DIY机・PCデスクの作り方 コンセント収納ボックス付き作業机 【自作工房】~Making of the PC DESK(working table)

  • Published on May 31, 2018
  • パソコンデスクを作ってみました。
    I made a PC desk.
    I tried making a desk for the first time, but I was able to finish it successfully unexpectedly
    Because it is equipped with a box that can store outlets, you can store the adapter and the outlet that looks bad clean.

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  • JSK-koubou
    JSK-koubou  Year ago +66


    • ゆーんきーん
      ゆーんきーん 2 months ago

      jisaku-kobo / 自作工房 そうなんですね!分かりました!ありがとうございます!

    • JSK-koubou
      JSK-koubou  2 months ago


    • ゆーんきーん
      ゆーんきーん 2 months ago

      3:18 で使っている穴が開いた木は売ってるやつですか?

    • Phương Dung
      Phương Dung 7 months ago


    • J J
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  • Jack Hardy
    Jack Hardy 20 hours ago

    Looking good

  • Old Guy GB
    Old Guy GB Day ago

    Wow! This is not just outstanding woodwork, it's art - great video!

  • José Bueno
    José Bueno 2 days ago

    ベネズエラから。 優秀なビデオ 私はあなたの国をとても尊敬しています。 優れた文化
    Desde Venezuela. Excelente vídeo. Soy muy admirador de su país. Excelente cultura.

  • IT Guy
    IT Guy 2 days ago

    Nice work. Well done.

  • The Name Is Irrelevant

    wow, very clean build! super!

  • tokunenko p
    tokunenko p 5 days ago


  • hfranke07
    hfranke07 5 days ago +1

    I love your build..... great work. But I would NEVER use Phillips scews. Only Torks..... Phillips are old and bad.

  • Antonio Rubio
    Antonio Rubio 5 days ago

    An excellent job!! detail that can be reproduced depending the necessity...

    ALFREDO RAMIREZ 6 days ago

    exelente trabajo con muy buena calidad, felicidades desde cdmex

  • Michelle Staunton
    Michelle Staunton 6 days ago

    Easy to watch and very professional and calm thank you ! 💐💐

  • Ali Z
    Ali Z 7 days ago

    Wow this is an amazing video! I really enjoyed it and am surprised i've only just found this. Simple, low key, quiet and so relaxing. No obnoxious loud music playing in the background, only the asmr of those tools

  • M.F. PICK
    M.F. PICK 7 days ago


  • Sam Santana
    Sam Santana 7 days ago

    Why use mayonnaise on the dowels?

  • Mr. Blue
    Mr. Blue 7 days ago

    i think my blood pressure went down by a few points just watching this heart thanks you.

  • Bruce Willis
    Bruce Willis 8 days ago

    клас! молодець!

  • Dave Taylor
    Dave Taylor 9 days ago +4

    Awesome work and no irritating, repetitive background music! Thanks mate.

  • kntwing
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  • Kino UHD
    Kino UHD 9 days ago

    молодец, всё чётко

  • Luis Murillo
    Luis Murillo 9 days ago

    Excelente vuestro trabajo!!! Saludos desde Costa Rica.

  • Dave Palmer
    Dave Palmer 10 days ago +3

    This is a really relaxing video to watch. No rushing, no super expensive power tools, smooth and careful use of hand tools and a great project build of just the right PC/hobby desk I have been searching for. Thank you for posting.

  • john lalduhsaka
    john lalduhsaka 11 days ago +1

    Simple and elegant. And by the way, thats a very clean and beautiful hand you have there unlike some other hands in different videos.

  • AJ MAG
    AJ MAG 14 days ago


  • The_Zuco
    The_Zuco 14 days ago

    What is the size of your top? WxL

  • MrIronman64
    MrIronman64 15 days ago

    Great Idea with the long Screw Sticks :-)

  • Vliegende Surinamer
    Vliegende Surinamer 16 days ago +2

    This is a wonderful artwork, Well done!

  • Ian Oliver
    Ian Oliver 19 days ago +5

    Thank you. That's how a video should be made. Just the right amount of information, no boring repeats, no shot of the 'host' babbling or shouting at the camera. Very well done.

