The Final Night at Haunted Queen Mary Ship (w/ KianAndJc)

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • Kian and Jc video:
    Sam and Colby return to do an overnight at the haunted Queen Mary ghost ship with Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen. This will be the final night...
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 63 938

  • Sam and Colby
    Sam and Colby  29 days ago +16017

    300,000 LIKES for another Collab with Kian and Jc! but we are never coming back to the Queen Mary. For real this time haha

    • Royal King JoeyDaniel
      Royal King JoeyDaniel 3 days ago

      in the part with the night vision cam where they were all sitting down and talking trying to reach someone i herd a semi long low kina high howl at 38:11 but it was quiet so i turned my sound all the way up

    • Nicol Zunno
      Nicol Zunno 29 days ago

      Love you Guys, Please dont put your Lives In danger Just for Us. We love you for who you are not for you trying to give up your souls for us 💙💙💜👻

    • Gabby Grosvenor
      Gabby Grosvenor 29 days ago


    • Gaming with giraffie Not active
      Gaming with giraffie Not active 29 days ago

      Ly you guys and I’m able to tell you that cause I got here just before 500❤️ oh and I have a suggestion, your guys should re name your Chanel “Solby”

      BTS BANGTAN BOYS FOR LIFE 29 days ago +1

      Sam and Colby Dear Sam and Colby if you keep watching the light behind you at 16:11 looks like the little girl is walking back and forth at the door

  • Avasin Arslan
    Avasin Arslan 2 hours ago

    You can hear a little girl laughing at 21:25

    THROW SHADE 2 hours ago +1

    If you look long enough you can see a girl in white walking. The gurl appeared right as he said that in 23:22-23:23 in the background in the left

  • jean sycip
    jean sycip 2 hours ago

    YOU should never ever let go off your hands when doing a saeonce because YOU are letting evil spirits in the circle YOU and the spirits that are outside of the circle. Are trying to distract YOU from the connection of the good spirits

  • Dylan Crapp
    Dylan Crapp 3 hours ago

    When you were whispering I heard a spirt sigh

  • Kawaii Creator
    Kawaii Creator 4 hours ago

    Damn they’re really into this shit😆

  • Dezirae Villalobos
    Dezirae Villalobos 7 hours ago

    54:20 all of those little orbs mean there’s an Entity feeding off

  • Paris Carpenter
    Paris Carpenter 8 hours ago

    from 46:11 to 48:05 there are white orbs flying around the screen

  • TrueTeaaa
    TrueTeaaa 8 hours ago +1

    Kian: lemme drive da boat.

  • Eleftheria Irine
    Eleftheria Irine 9 hours ago +3

    I wish the titanic didn’t sink it would have been a great video to explore it LOL

  • ‘ clearlyitskiera
    ‘ clearlyitskiera 9 hours ago

    this was so intense. 😭

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia 10 hours ago

    The light on the camera phone

  • Tiffany Verrill
    Tiffany Verrill 12 hours ago

    I never watched ur videos before (only Kian and Jc) but don’t risk doing stuff like this for viewers it’s not always worth it in the long run. Stay safe

  • Kate Ashlyn
    Kate Ashlyn 12 hours ago


  • Kate Ashlyn
    Kate Ashlyn 12 hours ago

    I jumped SOSOSOSOSOS BAD at the B340 room

  • Joseph Reed Nichols
    Joseph Reed Nichols 13 hours ago

    There is a place its called heaven where you get to live eternal life there and have a great afterlife and gods not dead he's surely alive

  • XxhaileyxX
    XxhaileyxX 13 hours ago

    Why is nobody talking about the thousands of orbs flying around with the iPhone?!?! Like if you say them too

  • Gangsta Gurl
    Gangsta Gurl 14 hours ago +1

    26:23 the woman's voice in the background kinda sounds like she's saying deny or goodbye
    i heard deny the first time (right after sam asked colby to ask for a knock)
    the second time i heard goodbye (again i say, they're talking about knocking on b340)
    third time i heard alive

  • Titan Qore
    Titan Qore 14 hours ago

    Fun fact; when this ship was operating as a ship used to transport troops, it had a collision with another ship, in which a lot of people died. There are rumors that every so often people report hearing sounds of grinding metal and screaming coming from within. Creepy, right?

