Lakers' nasty schedule means they need LeBron back soon - Scottie Pippen | The Jump

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • Rachel Nichols, Amin Elhassan and Scottie Pippen of The Jump discuss how LeBron James' absence will impact the Los Angeles Lakers going forward and how long can they win without him.
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Comments • 379

  • josh stewart
    josh stewart 5 months ago

    shut up rachel

  • Kevin Liu
    Kevin Liu 5 months ago

    Yep i agree with scottie, lebron needs to come back jan. 16th but if not then kuzma, lonzo, josh hart, ingram need to go beast mode to even have a shot to win at least half of those games It's going to be extremely difficult but we'll see.

  • Krucifer 420
    Krucifer 420 5 months ago

    Naw actually ur facing a way worse team cuz the dumbass lakers didnt keep randle for the 1% chance they get kawhi or kd smh

  • Mary Grace
    Mary Grace 5 months ago

    The Lakers need a real coach. Luke does not know what he's doing.

  • Stiz anley
    Stiz anley 5 months ago

    SPOILER ALERT:: they cant even beat the Cavaliers

  • Oppressed Panda
    Oppressed Panda 5 months ago

    jesus they lost to the cavs

  • Matthew Longo
    Matthew Longo 5 months ago

    The more ESPN talks about the Lakers the more I hate them.

  • Lucky Leo
    Lucky Leo 5 months ago

    They never had to be without Lebron, that fake injury. He took some time of during the holidays lol. Vet move 😂😂😂

  • Dung Nguyen
    Dung Nguyen 5 months ago

    Lakers dont look like they are gonna make the playoffs man they have the hardest schedule the next 2 months.

  • Edwin Torres
    Edwin Torres 5 months ago

    Mcgee was out, lebron went down, rondo went down, Kuzma went down. We went 3-6 (after Utah Loss) we should be okay once health is on our side again

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  • joy du toy
    joy du toy 5 months ago

    Rachel keep your f $!/king mouth shut!!!

  • Wyly37
    Wyly37 5 months ago

    Dont cry now labitch....the nba purposely gave you a soft schedule to build drama and support you have to play some real with it bitches.

  • Rulx Laugdier Jean Charles

    that's funny how people think lakers can make the play-off without wayyy😁after James get injured if they played 7games they lost 5.jaz .timberwolves. OKC. la clipers . Houston 😁😁

  • Edis Delgado
    Edis Delgado 5 months ago

    0 and 18 is delusional, teams are not robots, a great team will have a bad game and the Lakers will have a great game. It happens all the time...they would win a few if LB doesn't come back. And people always forget about Rondo, that's also a big loss!

  • Edis Delgado
    Edis Delgado 5 months ago

    Young players also get hurt ....smh

  • Reno Roongruangkul
    Reno Roongruangkul 5 months ago

    Michael Jordan was 35-36 y/o when he won his last championship. Lebron is gonna be fine.

  • will v
    will v 5 months ago

    I've been saying this since the start of the season they needed to capitalize on the easiest schedule in the league and they didnt. Look at the last games on the Lakers schedule people act like they are world beaters with LeBron they are just average

  • James Kearney
    James Kearney 5 months ago

    Did scotty say “ WE need him back” ummm tf??

  • Craig Perkey
    Craig Perkey 5 months ago

    Dont watch a lot of these shows. Who is this woman? She ain't just another pretty face! She seems to know her shit and is assertive in the conversation. Breath of fresh air from a female commentator

  • Isleyfoster123
    Isleyfoster123 5 months ago

    Just let him go back to Miami for a week so he can boot up on roids again

  • Aaron T Camon Sr
    Aaron T Camon Sr 5 months ago


  • Michael Costuna
    Michael Costuna 5 months ago

    How can LeBron be the goat if Jordans student(Kobe) is better than him.

  • idawgedyashawty
    idawgedyashawty 5 months ago

    Rachel talks too much

  • hi bye
    hi bye 5 months ago

    I just slammed dunked a hoe hall of fame

  • Mr. Miles
    Mr. Miles 5 months ago

    That hernia gonna keep him out...

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis 5 months ago

    Long live new lakers dynasty

  • john k
    john k 5 months ago

    the truth is lebron fake his injury,so he can scape all this nasty schedules and blame all the losing to this young core...

