Why I Ditched The Galaxy S10 Plus For The OnePlus 7 Pro! vs Review

  • Published on Jul 5, 2019
  • Buy The OnePlus 7 Pro: www.oneplus.com/invite#5xMgP75GqoCmEV356g1CTf
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    In this video we discuss why I ditched the Galaxy S10 Plus in favor of the OnePlus 7 Pro after using the phone for about a month. There are many reasons that I enjoy the Oneplus 7 pro vs the Galaxy S10 Plus when it comes to the most important features especially speed. What are your thoughts? Do you prefer the extra features of the S10 Plus or the performance of the OnePlus 7 Pro?
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Comments • 228

  • George Zell
    George Zell Month ago

    You get so much storage for such a low fee as compared to other phones that I really don't care about the SD card slot.

  • Sosodeflol
    Sosodeflol Month ago

    Definitely agree OnePlus has the smoothest experience. however; Samsung pay has eliminated my need for a wallet - holding all membership cards and credit cards for universal use

  • Rahstyles Dotcom
    Rahstyles Dotcom Month ago

    The only thing that pisses me off that oneplus doesnt have is the AOD.. I swear.. those guys are just killing themselves with that.. thats why i had to switch back to the s10plus

  • WeezyZZ
    WeezyZZ Month ago

    What launcher do you have ? Nice icons

  • largon 03
    largon 03 2 months ago +1

    You can tell the phone is good when is lacking a few features the 10 plus has and you still go with the one pro 7 plus..

  • largon 03
    largon 03 2 months ago

    i have both phones and i am waiting for more camera updates that can improve the camera. Has anybody received the latest update 9.5.9 or i think 9.5.10?

  • Joel Casas
    Joel Casas 2 months ago

    I am inclining to buy one myself.

  • BertSesh
    BertSesh 2 months ago +1

    Im considering trading my S10 in for the OnePlus

    • Samuel Stevenson Jr.
      Samuel Stevenson Jr. Month ago +1

      Same here...really going back and forth..honestly if the camera can come close to the S10 I'm currently using and if the battery is legit then count me innnnnnnn

    THE ICON 2 months ago +1

    wireless charge SUCKS unless u buy anfasr charge quad display isnt worth the 1080p battery life Samsung defaults to 1080p and can go to 720p also WHY would you want to pay more for official waterproof rating when its unofficially waterproof since the OnePlus 3 come on hahaha

  • Chris Humphries
    Chris Humphries 2 months ago +6

    I actually did the opposite. S10 + is lighter, better camera, wireless charging, and has an Ip rating and a headphone Jack. One plus 7 pro has a better screen but not much better. S10+ wins

    • Slindr Man
      Slindr Man 6 hours ago

      Chris Humphries how is the punch hole ??

  • Ross E.
    Ross E. 2 months ago

    I have the 7 pro and so far it's been pretty good. Had to get a slimmer case for it to trim down the hefty feeling of the phone so it's more pocketable. A head phone jack would be nice too. I bought this after having a op5 for two years so it's a good upgrade. I think the price was too high for it though. I've had some call issues a few times to the point where a phone reboot had to be done, and sometimes the finger print sensor won't activate, and I have to manually put in my passcode. They need to work on the software kinks some more.

  • Mohammad Usman
    Mohammad Usman 2 months ago +1

    Tbh idgaf about the extra 40 ghz. What we all need from samsung is a performance upgrade. Their hardware needs to level tf up

  • Mohammad Usman
    Mohammad Usman 2 months ago +1

    Dude you look like the younger version of paul schzules aka rawlins the villain from punisher netflix series

  • Noble Price
    Noble Price 2 months ago

    I am thinking of getting the 12 ram one....

  • Mr Tordse
    Mr Tordse 2 months ago +2

    I would totally take headphone jack and sdcard slot over 90hz screen and no notch

  • mX Gameplay
    mX Gameplay 2 months ago

    S10 can't handle pubgm in exynos version..shame 😐

  • Janarthanan Subramanian

    And I realized the 90 Hz business is good for gamers. Normal operation other than scrolling the screen didn't have any visible effects with the 90Hz display

  • Janarthanan Subramanian
    Janarthanan Subramanian 2 months ago +1

    Sorry but I felt that it was heavily biased in favor of 1+

    • MY LEG
      MY LEG 2 months ago

      Ya obviously its his opinion the vid is literally why he left tye s10 for it

    • MY LEG
      MY LEG 2 months ago

      Ya because its his opinion its literally him saying why he left tge s10 for it lol

  • maher daibes
    maher daibes 2 months ago +4

    Im thinking about buying one plus 7 pro but the cameras are not good

    • Nathan Hassani
      Nathan Hassani 2 months ago +1

      And audio quality is shit...OnePlus is just about speed, with that upgraded screen.