  • uvence santamaria
    uvence santamaria 20 days ago

    • JSK-koubou
      JSK-koubou  20 days ago

  • kenotani
    kenotani 22 days ago


    • JSK-koubou
      JSK-koubou  21 day ago

      私も素人なんですが( ^ω^)・・・

  • Xiaozhi Wang
    Xiaozhi Wang 24 days ago

    What kind of lumber is this?

  • Hector Gomez
    Hector Gomez 24 days ago

    Great work

  • Georg Heinisch
    Georg Heinisch 25 days ago

    Mit japanischer Gelassenheit gehts am beste, daraus resultiert Made in Japan!

  • enzo22
    enzo22 25 days ago

    I'm impressed, very good job. new sub here

  • хы
    хы 25 days ago


  • outlawjjwales
    outlawjjwales 27 days ago

    Nice job with the cable management. The desk came out beautiful.

    MERIH KALENDER 27 days ago

    perfect and clean job.

  • fersnake
    fersnake 27 days ago

    if only had those tools, yeah sure xD

  • Mustafa Ali
    Mustafa Ali 27 days ago

    Could u please mention the dimention of the wood in your projects.

  • Teck Bugz
    Teck Bugz 29 days ago

    Great project. The wood finish is very nice.

  • PTF Rodrigues
    PTF Rodrigues Month ago

    What are those green nails?

  • Turkel Samedli
    Turkel Samedli Month ago

    В принципе норм, но я бы системник поставил на стол. Там и так много свободного места.

  • urban iten
    urban iten Month ago +1

    Wow....I think I will just buy a table from IKEA.

  • 池原渚
    池原渚 Month ago


  • Jessie James
    Jessie James Month ago

    Wow I want that jig for the skill saw where can i buy one? :O

    • Jessie James
      Jessie James Month ago

      Ionut Boi I cant see straight so yes it is. My eyes have problems so there off I can’t cut straight so yeah I need help.

    • Ionut Boi
      Ionut Boi Month ago

      it.s just a piece of wood with a metal rod to stop the saw xD i.m sure you can put something together yourself

  • HAFGaming
    HAFGaming Month ago

    what is the table top ? as in species and width? Oak, 24mm?

    • HAFGaming
      HAFGaming Month ago

      @JSK-koubou thank you for the response!

    • JSK-koubou
      JSK-koubou  Month ago +1

      This is pine @25mm

  • spidey jazzfunk
    spidey jazzfunk Month ago

    Impecable trabajo!

  • Joao Machado
    Joao Machado Month ago +4

    Magnificent work. is it possible to sell or share the blueprints for this PC Desck? Thanks.

  • Stan Ma
    Stan Ma Month ago

    Proudly made in Japan!

  • bobbydee30g
    bobbydee30g Month ago

    Thank you for this I'm planning my desk build and you gave me quite a few great ideas I completely overlooked.

  • Maxwell Wellmax
    Maxwell Wellmax Month ago


  • kanchour16
    kanchour16 Month ago

    Fantastic very simple in the same time great desk well done 👍

  • Tchello Silveira
    Tchello Silveira Month ago

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful work.

  • WSWEss
    WSWEss Month ago

    wtf just happened?? how i ended making a sex doll?

  • Robert Turner III
    Robert Turner III Month ago

    your quality is inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  • Kenneth Connors
    Kenneth Connors Month ago

    wonderful professional work , beautiful

  • zam fendy
    zam fendy Month ago +3

    no background talking...just sounds of wood working...a big nice table.

  • Ted Chau
    Ted Chau Month ago +1

    So relaxing to watch. A patient craftsman with an engineering mind to use jigs and wooden supports. Some cool ideas.

  • Shürhongu Kire
    Shürhongu Kire Month ago

    Please details of the table .. height and width 😃

  • Porkchopper
    Porkchopper Month ago +11

    Thanks for not making us listen to royalty-free background music in your videos. Watching you work is relaxing.

  • ikkuranus
    ikkuranus Month ago +2

    The only thing I would change is to add a small platform to get that PC off the floor. Other than that it looks great.

  • Haikiri Nanbo
    Haikiri Nanbo Month ago +24

    Everything I can see in this video is impressive. The clean ambient, the gentle handling of the materials and tools, no rush, no skipping simple steps like marking a spot... Your work is mesmerising. Thanks for showing us.

  • porgkblod5243beio
    porgkblod5243beio Month ago


  • Ernesto Espinoza
    Ernesto Espinoza Month ago

    Is the top plywood?