  • James, Lebron James
    James, Lebron James 5 months ago

    Rachel is old. Lebron is a young boy compared to her

  • Johnson Trevian
    Johnson Trevian 5 months ago +1

    Lebron can remain in the top 10 for 7 more years im just saying

  • illegal alien
    illegal alien 5 months ago +1

    FLAKERS FANS, yall suck yall wont make playoffs hahahaha

  • Nathan Phelps
    Nathan Phelps 5 months ago

    That lakers team needs to fire luke Walton

  • Aaron Hernandez
    Aaron Hernandez 5 months ago

    If LB the goat he should come back and win the championship 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣right

  • Jeff E
    Jeff E 5 months ago

    Don't trade. They already knew they weren't winning a championship this year. Wait for free agents. They told the world this was their plan since before the season started.

  • Armin Hashtroodi
    Armin Hashtroodi 5 months ago

    Rachel out here pitching hard to be a Lakers GM

  • Drabs
    Drabs 5 months ago

    Amin right these fucking broadcasters always saying this shit, Rachel gotta be top 5 most annoying bitch of all time

  • afg229
    afg229 5 months ago

    Rachel is annoying

  • Salnsd
    Salnsd 5 months ago

    This is EXACTLY why the rules need to change, The Lakers should be spotted 25 points a game and allowed to 1st pick every draft

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel Gonzalez 5 months ago

    Rachel or Molly ?

  • Matus
    Matus 5 months ago

    I can't help myself but I can't stand that Amin guy every time he's talking trough his gigantic horse teeth

  • Tony Rame
    Tony Rame 5 months ago

    Im getting the feeling that Lebron's injury is much worse then what was previously reported. Jan 16th is a reevaluation of when he can come back, not that he will be back by that date.

  • Cisco A
    Cisco A 5 months ago +1

    This lame as bitch! She didn't mention his age at all when he was gonna hit free agency! Us Laker fans all knew this, that's why we didn't want to spend a Max slot on him.

  • D-NBA
    D-NBA 5 months ago

    Ingram and Lonzo are getting traded, you can’t win a title with that type of 3 point percentage.

  • Compton College Inc
    Compton College Inc 5 months ago

    im glad somebody finally blamed rachel for jinxing Lebron...

  • Sab- Ray
    Sab- Ray 5 months ago +2

    Lakers overrated af

  • Yasim Tashir
    Yasim Tashir 5 months ago +1

    all the good players got hurt queens turn haha

  • Kenny_C
    Kenny_C 5 months ago

    Why is okc and Hou 31% chance to WIn and gsw is 45?

  • no snitch around me
    no snitch around me 5 months ago +1

    shup up bich.

  • Kaleeb Wilson
    Kaleeb Wilson 5 months ago

    this man look exhausted

  • VergzHD
    VergzHD 5 months ago

    That's why I hate bronsexuals . earlier this season this MF's saying Lebron still the best player and still in his prime but when he got injured there goes the "old" excuses . Damn. Fire this girl along with Molly . We need moderators who doesn't says dumb shits.

  • Don Don
    Don Don 5 months ago

    Lakers don’t need to trade

  • Mariel619
    Mariel619 5 months ago

    i mean why not lose, they can possibly get Reddish or someone similar for free instead of trading Kuzma cause REALLY thats ALL anyone wants

  • LA Clippers
    LA Clippers 5 months ago +4

    Jazz just whipped the shit out of the Lakers. By the 18th vs the Cavs, the Jazz will be the 8th seed. Lakers will lose all three vs OKC, Houston, and GS.

  • Chris Parker
    Chris Parker 5 months ago

    So they need lebron to be pg and pass to his teammates who can’t shoot the 3 lol

  • des2018
    des2018 5 months ago

    a fresh lebron will carry this team to the playoffs if wants something done right he has to do it himself

  • IlIlI IlIlI
    IlIlI IlIlI 5 months ago

    lEBRON same age right now when kobe got injured

  • Jax Ace
    Jax Ace 5 months ago +2

    Everyone needs Lebron back, the dude is literally a human highlight reel, when he’s on the court the storylines always seem to write themselves. The league still needs him as its face, whether you like him or not you definitely have a strong opinion on him and that sells.

  • A_State resider
    A_State resider 5 months ago

    Listen guys..Don't let ESPN have you thinking that we can't win without LeBron

  • Ang panga mo
    Ang panga mo 5 months ago

    Not just lebron. They also need kobe, shaq, magic and all the lakers legend to come out of retirement.

