Bible Study Routine / Morning Quiet Time Walkthrough (Updated)

  • Published on Oct 6, 2017
  • WELCOME to my morning quiet time bible study routine walkthrough! Join me as I study God's word and grow closer to Him! Morning devotions are my absolute favorite and I cherish this time with God!
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  • Jonathan Gil Santillan
    Jonathan Gil Santillan 4 months ago

    Your house is so pretty!!

  • Irina K.
    Irina K. 4 months ago

    I love this video!!! Definitely gotta check the podcast - I love listening to music while praying.
    But I have a problem. I don't seem to find a christian community. As a teen christian, my only mentor is my mom (who is great btw). And I see christian communities everywhere in the net... But everywhere there are people that are judjmental, ritual oriented, or rude - fanatics. I'm not sure if some forum, site or group is a good place where peple worship God and love each other or some misleading cult.

  • RaniSyn
    RaniSyn 6 months ago

    I've been watching your videos for awhile and found them very inspiring and useful. I will be showing some of your videos tomorrow at the sabbath school i teach for middle school kids to give suggestions on how to read their bible and spend time with God.

  • Leigh Quimbo
    Leigh Quimbo 6 months ago

    I have a classmate in elementary who held the pen like you do. Well, I also had classmates who uniquely held pencils/pens since elementary. It's a sight to behold :)

  • david  he
    david he 6 months ago

    marked up Bible is such a beautiful sight

  • Sam Yi
    Sam Yi 6 months ago

    ty a lot

  • McKayla Stacey
    McKayla Stacey 11 months ago

    Do an updated one!!!!!

  • Marie Ray
    Marie Ray 11 months ago

    Do you study the question

  • Esmie YAS
    Esmie YAS Year ago

    I loved this video ❤️❤️ God bless

  • MusicalGal
    MusicalGal Year ago

    Hey there!❤ I love you and your acc so much! A weird question: My family do not support my faith and get angry when they see me reading the word, especially in the morning. Do you have any tips on how to still stick to it?❤ xx

  • Joshua Reid
    Joshua Reid Year ago

    Wow. This is a great way to study the Bible. I usually do something similar on praying then listening to music as I read God's Word.
    For me, I love to go in-depth with Scripture and it really helps me get the sense of what God has done for us as Christians.

  • Linnea holmberg
    Linnea holmberg Year ago

    What bible study are you using? I have tried to find the same, but i cant find the book you have :((
    Plz help a sister out :D

  • Artonique Hodges TV

    Love your video sis! Its awesome to see a woman of God using this platform for his glory! God bless :)

  • Svanhild Music
    Svanhild Music Year ago

    Hi, I'm a Muslim and you girls have encouraged me so much to do this for my own faith! I mainly study the religion and debunk criticisms. I'm not against criticisms, as their opinions allow me to grow and learn more about my faith. However, I also write some prayers there, so thank you so much :)
    After the Quran, I'll be studying the Bible :)

    • Yaelra R.
      Yaelra R. 6 months ago

      After you study the Bible, you'll not need any koran!💜

  • Roxanne Bankss
    Roxanne Bankss Year ago

    Is there a link for this bible?

  • I'm only here for the Food

    God bless you, you're really inspiring me to have a serious relationship with God and to push all the distractions aside. 💜💜💜

  • Sianni Amiya
    Sianni Amiya Year ago


  • 한지현
    한지현 Year ago

    We invite you to watch MCGI on RU-clip. The Old Path.

    RJ CALZ Year ago

    keep doin sister God bless you

    RJ CALZ Year ago

    its a nice place

  • Pam M
    Pam M Year ago

    Where you watching Matt Chandler?

  • The Beauty of Space

    You're a fucking idiot.

  • Abbie Daniel
    Abbie Daniel Year ago

    I loved this! Was wondering what your advice would be on trying to fit in bible study before school? I’m struggling with the time limit x

  • Acacia.Hunter
    Acacia.Hunter Year ago

    What type of bible is that

  • Dayana Diaz
    Dayana Diaz Year ago

    God bless you! I love love love your videos. They are so helpful. What is the name of the bible you are using in this video?? I would love to buy it!

  • Shori For Victory

    I love your Channel so, so, so much! It has really encouraged me, and God is working through you a whole lot! You are also very beautiful, and your heart is beautiful as well, great work on the videos, keep spreading the word of God, and let the glory be for God! You have helped me throughout a lot of my life, I will let you know that I am very very hard to anger, but I used to worry waaay too much, but thanks to you, and another Christian channel (ThatChristianVlogger) and God, All that worry is gone! I love you, and God bless!

