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Top 10 Best Long Running Anime Franchises

  • Published on Jul 12, 2015
  • Some of these anime series have been on for a really long time and others are franchises that just keep coming back. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Longest Running Anime Franchises. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at :)
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Comments • 10 587

  • Amani Lee
    Amani Lee 6 hours ago

    The best and longest running anime is The Simpsons! Come at me bruh!
    But seriously, One Oiece should be considered higher than Naruto. Except maybe in fight choreography.

  • Tea Party
    Tea Party 2 days ago

    hahaha why doremon is here
    that is shit cartoon not like anime also

  • WA luigi
    WA luigi 3 days ago +2

    Glad to see alot of people of culture here.

    Detective Conan is my favourite.

  • arjun reddy
    arjun reddy 7 days ago

    are u nuts one piece at 7 i think watch mojo is on weed

  • feroreciy damien
    feroreciy damien 8 days ago

    Metantei Conan...

  • Guxery
    Guxery 9 days ago

    i dont like whatching anime if its blurry/old

    • mike philip
      mike philip 3 days ago +1

      if you want to catch upto detective conan fast use the XERBLADE episode guide from google as it cuts out all the non manga fillers in the anime. the Black org arcs are mindblowing and even the boss was recently revealed in the manga .use this as well and skip the TV originals .

    • mike philip
      mike philip 3 days ago +1

      those anime which are blurry or old usually have betetr plots with no moe ecchi harem fanservice garbage

  • zizz_ d7la
    zizz_ d7la 12 days ago

    **stars video**
    **hears it in dub**
    **ears star to bleed**
    *dislikes video**

  • Chloe XD
    Chloe XD 14 days ago

    Case Closed/Detective Conan/Meitantei Konān/名探偵コナンsquad?

  • Edward23 Newgates
    Edward23 Newgates 17 days ago

    One piece is the best

  • Federal Bureau of Invesigation

    Total respect for the person (if there is one) who watched all 9000+ episodes of sazae san

  • swas basas
    swas basas 20 days ago

    Naruto is best ofc

  • Fausto Ramirez
    Fausto Ramirez 23 days ago

    Did any one else just click it just for one piece no.......just me alright

  • مخ العجم
    مخ العجم 23 days ago +1

    لیش الترتیب معوق؟؟

  • MythicalRay
    MythicalRay 26 days ago

    Man my childhood was Doraemon and some Detective Conan and a lot of pokemon

  • lord hat
    lord hat 27 days ago +1

    Dragon ball at first place the one piece

  • mr. speedytime
    mr. speedytime 27 days ago

    one piece is not 700 now its 900

  • miner zippy
    miner zippy Month ago +6

    Everyone:talking about one piece and conan
    Me:Doraemon :D

    STRANGER- SENPAI Month ago

    Naruto finished friends

  • Sasha Braus
    Sasha Braus Month ago +2

    I knew Conan was here.

    • mike philip
      mike philip 3 days ago +1

      if you want to catch upto detective conan fast use the XERBLADE episode guide from google as it cuts out all the non manga fillers in the anime. the Black org arcs are mindblowing and even the boss was recently revealed in the manga .use this as well and skip the TV originals .

  • Guillotine
    Guillotine Month ago

    wish danmachi was one of them

  • SebastianHD
    SebastianHD Month ago +1

    Dragon Ball (Z, Kai, GT, DB, Super)

  • AGame, The Awesome Gamer

    What series that were released in 1969 (and still are running) would you think would win?
    Sesame Street or Sazae-San?

    • mike philip
      mike philip Month ago +1

      if you want to catch upto detective conan fast use the XERBLADE episode guide from google as it cuts out all the non manga fillers in the anime. the BO arcs are mindblowing and even the boss was recently revealed in the manga .use this as well and skip the TV originals .

  • Samy Baril
    Samy Baril Month ago

    Oh. I was expecting Pokémon to be higher.

  • 2jz_ 2003
    2jz_ 2003 Month ago

    Initial D ?

  • Ryuuji Takasu
    Ryuuji Takasu Month ago

    Doraemon. My chilhood!