  • Tom Spencer
    Tom Spencer 5 months ago

    3:14 la week before his 74th birthday” lmao man LBJ is amazing playing at this age 😂

  • AnthonyGoesWild
    AnthonyGoesWild 5 months ago

    Lebron gonna be back soon

  • KT
    KT 5 months ago +1

    They should trade LeBron for half the Pelicans roster while keeping their core and get AD lol

    • Final Luminary
      Final Luminary 5 months ago

      Pfunzo Nesengani he faced a rookie and a sophomore’s team that had their best players missing lol. Who did he face of any note out east? He’s only played against 1 or two first or second all nba team members to get to the finals when he was on the heat and Cavs the second time around. While having the most stacked team in the conference. He’d be exposed in NOLA

    • Pfunzo Nesengani
      Pfunzo Nesengani 5 months ago

      Lol it will be awkward when the Pelicans instantly become contenders and the Lakers fall off, Lebron could turn the suns into contenders, he took the worst team in the league to the finals so Pelicans would win that trade.

    • Final Luminary
      Final Luminary 5 months ago +1

      I agree. Lebron is an old cancerous liability at this stage of his career.

  • Leo Scarpoli
    Leo Scarpoli 5 months ago

    Meanwhile, Lebrons sidechicks and Leshannon mad they can't get no D while his groin is healing 🤣

  • A ciko
    A ciko 5 months ago

    Real shit while the warriors playing nothing but weak ass Eastern conference teams

  • Rudie Obias
    Rudie Obias 5 months ago

    Trade Lonzo and Ingram to NO for AD. Problem solved!

    • Freddy Johnson
      Freddy Johnson 5 months ago

      Yea because NO is really going to trade AD for the two average players not Kuzma the best third option...real smart

  • Dakeem Isaac
    Dakeem Isaac 5 months ago +2

    We about to go on a 10 game losing game streak

  • Robert Barrios
    Robert Barrios 5 months ago

    because LeBron made those comments the NBA forced him to fake an injury then LeBron can can come back and make it to playoffs...Good propaganda

  • Elyon Dickson
    Elyon Dickson 5 months ago

    it'll be kinda creepy if he returns against the warriors!

  • Elyon Dickson
    Elyon Dickson 5 months ago

    damn..LeBron sacrificed himself to beat the warriors wi..and make the playoffs

  • the award winning sports channel

    Kuzma needs to average 40 so we can win it all

  • Tulia
    Tulia 5 months ago

    Lebron needs some more time to go to miami to "Work out" with D.Wade. (Steroids)

  • KLUV
    KLUV 5 months ago

    They arent going to make a trade this year

  • chris george
    chris george 5 months ago

    The lakers got 5 new players this year. Its not the same team as last year at all.

  • Zion Williamson
    Zion Williamson 5 months ago

    I feel like the Lakers will get through it with a few wins

  • Tyree Nelson
    Tyree Nelson 5 months ago

    1:14 Lebron's personal security getting a little quicker with the reaction time, the last lady blew right by him to get to Lebron lol

  • Christian C
    Christian C 5 months ago

    Shout out all my REAL LAKERS FANS especially the ones here from Los Angeles!!!!! And LMAO at all these FAKE ass BANDWAGON Bronsexuals!!!

  • Adrian Little
    Adrian Little 5 months ago

    This bitch say the same shit shut up we know he aging get my nigga dick out yo mouth jinxing and shit lakers must be her favorite tey

  • Nicki Minaj
    Nicki Minaj 5 months ago

    My Lakers just hold in there until LeBron James comeback

  • Cardi B
    Cardi B 5 months ago

    Lakers actually look good playing bad teams but not all the time LOL

  • Zotime
    Zotime 5 months ago

    All this constant goat talk and he’s gotta have a super team to win smdh. This is exactly why he’s not the goat! They got what they need already and are only one piece short with no pressure to make this trade. If Lebron is so old and fragile how would it be a good idea to trade the youth for another fragile superstar just to not have talent around him to win?

  • Hasani MusicOfficial
    Hasani MusicOfficial 5 months ago

    I’m a Laker fan and I agree, if Lebron doesn’t come back soon they will have a lot of losses. I actually see every single game as a hit or miss tbh.