    • mwilliams9401
      mwilliams9401 2 months ago

      Yes thats the biggest issue otherwise i love the phone

  • Moose Be Canadian
    Moose Be Canadian 2 months ago

    Being back on iOS for 4 years now I’ve been looking to switch back. Always thought I’d go back to a galaxy or pixel and never a one plus but I’m seriously debating on the 7 pro being my next phone over the s10 plus

    • Moose Be Canadian
      Moose Be Canadian 2 months ago

      Brendan Schiltz I just bought a wireless charger on prime day so wireless charging may be a deal breaker for me

    • Brendan Schiltz
      Brendan Schiltz 2 months ago +2

      Just got my one plus and it's absolutely amazing. 2 cons for me is that the camera isnt all that great but I don't buy a phone for a camera. Also no SD card slot but the 256 gigs is plenty enough storage. I would say no wireless charging would be a downside but the warp charging is phenomenal

  • Shady
    Shady 2 months ago +12

    Watching this vid on OnePlus 7 pro.this device is amazing 💯

    • Bhavesh Shetty
      Bhavesh Shetty 2 months ago

      @Tarooq239 😂😂😂 it's weird cuz I'm also Watching it on oneplus 7 pro 😂😂😂

    • Shady
      Shady 2 months ago

      @Tarooq239 feels good kinda😛

    • aldo z
      aldo z 2 months ago +1

      Tarooq239 for fun

    • Tarooq239
      Tarooq239 2 months ago +2

      Why would you watch a OnePlus 7 pro video after buying the phone??

  • Scientific Street Fighting - IFO Jeet Kune Do GER

    Own one and I'm charging exactly the same way, here and there few minutes if I need, not at nights anymore. Also, I'm using headphones with usb dongle, or bluetooth. Headphone jack is no big deal for me, as well as wireless charging. Never used that any way. But I did put nova launcher on it, cause I like to squeeze more icons on the screen than it's possible on oxygen os...

  • Aibackgandar
    Aibackgandar 2 months ago +29

    Every time i watched a OnePlus 7 pro video i saw comments of people saying i watching on my OP7 pro and its great
    Now i can say that they are right and im watching on my OP7 pro🤣

    • coaldust
      coaldust Month ago

      Enjoy. Surprised you did not get the S10 tho. 60 Hz and a gorgeous hole punch cut out in your games and videos 😃😃

    • Sam Adams
      Sam Adams Month ago

      @George Zell it's most likely my go to brand from now. Sorry Samsung.

    • George Zell
      George Zell Month ago

      Same here best phone I've had. The company really seems like it cares about the customer in the hardware, software, and price. Absolutely brutal combo for competitors to try and one up.

    • Sam Adams
      Sam Adams 2 months ago +1

      Lol. Now you're one of us. Welcome.😁

  • FunkyBadChad
    FunkyBadChad 2 months ago +5

    Ditching my Pixel 3XL for this bad boy I know Pixel might have the better camera but for every day over all use that 90 htz AMOLED screen with no obstructions + Oxygen OS and warp charger make it a deal breaker.

    • FunkyBadChad
      FunkyBadChad Month ago

      @MJ update I returned the OP7 it was a great phone but I'm used to the Pixel ecosphere and the edges on the OP7 pro caught too much glare on the screen for my likings!

    • MJ
      MJ Month ago +1

      The Pixel Gcam apk from XDA works great on the OnePlus 7 Pro and the oxygen updates on the OnePlus 7 Pro have improve the stock camera a lot.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 months ago

    Don't miss the headphone jack as much as I thought I would

  • borgqueenx
    borgqueenx 2 months ago +7

    the galaxy s10 has much, much better slowmotion though. 480fps on the oneplus looks shitty. 960fps on the s10 looks epic and in focus. The s10 also has better screen brightness and much better camera's. But yeah- i also switched to the oneplus 7 pro. Because of the better software.

    • Steve Carell
      Steve Carell 2 months ago

      I was about to say, personally I'd rather have the smoother experience than a superior slow mo camera. Although it'd be nice if the camera was a little better

  • Art Dog
    Art Dog 2 months ago +1

    If it had a 🎧 jack the Oneplus 7 Pro would be almost perfect. The few extra features just aren't worth the extremely high price tag to me. The design of the Oneplus 7 Pro is ideal. Annoying front camera is out of the way and the screen immersive.