  • MvP_CrAcKeRz PrInCe

    can anyone suggest me any anime with atleast 50+ episodes or have 2 seasons PLz

  • hoàng anh nguyễn

    where is my gintama?

    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani 7 days ago

      it was disqualified because it doesn't have 10 years of airing episodes~

  • Xanthe Nash
    Xanthe Nash Month ago

    When they pronounced Naruto’s surname as UZAmaki not uzumaki

  • Every Man 1991
    Every Man 1991 Month ago

    OMG Pokemon should have been higher on this list seeing as it's still have new series every year even by today.

    • Every Man 1991
      Every Man 1991 7 days ago

      @SkyMaster Albani infact I made-up my own anime series I made up my own Pokemon anime series, where the main character is the Leaf: the girl with brown hair. You know who that is?

    • Every Man 1991
      Every Man 1991 7 days ago

      @SkyMaster Albani yes I agree. Seeing Ash & Pikachu do the same thing over and over again and never winning the Pokemon league in EVERY new region does get boring.

    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani 7 days ago

      not gonna lie, i think pokemon is a bit too boring~

  • Bobby Hill
    Bobby Hill Month ago

    yeah but detective conan and one piece are actually fun to watch

  • Emmaruth marino
    Emmaruth marino 2 months ago +1

    other anime: were gonna end

    one piece: *laughing in the corner*

  • MaestrO Frags
    MaestrO Frags 2 months ago

    bleach doesnt make it to the list.
    makashi banashi makes it to the list.
    fking retarded youtuber.

    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani 7 days ago

      i know this is late, and you're not gonna reply because, idk, why would you~
      and i'm making myself look stupid for replying an old comment, but anyway, here's the answer~
      the anime must have aired for at least 10 years, while bleach was aired from 2004 to 2012 which is 8 years of airing~

  • Ender 16
    Ender 16 2 months ago

    This has to be a damn joke 😒

  • Sorryiwonnoob
    Sorryiwonnoob 2 months ago +2

    I’m soo happy conan is finally higher than that stupid Doremon.
    Also why do they never mention the 23 movies that conan has?

  • Lady Tsunade
    Lady Tsunade 2 months ago

    I already knew some of the iconic anime on this list wouldn't reach #1

  • xtzz
    xtzz 2 months ago +1

    I came here for Conan

  • Yunisha Chamling Rai
    Yunisha Chamling Rai 2 months ago +1

    not one anime gets over ONE PIECE and NARUTO 😤😤

    • Poor Dolt
      Poor Dolt Month ago

      Naruto was not really good after pain

  • sentairider42
    sentairider42 2 months ago

    Ok, why didn't Jojo's Bizarre Adventure make the list, or even get an honorable mention?

    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani 7 days ago

      @sentairider42 ik this is late, but yea, the show must at least aired for 10 years, or so what he said~

    • sentairider42
      sentairider42 2 months ago

      @mike philip So they're only counting the anime, and not the original manga then? Because the manga's been going on for over 30 years.

    • mike philip
      mike philip 2 months ago

      its not that long . episode count wise

  • Aco Grobar
    Aco Grobar 2 months ago

    One piece currently have 880+ episodes

  • Thepancakeprotecter
    Thepancakeprotecter 2 months ago

    After watching one piece while doing homework I didn't do the homework I boarded it and stole all its berries

  • Trung Nguyen Nguyen Dinh

    Hell yeah! Doraemon is my childhood

  • Jace the Hedgehog
    Jace the Hedgehog 2 months ago

    My top 3
    1. One piece
    2. Dragon Ball
    3. Naruto

    • Satyajit jana
      Satyajit jana 7 days ago

      @SkyMaster Albani 2 years to dub these episodes 😭😭 whenever I try to watch sub episodes it's irritating

    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani 7 days ago

      i mean, i guess, but knowing funanimation, there could be some delay too~

    • Satyajit jana
      Satyajit jana 7 days ago

      @SkyMaster Albani 2020 waiting not that long😌

    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani 7 days ago

      @Satyajit jana just watch subs unless you want to wait the dub to catch up in 2020~