  • MySpaceMyJoy P&W
    MySpaceMyJoy P&W Year ago

    I love this video

  • Triz W
    Triz W Year ago

    Your teachers or parents never taught you how to hold a pen??? Hahahah, it doesn't matter I guess, if you can still write normally, but still, whyyy?

  • Kethozhavi Liegise

    Your Bible looks so much like my Quest study Bible. Haha. Beautiful video.

  • Julisha F.
    Julisha F. Year ago

    I just subscribed. I love your videos and love the fact you share your knowledge.

    I have this blog if you ( or anyone) would check out!

  • Ashley Earl
    Ashley Earl Year ago

    How many verses do you study during your bible time?

  • Elon Zania
    Elon Zania Year ago


  • jeneva anderson
    jeneva anderson Year ago

    God bless u

  • Kieran Paton
    Kieran Paton Year ago

    Love the videos. Decent subscriber here, would you be able to do a video on how to have a more Christ cantered day. I usually try and pray at least 3 times a day (Daniel 6) and read the bible either in the morning or in the night... but I feel like i need to incorporate something during the day to draw me nearer to God.

    Thank you! Looking forward to watching more videos!


    Omg ur prayer life must be amazing

  • Eunice Montes De Oca Garcia

    Love it!

  • LaRae Monét
    LaRae Monét Year ago

    Omg I love this video! Thank you !!

  • Akeim Reid
    Akeim Reid Year ago

    Very commendable, I like your bible, it's colourful and inspiring. God bless you.

  • Denelle Bratcher
    Denelle Bratcher Year ago +33

    Your tattered, worn out, marked up Bible is such a beautiful sight. A person whose Bible is falling apart is usually held together by truth.

  • valishahoney
    valishahoney Year ago

    I 💝 your video as it is so inspiring🙏

  • Abe Peters
    Abe Peters Year ago

    That is one worn bible. Encouraging.

  • Sung Tin Par
    Sung Tin Par Year ago

    Love this video, but the way you're holding your pen tho. Very different.

  • Amala Ijeabuonwu
    Amala Ijeabuonwu Year ago

    I love this!❤️ God bless you, beautiful!

  • D A N I E L
    D A N I E L Year ago

    That’s amazing amazing video and amazing God time inspiration 🙌🏼

  • Emily Murphy
    Emily Murphy Year ago

    Are you a member of The Village Church? If so that’s awesome! I love Matt Chandler. He’s such a gifted pastor and teacher of the Word.

  • Lovematters
    Lovematters Year ago

    Amen thank you I love it!

  • Davíð Pálsson
    Davíð Pálsson Year ago +1

    Hi I really like your videos. I have been wondering when you study the bible you just learn one and one verse or a whole chapter?

  • fallenSlave
    fallenSlave Year ago

    People need to make more of videos like theese

  • Caro G
    Caro G Year ago +40

    I have never seen anyone hold a pen that way ..... like why?

    • aussiejubes
      aussiejubes 2 months ago

      It's like she has neurological damage eh.

    • PlanesTrains Automobiles
      PlanesTrains Automobiles Year ago +2

      My friend holds his pen like that too. He was homeschooled, and his mom never taught him to hold it correctly. People tease him about it all the time, and he gets so embarrassed.

  • Jenny Robbins
    Jenny Robbins Year ago

    WOW. LOVIN THIS! Thanks 🙏❤️

    ISUNDERSTOOD 33 Year ago


  • Brylan and Lisa
    Brylan and Lisa Year ago +1

    This is awesome! Love seeing other Christian women sharing about the relationship with Jesus :) I will have to check out that bible study journal- I have their prayer journal and really enjoy using it!

  • alicia mcdowell
    alicia mcdowell Year ago

    What do you think is the best study Bible I'm trying to find one . A lot of people say the to git the KJV but it hard for me to understand.

  • Sasha Seekola
    Sasha Seekola Year ago

    Awesome video!
    You should also check out rivers and robots for background music during your Bible study time
    They've one instrumental covers of some of the best worship songs! :)

  • Greena Stephen
    Greena Stephen Year ago +1

    Is it okay to mark n highlight d text on bible coz its a holy book?? M just asking u a question. No offence

    • Hayley P
      Hayley P Year ago +1

      I think as long as you don't cover the words in the Bible you can highlight and take notes.

  • LAN 95
    LAN 95 Year ago

    LOVE IT! super helpful and inspiring 😍

  • Betty-Alexandria Pride

    This was probably my favorite one so far. I'm in Deuteronomy. 🙌🏾

  • MoTheCrown
    MoTheCrown Year ago

    Love this so so much!!! So helpful.

  • Sarah Lion Heart
    Sarah Lion Heart Year ago

    Thank you for this! May God continue to guide you through life's journey. 😊

  • Daniella McDougall
    Daniella McDougall Year ago +4

    Very motivating. All the best!!