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 2 months ago

    I do like both phones but I do dislike curved displays getting a screen protector to stay on is a struggle and when you watch a video in landscape mode I always get a reflection along the top curve

  • Reynaldo Gonzalez
    Reynaldo Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Shane what case are you using on your OnePlus 7 pro

    • Sanoku
      Sanoku 2 months ago

      Ringke fusion x

  • valivr
    valivr 2 months ago

    OP7 Pro: 90Hz, faster, no notch, faster wired charging, better at SW updates. S10+: better screen except the refresh rate (too bad Note 10 will not have 90Hz), better battery (compared with OP7 Pro at 90Hz), better cameras (and no message to avoid using front camera too often), wireless charging, microSD, 3.5mm jack, less weight, more appropriate for the hand in general, Gorilla Glass 6 on the front, IP68, better LTE, Wi-Fi ax, Samsung DeX (you need just a HDMI cable and a Bluetooth mouse). I analyzed it a lot, S10+ is a more complete phone overall, topping more aspects. And in Germany S10+ is between 709 and 795e (128GB / 8GB), OP7 Pro is 741e (256GB/8GB) on Amazon.

  • Laneo M
    Laneo M 2 months ago +3

    They both amazing to me Ima Samsung fan

  • Tony Rogers
    Tony Rogers 2 months ago +9

    you forgot the most important point OXYGEN OS

  • Arafe Zawad Sajid
    Arafe Zawad Sajid 2 months ago

    of course we need the headphone jack! -_-

  • Abhishek V Nair
    Abhishek V Nair 2 months ago

    These bells and whistles are the more convenient way of using phone. I love OnePlus more than Samsung. But this comparison is a waste when you didn't elaborate the camera, headphone jack, and even SD card(which ppl still uses). What about after sales? OS? It seems like you are in there for 90Hz display only. Have a good time.

    • andyH_England
      andyH_England 2 months ago

      Choices are good. Many of us prefer the extras we get on the OP7P than what we miss on the S10+. Not used an SD card for decades, I have multiple devices, I live in the cloud. Anyway with UFS3 why use slower storage? The Jack, the same, adopted Bluetooth early and would never go back to wired. As the experts say, once you are older than 23 the difference in quality is minimal. Camera, for the average person, all flagship cameras are good enough, being slightly better or worse does not bother most of us.
      The OP7P is the best of the year followed by the Zenfone 6 and then the OPPO 10x. The S10 is way down the list.

    • Silent Wynter
      Silent Wynter 2 months ago +1

      A One Plus 6t still costs more than a used Galaxy S10+.. Samsung doesn't have great resale value. If SD card is important, then the OP7pro is not for you. Cameras, (except for the wide angle) have only minute differences. If headphone jack and wireless charging are important, then you're better off with the Galaxy.

  • Maeve
    Maeve 2 months ago +3

    I moved from apple over to the OnePlus 7 PRO

    • dgboi 14
      dgboi 14 2 months ago

      MoonShadow same, just returned my XS for it

  • Shegdoobius
    Shegdoobius 2 months ago

    I did the exact same thing and I don't miss my S10

  • Kanek1's KFC
    Kanek1's KFC 2 months ago +1

    Where did u get that oneplus 7 pro "leather-design" case thou

  • D D
    D D 2 months ago +1

    Flagship camera and wireless charging. That's all I want for me to get the next model!!

  • Yanky Altman
    Yanky Altman 2 months ago

    I love it 💙 amazing phone

  • Craig Ippolito
    Craig Ippolito 2 months ago +4

    Fantastic decision (great content). I did the exact same thing and couldn't be happier. Still have my s10plus but was bored of it in a few weeks. OP7P I'm loving bc of updates, improvements, cameras, and let's not forget how easy it is to gain root privelages. I went for the Almond variant and am glad I did. OP will be hard pressed to outdo the 7pro. I also have a 6T I keep updated which is very relevant but comparitively the 7pro is just too good man.

    • MJ
      MJ Month ago +1

      Me too 😊😊😊

  • princeD1100
    princeD1100 2 months ago +17

    I love the display on the Oneplus 7 Pro, however I cannot see why they left out the headphone jack!!

    • princeD1100
      princeD1100 6 hours ago

      @RajR96 * Your theory makes perfect sense! I didn't think of it like that! This applies to all the other phones without headphone jacks where the manufacturers are marketing their respective bluetooth products.