    • Satyajit jana
      Satyajit jana 2 months ago

      I'm still searching for 575+ dub episodes of one piece watched 1-574 after that no dubbed episodes available

  • Sunja Seul
    Sunja Seul 2 months ago +1

    A little summary of the comments is that basically everyone came here for detective Conan/Case closed and one piece

  • aleena patrick
    aleena patrick 2 months ago

    7000 episodes holy marry that's a lot.
    I'm just imagining the manga length...😰

  • Ryuuji Takasu
    Ryuuji Takasu 2 months ago

    Doraemon.... My Childhood...

  • John Advin
    John Advin 2 months ago

    Here for 👉ONE PIECE 👈

  • Slice Rice
    Slice Rice 2 months ago

    Heck ya One Peice is still running 2019 here!!!! 3 years later 😀

  • Christine Gempesaw
    Christine Gempesaw 3 months ago +1

    Detective Conan should be number one👆👆👆👆

  • Knight Gz
    Knight Gz 3 months ago

    2019?? And Detective Conan has to be the best right? Over 900 eps now and he’s still a little tiny kid 😐 When will he turn back?!😤😤😭😭

  • VanguardPlays
    VanguardPlays 3 months ago +1

    one piece should be lower the anime's not that good anymore and people should just read the manga instead and only watch the anime to see there favourite moments animated

  • はは
    はは 3 months ago

    Sazae-san > Doraemon > Conan > Shin-chan > Maruko-chan > pokemon >>>> the others
    japanege popularity

  • Mr Stephen Teslicstine
    Mr Stephen Teslicstine 3 months ago

    Love the classics doraemob memmories

  • Mr Stephen Teslicstine
    Mr Stephen Teslicstine 3 months ago

    Pokemon should be higher
    Even a non anime fan knows and has watched pokemon

  • Babita Dhungel
    Babita Dhungel 3 months ago

    Pokemon 1

  • Cameron Adams
    Cameron Adams 3 months ago

    I didn’t see anything about beyblades or yugioh

  • Hera Souflee
    Hera Souflee 3 months ago +1

    I love Sazae-san, Doraemon and Detective Conan so this is a nice list to me. :)

    DEATH HUNTER 4 months ago

    7000+ episodes "MIND BLOWN"🙄🙄

  • Arnav Jha
    Arnav Jha 4 months ago

    Detective Conan is the best.

  • SophiaThe PokemonMaster

    I know most of them...but I have never heard of no.10 or 1 before 😅
    And I’m actually surprised that no one here has commented on Pokémon, but I like the fact you some of you like Detective Conan (I love both shows!)

  • Mugiwara Luffy
    Mugiwara Luffy 4 months ago

    Doraemon? This is all wrong Doraemon should be numba one!

  • Chona Dale Lagumbay
    Chona Dale Lagumbay 4 months ago


  • Admiral Fujitora
    Admiral Fujitora 4 months ago

    Unsubscribe. This channel has no sense and brain at all

  • Dark Ice
    Dark Ice 4 months ago

    Wtf even is the first one ?

  • Cold Violet
    Cold Violet 4 months ago

    #1 is Gintama. It makes you laugh your ass off and leaves you in awe during epic serious badass moments.
    It's consistently top notch in quality since it aired in 2006.

  • gamerX dev
    gamerX dev 4 months ago +2

    Shinchan and doremon fans???

    • Ziyaad Jamil
      Ziyaad Jamil 2 months ago

      Most of these fans are most likely Indians but I like doraemon and shin chan

  • Bamshak Fwangyil
    Bamshak Fwangyil 4 months ago

    #1 Naruto
    #2 one piece
    Watchmojo seems like theyve never even watch naruto

  • Vimala Khasnavis
    Vimala Khasnavis 4 months ago +1

    Why the hell is one piece so low

  • yo g
    yo g 4 months ago

    Most of the comments said one piece should be number one that means op is so loved this list is not good

  • Jackson Marshall
    Jackson Marshall 5 months ago +1

    One piece easily the best

  • Phoenix22Gaming *
    Phoenix22Gaming * 5 months ago

    If I was the kind of all animes
    I would extend the animes to 5 seasons!!!