  • Eric
    Eric Month ago +2

    that jig design for drilling holes is brilliant. Thank you!

  • apples33d3
    apples33d3 Month ago

    So for under the table you should have made it a box going to the back, and left room for an under the edge keyboard retractable tray. The leaves your surface clear from books, or notes while you work.

  • Luh 価フヅ Beats

    I really like this design.Many videos show overbuilt desks,but this one is simple,without compromising functionality.

  • Андрей Рафальский

    Great work with organizing the cables! I'm going to make something alike by myself later this year, with some tweaking (probably self-maid table top and adding wheels), this was interesting to watch.

  • Lou V
    Lou V Month ago +7

    This is my favorite woodworking channel. Great skill, no distracting music and a wonderful finished product!

  • Bert Mc
    Bert Mc Month ago


  • Sylvester Designs
    Sylvester Designs Month ago

    Awesome !! Which Wood is used ??

  • Дмитрий Мос

    Вот искал, хрен где купишь такой компьютерный стол. Устойчивый, без лишней фигни, с большой рабочей поверхностью. Прям идеален.

  • alaricy
    alaricy Month ago +1

    Made in Japan

  • Alberto Tacco
    Alberto Tacco Month ago


  • TheFreakeSh0w
    TheFreakeSh0w Month ago

    Anyone know what name brand keyboard that is? Looks nice.

  • DerFremdes
    DerFremdes Month ago

    шикарно сделано!

  • Magaky Play
    Magaky Play Month ago

    hijo de toda tu puta madre me desesperaste carotota de verga guanga pinche pazmason de la verga lo editaste el video verdad? si no no alcanza a subir los 7 meses que te hechaste en esa puta mesa facil

  • Deluks
    Deluks Month ago

    Де конфирматы!? О_О

  • Джек Панда

    У меня одного встаёт от этого процесса?

  • Anti YouTube R
    Anti YouTube R Month ago

    Это очень хороший стол, видно что сделано с любовью и для себя.

  • Ednildo Alves
    Ednildo Alves Month ago

    Lindo! Perfeito!

  • Анунах Нибирович

    Ну можно было избавиться от корпуса как такового. Собрать комп в столе, интегрировать. Я вот вынашиваю такую идею. Еще и СВО туда и вообще круто будет.

  • Antimalvinki
    Antimalvinki Month ago

    хорошая работа. главное без спешки

  • kvalitet
    kvalitet Month ago

    Что за нычка снизу-сзади?

  • MrDixioner
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  • Damir Kulumbetov
    Damir Kulumbetov Month ago +2

    Sooo satisfying! Good job man! Bravo👏🏽

  • ZodiacProd
    ZodiacProd 2 months ago

    great videos and thank you so much for not adding a silly music track! instantly spoils the video when people do that

  • Ravindra BR
    Ravindra BR 2 months ago +1

    Good one, details plan if available please, could not locate on your blog

  • my youtube
    my youtube 2 months ago

    50$ in IKEA beautiful and heavy duty desk..

  • Dum Mag
    Dum Mag 2 months ago

    Why in all RU-clip video glue is yellow, but in real world wood glue is only white?

  • Muller
    Muller 2 months ago +1

    два раза поел, три раза поспал . ооооочень неторопливый мастер

  • Eugene_ PO
    Eugene_ PO 2 months ago

    как раздражает когда все так медленно

  • Dr.Vic
    Dr.Vic 2 months ago +1

    Excellent work and simple but functional design. What are the dimensions of the desk?

  • MageThief
    MageThief 2 months ago

    Beautiful handcraft!

  • Sebastián Ariel Palma
    Sebastián Ariel Palma 2 months ago

    sufrí por el piso! muy bueno

  • 木林森
    木林森 2 months ago


  • Sasan Mottaghipour
    Sasan Mottaghipour 2 months ago

    What a cracking job!

  • Vyacheslav Liubimov
    Vyacheslav Liubimov 2 months ago

    Нихау чайна! 👍

    • Vyacheslav Liubimov
      Vyacheslav Liubimov 2 months ago

      @Игорь Мальцев а, это тот кореец который потом сделал атомную боеголовку?! 😉 😁 👍

    • Игорь Мальцев
      Игорь Мальцев 2 months ago

      Тут скорее Конничиуа, Нихон

  • Long Lê Văn
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  • ki ki
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