  • Drew Joiner
    Drew Joiner 5 months ago +4

    ESPN especially SAS and Rachel Nichols leave my Lakers alone! We'll be fine. That Dallas game was a big for the young core. They're ready for this stretch.

  • Zotime
    Zotime 5 months ago

    I’m so sick of this chick

  • mrfeedursoul
    mrfeedursoul 5 months ago

    Rachel hating on LeBron🤣🤣🤣

  • Adam V
    Adam V 5 months ago +5

    The whole “they went from 4th to 8th without him” is a misleading argument. Seeds 3-11 are extremely close to one another so dropping and moving up seeds is easier because the gaps aren’t huge. Obviously they’re better with lebron but they’re not giving them enough credit

    • Adam V
      Adam V 5 months ago

      Omar Lee it’s misleading because saying they went from 4th to 8th sounds like a huge drop off but it was only like a 2 game drop off. You’re right they would still be at least a 5th seed with him maybe higher but the way they word it makes it sound very misleading at least to me

    • Omar Lee
      Omar Lee 5 months ago

      No it's not lol look at their record without him if he was playing they would still be a top 5 seed easily its not misleading.

    • Jimmie Johnson
      Jimmie Johnson 5 months ago +2

      That's something the media fails to mention. Yes, the Lakers were in 4th place but they were only 2 games above the 8th & 9th seeds at the time (Rockets & Spurs) who they have a losing record against w/LeBron

  • Mr. do it yourself
    Mr. do it yourself 5 months ago

    Rachel has a Adams apple

  • Country Boi
    Country Boi 5 months ago

    Scottie sounds like he's talking through a fan

  • Tua Tagovailoa
    Tua Tagovailoa 5 months ago

    Hopefully he can come back 100 percent God bless him

  • King Shabazz
    King Shabazz 5 months ago

    We want "LeBruzMa" back! 🤣😂🤣

  • Lakeshow4life
    Lakeshow4life 5 months ago

    Rachael is just a big fat hater. Always talking that shit with her "I'm just saying" head ass. She doesnt have an athletic bone in her body unless its scottie giving her the triangle offense in the back

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood 5 months ago

    Why are you still talking about the shit Lakers? They're a joke. They won't make the playoffs.

  • Kenshin Himura
    Kenshin Himura 5 months ago

    Watch,the nba will do the same thing they did with the Rockets. This season the rockets fell to the 14th seed within 15 games. The 15th seed was the only team tanking in that conference. The NBA made the refs to favor the rockets in their games,hence the bs calls ever since. Now they’re within the top 8 seeds.
    My point is the NBA will most likely do the same to The Lakers to keep things interesting.

  • Tyron Wells
    Tyron Wells 5 months ago

    THEY will be 500

  • Maiyo Shahrawan
    Maiyo Shahrawan 5 months ago +4

    nichols protecting lebrons legacy like her life depends on it bbc lover clearly

  • Javier Areas
    Javier Areas 5 months ago +1

    Ride him Rachel

  • Will Ueckert
    Will Ueckert 5 months ago

    Time to trade lebron

    • Bryan
      Bryan 5 months ago

      For who, if Bron were to waive his no trade clause?

  • Finesse God
    Finesse God 5 months ago

    This bitch exaggerates everything

  • TICKETtv
    TICKETtv 5 months ago +80

    Rachel love her some lebron. Hmmmmm

    • Big Dee
      Big Dee 5 months ago

      Lakers Nation!!!! We are here baby! We are here!....Still behind the Suns without Lebron but there will always be next year. LAKERS NEXT YEAR NATION!!!!! When Lonzo "AIR" Ball wakes up, Watch out now!!!

    • Joab Johnstone
      Joab Johnstone 5 months ago

      @Marcis Jean pretty sure they covered that was a good game by Kuzma but AD does that every 5th game.. It would be a no brainer trade

    • Cristian G
      Cristian G 5 months ago +2

      TICKETtv she was crying a few weeks ago when kd made those toxic comments about lebron. It was funny

    • Tom Spencer
      Tom Spencer 5 months ago +1

      Marcis Jean I believe they did yesterday

    • Jesus Mosqueda
      Jesus Mosqueda 5 months ago +3

      Lebron has fangirls

  • James H
    James H 5 months ago +9

    The media has no faith in my lakers and I love it don’t flip flop down the road keep that same energy

  • Nathaniel
    Nathaniel 5 months ago

    The lakers have a better percentage of winning against the warriors. Okay?