  • GoRaN KoDaK
    GoRaN KoDaK 5 months ago +2

    One piece 4life

  • ilovefood
    ilovefood 5 months ago +1

    sailor moon?

  • Justin Anger
    Justin Anger 5 months ago +2

    Can't stand dragonball, Naruto and especially one peice

    PAGKAWASAK Gt 5 months ago

    When doraemon beats dragon ball, one peice and pokemon lol.

  • SJC
    SJC 5 months ago +1

    One Piece should at least be in the top 3.

    SUPER NH 5 months ago +1

    Wtf is sasai-san??___????

  • Dipankar Das
    Dipankar Das 5 months ago

    I think most popular 5

  • Noelle
    Noelle 5 months ago +1

    *A list that just shows which series has the most episodes*
    Idiots: why is (insert anime) above (insert anime) its better. (Insert anime) should be #1.

  • lovers star
    lovers star 5 months ago

    Doraemon 2000 episode

  • Ro 2927
    Ro 2927 5 months ago +1

    Seriously naruto batter then one piece lies one piece is batter no matter what

    • yo g
      yo g 4 months ago

      True 👒👑

  • Int Ton
    Int Ton 5 months ago

    I was wondering which anime is no 1 then they show a anime which I totally had no idea existed appear in no1, still happy that doraemon made in no3 .

  • Minchii
    Minchii 5 months ago

    *i knew one peice would be here. it probably takes 2 years to watch the whole thing 800+ FREAKING EPISODES

  • Dream Puffs
    Dream Puffs 6 months ago

    What the heck? Where is Fairy Tail?!

  • The Dan Fan
    The Dan Fan 6 months ago

    It's not fucking Narooto.

  • 이상호
    이상호 6 months ago

    Crayon Shin Chan is every Koreans chilhood. It really wants to make me go back to my young childhood, me sitting down with my family members watching.

  • Ahmed Gamal
    Ahmed Gamal 6 months ago

    losers useless and another wasting of time

  • jhear eslabon
    jhear eslabon 6 months ago


  • Ltct Ng
    Ltct Ng 6 months ago +2

    Yes detective conan the best detective anime

  • Izzy Ledesma
    Izzy Ledesma 6 months ago

    Wtf were numbers 4, 3, and 1?!?! One Piece and DB should have been higher and Bleach should have been on this list. Dumb list

  • Cancerous Cancer
    Cancerous Cancer 6 months ago

    Try binge watching sazae won't run out of episodes believe me

  • Muqeet Hussain
    Muqeet Hussain 6 months ago

    My List No 1 Naruto Series No 2 One Piece No 3 Bleach No 4 Dragon Ball Series But In Fighting Anime Db Is No 1 No One Can Beat It But In Stories Animes And My Favorite The List I Gave No 5 Fairy Tail

  • Staros The Hedgehog
    Staros The Hedgehog 6 months ago

    pokemon should be number one

  • EveryExperience-A-Lesson
    EveryExperience-A-Lesson 6 months ago +1

    One Piece is by far and beyond the best.

  • Wise Oldman
    Wise Oldman 6 months ago

    What Natuto Shitpoden is filler..... what a crappy anime Naruto is.

  • Tarik Lemghari
    Tarik Lemghari 7 months ago

    This list is stupid .. one piece is only 7th? Seriously?

  • Kanisha the creator
    Kanisha the creator 7 months ago +1

    I strictly came for Conan, I love detective Conan, it's wonderful, the characters, the cases, the movies, everything is great

  • MikeSully
    MikeSully 7 months ago

    RIP Bleach

  • Bamshak Fwangyil
    Bamshak Fwangyil 7 months ago

    in my opinion i feel it should be naruto one piece then DBZ but that is just me

  • Sonny Gangte
    Sonny Gangte 7 months ago

    Came here for doraemon

  • SaucePak
    SaucePak 7 months ago

    The way this guy says the stuff from naruto is actually faggy