    • RajR96 *
      RajR96 * 9 hours ago +1

      I have a feeling it's to push the sales of their own wireless bullet headphones

  • Anwar Ladson
    Anwar Ladson 2 months ago +2

    I got rid of my s10 too for the 7 pro no regrets I love this phone and screen and battery is amazing

  • Frederic Merle
    Frederic Merle 2 months ago +10

    Having tried both devices, the camera on S10+ is way superior. Oneplus7 Pro here in Canada is $1000 so really not a budget phone. At that price S10+ is simply just a more complete device without mentionning that Samsung has a much better footprint here in North America when it comes to warranty support. Oneplus 7 Pro is good, but not quite there. The curves on each side of the screen suffer too much glare which takes away from the viewing experience. Don't get me wrong, Oneplus7 Pro is a good and fun device but not at 1000k. Outside of that 90hz refresh rate, Samsung S10+ is by far the best overall device.

    • Frederic Merle
      Frederic Merle 2 months ago +1

      @Raymond Constantino yes sir. At the end of the day we all know that most Oneplus7 Pro users will either Ditch their Oneplus7 pro once the Note10 drops :-P

    • Raymond Constantino
      Raymond Constantino 2 months ago +1

      @eyaleng S10+ is the complete package.

    • Frederic Merle
      Frederic Merle 2 months ago +3

      @eyaleng not really the screen isn't as good as Samsung at all. The broad daylight brightness is not even up to par with Samsung. Not to mention those big curves that have a lot of glow that take away from the viewing experience. Battery life isn't even close to S10+. Like I said, the O+7 Pro is a good phone but not as good as S10+.

    • eyaleng
      eyaleng 2 months ago +3

      Cameras are on par based on recent OP update reviews. Fast charging (double the speed of the S10), full screen, better screen, yeah... looks like your post is a bit misleading.

  • RC Hammer
    RC Hammer 2 months ago +2

    3.5mm is required for hi-res audio, so 1+7p is incapable of that feature. I plan on keeping my phones for 2-3 years so I would like to preserve the port even though 1+7p has warp charging (so this is a wash). No hole display, but it has a mechanical camera that "may" go bad and become utterly useless (wash). 1+7p is marginally faster, but it's UI can be a little glitchy and not as feature rich (draw). 1+7p has 90hz screen that's really just great for gaming. So that's really the only thing that's better. I use my phone mainly for work. Heavy camera use, Dex for work presentations (no need for laptop or tab), listen to hi-res. So having the 90hz which you might take advantage of for gaming has absolutely no significance for me. The S10 provides more utility. 1+7p maybe better for leisure use.

    • RC Hammer
      RC Hammer 2 months ago

      @Big Turn a reviewer has said that even plugging the the Q35 to an LGV40 didn't work. It must be some sort of sound processing by Bose.

    • Big Turn
      Big Turn 2 months ago

      @RC Hammer i dont have an S10 yet, but i did plug it in my pc (no external dac or anything like that) an iphone and a galaxy j5

    • RC Hammer
      RC Hammer 2 months ago

      @Big Turn According to other reviewers, they seem to have the same experience with the QC35. My guess is that those particular headphones may have a sound boost specifically for the Bluetooth (shrug). Sorry can't be more helpful.

    • RC Hammer
      RC Hammer 2 months ago

      @Big Turn to clarify, you have it plugged into your S10?

    • Big Turn
      Big Turn 2 months ago

      RC Hammer my current pair of headphones (bose QC 35) sounds tinny when plugging it in. It sounds so much better when using it wirelessly. I have tried other headphones however and yes wired can deliver fuller sound. It might be because im not using an extra DAC, but im not entirely sure

  • Hi im Ish
    Hi im Ish 2 months ago

    Idk why manufacturer's didnt simply include the rear FPR. Additionally Samsung side power button makes no sense.
    Anyway, the 2 devices that stand out to me is the LG V40/V50 and OP7 Pro. LG catered for pro (mainly media/creators) user daily usage. And OP7 pro catered for average user.
    Samsung, imo makes unrefined products. The s9+/note 9 are too tall considering how narrow they are. Samsung has multiple partners like Zhiyun, adobe, AKG etc but they have made little effort to do anything over a number of years. About the only thing they have done is add gimbal support like the iPhone/pixel. LG still renders basic editted videos faster (via their processing not 3rd party app), has hifi and true manual camera modes with cin log.
    Op7 Pro has super beefy specs at $700, 90 Hz refresh which as you said most users would notice it, the best display, the standard 3 camera setup, light/fluid iOS like user interface and more. Essentially every single aspect an average user would notice during daily use. I do however wish they added a rear FPR and ToF for face recognition. Im more for rear FPR. Idk why people pretend like that hasnt been the best way to unlock your phone out of pocket.