    • Titan Qore
      Titan Qore 14 hours ago

      Welcome to fnaf you guys! Just make sure to check every room in the suite whenever you hear a sound!

  • Titan Qore
    Titan Qore 14 hours ago

    (15:36) The light behind the "Secret Door" behind you is on. You can see it in the crack.

  • Gangsta Gurl
    Gangsta Gurl 15 hours ago +1

    okay so i got bored and low-key depressed about them leaving so i searched up sam and colby to see their videos and i clicked on the first one that came up which was this one. i then was like "wait, this came up a few videos before the leaving youtube." so i went back and was reading the dates with hope and saw it just had more views. no clue what do do with life anymore, i guess i just joined the club of many

    btw for people who may have found the last part or very first part offensive, I do truly feel that way hence why i added it
    managed to limit the hate a bit
    (that part was a joke but lowkey naw)

  • Yolanda Bravo
    Yolanda Bravo 15 hours ago

    i dont know if its bugs but at the end iwhen the camera fell its like waaaaaaaa

  • Yolanda Bravo
    Yolanda Bravo 15 hours ago +1

    did you notice like around 30:14 30:20 theres a white orb on the screen

  • Dream Sans
    Dream Sans 15 hours ago

    During the summoning Sam had a ghost orb above him. Only cameras can see them but they are spirits of the dead. So there was at least one ghost or spirit in the room with them.

  • Kenya Fabian
    Kenya Fabian 15 hours ago


  • Boi Iatta
    Boi Iatta 16 hours ago

    4 bros chillin in the Queen Mary 1 inch apart cus they’re all gay
    This is a joke don’t tell me they’re not gay I know

  • Boi Iatta
    Boi Iatta 16 hours ago

    Did no one hear the girl singing thru the whole night vision part

  • Joseph Day
    Joseph Day 16 hours ago +1

    😅😅Don't worry the crack was already ther i checked🤣😁☺

  • Nakauraq Woods
    Nakauraq Woods 16 hours ago

    Hey what’s up with Sam

  • Brandon& Brooklyn
    Brandon& Brooklyn 17 hours ago

    I legit love you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lydia McDaniel
    Lydia McDaniel 17 hours ago

    who else misses sam & colby :(

  • ori
    ori 18 hours ago

    12:00 maybe because .... they were sisters . omg so shocking i'm 100 % shook right now omg

  • Cynthia Hinojosa
    Cynthia Hinojosa 18 hours ago

    There eyes were glowing

  • Amelia Miles
    Amelia Miles 18 hours ago

    *The video sped up of them eating with creepy music in the back*

    *Not even a second after* Hi I'm PaUl ! *smiles*

  • Emmanuel Hernandez
    Emmanuel Hernandez 18 hours ago

    Can You react to the video for scary Sh*t or any ghosts

  • Rayven Lightner
    Rayven Lightner 18 hours ago +1

    14:10 made my boyfriend scream like a little girl
    Like this and me and him will spend the night at the Queen Mary

  • frosted flakes
    frosted flakes 18 hours ago

    39:27 some one is running I think

  • Yali Reyes
    Yali Reyes 19 hours ago

    So scary I would be scared😨😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😱🐑

  • Amy Johnson
    Amy Johnson 19 hours ago

    is anyone gonna talk about the crazy amount of orbs flying around when they started filming on their phone

  • ahmad khraishi
    ahmad khraishi 19 hours ago

    Put your speed at 0.25 then at the min 24:58 look at the hall way you can see a figure

  • Dillon Lamprecht
    Dillon Lamprecht 19 hours ago

    41:10...I hear some kinda humming sound.... is that a sound effect in your vid or not cause its sounds freaky af ... lmao

  • Maria Clara
    Maria Clara 19 hours ago +5

    no one:
    nobody ever:
    not one freaking soul:
    kian: let me drive da boat

  • Leighanna Rizarri
    Leighanna Rizarri 19 hours ago +5

    Imagine them walking into the washroom and in the mirror...

