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NBA YOUNGBOY Brings 100 Thousand Cash to ICEBOX!!!

  • Published on Oct 8, 2018
  • Louisiana's NBA YOUNGBOY stops by Icebox and puts $100,000 CASH on the table!! He also treats himself to a new spike bracelet!!
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  • Icebox
    Icebox  3 years ago +460

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  • Never broke Again
    Never broke Again 2 years ago +2052

    You can see nba smiling cause he really came from nothing

    • kensta2468
      kensta2468 3 months ago

      You don’t gotta come from “nothing” to go to enjoy yourself. I go to icebox. I like smiling?

    • 16Jackk
      16Jackk 9 months ago

      @Billy Goat only 10k?? 90% in ppl in America don’t have 1k saved

    • Jxrge
      Jxrge 10 months ago

      @TRADIN’ WAR STORIEZ he ain't a fanboy but fr 100k ain't much? Bro

    • Bernard 2k
      Bernard 2k Year ago +1

      No cap 100%

    • TJ 2 LIVE
      TJ 2 LIVE Year ago

      @Billy Goat u don’t got it 😒

  • Dhante Swha'le
    Dhante Swha'le 3 years ago +2534

    These jewelers is winning frfr

  • Amaya Zelaya
    Amaya Zelaya 3 years ago +1528

    "Men lie, women lie
    Numbers don't!"

    • User Name
      User Name 2 years ago

      MARVIN LANEZ SUBS lmfao who are you his accountant

    • Animation creation
      Animation creation 2 years ago

      @Tn4LMoBandz sad but u can tell youngboy could have been misunderstood and underappreciated he was a nobody now he is a somebody

    • Jonte Grant
      Jonte Grant 3 years ago

      @Nice Response how much did she get?

    • Tim Yuh
      Tim Yuh 3 years ago +1


      MARVIN LANEZ SUBS 3 years ago

      YoungBoy is a trap nigga, he prolly got like 3 millions from music, but at selling crack and cocaine he got like 15 millions, Boosie told him to move out from Baton Rouge cause money wakes envy up. He spending small money cause he gotta lotta money saved. I think when you got money you can buy whatever you want, YoungBoy is doing it but he got a lotta money stacked for the future.

  • TJ
    TJ Year ago +188

    U can tell YB just got out of the bed before he went to icebox 😂 look at his hair😭💯

  • Spraymetal
    Spraymetal 3 years ago +638

    Damn,just imagine working there.i wonder how many famous people you'll see every day

    • davidian666
      davidian666 10 months ago

      @ENTLE MANZI idiots and their money are easily parted, some of the jewellery i have seen looks rediculous, but if thats what they want, take the money lol

    • BDUB TV
      BDUB TV Year ago +7

      Probably every day lol. I work in Buckhead I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen em. Kinda becomes normal tbh

    • Materius Glover
      Materius Glover Year ago +2


    • gamer 2.0
      gamer 2.0 Year ago +2

      iAlessi it gotta be a lot

    • Survivor
      Survivor Year ago +7

      @gamer 2.0 That's literally what I'm thinking

  • SnagDxddy
    SnagDxddy 3 years ago +908

    Can’t Wait Til I’m Able To Do This No Cap ‼️‼️

    • hate
      hate Year ago +2

      @ShawnDon did you make it yet

    • Ro'monica Tate
      Ro'monica Tate Year ago +1

      You'll get there gangsta

    • ErikGodinez
      ErikGodinez Year ago +1

      You will some day jus keep grinding

    • Dylan Cheema
      Dylan Cheema 2 years ago +1

      Brother hold it soon we'll all be livin large 💯💯🔥🔥🔥

    • Dylan Cheema
      Dylan Cheema 2 years ago

      @VondaDon keep your hussle brother💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  • Edwin Solares
    Edwin Solares 3 years ago +442

    0:12 trap house,trapped out, every pack gon now......

  • Anish Naik
    Anish Naik 2 years ago +72

    For some reason youngboy looks dope with all his jewelry on... some rappers look corny but his pieces be hitting and they loon dope on him

  • Lil Bookie
    Lil Bookie 2 years ago +189

    0:29 FREE DDAWG

  • jr d
    jr d 2 years ago +66

    Yb deserves everything he got one of the realest of our time

  • D Money
    D Money Year ago +71

    Yall see DDAWG? Free dat man

    ZAYE_PAPI Month ago

    I remember that Yb when he wasnt all emo and he was a happy kid out the hood

  • Jay Dubb
    Jay Dubb Year ago +18

    “ hey youngboy can we ask some questions “
    YB: “ nah just record “

  • Bodhi McNamara
    Bodhi McNamara 3 years ago +31

    If you reading this i Hope you make it and get rich

  • Eman Resu
    Eman Resu Year ago +8

    There's this new invention called a debit card.

