is, but that exactly not banana leafs😂😂😂😂

  • FreddeFo
    FreddeFo Month ago

    I wish we had that fried chicken in swedish IKEAs :(

  • yann lin
    yann lin Month ago

    That is the lotus leave not banana

  • wtf?
    wtf? Month ago

    Next Episode: Mike fucks his food.

  • Jacob Macomb
    Jacob Macomb Month ago

    Im so hungry

  • shinjuuki
    shinjuuki Month ago +1

    I would go to IKEA just for those meatballs

  • Marzo Vente
    Marzo Vente Month ago

    your reaction to the cheese tart LOL 😂

  • Hill Tran
    Hill Tran Month ago

    Can mike speak cantonese ?
    Ive been wanting to know

  • carlos almansa
    carlos almansa Month ago

    Question: do you really eat everything you pick up? Because I'd never be able to eat that amount of food

  • chan kokseng
    chan kokseng Month ago +2

    moms: vege makes u healthy
    mike to vege: move aside! Dun even touch my gravy XDDD

  • Ƙιzαʍε ςհʀɸƞιςlε

    You want a good nasi lemak you gotta have it in Malaysia

  • NORWAYCarguyGT Performance

    This guy is eating to much food.

  • Artsy Tsarlot
    Artsy Tsarlot Month ago

    Oh I'll stick with my Traditional Breakfast hehehe 😂 but I love fish and chips meal here in Canada

  • JayTheHypnotic
    JayTheHypnotic Month ago +2

    If I ever go homeless ik where I'm going

  • Seif Farag
    Seif Farag Month ago


  • Fazz Liew
    Fazz Liew Month ago

    but... broccolis are so freaking delicious :(

  • Sah. B.
    Sah. B. Month ago

    Mystery meat. 🐴.

  • m3l0n L3MON
    m3l0n L3MON Month ago


  • Alex H Yong
    Alex H Yong Month ago +5

    Our intestines love broccoli tho😅 Now I know what to get in Singapore IKEA

  • sdq sdq
    sdq sdq Month ago

    how it stay open

    ermm sell furnitures , haha

  • Rockstar Eater
    Rockstar Eater Month ago

    Sticky rice in IKEA? Unheard of!

  • Jennifer Pickthall
    Jennifer Pickthall Month ago +1

    If I ate as much food as him, my body would have its own zip code 😂😂

  • Nourhan A. El-Nagdy

    Can you do a halal food tour in South Korea plzzzzzzz

  • Megu2910
    Megu2910 Month ago

    i miss the days where soya was just an option

  • yAz1D 412
    yAz1D 412 Month ago

    Nasi lemak is from Malaysia and i from Malaysia

  • R A Y
    R A Y Month ago

    10:09 you can find this type of food in Malaysia's Bazaar Ramadan 😂 The empty karipap!

  • Alex Tan
    Alex Tan Month ago

    IKEA USA should totally have these dishes.

  • Mr. Camel
    Mr. Camel Month ago

    The nasi lemak chilli sauce is called sambal which is made with belacan (shrimp paste), chillies, dried anchovies & aromats.

  • Nur Madihah
    Nur Madihah Month ago

    Please come to Malaysia mike 😊

  • Weng sheng
    Weng sheng Month ago +1

    IKEA food SG ...666

  • Juan Murillo
    Juan Murillo Month ago

    dude thats not how Goffie sounds

  • Chicken Speed
    Chicken Speed Month ago +1

    anyone else watch these videos when your hungry 🤣

  • rebecca chen
    rebecca chen Month ago +4

    Thank god im not the only person who goes to Ikea just for the food 😆

  • ruba abdulrahman
    ruba abdulrahman Month ago

    I feel ~sorry ~ for the broccoli

  • Kristoffer Johnsen
    Kristoffer Johnsen Month ago

    Hahaha strictly dumpling eating dajmtårta, this is awesome.

  • The Wordless Traveler

    Its time to visit my nearest IKEA soon!

  • Caven Tan
    Caven Tan Month ago

    Is it just me or are there any other Malaysians that only queue an hour for currypuffs?

  • Biniata
    Biniata Month ago +12

    *Eats 1 Bite of a Tiny Cheese Tart*
    Ang goes: "if this thing was a Girl, i would be on my Knees with a Ring!" HAHAHAH boi dafuq?

  • Charlie Gammon
    Charlie Gammon Month ago

    I happen to like the apple cake. It's better with creme anglaise.