  • Saniah Epps-Addison
    Saniah Epps-Addison 19 hours ago

    I just saw Colby with light eyes I don't know if that's just the camera or something else

  • Jared Gardenier
    Jared Gardenier 19 hours ago +3

    30:20 look ya the mirror a white orb is moving in the it

  • Olivia Littlechild
    Olivia Littlechild 19 hours ago

    Colby DIDN'T knock

  • Christine Richards
    Christine Richards 19 hours ago

    The crack was already there so don’t be scared

  • Christine Richards
    Christine Richards 19 hours ago +1

    If you want something hot to go to the woods of Mexico

  • Amy Johnson
    Amy Johnson 20 hours ago +1

    just hear me out..... this might sound stupid but its known that ghosts make you argue and make you tempormental...... i know sam loves the supernatural and that but in that situation he sounded too keen to do the ouiji board and they all got in an argument.... jc even smaked it our of his hands.... what if whatever presense was in b340 used its energy to somehow make them argue bavuse later on they were all chill and fine.... idk

  • Olivia Littlechild
    Olivia Littlechild 20 hours ago

    Man:I think you will have fun

    Me:DUDE,how will they have fun!IF IT'S THE MOST HAUNTED PLACE!

  • Dillon Lamprecht
    Dillon Lamprecht 20 hours ago

    12:09.... Crack on mirror was there..... Hesitated for a moment tho had to check again

  • Jason TV
    Jason TV 20 hours ago

    Shane Dawson has the same room and he opened the secret room and it lead to another persons room

  • Saniah Epps-Addison
    Saniah Epps-Addison 20 hours ago

    Also I stayed there for a week so

  • Saniah Epps-Addison
    Saniah Epps-Addison 20 hours ago

    I've been to the queen marry and I've stayed there it's scary but if you go there in the winter they have a n ice rink

  • Officialclevo
    Officialclevo 20 hours ago

    30:20 white dot goes across the screen by the door

  • Ben Trickle
    Ben Trickle 20 hours ago

    I find it funny that Colby shirt said bogus on it

  • Carmen Roman
    Carmen Roman 20 hours ago

    Queen Mary's way too scary 😱

  • Mylie McCollam
    Mylie McCollam 21 hour ago

    12:09 you can see the crack it was there!

  • Cool Gamer420
    Cool Gamer420 21 hour ago

    15:14 I Got A Bad Nose Bleed

  • dayz of 101
    dayz of 101 21 hour ago

    Look in the back at 33:38. Who else saw a person in the mirror

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany 21 hour ago

    25:03 y'all see that head pop out?

  • manders yoo
    manders yoo 21 hour ago

    12:15 on the right of the window. Like, aside the light of the camera. it could be a trick of the light but the camera pans over that window before that and i don't see it then. Idk I see a face though, do you guys?

  • Peach Lily
    Peach Lily 22 hours ago

    Noooooo THE KNOCKING AND THEN NOTHING SO PROMINENT AFTER LIKE WHAT THE HECK, that demon was walking trynaa find y’all to Talk and then went back to its spot!!!!

  • Sts. Sofia Acevedo Correa

    "im crappin" 💀😂

  • Izzy Bryant
    Izzy Bryant 23 hours ago

    just stop blaming colby

  • Alyson29
    Alyson29 23 hours ago

    15:29-15:32 there is a breath like it sounded like a man blew into the camera

  • StevieHerbs
    StevieHerbs 23 hours ago

    dat night vision tho XD

  • Amy Johnson
    Amy Johnson 23 hours ago

    what is that wasnt just a child in the room next to you.......

