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  • Published on Mar 25, 2021

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  • Jamie Lancaster
    Jamie Lancaster Year ago +23

    That is why we love this family. It is not only fun and silly things..it conveys moral values some have definitely forgotten or not even know.

  • Zenith memes
    Zenith memes Year ago +3

    Mother: gives paper

  • Claudia Zambrano

    The way they all protected her is beautiful ❤️❤️

  • Georgia Acothley

    This brings back memories 🥺😭 and we couldn’t do anything because we were still very young. 💔💔

  • Sage Grace
    Sage Grace Year ago +3

    My dad was an abuser but he ended up dieing in jail then my mom tried to sell me for drugs and then I got adopted and those parents were abusing me every day so my adoption got over turned and now I’m about to be adopted again by someone who really loves me and someone who I really love

  • ThandarzzZ
    ThandarzzZ  +137

    Even tho this was staged

  • Turfa Shaikh

    i like the way boys saving their mumma ❤️❤️❤️

  • Morgan Bucaille
    Morgan Bucaille Year ago +1

    This was my mother. She was a huge abuser. My dad is going through a super complicated divorce and my mom wrongly accused my dad of abusing me and my siblings. We all had to go to a foster home because of it. Thankfully my dad fought for us and we are back home 😀

  • Jenni G
    Jenni G  +8

    Love how the sons are very protective and loving to their mother!❤ Prince’s always protects their Queen.

  • Lily Giles

    I love how all of her sons protected her 💖

  • Sir Yeetus
    Sir Yeetus Year ago +672

    A Father needs to be the pillar of strength that everyone can rely on, not a tyrant everyone fears. 💪

  • ÿumekø _#sa! nn♡

    The sons are protecteing her mother is so cute 🥺🌸 i'm gonna cry

  • Sai Simron Das

    This is the best family i have ever seen in my family and they literally conveys moral values so smoothly that some could ever imagine

  • Tanya gandhi [MBBS]

    I am indian, my father is also abuser just like u portrayed ....me and my brother r blessed to have the best mother in the world .😔how do pple deal with this situation at home? I am disturbed bu this so much

  • [Cinnamon rolls]
    [Cinnamon rolls] 21 day ago

    the last one made me tear up so much- I have more snot in my nose that I had before 😭😭 so cute..so wholesome, with such a deep meaning

  • Shadow
    Shadow Year ago +622

    My dad looks tough but is a teddy bear, we ended up adopting my friend who was disowned form an abusive family, she was taken advantage of by her cousin and she was also beat by her dad etc. she is so scared of even hugging my dad because of these things unless I’m there. No one should go through this. My friend helped me right this and is thankful that you are spreading awareness!!

  • ∆•Shybee•∆

    These type of vids always make me cry even if its just a vid- 😂😩

  • Keivi Macintyre

    The way the family came and covered her❤️

  • ahhimane
    ahhimane Year ago +912

    These kids together can easily kick this dad's ass if he ever tries to be abusive towards their mom.

  • Camila
    Camila  +1

    Sometimes your dad hurts your heart like he did to mine right now but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore him hate him or stop loving him. He still has love inside him we Just can’t see it. 😕