  • Patty Cipriano
    Patty Cipriano 2 months ago +1

    I currently have the oneplus 7 pro and i was thinking about getting the Galaxy s10e. I do miss the SD card because thats where all my music is stored and the camera quality is a bit better on the samsung. The headphone jack is kinda a bust because i constantly need to have my wireless earbuds charged. Thanks for the video.

    • Fuchumo
      Fuchumo 2 months ago

      I would stay with oneplus 7 pro. They have reliable hardware updates in tandam with the pixel phones. Samsung phones I stay away from bcz it will depreciate in price quick and the updates is slow.

    • Matt 639
      Matt 639 2 months ago +1

      Camera can be fix to be as good or even better than the S10+ download gcam or search gcam for op7 pro on RU-clip

  • Ken Fregien
    Ken Fregien 2 months ago

    Waiting for Pixel 4xl & note 10+ , then we'll see who stacks up to who. Oh i didn't mention Apple aka "crapple" Tim "Crook" will not get a dime of my money...apple phones WAY overpriced , 1+7pro at $700 ! RIP Apple

  • grcfalcon
    grcfalcon 2 months ago

    No mention of the sub-par camera? 800 euros for that camera? Even after the updates it suffers.

  • Leonard Preston
    Leonard Preston 2 months ago +11

    The the same thing, had to ditch the S10 plus for the OnePlus 7 Pro

  • James Dee
    James Dee 2 months ago +7

    You can buy a type c head phone adapter... Which is a bout £2 it's brilliant..

  • kramdens1967
    kramdens1967 2 months ago +4

    And the biggest reason you're ditching the S10, reason 6... You'll be using the Note 10 in 5 weeks..

  • Kay Cee
    Kay Cee 2 months ago

    But I officially got a OnePlus 7 I ditched the note 9. I do want to stick with Samsung because of certain features that I use. But definitely had to hold the OnePlus 7. I can't stand the fact that they don't sell no screen protectors or cases and that I don't have my auxiliary because the radio in my car only has auxiliary not Bluetooth and certain features like Smart view with Samsung TVs that don't need Wi-Fi to do it. I think I'm going back to the S10 plus. Even though I find the OnePlus 7 a lot smoother no hesitation no lag whatsoever I mean this thing is super nice but I did try the camera in partial darkness compared to my note 9 and it did not do as well with pictures. And the portrait mode blurring effect does not work great at all

  • wilson ndebay
    wilson ndebay 2 months ago

    I definitely agree with you. Besides the design I like about Samsung there's nothing more. They are still laggy, not as bad as before but as compared to others. The only problem I'm having with the different solutionso of all screen display is I'm not comfortable with pop up camera or notches. I would prefer punch hole camera or very minimal bezel like my Meizu 16S. And Oneplus was to bring two sizes for the pro version, the large one and the medium size one.

    • jordan rausch
      jordan rausch 2 months ago

      When you say laggy? You mean really slow? My Samsung phones haven’t gotten slow at all. They been smooth even after a year!!! Or do you mean scrolling not as smooth as like iOS?

  • TheColdSoulz
    TheColdSoulz 2 months ago +1

    Sd cards fail anyway 200+ gigs is way more than enough

    DAVID YOHO 2 months ago

    Put a Whitestone Dome on it... Trust me.. Huge difference.. even more responsive and feels so much better!

  • poikatiikeri
    poikatiikeri 2 months ago

    hope video filming option with wide angle and telephoto come to oneplus 7 pro soon

  • Tunge
    Tunge 2 months ago +1

    I ditched the Samsung s10 because of the battery life and it's not as fast internet as it suppose to be

  • Ahmad Fahri Al Junayd
    Ahmad Fahri Al Junayd 2 months ago +1

    but galaxy s10 have water resistant....

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D 2 months ago +1

    I love the "Doble tab to wake" on one plus 7 pro and how good it works every time. Also the quality of the photo on OP7pro is amazing. After 2 weeks with the OP7PRO i went back to galaxy s10 plus!

    • Daniel D
      Daniel D 2 months ago

      @Yuval Go for the s10plus

    • Yuval
      Yuval 2 months ago

      @Daniel D thanks bro. Im trying to decide between the op 7 pro and the s10 plus right now

    • Daniel D
      Daniel D 2 months ago

      @Yuval Too many software bugs with op 7 pro

    • Yuval
      Yuval 2 months ago

      Can i ask why ?

  • Scott Osowski
    Scott Osowski 2 months ago +9

    I ditched my S10+ too. I love this phone.🤟🤟