Emmy Eats DISNEYLAND - MyTop 6 Disney Treats

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
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    I'm headed to #Disneyland to taste as much park #food as I can.
    Here are my favorites:
    Turkey leg - 0:55
    churro - 3:55
    Matterhorn macaroon - 5:00
    corn dog - 7:15
    Dole whip - 10:14
    Monte Cristo sandwich - 12:06
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  • Bee Whistler
    Bee Whistler Day ago

    Indeed, the gumbo in New Orleans Square is absolutely foul. But you can try the Jazz Kitchen restaurant in Downtown Disney for good gumbo.

  • Richard Bielawa
    Richard Bielawa 4 days ago

    Kennywood, in Pittsburgh, has Dole Whip! You should check it out. The Potato Patch Fries alone are worth the trip!

  • Amy Perez
    Amy Perez 6 days ago

    You can also find Dole Whip at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!

  • ToldbyMarlee
    ToldbyMarlee 10 days ago

    i loveeee corndogs that one looks sooooo good ! sonic could never

  • ToldbyMarlee
    ToldbyMarlee 10 days ago

    what is it that she says in a different language right before she takes abite of food ??? is it salud, cheers or something like that ? loving the videos just super curious :)

    • amartini51
      amartini51 4 days ago

      She says "itadakimasu" which is Japanese. Literally translated, it's the polite/humble form of "I receive" - sort of like reflecting & being thankful for the food before eating it.

  • MioMaiaRaia
    MioMaiaRaia 12 days ago

    I can’t believe you didn’t get the beignets or the MINT julep!!!

  • Laureta Huit
    Laureta Huit 13 days ago

    When I lived in PS Ca there was an ice cream store that had dole whip... probably the only good part about living there.. it was called lapparts

  • Gianna Marie
    Gianna Marie 23 days ago

    There’s a dole whip at Papas ice cream in Warwick ri!! Right in Rhody 💕

  • daniellethelovebug
    daniellethelovebug 25 days ago

    My #1 fave is the frozen banana covered in chocolate, doesn't taste the same anywhere else, and feels, dare i say it...healthy?

  • beka latifa
    beka latifa 27 days ago

    8 dollars for corn dog?? No wonder why there is no disneyland in my country... hahah

  • Kylie McMullen
    Kylie McMullen 27 days ago

    I live in Southern California and you can find Dole Whip at the Ventura Harbor at the “Coastal Cone”

  • Summer
    Summer Month ago

    Love you Emmy! Thank you for the review! I tried the dole whip with my kids 6 months ago, on a super hoy day, none of us liked it. Sherbert soft serve-syrupy sweet-gross, all 5 of us hated it! Had to throw away pineapple, rasberry and orange!

  • dreadthedays says
    dreadthedays says Month ago

    So glad you say Sherbet properly, It is always so soothing to hear. Lol

  • Charlie Sanchez Salinas

    That was a great choice of eats you picked out, turkey and corn dogs are my fav at Disney glad you had fun.

  • AceTheBathound
    AceTheBathound Month ago

    Go to where they serve Mint Juleps. They're just AWESOME!

  • Jacqueline Samson
    Jacqueline Samson Month ago

    You can get dole whip at some shave ice spots in socal

  • Tye Harvey
    Tye Harvey Month ago

    I'm disgusted at the fact that the strudel you bought was 6 Canadian dollars.
    Toursit trap for sure. Makes me so sad to see people spend that much for something that should cost 0.50 cents. But still I love your videos Emmy and I'm sure in your daily life wouldn't justify spending 4.75$ on a strudel. Lol

  • Sczi
    Sczi Month ago

    Emmy you didn't notice the best part of their turkey legs. They prep the legs by snipping them around the narrow end and then pulling out the tendons. Turkey legs have quite a few tendons, but I bet if you think back you won't remember hitting one. Disney turkey legs are awesome!

  • Erin Jackson
    Erin Jackson Month ago

    Its too bad that she just sucks the joy right out of the whole park. What a downer of a person.

  • Tech 83 Studio
    Tech 83 Studio Month ago

    Ice Man leg mmmm

  • Iridescent Vampire
    Iridescent Vampire Month ago

    Omg emmy next time go to the one in Florida and you MUST go to goofy's candy company and create your own rice crispy treat! It is so much fun and the boys will love it.

  • Ligeiaravenpoe
    Ligeiaravenpoe Month ago

    "If you wish upon a star✨"

  • Stephen Barwick
    Stephen Barwick Month ago

    Honestly for being a theme park, Disney has some pretty outstanding food

  • Stephen Barwick
    Stephen Barwick Month ago

    I love the churro ice cream sandwich from Disney World

  • Maria Raynor
    Maria Raynor Month ago

    “ if you wish upon a star.... ✨”. 😀

  • chou
    chou Month ago

    Dolewhip is vegan! :) No dairy in it even though it tastes like a soft serve!