    • Kris K
      Kris K 11 months ago

      Not when you flexing 😂

  • YewLxZy
    YewLxZy 9 months ago +2

    rare footage when ddawg is actually free

  • Rick
    Rick 11 months ago +5

    I Can tell nba dont like cameras or interviewers

  • UglyMyPlayer
    UglyMyPlayer 2 years ago +3

    Yb look more happy around ddog and ben

  • Rich Porter
    Rich Porter Year ago +2

    Free YB free DDawg

  • Cohen Collins
    Cohen Collins 3 years ago +41

    Big knots, big watch, big Glock, 45🔥🔥🔥

  • Victor Nerios
    Victor Nerios 3 years ago +28

    0:53 lil pump says he was the only one with those bracelets

  • Deldrick Adams
    Deldrick Adams 11 months ago +2


  • Jamey Rodgers
    Jamey Rodgers 2 years ago +15

    FREE DDAWG ⛓ 💯

  • ca_po23
    ca_po23 11 months ago +15

    back then when yb was happy, miss this yb generation😔

    • Cool kid
      Cool kid 9 months ago +1

      Looking back then he was happy asf now he looks like something is bothering him

  • Teshuah Yisre'al
    Teshuah Yisre'al 3 years ago +15

    He underbite be taking over his whole smile

    KUMPULAN VIDEO PENDEK 3 years ago +6

    He’ll never broke again

  • Cv Cv
    Cv Cv 3 years ago +1

    Look at his face his happy that his rich XD

  • Sculre PTW🕷
    Sculre PTW🕷 Month ago

    I started to freestyle on the intro beat😅😅
    Anybody know where i can get the beat please??

  • Tacktackk
    Tacktackk 3 years ago +9

    Hottest in the game right now no cap!

  • Noyola
    Noyola 3 years ago +3

    I would like to see longer videos😂

  • Louie Buxanny
    Louie Buxanny Year ago

    Thumbnail lookin like
    - " or whiuat "😊

  • Kayla Jhonson
    Kayla Jhonson Year ago +5

    Me: brings 40 dollars to Walmart
    NBA young boy: brings 100,000 dollars to icebox

  • they vlog
    they vlog Year ago +1

    Fuck icebox , everything made from shine 🥶🥶🥶💯♣️🖤

  • SheggyDropemOff
    SheggyDropemOff Year ago +17

    2020 really made me come back to this

    • 2x
      2x Year ago

      Mans went to ice box twice his whole career and said fuxk them 😭he fw shyane or however u spell it

  • Michael zb
    Michael zb 3 years ago +1

    that sweater so dope

  • korey_to_cracked
    korey_to_cracked Year ago +1

    Freeddawg 💚

  • g r ap h c
    g r ap h c Year ago +1

    I thought this was a NBA music video for a sec at the beginning 😂

  • ASY Roy
    ASY Roy Year ago +9

    YB A real one for bringing his crew 🙅🧢

  • ヅv Sway
    ヅv Sway 3 years ago +2

    The most I had in my pocket was 10k sum for rent and phone bills and car payment than internet than mostly all my cash was gone

  • Joshua Durand
    Joshua Durand Year ago +1

    Greatest to ever do it

  • Bbb Ccc
    Bbb Ccc 2 years ago +18


  • buzz38
    buzz38 11 months ago +2

    Free youngboy big 38

  • Fresh Prince
    Fresh Prince 3 years ago +2

    What instrumental is this shit rock🔥🔥

  • Chief Lon
    Chief Lon 3 years ago +4


  • Konway Gaming
    Konway Gaming 2 years ago +1


  • T A E
    T A E Year ago +9

    It’s that big Charlie off funnymike lol

    • Kevin Torres
      Kevin Torres Year ago

      Yeah he is a celebrity body guard funny Mike mentioned it in one of his videos

  • Materius Glover
    Materius Glover Year ago +2

    The greatest of all time

  • S Foster
    S Foster 3 years ago +2

    Li wayne should go to ice box

  • Prosperity
    Prosperity Year ago +1

    I need subtitles when he speaks, his raps are clear as day tho aha

  • SlimeKing223
    SlimeKing223 3 years ago +4

    "Patek and audemar got both and they don't mean nothing, I rock too many chains, just one feel like I mean something..." - Yb

  • Crystal Butler
    Crystal Butler 2 years ago +4

    So much love So much passion it won't never end I can see these hater faces yeah I got em mad

  • iSiP Toronto
    iSiP Toronto 2 years ago +3

    100 k is the rapper's number... lol 3very single one of them always carry 100k... never more never less lol

  • Offtopj
    Offtopj Year ago +1

    Free YB 🔝

  • Jordan's Way
    Jordan's Way 3 years ago +2

    why youngboy hair look like Mt. Everest

  • Kevin Diaz
    Kevin Diaz Year ago +12

    Look at yb man so inspirational

  • Takuache Cuh
    Takuache Cuh Year ago +1

    Free yb🥶

  • OnyXX💨
    OnyXX💨 Year ago +4

    0:37 "ya hurr me"gotta love that accent🤧🐍💚

  • Kel-von Pope
    Kel-von Pope 3 years ago +2

    am i the only 1 who click the video because they mention youngboy name

  • Yodi yo Reggo
    Yodi yo Reggo 3 years ago

    Nigga at 0:28 jealous AF, !😂😂

  • Skinnyboi Cartio
    Skinnyboi Cartio 2 years ago +1

    Rip Dee Dog

  • Mykola Rieland
    Mykola Rieland 2 years ago +1

    you are memory. watch thought

  • Baleb Walker
    Baleb Walker 3 years ago +4

    0:20 dude has a Ben 10 tat haha

    • James Craig
      James Craig Year ago +1

      Yeah Its Not Referencing The Cartoon Btw . One Of His Closest Homeboy Goes By Tha Name Ben 10 So Thats Who The Tattoo Symbolises.

