Dyna Fender Removal and Custom Dynamics L.E.D. License plate frame


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  • Michael Azevedo
    Michael Azevedo 3 months ago

    You got ig?

  • frankeevee
    frankeevee 5 months ago +1

    yo what year is your Dyna and is that a stock fender i like it

    • GiraffeInvasion
      GiraffeInvasion  5 months ago

      2015 street bob. Yeah thats the stock fender on the the streetbobs

  • frankeevee
    frankeevee 5 months ago

    like the deftones playing in background in the beginning

  • fastrabbit22
    fastrabbit22 5 months ago +1

    G - great video, looking at doing a little customizing myself on the bike. ;)

  • Paul Cabading
    Paul Cabading 5 months ago

    what kind of jack do you use?

  • Gomez ONE
    Gomez ONE 9 months ago

    Nice.i did the same to my bike..but I’m using alloy art strut light for my blinkers and breaks..

  • Delicia Bartee
    Delicia Bartee Year ago +1

    Damn bro everytime i look on here at a new mod i wanna do i see youve done it hahaha. Think ima buy this, we should get together because im sure ill need help haha.

    • Delicia Bartee
      Delicia Bartee Year ago

      GiraffeInvasion lol will do

    • GiraffeInvasion
      GiraffeInvasion  Year ago

      Delicia Bartee haha make sure you get the correct one though cuz mine is wrong.

  • Brett Bowers
    Brett Bowers Year ago

    what size your handlebars?

  • Travis
    Travis Year ago +2

    You got the wrong license plate frame. You were supposed to get the tri lighting license plate frame so the turn signals and brake light dont flash together

    • Manuel Frausto
      Manuel Frausto Year ago

      T-Rag did you need a rbt controller for the tri light plate

    • Brett Bowers
      Brett Bowers Year ago

      got a link for the one your talking about?

    • GiraffeInvasion
      GiraffeInvasion  Year ago

      T-Rag yeah, i know. I might switch the fender all together later.

    • Travis
      Travis Year ago

      But its clean

  • evil_muscle muscled

    Did you get wire loom for exposed wires ???

    • GiraffeInvasion
      GiraffeInvasion  Year ago +1

      evil_muscle muscled No i didnt cover them. I should though, they're just all over the place.

  • evil_muscle muscled

    Looks good

  • Jonathan Benosa
    Jonathan Benosa Year ago

    Great job on the install. Did you have to splice the wires? How did you know which wires go where? I just bought this and trying to figure it out.

    • GiraffeInvasion
      GiraffeInvasion  Year ago

      Yeah i had to splice them. The colors are the same on the wires, and they provide a little map of where everything goes. Just make sure you have the correct plate frame for your bike. I bought the wrong one and by the time I figured it out it was to late. But I made it work.

  • Defazio22
    Defazio22 Year ago

    did you have to buy the load equalizer or turn signal decoder?

    • GiraffeInvasion
      GiraffeInvasion  Year ago

      Defazio22 I didn't buy it. I don't know if I should of but it still works.

  • Francois Ientile
    Francois Ientile Year ago

    J'ai achete la même plaque il y a 3 ans, mais les fils électriques trop fins(beaucoup trop fins) ont lâché !!!domage il faudrait prévoir une seule sortie des fils et les protéger!

  • John Serpico
    John Serpico Year ago

    Hey man setup looks great i just ordered the plate frame for my street bob.. was wondering where you got the plugs that you hardwired the plate frame too? Thanks ride safe

    • Pauly P
      Pauly P Year ago

      John Serpico
      Custom dynamics has them for $2 or something. They give u the option when ordering online. I got the black frame that illuminates and is used as brake light only. Running light is optional. Part # LPF-BCK-B. Brake light lights up the road. Plenty bright.

    • GiraffeInvasion
      GiraffeInvasion  Year ago

      Actually my father in law had them laying around because he does engineering for a hotel. But Im sure you can find then where ever they sell electrical supplies.

  • Butcher760
    Butcher760 Year ago

    Good job 🤘

  • porkchop.aldean
    porkchop.aldean Year ago +2

    bro i just got the same set up help me install it im in san antonio tx lol

    • eMANuelOlivas
      eMANuelOlivas Year ago

      why is that?

    • GiraffeInvasion
      GiraffeInvasion  Year ago +1

      porkchew yeah just make sure you remove your main fuse

    • porkchop.aldean
      porkchop.aldean Year ago

      GiraffeInvasion thanks bro im looking at it it looks complicated lol but im definitely gonna bolt it on like you did yours to the fender

    • GiraffeInvasion
      GiraffeInvasion  Year ago

      porkchew lol if you were close I'd be down.

  • That Oneguy
    That Oneguy Year ago

    Looks good. Might want to put some heat shrink on those wires to protect them. Also, Custom Dynamics makes a plate mount that really makes installation easier and cleaner. 3 mounting holes in the center and another hole to run the wires through. Just throwing that out there. Ride on, man

    • GiraffeInvasion
      GiraffeInvasion  Year ago +2

      BeardedNorthman 1776 yeah i saw that mount but i wanted it to sit really flush on the fender so i didn't get it. Over all it wasn't that bad. The main issue i had was getting all wires right.

  • Tarrnation
    Tarrnation 2 years ago

    Nice Channel keep up the good work.

  • Armadale031
    Armadale031 2 years ago +2

    Looks clean. Good work.

  • Kris Harris
    Kris Harris 2 years ago +1

    Nice work I like the Plate on the fender instead of the side it looks good.

    • GiraffeInvasion
      GiraffeInvasion  2 years ago

      Kris Harris yeah, i was never a fan of the side plate.