  • Collector Fulcrum
    Collector Fulcrum Month ago +1

    No one:

  • Nicohana
    Nicohana Month ago

    OMG Emmy, how many antacids did you eat with all of that delicious food?!

  • Julian Hall
    Julian Hall Month ago

    Emmy, please do a children reveal

  • Satisfied Slimegurl

    Omg tell me why it called Emmy EATS DIsneY land that’s weird who eat the Disney land

  • Claudia Vélez
    Claudia Vélez Month ago +1

    😱😱 is Emmy a mythical beast???

  • Nick F.
    Nick F. Month ago

    There is Dole Whip at my local ice cream store.

  • James Martin
    James Martin Month ago

    I could totally see you has a park ranger now! 😁👍

  • robijuli236
    robijuli236 Month ago

    its as big as ur head!! not even exaggerating 😅

  • Spookay T'is Me
    Spookay T'is Me Month ago

    I hope you let your kids run amuck every time your tummy grumbled and you wanted to go off and refuel! ROFL

  • Spookay T'is Me
    Spookay T'is Me Month ago

    Eating a bird leg in front of a 1 legged bird? You're a monster! LOL 🤣😂😂🤭😭😅

  • Marie Danielle Elvert

    Food reviewsss

  • Marie Danielle Elvert
    Marie Danielle Elvert Month ago +1

    Emmy: it's a little bit salty, tastes like pustromy its turkey!!😭😎

  • Marie Danielle Elvert

    U eat Disney altigjtu kids lollllll😂

  • The Guy
    The Guy Month ago

    Have you been to CLUB 33? Surely with 1.5 million subs they'd let you in!

  • gothmedli
    gothmedli Month ago

    This looks like fun well except for the prices

  • Ashleigh Pena
    Ashleigh Pena Month ago

    The hot link corn dog at corn dog castle is way better than the regular corn dogs!!

  • Insidious Vidz
    Insidious Vidz Month ago

    The best thing at Disney is the apple pie apples on a stick! 🤤

  • James Robert Clark
    James Robert Clark Month ago

    I love the Ice man reference 😂😂😂 Utzi I believe they named him, lol. There's something hot about a petite Asian American girl eating a giant turkey leg... This makes me a bad vegan 😂😂😂.

  • Sandra Mort
    Sandra Mort Month ago

    Dole whip is at Adams Fairacre Farms, a local grocery chain with attached cafes. Yum!!

  • Josh Howard
    Josh Howard Month ago

    Dole Whips are available at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana and SweetFrog froyo shops

  • ourbel
    ourbel Month ago

    Yaaasssss!!! 😍 Disneyland yay love this, but you forgot to go to Bengal BBQ in Adventureland and get some skewers and Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans to get some beignets 😭😭😭

  • Nammy Pants
    Nammy Pants Month ago

    Time to conquer the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (next time you win the frickin' lottery)

  • Taurus
    Taurus Month ago

    Aw you’re a literal Disney princess Emmy

  • Shayne Carter
    Shayne Carter Month ago

    The macaroon looks so phallic to me 😂

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson Month ago

    Lots of carbs and sugar, just what you'd expect in DL... then get on a rollercoaster and barf it all up! The fun never stops!!

  • Kammy Marie
    Kammy Marie Month ago

    Growing up my parents never bought me food at amusement parks saying it was too expensive and now I see why! It all looked delicious but not sure I'd be willing to splurge on an $8 corn dog.....

  • Louise K
    Louise K Month ago

    That's not really a turkey leg

  • aeiol0u
    aeiol0u Month ago

    i've waited for thissssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tabatha Davis
    Tabatha Davis Month ago

    Dole whip is also sold at Kings Hawaiian The Local Place in Torrance California, and it is just as good if you can't get to a Disney park.

  • molly bailey
    molly bailey Month ago

    Soooo, I appreciate that you gave the Monte Cristo a good review. However, your comment that "it better be amazing", given that you did not make a reservation... At disney world.... During peak vacation time... Uhhhh... Who do you think you are? As influencers and RU-cliprs have become more annoying, obnoxious, and expecting of "special privileges" in droves recently, I'm impressed that they let you film at all. Very disappointed in your attitude. Maybe plan ahead, and make a reservation if you want to do a review. You're an adult, act like an adult.

  • err0r0b0
    err0r0b0 Month ago +1

    You think that's big??
    Wait 'til you've seen what I brought to the party.....

  • Kelly o
    Kelly o Month ago

    Emmy! So good to see you! Monte Cristo is also very tasty dipped in Ranch dressing. You didn't try the Cheeseburger eggroll there which is also very tasty. Next time you go to Disney, try it. I promise u will not be disappointed!

  • Rich Eno
    Rich Eno Month ago

    State Fair of Texas had Dole Whip!!

  • Charles
    Charles Month ago

    God I love those Turkey legs