  • Km flips
    Km flips 23 hours ago

    I heard the door too

  • Robbie Martin mika
    Robbie Martin mika 23 hours ago

    Ok guys is it me or I seriously think hey are staying in the same room as Shane Dawson and his friends ?!? Cause the secret room, the air con and the window is reminding me of there room might be just a different room but looks the same

  • ryan pasquarell
    ryan pasquarell 23 hours ago

    21:26 I heard a child giggle

  • louise adjinsoff

    dude you should do the trailers for horror movies. the beginning of the video makes me want to watch the rest of it so bad

  • Shellee Gibbons
    Shellee Gibbons Day ago

    At 33:58 or just over,there was another white light under kians face across the bottom of the camera

  • Serws Yt
    Serws Yt Day ago

    16:40 look at the crack where the girl was

  • Lucy Parker
    Lucy Parker Day ago

    Why do you guys do these things? 😂 there really cool though but it could put your life’s in danger 😶😶

  • Irrelevant but relevant

    ok but i lowkey felt like i was a part of that seance cuz they kinda made room for me which made this 10 times more creepy. like, i wasn't watching or observing, i was A PART of this shit. i gotta go get me some holy water now and a blessing from the lord himself, sea

  • Daniel Hawes
    Daniel Hawes Day ago

    When u guys switched to phone 3 orbs instantly came into frame and also when there was the running or banging that couldn’t of been either of those because of the fact of the time and I was using head phones and the sound switched to left to right that means it would of been in the hall way and there in the very far room

  • ju petsch
    ju petsch Day ago

    Kian it’s super me he was super stressed then when they all eated kian just come back another person so happy lol

  • Ikhtiar Alam
    Ikhtiar Alam Day ago

    There is a girl crying countinusly when they are doing the exorcist typa thing the girl is crying and crying but they don’t here it

  • Lokkesh Sakthii
    Lokkesh Sakthii Day ago

    Guys if anyone is reading this check out 47:25 Colby's eyes is dead red...... Like Jake in Belmont...... He has no lens( the black part of the eye)

  • Joshua Ramirez
    Joshua Ramirez Day ago

    Sam is fucking crazy wtf. If I was there I would be exactly like kian

  • Panda Biru
    Panda Biru Day ago

    You guys Sam and Colby but me is what du and hek

  • Crafty Vids
    Crafty Vids Day ago

    There is a frikin orb on sams leg and was another one above him 😬😰😖

    MADDaVISSION x Day ago

    14:01 listen very carefully someone breathing!!!!!!

  • Shister Billie Eilish

    Is that an orb at 40:58

  • deadbloom
    deadbloom Day ago

    that was nooooottttt someone runnning omfg what was that 😱

  • 1000chelz
    1000chelz Day ago

    at 16:46 when the camera starts to zoom you see a shadow past behind the door through the crack i'm assuming that's where the little girl was laughing and is walking around the room

  • Rodjanai's Vlog
    Rodjanai's Vlog Day ago

    Your views are the same as your subscribers kinda weird

  • Dreamer 1104
    Dreamer 1104 Day ago

    I don't know If anyone noticed the orbs going across the camera towards the end of the video when jc set down the camera, Was it a spirit?🤔🤔

  • Leslie Yarbrough

    14:50 is funny

  • CailynUnicorn 175

    After the camera fell, there were like hundreds of orbs flying around the other camera

  • S M
    S M Day ago

    3:22 orb flies down left of Colby

  • Mariana Orozco
    Mariana Orozco Day ago

    I love the little kid it's so adorable tbh that would be me if I was younger again

  • Mipster Tim
    Mipster Tim Day ago +2

    Is it weird that I was like 9 and walked down my stairs while asleep and sat in a dark room and started laughing and I was pointing up in the air like there was something there. I think my house is haunted

  • Saviya Masih
    Saviya Masih Day ago

    Me: *turns all lights on in the middle of the frickin night*
    Me: *can’t really type cuz my hand are shaking*

  • Saviya Masih
    Saviya Masih Day ago

    Wtf was Sam doing in this video I was so scared for them and Sam was jus like calm down and I was like how the hell can u b calm In That situation🙄

  • Johanna R
    Johanna R Day ago +1

    Yea the crack was there already there

  • KOSbrian 759900
    KOSbrian 759900 Day ago

    Sam and Colby: should we go in there fans: yes do it!!!!!

  • Reanna Ramage
    Reanna Ramage Day ago

    15:30 you can see the shadows of people moving throw the door thing😂😂

  • Gabriela Feliciano

    When you guy was sit and talk the the light from I guess what other room was going off and on