  • rost Rust
    rost Rust Month ago

    That is not banana leave..😀

  • Friskas
    Friskas Month ago

    I am in this ikea for at least 3 days. The exit just disappeard.
    Strange human like creatures roam in here, which gets kinda aggresive at night and suggest me to leave this place.
    If i only knew how and that they try to hit me isnt helping either.
    I might losing my mind but i saw small settlements build interly out of ikea bookshelfs and every now and then some flying drone with a small writing on it ,scp or something like that.
    On the good side of this ikea prison, the food.
    The food is incredible good even though i dont know who makes this because there is no one cooking here in the cantens. The food just appears over night in the canten.

  • Tommy Mai
    Tommy Mai Month ago

    Wtf lol he using a cart for one person. Mike you will die a happy person knowing you ate good this life.

  • Awsome Wairor 226
    Awsome Wairor 226 Month ago +1

    how does he eat all this?

    • lmaree200886
      lmaree200886 Month ago

      Because he trains hard every day and being Chinese he has 'multiple stomachs' lol

  • Ruby Maxwell
    Ruby Maxwell 2 months ago

    I don't like that ice cream machine. Where I'm from, me and my uncle would go get BBQ at a place that lets you get free ice cream after your meal. We compete over who can pile their cones the best. I have the best technique, maximum ice cream density, no room for air space. The traditional wave leaves a lot of space where ice cream could be. 😜

  • HeartbeatRowboat
    HeartbeatRowboat 2 months ago

    Whoa! We have the same food here in India (Ikea) with Indian food too! (Hyderabad)

  • SodaAvenue
    SodaAvenue 2 months ago

    As a local, I could tell you all my friends kinda finds Ikea food average and quality dropped compared to childhood times. We hardly eat there unless we are shopping for furniture tbh. (Yes maybe its just me) but some of the food like apple pie, puffs, nasi lemak (rice is mushy) , meatballs are dry!! Chicken wing was alright.
    The almond choco later dessert looks gd though, maybe I'll give it a try next time.

  • I C
    I C 2 months ago

    A chili dog doesn't have sauce bolognese on it...

  • Suhaliza Suhaimi
    Suhaliza Suhaimi 2 months ago

    Hey Mikey , if u are still in Singapore , u should try going to Geylang Bazaar , there is alot of foodd , but it will be packed with people

  • Hylfa
    Hylfa 2 months ago

    I’m highly disappointed with meatballs. They should’ve added lots of mashed potatoes 😐 mashed potatoes and meatballs with gravy is my favorite.

  • Adam Francis Lee Rahmat

    I assume you travel alone most of the time, how could you actually stuff all that food in you, Mikey? And not gaining much weight, too! 😁 RESPECT.


    It's like watching shogenki anime human version.

  • alex edsell
    alex edsell 2 months ago

    You sounded more like scooby doo haha

  • Carell Narciso
    Carell Narciso 2 months ago

    You're so mean on the Broccoli 😂

  • Christian Reveles
    Christian Reveles 2 months ago

    He a stoner for sure😂😂

    • lmaree200886
      lmaree200886 Month ago

      No he trains almost everyday and has a huge appetite.

  • Judson Owens
    Judson Owens 2 months ago

    IKEA is hell and where dreams go to die Mike, you make me sad by loving this garbage place.

    • esther thur
      esther thur Month ago

      Judson Owens this IKEA is in Singapore, not America . Huge difference

  • Kenneth Ly Videography
    Kenneth Ly Videography 2 months ago +1

    That Swedish Apple pie is probably the most none "Swedish Apple Pie"-looking apple pie I've seen.

  • R0ffiE
    R0ffiE 2 months ago

    That chocolate cake calls "Daimtårta" Or "Daimcake" Daim is a candy in Sweden.

  • Miss Doe
    Miss Doe 2 months ago

    Yas hotdog from the Phils is the bomb!ugh i miss me some tender juicy hotdog,cheesedog,on a stick 🤤🤤🤤

  • IngeN
    IngeN 2 months ago

    Is he seriously eating that all by himself or does he have someone with him.

    • IngeN
      IngeN Month ago

      @lmaree200886 I can eat alot lol but he really can eat aloooooooooot lol, amazing. He probably also walks everywhere so that will help. But always all those different foods together, my stomach can't handle that 😂

    • lmaree200886
      lmaree200886 Month ago

      All himself! He trains at least once a day. He often stays in hotels with a gym.