  • Iso Ju
    Iso Ju Year ago


    SΘUΤH PΘLΞ SΛNTΛ 3 years ago +2

    They try to sell everyone that comes in those spike bracelets

  • One Two
    One Two 3 years ago


  • Gunnar Bensend
    Gunnar Bensend 3 years ago +1

    Oh yeah yeah

  • DoMainzTv
    DoMainzTv 2 years ago +2

    icebox u needa do a giveaway to ur subscribers like so they can see i would love to win it or something for free since i gave u the idea d: !! HAHAHA

  • AJ
    AJ Year ago

    Ayeee ddawg😂😂

  • Shawtyy Xoxo
    Shawtyy Xoxo 3 years ago


  • Stephen Sibuyi
    Stephen Sibuyi Year ago

    Ya heard me 😂😂neva gets old

  • Been Solid Really
    Been Solid Really 3 years ago +2

    0.20 sec budddy had Ben10 tatted on em wtf

  • Sculre PTW🕷
    Sculre PTW🕷 Month ago

    FreeDDawg 💚

  • Anomalous
    Anomalous Year ago

    2020 still here

  • YT-StrongGamer
    YT-StrongGamer 3 years ago +2

    Slime , slattttt4kt🤟🏽

    MUTHAFOCKIN : P JOKES 3 years ago +1

    Looks like he having Christmas early... I wonder Y

  • Rewakening
    Rewakening 3 years ago +2

    Fr ya’ll spunking 100bags on diamond jewellery that ain’t even worth 20bags

  • youngtodd
    youngtodd 10 months ago +1


  • Mlook
    Mlook 2 years ago +1

    الساعه ارقامها بالعربي

  • Affluent Black Supremacist

    When you have money and have no idea what to buy🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  • MaCeo Millions
    MaCeo Millions 3 years ago +487

    Title should read NBA Young Boy brings 100K to Icebox & leaves with 20K in jewelry 😂😂😂

    • Gefes
      Gefes Year ago

      @fernando guerrero so now what chu gon say? Small business can make this money?

    • Astoban Dingleberrys
      Astoban Dingleberrys Year ago

      OFF- CODE i know your an uzi fan😂

    • ISpraysmiley
      ISpraysmiley 2 years ago

      Yao Don u a meat rider bih

    • User Name
      User Name 2 years ago

      Why’s everyone so mad, the guy wasn’t even hating lmao he just made a simple comment

    • Jordan Allen
      Jordan Allen 2 years ago

      @fernando guerrero he makes 5 mil in a year with no shows . small businesses doing that.

  • Sierra xx
    Sierra xx 3 years ago +1

    Y’all some haters the half broken heart chain hard as hell

  • FudggeYeah
    FudggeYeah 3 years ago +1


  • Tobe Sal
    Tobe Sal 2 years ago +1

    0:29 ddog talking bout his bodies and how them niggaz dont want smkoe rn

  • barbie money
    barbie money 3 years ago

    You are 😍

  • Pepehoops
    Pepehoops 3 years ago +6

    Good to see youngboy happy🔥💯

  • b
    b 3 years ago +2


  • JoshRiches
    JoshRiches 2 years ago +1

    Where the actual video ?

  • MoneyJunkieJp
    MoneyJunkieJp Year ago +1

    Free ddawg

  • So Much Fun
    So Much Fun 3 years ago

    Listen to Do You Love Me by Young Thug

  • Bianca Tuggle
    Bianca Tuggle 3 years ago +6

    Haven't seen him smile this much in a while..

  • Kelly Dixon
    Kelly Dixon Year ago +2


    ALDAMONEY 3 years ago

    NBA definitely a young 🐐 this nigga gonna do big things and still a young nigga

  • J A Y -_-
    J A Y -_- Year ago +1

    Yyeaaa kentrelll

  • KevinWare
    KevinWare 3 years ago +1

    why he look like shrek in the thumbnail?

  • iTz ReekiTz
    iTz ReekiTz 3 years ago

    is that it😂

  • Rai Hustle
    Rai Hustle 3 years ago +5

    rappers like him make money sound good NBA🔥🔥

  • Paul Granado
    Paul Granado 3 years ago +1

    Ya heard me?

  • Extension Flexxin
    Extension Flexxin 3 years ago +1

    Mans look i like quagmire in the thumb nail 😂

  • DLoc
    DLoc 3 years ago

    Looking for great motivational wordplay subscribe to my You tube channel. Thank you in advance